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5 Star Films

I know we don’t officially rate films on a scale like this (1-5 stars, thumbs-up, down, etc…), we feel it’s too simplistic to do so, but we couldn’t think of a better name for this section! This section was created at the request of many customers who wanted a faster way to get to highly-rated titles in each category.

We still recommend that you take the time to individually go through the categories that interest you and read the full reviews, this is meant only as a quick guide. Just because a title is on this list does not guarantee that everyone will love it, since everyone’s tastes are very different. There are still many great titles that are not on this list, depending on your preferences. But we have come to realize that some people don’t have the time to spend days on end here, so we thought this guide would help.

Videos will be added here as reviewers see fit. We would also welcome customer recommendations to this list – please e-mail us (info@lezlovevideo.com) or tell us in the eGroup.

Please select a category from the left to view the “5-Star Selections” in that category.

And as always, Enjoy! ;)