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Lesbian Triangles 03 ____________________________________
Lesbian Triangles 03
I.D. dvd_2558, Adult
2005, 176 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Isabella & Tara, Deauxma & Puma, Ava & Kyla, Nicole & Regina.

Cheating, Romance, Seduction -- The tawdry story continues as women seduce other women, make love to them and leave them for others.

Includes another Deauxma super orgasm!

Scene listing:

[0:12] Isabella & Tara

[35:18] Deauxma & Puma

[1:38:36] Ava & Kyla

[2:26:29] Nicole & Regina

[2:55:51] ----------

DVD Features
chapter index, trailers [all g/g].

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Michigan Mike
I purchased this DVD mainly for Deauxma. She is awesome, as usual, but I was most impressed with Kyla. This girl is going to be a superstar. She is only featured in one scene, but she shows up throughout the DVD as a little horny college girl looking for some action. I do not have the first two episodes of the series (I will get them), but she is a central figure in the continuing story. All of the scenes are very good, but the best scene by far is the one featuring Kyla. This is a hot DVD, with a lot of action and Girlfriends Films continue to amaze.

Humble Opinion
The series, Lesbian Triangles, is trying something interesting. The characters are recurring, and there is a history being built up as the series moves along.

This episode of Lesbian Triangles mainly revolves around Kyla's character, a high school senior, who is sexually bold and has had sex, in previous episodes, with her step-mother, Nicole, and one of her coaches, Regina.

The best scene in this episode is with Kyla, who has been frustrated by another one of her coaches, Deauxma, in her latest conquest attempt - Puma. We then see Kyla visit a straight female friend of hers, Ava, who looks like she graduated from high school a year or two earlier. Kyla sets about seducing Ava, first by offering an "innocent" massage, and then by pushing forward. It is a very hot scene.

The other clever scene, which develops slowly and gets progressively more intense, is between Deauxma (Kyla's coach) and Puma, a young woman recently arrived from Sweden whom Kyla was attempting to seduce.

It becomes obvious that Deauxma asked Kyla to leave, not because Kyla is in training and needs her rest, but because Deauxma saw that Kyla was hitting on Puma, and Deauxma wanted her instead. Deauxma does her trademark orgasmic shudder at the end of the scene, which I had never seen before (nor, evidently had Puma), and which is certainly impressive.

Lesbian Seductions is a much better series, but Lesbian Triangles definitely has its moments.

This DVD consists of four vignettes. The first stars Tara and Isabella. The director uses some clever dialogue to link this scene with an earlier encounter Tara had in Lesbian Triangles 2. Tara is unfaithful and meets Isabella. They end up in a hotel room, where they make out and settle down to some serious oral. The best parts about this vignette are the extensive kissing and petting scenes. The oral was ok.

Final score: 3/5

The second vignette was the best out of the four. It pits Puma with Deauxma. For those of you who have seen Texas Video Store Seductions, she is the woman who had the gushing scene with the lovely Danielle. If you love to see two big-boobed women get it on, you will enjoy this vignette.

Deauxma is a girls’ volleyball coach. Kyla, in a non-sexual role, introduces Deauxma to her new assistant coach Puma. When Deauxma realizes that Kyla is making the moves on Puma, she sends her home. After Kyla leaves, Puma and Deauxma retire into a hot tub. Deauxma questions Puma about her sexuality. They kiss and eventually end up in Deauxma's bedroom. After some sensual kissing, Deauxma performs some hot oral on Puma. Puma reciprocates with a strap-on session. Deauxma eventually gushes three times and is so drained that she is trembling.

Overall, a solid scene. Great kissing. The two women had great chemistry. The dialogue was great. In fact, a funny moment occurs when the two women are in bed. In a moment of tenderness, Deauxma attempts to interlock the fingers of her left hand with Puma’s. Puma takes her fingers and notices her diamond wedding band. Ooops! Deauxma ad-libs and says that she wears it to scare off male suitors. Kyla plays a nice role in setting up the story.

Final score: 4/5

Third vignette starts off with a pissed-off Kyla heading down an apartment hallway. She’s mad that Coach Deauxma sent her home. She visits her "straight" friend Ava and bitches about Coach Deauxma. She asks Ava whether she can borrow some clothes. Ava offers her a pair of shorts, but Kyla returns in her underwear. She then proceeds to give her a friend a sensual message. Ava initially resists but soon they are involved in some hot oral.

Let me say that these are the two most beautiful women in the Girlfriends stable. Ava is a robo-babe. Her facial features remind me of a young Salma Hayek. As for Kyla...just look at her. Despite the beauty of these two ladies, the scene just didn't generate the heat of the previous scene. Ava did a good job of portraying the straight friend, but Kyla's role of the pursuer just didn't work. Adding that to the fact that my DVD had some serious break-up problems during their sex scenes may affect my overall score.

