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Lesbian Tutors 01 ____________________________________
Lesbian Tutors 01
I.D. dvd_3797, Adult
2006, 173 min.
Triangle Films
Directed by Kathryn Annelle
* $24.99 *

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Ariel X & Denice K, Irina Sky & Angela Stone, Michelle Avanti & Riley Shy, Sandra Romain & Ashley Anne & Tiffany Wright, Kelly Kline & Tobi Pacific.

Only a woman can teach another woman how to please her. It's how you kiss, where you place your lips and how you touch. Watch these girls learn from each other and achieve ultimate ecstasy.

Scene Listing:

[0:32] Ariel X & Denice K

[36:52] Irina Sky & Angela Stone

[1:04:29] Michelle Avanti & Riley Shy

[1:39:15] Sandra Romain & Ashley Anne & Tiffany Wright

[2:18:18] Kelly Kline & Tobi Pacific


DVD Features
chapter index, photo gallery & trailer [g/g].

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Anon in 'Bama
I'm glad the folks at Lezlove didn't award this video a five-star rating, because it certainly did NOT deserve it! I've heard a lot of nice things said about Kathryn and Triangle Films, but I now suspect they weren't talking about this particular DVD.

I kind of hoped this one would be about slightly older lesbian tutors seducing their pretty younger students, as that might have included a fantasy/seduction element. But, instead, this one's more of a hastily thrown together, unimaginative dud.

On the positive side, the women are all quite attractive, with beautiful bodies, and the production values are, for the most part, excellent. It's the weak storylines and non-existent scripting that make this video so disappointing.

1) Ariel X and Denice K - These two enter the room talking about nothing. They're both lesbians already. Ariel says she had to break up with her previous girlfriend because the girl couldn't speak Danish. Couldn't speak Danish? How stupid is that? Denice then asks her to teach her some Danish phrases, so Ariel tells her how to say "fuck me hard" and "show me your pussy" in Denmark. Real erotic writing there. There's some nice leg-caressing going on, but once they inevitably begin having lesbian sex, it's mostly bland and ordinary. And neither woman shows the slightest interest in the other woman's beautiful rear end. A waste of good casting… D+

2) Irina Sky and Angela Stone - Pretty blonde Angela wants to hire Irina to teach her how to speak Russian, but Irina's rates don't come cheap. I was kind of hoping she'd offer to help the pretty blonde in exchange for Angela surrendering her pretty body to her, but instead we're treated to an eight-minute discussion of what her course consists of. There's some tentative touching going on during this time, and eventually both women go into the bedroom for I-do-you-then-you-do-me sex. Again, beautiful women with a moronic script… C-

3) Michelle Avanti and Riley Shy - Michelle is this very cute, light-skinned Hispanic woman with stylishly-cut short black hair. Redheaded Riley wants to learn to speak Spanish before her company transfers her to their office in Mexico, so she asks Michelle to help her. Michelle teaches Riley a few Spanish phrases, and then Riley asks her if it's easy to meet lesbian women in Mexico. Of course, this triggers a clumsy seduction. At one point I thought both women were about to burst out laughing at the stupid lines they were uttering. The sex is only so-so, with some tribbing and 69-ing thrown in... C-

4) Sandra Romain, Ashley Anne, and Tiffany Wright - Normally I don't like threesomes all that much, but this was, in my opinion, the best scene on this DVD. Slightly older Sandra has been asked by the two younger women if she'll teach them to speak Romanian before they vacation there. Sandra actually makes somewhat of an effort to seduce them. Once she gets them both into her bed, it eventually turns into a free-for-all, but I certainly liked it when, at one point, the older woman kisses one of the two girls on her lovely derriere. But that was about it... C+

5) Kelly Kline and Tobi Pacific - Pretty brunette Kelly wants to learn some French, as she's opening a French restaurant and wants to be able to speak the lingo, so she invites Tobi in to teach her. I liked it when Tobi tells her, in French, that she's very beautiful. That was a nice seductive line. It's followed by some fondling and touching, and then they begin kissing and having lesbian sex. Again, there's nothing particularly noteworthy about this scene, and once again both women ignore each other's gorgeous behinds! C-

Kathryn Annelle had beautiful, leggy actresses to work with in this video, but the scriptwriting is deplorable and downright moronic. They wasted far too much time on foreign language tutoring and far too little time creating sensual, erotic, and/or seductive lesbian erotica. Overall, I'd grade this video a C-.

JJ from MA
I was so looking forward to this film because of all the applause from other reviewers about how great Triangle Films was, headed by Kathryn. What a huge disappointment! I am not going to go into great detail like Anon in 'Bama, but he pretty much hit it on the head. Very pretty girls, with what I thought was average lesbian sex. Zero storylines with all segments.

I think this film should be titled Lesbian Foreign Language Tutors, because that's what each scene seemed to have in common. The title of Lesbian Tutors suggests that a lesbian is going to be teaching another woman what being a lesbian is all about. Instead, we get something like, “tell me how to say ‘I think your legs are hot’ in Russia.”

Also, my pet peeve of wanting to see beautiful women engaging in great, deep French-kissing failed miserably. With the exception of the threesome scene, which did have some pretty decent kissing, the other ones didn't add up, in my opinion.

Why is Kelly Kline in lesbian movies? Can someone please explain that to me? Yes, she is cute, but it is painfully obvious that she DOES NOT like kissing women. Close-mouthed short pecks on the mouth is not kissing. She brings down any movie she's in.

