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Sandy: Babe Abroad, Season 2 (explicit edit) ____________________________________
Sandy: Babe Abroad, Season 2 (explicit edit)
I.D. v0119 & dvd_1625, Adult
2001, 216 min.
Playboy TV UK
Directed by Viv Thomas

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5-Star Film! 

Sandy, Ella, Julianne, Mia, Candy, Trixi, Susie, Viktoria, Lisa, Sharon, Janine, Tiffany & Samantha.

A Lezlove World Exclusive!! These exclusive hardcore edits are unseen and were never broadcast in the UK!

Episode 1 - ARRIVING
Sandy arrives at her new villa in Portugal to be greeted by beautiful brunette Ella, but she doesn’t even get through the door before Ella gets them both horny and naked in no time.

Episode 2 - POOL PRANKS
Sandy and petite and pretty blonde Julianne are getting very filthy and very horny in the sun by the pool. Well they are on holiday.

Episode 3 - SLEEPY SEX
Sandy wants to go to sleep but her horny minx friend Mia has other ideas. Sandy resists her sexy suggestions for about thirty seconds because after all sex is much more fun than sleep.

Episode 4 - ROUGH RIDING
Sandy and Candy, her tall blonde fine friend, are off on a bike ride together. But it soon turns into another kind of ride, which makes a much better spectator sport.

Episode 5 - HITCHIKING
While Sandy is out for a drive she picks up a pretty hitchhiker named Trixi. Sandy doesn’t mind giving her a lift for free, though of course if Trixi feels like licking Sandy all over…

Episode 6 - COCK & TAILS
Sandy hosts a cocktail party, but she’s only invited a gorgeous blonde. They have to find their own way to pass the time – and it’s the naughtiest way they can think of!

Sexy Sandy and vixen Viktoria are sunbathing, but rubbing sun tan lotion on each other gets the girls all excited. Fortunately they have interesting toys and lots of time.

Episode 8 - BAR BONKING
Sandy sees a gorgeous girl in a bar and decides she won’t be able to stop herself from having her. As usual Sandy gets her own way and they both have a very good time!

Episode 9 - BUBBLES
Sandy and her beautiful brunette friend share a special moment in the Jacuzzi. Sandy is so hot and wet and begging for it and her friend is only too happy to oblige!

Episode 10 - POOLSIDE SEX
Sandy joins luscious blonde Janine by the pool. These two horny chicks are going to do a little more than sunbathe and they can make each other wet without any help from the pool.

Episode 11 - WINE & WOMEN
Sandy is off picking grapes with her stunning blonde friend Tiffany but there are much more fun, and filthy, things to do in a vineyard than pick grapes and these girls do all of them.

Sandy spots Samantha at the pool, and wastes no time in taking this girl to her bedroom for some hot sex. These passionate girls test every position in the book. Definitely a climatic ending.

For further information and screencaps on the scenes in this title, as well as a comparison between this edit and the soft edit, please visit the ELMS Viv Thomas section.

UPDATE! UK customers please note: as of December 22nd, 2003, we are able to ship this title into the UK.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, digitally remastered and encoded to broadcast standards. NTSC.

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Well, get ready to get a massive overload of Sandy as she picks up more beautiful women than most men can only dream of doing! In this explicit version of the Babe Abroad series, we are given all of the scenes that the UK broadcast standards wouldn't allow. To be honest, I can't see what the fuss was about, unless those standards have something against hot lesbian sex getting that much hotter.

All theses scenes are excellent - and then some - featuring a wide variety of lesbian sex with and without toys. The scenes that stand out the best for me are...

Sleepy Sex. This has got to be the most passionate lesbian sex scene ever. If everything else on the DVD failed, this scene would save it. It's a wonderful toy-less sex scene with Sandy and the most beautiful creature I've ever seen. An astonishingly beautiful scene - not to be missed.

Bubbles: Sandy and her special friend show us the wilder side of Jacuzzis and water jets. Fun...and informative.

Rough Riding: A great outdoor sex scene, with Sandy and her tall, stunning companion.

Pool Pranks: Sandy passes the torch to PV's Jo and the two get it on in one hot scene that can only be called wet!

There's too much to recommend. Five Stars and More!!!

Simply awesome! Very elegant and passionate kissing and excellent face sitting. This is truly a great movie.

I am also pleased with the sheer amount of content. I think there are about eleven full-length scenes. I kept watching it over and over again. The women are gorgeous and really into it. There are also a lot of great locations, from plush bedrooms to farms and orchards. Even the pool scenes are great.

Every director should learn from this excellent disc. Also, please make sure you have the explicit edit version, I have no idea why there needs to be another version, other than overseas censors. Very highly recommended. 9 out of 10.