Final score: 3/5

The last scene starts out with Kyla once again in a non-sexual role. She meets assistant Coach Regina and wants to make out with her. Fearful of losing her job, Coach Regina tells Kyla that they should cool things off. Kyla later returns with Nicole to Coach Regina's house. Regina wants Nicole to work out on a piece of exercise equipment. When Regina retires to her bedroom, Kyla tries to make the moves on Nicole. Nicole explains that now is not the place. A frustrated Kyla leaves.

Nicole surprises Regina in her bedroom changing. Nicole starts to put the moves on Regina. Regina initially resists explaining that she doesn't want to lose her job. Eventually they make out to some hot oral. Regina and Nicole do a better job of selling their roles. Regina in particular, does a good job of portraying a lesbian coach who loves women but doesn't want to lose her job. Nicole does a better job of playing the pursuer than Kyla. Kyla, once again, does a good job of setting up the scene.

Final score: 3.5/5

The scene with Deauxma and Puma (second scene) was worth the price of the video. Deauxma and Puma both have fake boobs, which is usually a major negative to me, but the kissing, seduction, extensive dialogue, broaching of the topic of the ladies "liking girls" rather than just getting into lesbian sex as if it's a completely normal occurrence - all of these were elements of the story that were real pluses. Deauxma is really hot. She makes you believe she really likes girls.

Seize Magazine
SCENE #1: Tara and Isabella. Nice older/younger casting. Tara is becoming more beautiful with the passing of time. Both women have strong attraction to each other, but this scene I'd grade "good," not "great."

SCENE #2: Deauxma and Puma. Now THIS is a heavyweight bout! Deauxma, already a mature lesbian icon, with a young, busty blonde Swede who is on her way to super lesbian stardom, Puma! These are two future "Lesbian Hall of Famers" here, and this is a lesbian showdown you'll not soon forget!

It starts at night at Deauxma's home, with her young charge, Kyla - who is getting more beautiful with each "Girlfriends" release (I agree with "Michigan Mike"). They are expecting a guest, and who else but Swedish queen Puma shows up. Both Kyla and Deauxma have plans for this busty blonde. It is very, very exciting to me to see the verbal exchange battle of Deauxma vs. Kyla over Puma! I wish that "verbal fight" would have gone on longer - Puma MUST have loved it!

Finally, Deauxma orders her foe to leave and go home for some rest. A defeated Kyla leaves, and now... "to the victor go the spoils!" Deauxma is flushed with victory as she guides this busty blonde to the Jacuzzi, and, once in it, the heat comes quickly as Deauxma has this babe in her arms in sweet lesbian lust!

The jacuzzi quickly moves into Deauxma's lair - the bedroom! The contrast between these two women will take your breath away! My God, are these two women ever meant for each other! Seeing them on the huge bed, pleasuring each other to lesbian heaven, is like being in the Sistine Chapel and looking up to see the murals of Michelangelo! If only he had these two women as models - what other masterworks would he have created?!

These two women locked in lust on that bed is an AWESOME, AWESOME sexual match-up that is among the very best ever filmed by "Girlfriends." What a scene! Let’s see this storyline continue in future "Lesbian Triangles" films!

SCENE #3: Kyla and Isabelle. Isabelle just didn't do it for me. Kyla – oh, she is going to be a major lesbian star, but this woman, Isabelle, left me a bit cold. Just my opinion.

SCENE #4: Nicole Moore and Regina. It opens with Kyla trying to pick-up her coach, Regina, at a soccer field. Regina does not want to lose her coaching job, so she declines the advances of Kyla. Kyla, ever the little dyke that she is, suggests Regina pay a visit to her "step-mom" – Nicole! Oh, I like the way Kyla's mind works!

Once at Nicole’s home, Kyla is still flirting with Regina. Seems Kyla and her "mom" have a little thing going on the side also! This is the kind of storyline I LOVE! Finally, it's just Nicole and Regina, and the flirting starts once Kyla slams the door! Seeing Nicole with Regina is truly a dream casting of two of the most beautiful women over 40 working in Adult!

There is a nervous sexual lesbian chemistry that is about to erupt at any time as these two women lock eyes and flirt like two teenage girls! I really, truly LOVE both these women! When they finally lock up in their first kiss, I swear the temperature of my DVD player went up by 100 degrees! They exchange MANY long, wet French-kisses with plenty of super-charged breast worship! If only this scene lasted three hours!

Their passion is growing, as, to me, it seems the two of them are falling in love - and who could blame them? Regina’s pants are far louder than on her honeymoon, as Nicole’s skilled lips, tongue, and fingers spin her magic over Regina's lusty, firm body! To me, these two women are soul-mates, and how lucky are we to be able to view these two mature, lesbian goddesses in lust?! I could watch this scene 1000 times and NEVER tire of it!

Now, how about bringing in lesbian predator Sharon Kane to "rock the boat" in this little "lesbian couple in paradise" in a future "Lesbian Triangles" film?! Have Sharon try to steal Regina from Nicole - that's MY idea of a lesbian triangle storyline! This is one of "Girlfriends" best films! Bravo!

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