All in all, I would grade this movie a C at best, only because the women were pretty. Otherwise it's probably closer to a C- or D+

I was looking forward to this DVD after seeing Kathryn Annelle’s Intimate Invitation. I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed. Each segment of the disc works on a central theme, “Learning a second language leads to learning the language of love.” Each segment is filled with passionate kissing, touching, rubbing, and oral sex.

Denice K is visiting Ariel X. The two begin to talk about sex, and Denice says that one of the things she loves is being spoken to in Danish. Ariel has Denice teach her some choice phrases, and soon the two are touching and kissing. Not a lot of Danish gets spoken, but there are a lot better ways to express one’s more sensual feelings! Ariel’s orgasms during this segment are the hottest on the disc!

Angela Stone wants to get a job as an interpreter but needs to learn another language. She asks Irina Sky to teach her Russian. After a quick lesson they start teaching each other about pleasure. This scene is highlighted by one of Angela’s bed drenching orgasms!

The third scene deserves the cutest couple award. Riley Shy has asked Michelle Avanti to give her Spanish lessons. The company she works for is starting some operations in Mexico and wants her to move. After learning a couple of words, Riley teaches Michelle all about lesbian love.

Next, Sandra Romain is teaching Ashley Anne and Tiffany Wright Romanian. After they’ve learned a couple of common phrases, Sandra takes her young students to the bedroom and teaches them the ways of lesbian lovemaking. Watching Sandra teach the young girls is a real turn-on.

And finally, Kelly Kline’s lesson in French from Tobi Pacific slowly turns to Sapphic sex. The two ladies give each other lessons in extreme teasing before they satisfy each other’s awakened desires.

The bonus features include some sexy still photos and a hot preview for Intimate Invitation.

If you enjoyed Intimate Invitation, you won’t be disappointed in this one!

Kathryn Annelle's second movie is just as good as her first, Intimate Invitations. Again the director and photography is in a class of its own, the girls are perfection, and the sex so real. Triangle films must surely now set the benchmark for what is really good lesbian erotica.

I pay this film the ultimate compliment – it is as good as a classic Viv Thomas. An essential purchase.

JJ from MA
I have to strongly disagree with the above review by Marc. Marc, what were you watching? You state that “each segment was filled with passionate kissing.” You wanna see passionate kissing? Watch French Kiss 1 or Santa Cruzin’, or for that matter any of Viv Thomas' films. ALL of the aforementioned have passionate kissing, but “Lesbian Tutors” most definitely DOES NOT. You're entitled to your opinion, and I'm not disrespecting it, but in this case you are way off base with that detail.

I couldn’t believe this DVD was not rated a 5 Star...a great DVD!

Hello there! I can't believe that I actually agree on something (anything) with my old friend Anon in ‘Bama. But the threesome scene with Sandra Romain and the two younger girls is a must-see for any g/g video fan.

It is incredibly sensual and intense; Sandra Romain with that 100 % natural body, that sweaty back, and the way she talks and moans is a show on its own, and if you add to that two pretty younger girls willing to do anything that Sandra tells them to do - to her and to each other - well, you're set up for an excellent treat of lesbian sex. I'm not into threesomes, but this one is different, this one is really good. Take my word. At the end of the scene, after doing the two girls in every single possible way, Sandra asks them, "Did you girls like my Romanian game?" Cool!

The remaining four scenes are pretty hot also. Hmm, well... except for the scene with Irina and some other blondie girl. Irina is good, she's hot and always willing to do nasty things to other girls, but this girl in this scene is not in the mood for lez sex at all; she sucks.

Overall it is a pretty decent movie, I recommend this one. Big time.

Phil O'Gynist
Early reviews had put me off purchasing this movie from LLV, but I came upon it at my local rental and thought I'd give it a try.

It was excellent! The girls are gorgeous, the theme of a foreign language tutor who is lesbian links the scenes, the sex is erotic and personal, the setup and continuing verbal interaction between the cast make it a movie, not a pop shot compilation.

I guess we all have our turn-ons and turn-offs, but, ultimately, a good movie is one that catches and holds our interest. Maybe it is out and out stimulating, maybe it is just a thing of beauty (stand up applause for the master Viv at this point). Certainly it has no turn-offs - mine are artificial, made up "porn star bodies" and a cast that is obviously just going through the motions. This movie scores at least 9 out of 10 on all counts. Can't wait to get hold of LT 02 and 03 now!

Lez B. Friends
This is a nice effort from Triangle Films. Ariel X is a joy to watch. She is obviously into women and knows how to please her partners. Her orgasms in this scene alone make this DVD worth watching.

The second scene is Irina Sky and Angela Stone. I think Irina has a beautiful body and she certainly enjoys lesbian sex, but can she ever keep her mouth shut?

The third scene has the prettiest girls, but it seemed too much “gay for pay.” It was forced with no real passion. Boo!

The threesome with Sandra Romain was nice. I would like to see more of Ms. Romain. Hot, Hot, Hot.

Finally, the last scene featured Kelly Kline. I can’t understand why Kelly is so obviously reluctant to kiss or orally pleasure her partners. She had a great orgasm, but failed to do the same to the other woman. I would love to see Sandra Romain paired with the cute Tobi Pacific. That would be nice.

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