This is mainstream porn done well. Pretty girls in pretty locations having lusty yet predictable and sometimes raunchy sex. Sandy is in every scene and paired with a different girl in each. All her co-stars are as beautiful as she is.

There is a very choreographed feel to the sex, I never forgot I was watching models performing for the camera. Every scene progresses in the same way; brief teasing and flirting to kissing to breast sucking to oral and sometimes toy use. The foreplay is quite good, the kissing and breast sucking are done with enthusiasm by all. The oral is also well done, even the soft edition is quite graphic. Some of the sex is performed in awkward positions with the girls butts sticking in the air or their legs spread wide. While some scenes have a lot of toy use and the explicit version shows some raunchy close-ups of big plastic dildos being worked in and out of assorted orifices.

Shot in bright candy colors this movie suffers visually only from the occasional tilted horizon or awkward angle. The music is awful, loud cheesy disco dance crap that sounds like it’s performed on a Radio Shack keyboard. I turned the sound all the way down and left it there.

I’ve seen both versions and I’d recommend the soft edition over the explicit. The soft edition is graphic enough, definitely an “X”. The explicit edition is just raunchier, there are a lot of close-ups of dildos and fingers being inserted between wide spread legs. Three out of five stars for pretty girls, pretty locations, and the occasional good moment.

I gushed about the first installment of this series and this one is, if anything, better. For Sandy fans out there, it is an essential addition to your collection. For everyone else who loves pretty, natural European girls with plenty of kissing and oral sex, get it. Now.

Interestingly, I did not notice a really big difference between the explicit edit and the "soft" version. The main difference appears to be in the toy use, penetration vs. none, but I fast forward through those segments anyway.

The DVD includes a full TWELVE scenes (top that, U.S. producers!), although the last scene, "Bedroom Bedlam" with Samantha is from the "Sandy Does Hardcore" title. (Actually, it may well be that the scene originally aired on the UK series of Sandy's Babes Abroad and was pulled onto the Sandy Does Hardcore title.) Sandy is in all of the scenes.

All of the scenes are good, but to me, the following stand out:

"Pool Pranks," with Jo of Pink Velvet fame. Two beautiful girls who get nasty poolside, including facesitting and rimming.

"Sleepy Sex," with Mia from Young Lesbian Love. Mia is achingly beautiful, much like Sandy. The set-up for this scene is marvelous: Sandy is tired from having sex all day with Mia, but Mia manages to rouse Sandy into action. Just goes to show that you don't need an elaborate setting to make a scene that is believable and erotic.

"Finger Licking," with Veronika, who also goes by the name Angelina on other titles and the DDF website. She's just a favorite of mine, especially when paired with Sandy.

"Wine & Women," with Tiffany, set in a vineyard. Well worth the price of admission.

A gorgeous DVD, bursting at the seams with crisp, digital Sapphic desire! "Season 2" is easily the best title I've seen so far from Viv. The kissing and oral sex is simply amazing, and everyone and everything is sharp and stunning!

No need to comment on every scene but I'll single out the "best of the best". My favorite two sequences (if I had to pick) are "Sleepy Sex" and "Wine and Women". Both scenarios are toy free and probably the two most beautiful lesbian scenes I've experienced from this producer. They have great settings, are exquisitely shot, and are full of passion. They are the ones on this DVD I'll watch over and over again. Both are as close to perfect as I've seen Viv Thomas get.

"Sleepy Sex" pairs Sandy with sweet Mia, and it's probably the hottest scene I've ever seen between Sandy and another girl. "Wine and Women" is a very close second. Sandy and Tiffany go from the vineyards to a cozy little hideaway for some passionate lovemaking. Why is it second? They wind up completely naked, except for their bright pink sneakers (don't you hate it when that happens!?). Still a beautifully erotic scene.

I rarely agree with the 5-Star ratings on this site, but this is an exception to that rule. I highly recommend getting this for any fan of lesbian erotica.

The movie stars Sandy and Sandy is, well, Sandy. She is the reigning queen of lesbian erotica in my mind and her apparent successor Julliane (Jo in Pink Velvet) is actually in scene two with her. After watching PV I was slightly disappointed in Jo not performing analingus (though she received plenty of it). Well, she more than satisfies any curiosity that I had in this scene with Sandy.

All of the women are gorgeous and passionate about lovemaking in this video. Generally very good kissing which i think is unusual for short episodes.

"Sleepy Sex” and “The Hitch-hiker” were a couple of noteworthy scenes. The vignettes could be 5-10 minutes longer to allow for more seduction, but this may be a personal desire. This film is a must have!

