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How to Use This Site

We've listed some information here to help get you started. Please browse the links below to begin the shopping experience. Enjoy!

** For information on viewing our video clips, please read our "Technical Q's" page above **

First-time customers please read this page.

Finding Videos & DVDs
Placing Items in Your Shopping Bag & Wish List
Completing Your Purchase
Privacy & Security
To Help You Get Started...
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Finding Videos & DVDs

If you know what you're looking for, use our search feature located at the top-left of every page on the site. Our search function is designed to be very flexible. You can enter a few words and it will find exactly what you are looking for.

To search by video title, just type the name of the video in the text field and press "find."

Our search function first looks for all of the words in your query and returns those matches first, then it starts looking for any one of your search terms and then displays those. This is the same way Google and Yahoo! do it, and that's why you will sometimes get many, many results. The first 5-10 results will always be the most relevant, then it gets more "fuzzy" after that as the computer finds things that don't match as closely.

Some search tips:

09/05/01: New! Review text is now searchable! You may search for your favorite keywords and phrases within all the review text. To use this feature select Search by "Reviews" in the drop-down menu on our site.

The search terms you use are automatically put together with an "and", so you do not need to type the word "and" between every word.

The following fields are searched in an "ALL" search: Product Title, Product ID, Studio, Director, Actresses/Starrings & Description. Reviews are not searched in the "All" Search field, as indicated above if you are trying to search for reviews you will need to select the "Reviews" text from the drop-down menu. Search "All" will search product information fields only.

Wildcards are automatically added to your search terms, front and back, so searching on the word STAND will find stand, standing, outstanding, etc.

To search for an exact phrase, put it in quotes, i.e., "wild side". Try that with and without quotes and you'll see the difference. If you put your search phrases in quotes, our search engine will only find things that exactly match those words, in the exact order you typed them. This is a more exact way to search and will yield fewer results.

We number series tapes with a leading zero, so if you are looking for No Man's Land #5, search it as No Man's Land 05. (We do this so the tapes will sort properly when displayed in a group in your broswer window. Without the leading zero in front of "5", your computer would think that "No Man's Land 5" came after "No Man's Land 49.")

Another handy navigation tool is the “Site Map” which shows a bird's-eye view of the organization of the site. A link to the Site Map is also located at the top of every page on the Site.


Placing Items in Your Shopping Bag & Wish List

Anywhere that you see the “Add VHS” or “Add DVD” button next to a movie, you can click it to add that product to your Shopping Bag. Items you place into your Shopping Bag remain there while you continue to shop around the store. You may remove an item from your Shopping Bag at any time by going into your Shopping Bag and clicking the "Remove" link next to that item.

You may also move any item into your "Wish List" for future reference. Your Wish List is a login-protected and private area for you to store movies that you are interested in but may not want to purchase today.

On the top of every page on the site, there is a button with a picture of a little shopping bag. You can click it at any time to see what you have in your Bag & Wish List.


Completing Your Purchase

When you are ready to purchase your items, go to your Shopping Bag and push the “Checkout Now” button to begin the checkout process. You will be walked through the checkout process step-by-step, it is very simple.

At the end of the checkout process you will see your receipt, you should print it out at that time. To protect your privacy, you will have an option to choose whether or not to receive an e-mail confirmation of your order.

After you place your order we will only contact you by e-mail if we have a question or if there is a problem with your order. You will not be placed on a mailing list of any kind, we don't have one.



All orders, domestic and international, are shipped discreetly in plain, unmarked boxes to ensure that you are the only one who knows the contents of the box. We use only biodegradable packing material

The return address on the package will read "SMGV" which is short for "SMG Video".

Detailed information on shipping rates & schedules is available in our "Shipping" section.


Privacy & Security

1. Your name, address, email, credit card information or any personal customer information is completely confidential. We do not have mailing lists of ANY kind, e-mail or physical.

2. We do not drop ship: we ship only from our own warehouse so no one, aside from our staff, ever sees your orders.

3. If you have purchased from our store we will only contact you via email if we have a question or if there is a problem with your order. You will not be contacted by us under any other circumstances. We do not have a mailing list, e-mail or physical.

4. Our site does not use "cookies" to store your visits. Your wishlist and account information are accessible only by a password-protected login, and done so behind 128-bit secure encryption.


To help you get started, a brief explanation of the main pages and product categories

Site Map: A bird's eye view of how everything is arranged on this site.

Help Menu: (This Page!) An extensive menu of useful tips on how to use this site. Includes how to shop, search, frequently asked questions, video formats, shipping, etc.

New Arrivals: A complete list of the most recent arrivals we've added to our inventory. This list includes titles we've been trying to locate for some time as well as brand-new releases.

UK Imports: Exclusive imports of the finest erotica imported directly from the UK! Featuring the temptress, Sandy! and beautiful Jo, among other fine lovelies.

JAV: Exclusive imports of the finest Japanese erotica imported directly from Japan!

Classics/Vintage: Click here to see all erotica produced before 1990. Here you will find everything from 1950's B&W footage shot on old 8mm "stag" reels and converted to video tape, up to all of the classics we grew up with in the 1980's.

R/NR Erotica: Short for “R-rated/Not-Rated”. It's no secret that some of the hottest lesbian erotica ever filmed is not found in the Adult genre. Here is a collection of the finest general-release titles in the world. These tapes range in rating from R to soft X.

Amateur: A fine collection of the hottest amateur tapes available today. While lacking the budget of “mainstream” adult videos, and often (but by no means always!) showcasing less-than-'perfect' body types, amateur productions often feature scenes that seem more *real* since the models usually don't do this for a living. The best amateur scenes are arguably the hottest lesbian sex caught on film.

XXX Features: Adult erotica with at least a semblance of a storyline, or sometimes conducted in an 'interview' format.

XXX Series: Adult erotica with a storyline, featured with the same title and consisting of a minimum of 7 tapes with that same series title. (e.g., A Girl's Affair, Shane's Slumber Party, etc.)

XXX Compilations: These tapes have 1-6 hours of scenes (usually 2 or 4 hrs, depending on the series) pulled from other hardcore feature tapes. These scenes are often pulled from movies that feature otherwise hetero content, making comps the best way to view some very hot all-girl sex without a lot of fast-forwarding through scenes with guys. The scenes usually have little or no lead-in and just cut straight to the “action”, though.

DVD: Click here to shop for titles available on DVD.

Reviewer's Section: Click here to read about our reviewers and see what they have to say about the tapes you're interested in adding to your collection.

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