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Technical Questions
Some of the more common concerns you may have with online shopping.
How do I view your video clips?
How do I upgrade my browser?

How do I view your video clips?

New! 2002.08.28!
We have changed the file format for all our sample movie clips from DivX MPGs to the new Real Media 9. Real Media 9 has great video quality and is easily supported, especially for our friends on Macintosh. If you already have an older Real Player installed your software will automatically download the updated files necessary to play the new format.

The free player may be downloaded here:

Windows users click here and select the free player.
Apple Macintosh users (only OS-X supported at this time) please click here.




The MSWindows icon is the sole property and trademark of Microsoft. The Apple icon is a trademark of Apple, Inc. Use of these icons does not suggest support of this website from either entity.


How do I upgrade my browser?

Please use the links below to download the latest software necessary to browse the site - upgrading to a current browser version is required to use all of the new features on our site. The older browser versions can not handle our SSL encryption.

Internet Explorer (RECOMMENDED!): For the latest upgrades and to keep up to date you should update your browser regularly.
PLEASE INSTALL IE 5.0 or higher.

Netscape: Update to the latest Netscape browser software. Go to "Netscape Browsers" and grab the latest version.

IE for Macintosh: The latest version of IE for the Macintosh.

AOL Users: our site is not optimized for the AOL browser, please download IE 5.0+ and run that browser over your AOL connection.

  Any other questions or comments you may have can be made through our contact page. We will reply promptly. Thank you for shopping at LezloveVideo.com!

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