This film is in a word - AWESOME! I'm a huge fan of lesbian kissing films, and Sandy is a master. She is very into it, and this shows by the way she sucks the lips of her partners. Also, the neck and arm licking is extremely hot as is just about everything that's here. A MUST HAVE. You will not be disappointed.

Sappho's Butler
Very good value for your money, without a doubt. 12 scenes (one a repeat from "Sandy Does Hardcore") makes for lots of great sex. Sandy is cute, but I don't think she's the most beautiful woman in porn the way some others do. What's great is that just about every last one of the girls she's paired with is as cute or better looking than her. So many new, beautiful women eager to have sex with another woman is a treat. Fans of Pink Velvet will recognize Ella, Lisa, and Jo from that film here.

I did find at times the sex got a little repetitive. The sex toys made an unwelcome appearance in most scenes, and while there was a little butt play at times it was mostly just a tease. A little more story setup would have been nice in a few of the scenes. The kissing, however, was out of this world!

Women - 5/5
Enthusiasm/Acting – 4/5
Direction - 4/5
Story - 3/5
Explicitness (does not count towards average) - 3/5
Reviewer’s Spin - 4/5

Average - 4/5

This is the best lesbian erotica I have brought over these years. Pretty girls, pretty clothes, good kissing, lots of cunnilingus and analingus. A must!

Note: Get the soft edit unless you just like seeing toys penetrate. Loved this edition. Sandy at the top of her game. If you love Viv (and very few don't), don't miss this one.

Recommended? Absolutely. Grade: A+

Lyn Lyn
Really great girl/girl film. Lots of kissing and great sex. These girls know how to enjoy themselves. Watch this film with a friend and find yourself having as much fun as the girls in the film!

Another excellent release from Viv Thomas (have yet to see a "weak" effort from him). Achingly beautiful women having hot sex with each other. What more could you want? Even though, as lotus points out, there is a “choreographed” feel to it, the production values, women, and intensity make it a must have for any lez lover. No mainstream release can match the kissing in a Viv Thomas release!!!

This DVD is great for what it is. Slick production values with beautiful sets and women. It's somewhat similar to Babes Illustrated #'s 11 and 12. Sandy really makes this DVD because of her beauty and enthusiasm. I've got to say though, that this kind of stuff no longer really does it for me. I really want to see sex in some kind of context rather than none with really awful techno music playing in the background. When you compare this DVD to Pink Velvet you can really see what a jump forward Viv made in the story department. I'm hoping that Pink Velvet 2 goes even further.

Very nice, though watching it, I got the frustrated feeling that I had made a mistake in ordering the hard edit. Problem is that these scenes were clearly commissioned as soft-core and choreographed that way - and anyway soft-core covers a lot of ground these days (or more accurately, I suppose, uncovers a lot of ground). The result is that the hard material that has been stuck in (so to speak) looks like an opportunistic afterthought, and is correspondingly distracting.

Nevertheless, lots of nice stuff. For instance, part of the reason that I ordered this was because in the sample provided on the LLV website there is a sexy looking scene with a girl in an red evening dress (I readily admit to a major thing for scenes featuring girls in red evening dresses); imagine my delight when I get the disc, and on checking out the scene more carefully discover that the girl in the dress is Lisa from Pink Velvet! Yum, Yum (though, unfortunately, this is one of the scenes that I am sure looks better in the soft cut). Other particularly nice bits include the bath scene you can see on the trailer. There is also an OK scene with Janine of all people (what on earth was *she* doing in Hungary?). But the basic point to make is that this disc is enormous - well over three hours of material, most of it at least notably better than average, and the best of it is a lot better than that.

As I said, I am almost tempted to order the soft edit (though not immediately: I have just seen that Sam gets her Girl vol. 3 features Rebekkah Teasdale, and clearly that has priority :-)

This is my second Viv Thomas film. I purchased the amazing Pink Velvet a few months ago. And I still think this is the best lesbian movie I have ever seen. However, I clearly made a mistake ordering this one. This is not an awful film of course. But there is nothing so great here. I think the scenes are badly edited and so predictable. And this non-stop music is extremely annoying. Viv Thomas needs to stop using that much bad and loud music in his films. So overall I'm very disappointed. This is boring stuff for the most part. Even though the girls are beautiful, the build up for most of the scenes is poor. And as another reviewer pointed out, I also never forgot that these were models performing for the camera. Anyhow, I really hope Pink Velvet 2 will be great. It will certainly be better than this.

Let Me Drive
This is an awesome, sexy, 5-star video! My favorite so far. The girls are gorgeous, the sex is romantic and top notch, and there are so many scenes! I wish the first movie had an explicit version.

Won’t bother repeating any of the praise you can read in the reviews above. It’s all accurate and well deserved. With 12 scenes totaling well over 3 hours of the sort of gorgeous, hot sex that Viv Thomas produces, this flic is certainly worth the price. Of course, tastes do differ, and there are, as one can see above, always some people who don’t like things that others do. And that’s fine, perfectly legit. If you don’t like this one, however, you’ll be one of a small minority. I’d call it a must-have.

Two quibbles: One, the cheesy music that others have already noted. At least Viv has the good sense to tone it down as the scene progresses and turn it off whenever anyone comes (and in each scene both girls always do come). The other is something no one else has mentioned. The scenes were produced as separate segments for cable TV. Each is introduced by Sandy addressing the viewer, presumed male, with explicit, porn-style sex-talk. I found this embarrassing in itself and an unpleasant contrast with the beautiful scenes that invariably follow. But these are indeed quibbles. They don’t detract from the pleasure this remarkable flic provides.

Sandy Season 1 was really good, and Sandy Season 2 was by far the best I’ve seen. Sandy is a really pretty woman; she has a lovely body and a nice pussy as well. There have been many times that I’ve wanked over her whilst watching what she gets up to. If I had the chance I would love to work with her.

Dimmu Borgir
I am really disappointed with this video. What really upsets me is that Sandy is not consistent. In a few scenes, she is scorching hot! But the majority of the scenes I found myself mashing down the fast forward button. Yes, the women are hot. Yes, Sandy is drop-dead gorgeous. But this video does not live up to the hype. This video is also toy-heavy. When the action starts to heat up, a toy is thrown in the mix. I cannot recommend this title.

Bird Watcher
Everything is relative. If anyone else had made this, it would easily be a 5 star, but as it’s a Viv Thomas Production, it’s about 3 1/2. The stuff he does for Playboy just isn’t as good as his other stuff. Too much of it is shot outdoors and it’s too staged, like a moving photo-shoot. The only 5 star lesbian one he’s done for Playboy is Sophie’s Wet Dreams.

Of course, Sandy is the consummate professional (and I mean that in a good way): she gets all the girls off and her fingers very wet in almost every scene. The girls, as you’d expect from Viv, are beautiful and very fresh, in that they don’t act like porn veterans.

Standout scenes are the one Sandy has with Ella (experience does count here!), and the ones she does with Viktoria and Tiffany – the sort of girls who could appear on a “2 Pretty 4 Porn” DVD. There’s also a gorgeous scene from Viv’s back catalogue: Sandy with Kathy Moore (who’s never looked better) in their white lingerie in a sunlit bedroom as if they’re two lipstick-lesbians on their honeymoon.

Of course, you should rent it, but it’s not a keeper like “Sophie’s Wet Dreams” or Viv’s sublime “Girl on Girl.”

A very good video on the whole with some extremely hot scenes. With so many scenes, there is a lot to choose from here, and I'm sure some will prefer some to others. Sandy is one of the legends of g/g films, for sure, and this video offers many of her best scenes that I've seen. Not all are great, but more than enough will keep one happy with this video.

My only complaint is technical, really. These scenes were shot to be individual segments to be run on a pay TV channel, no doubt between longer features. Thus, each has its own title/credit sequence at the beginning which, for some reason, is preserved in the video. They should have just shown this, or a modified version of it, at the beginning of the first video and then just cut from scene to scene. It gets both boring and annoying to have to either watch or fast forward through the same title sequence over and over again every 15 minutes or so between videos.

The joy of this set of episodes is that lots of the lovemaking takes place outside - the sun makes these beauties warm and peachy. In Viv Thomas films, there’s an admiration for female beauty that you don’t really find in other porn, and these earlier efforts, before the soap-opera plots and bedroom settings, are often gorgeous.

There are negative aspects to this DVD - some forced lines of dialogue; cheap music and occasional bad editing, as well as a series of awful solo scenes with Sandy linking each episode. The hardcore edit is a con, as these scenes were filmed as softcore and then riddled with silly dildo insert shots that look out of context and spoil the erotic atmosphere. But so much of the lovemaking is healthy and beautiful, the women so feminine, that it doesn’t matter.

Soft, wet kisses; delicious boob licking and wonderful shots of bodies in motion and bottoms in the air. Look how pretty Jo is, on Sandy’s face by the pool, as she rides gently; the erotic elegance of Lisa; Sandy and Candy’s smiling bums as the cycle away on their bicycles. In the Jacuzzi, beautiful curvy Sharon uses the water jets to make love to Sandy, slapping her gorgeous ass as she delights her; and Sandy and Trixie (who wears beautifully delicate lace knickers) kiss with the sweetest pleasure after making love by the side of the road.

A wonderful DVD, but get the soft version.

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