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Road Queen 01 ____________________________________
Road Queen 01
I.D. dvd_3486, Adult
2005, 169 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Deauxma, Brianna, Chelsea, Lilliana & Malory.

Filmed in California's Central Valley and Sierra Nevada mountains.

An itinerant club dancer picks up a young hitchiker on a trip to sexual perversions & liaisons, including a visit with two dancer friends. This film features lots of seduction & it also includes a huge ejaculation by Deauxma.

DVD Features
chapter index, trailers.

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anon from nj
This is a spectacular DVD, containing some of the best lesbian sex that I have ever seen. You have women of varying ages mixing it up with each other: younger/older, younger/younger, older/older, and everything they do they do with passion. Lots of deep kissing, licking, sucking, and plenty of caressing. Lots of deep, passionate oral and plenty of analingus (with passion of course). Throw in a great strap-on sequence capped with a gushing orgasm. And everyone cums again and again with dripping wet pussies. Finish it up with a hot, hot three-way with Brianna, Deauxma, and a very cute, very young-looking blonde. Five stars and a ten out of ten for this one; each scene is hotter than the previous! Happy viewing!

This is one very good movie. Although I haven't seen Girlfriends In White, I'd have to say that this is probably Girlfriends Films best film to date. The movie centers around a dancer (Deauxma) who drives around California in a gorgeous mint-condition purple 1950s Ford. Sorry, but I don't know the model. The movie has five scenes which I'll briefly describe and rate.

Scene 1: Deauxma and Brianna.

The story begins when Deauxma picks up a naive female hitchhiker (Brianna). They retire to a hotel to turn in for the night. Brianna is lying in the bed reading the Bible. Deauxma comes back from the bathroom and lies down next to her and they begin to talk. Deauxma first rubs Brianna's leg and stomach and then proceeds to kiss her. She then tries to slide her hand up her shirt. Each attempt ends up with Brianna blocking her hand. Finally, unable to control herself, Deauxma shoves her hand down inside Brianna's jeans and begins to furiously rub her crotch while continually kissing her. Brianna is aroused but doesn't know how to react. Just when she is about to cum, she tells Deauxma to stop.

Overall, a very hot scene with very little nudity. Although both women keep their clothes on, I found the make out scene to be very arousing.

Final Score: 4/5

Scene 2: Brianna and Deauxma.

The scene begins with both ladies leaving the hotel and hitting the road. Deauxma apologizes to Brianna, but Brianna does not acknowledge her for the duration of the trip. The ladies retire to another hotel for the night. At the hotel Brianna begins to feel guilty about giving Deauxma the cold shoulder, and apologizes. She starts out by kissing Deauxma. From there things begin to heat up. Both women shed their clothes, and Brianna proceeds to give Deauxma some serious oral. Deauxma reciprocates Brianna's oral with her own oral, which includes some rimming. The scene ends with Brianna fucking Deauxma with a strap-on. During the strap-on sequence, Deauxma squirts three times.

You can tell that this scene was shot a couple of times in order to capture the squirt sequence.

Final score: 5/5

Scene 3: Deauxma and Chelsea.

The scene begins with Deauxma making a stop to visit one of her dancer friends (Chelsea). Once they arrive at Chelsea's house, Deauxma and Chelsea begin to make out in the hallway while Brianna is left alone in the kitchen. Deauxma dismisses Brianna and tells Chelsea that, "she'll be fine if you just feed her some cereal." So a pissed-off Brianna is left alone in the kitchen with a bowl of Trix while Deauxma and Chelsea retire into Chelsea's bedroom. They begin with some kissing and some lame conversation about how "hot and beautiful" each of them is. The scene drags on for a while until Deauxma begins to give some decent oral to Chelsea. Chelsea reciprocates the oral and ends up doing some trib and serious pussy grinding on Deauxma's tummy.

Overall, an okay scene. Decent camera work, including some nice close-ups on the trib, but no squirt sequence.

Final score: 3/5

Scene 4: Brianna and Malory.

The scene picks up with Brianna in the kitchen. She is visibly upset that she left alone with a bowl of Trix. Malory enters the kitchen and begins to bitch about Deauxma and Chelsea. She begins to rag Brianna about her sexual experience and asks whether she knows what lesbian is? Brianna shakes her head "no". Malory drags her by her hair and pushes her against the kitchen counter. Suspense music begins to play indicating that a "rape" may occur.

While Malory doesn't rape Brianna she does force herself on Brianna. In a matter of seconds Brianna's shirt is pulled off and her bra is dangling around her waist. She then begins to kiss and rub Brianna's breasts. Brianna looks very scared and uncomfortable. For the next ten or so minutes, Malory spends her time shoving her hand down Brianna's jeans and furiously rubbing Brianna's crotch.

The two girls then retire to Malory's room. Once inside, Malory takes off her clothes and strips Brianna. The sex becomes more intimate at this point. Malory comments how pretty Brianna is, and begins to kiss her. Brianna begins to get aroused, and Malory begins to issue some oral to Brianna. Brianna reciprocates the oral and adds some trib.

My favorite scene in the movie. Brianna loves to give and get her oral. She cums so hard that she has trouble keeping her legs apart. This scene sort of reminded me of the old women’s prison movies where the head bitch (Malory) seduces the new fish (Brianna). Brianna plays the scared fish role to a tee. For the majority of the bedroom sequence she submissively lies on the bed while Malory has her way with her. Final score: 5/5

Scene 5: Deauxma, Brianna, and Lilliana.

The scene begins when Deauxma and Brianna arrive at a gas station. There they meet and offer Lilliana a ride. They retire to a hotel where the three of them are eating popcorn on a couch playing Truth or Dare. After a few lame "truths", Deauxma dares Lilliana to kiss Brianna for more than ten seconds straight. Lilliana kisses Brianna, but begins to blush since she has never kissed a girl before. Things heat up and the girls retire into the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Deauxma becomes a teacher and begins to instruct Brianna and Lilliana on how to seduce a woman. Deauxma first has Brianna seduce Lilliana by kissing her, then by issuing her some serious oral. Lilliana cums. Deauxma then instructs Lillian on how to seduce Brianna, first by rubbing her breasts, kissing etc. This eventually ends in a two-way oral sequence with Lilliana doing Brianna and Brianna doing Deauxma. The scene ends with Deauxma saying goodbye to both girls to a rendition of Amazing Grace.

An interesting scene similar to the Autumn, Danielle, and Erika scene in Texas Video Store Seductions. Thankfully this didn't end in a lame daisy-chain porn gangbang. There was a wonderful sequence where Lilliana and Deauxma simultaneously lick Brianna's pussy.

Final score: 5/5

If you love Brianna like I do, then I highly recommend this DVD. Its one of her best efforts.

Let Me Drive
I liked this video, it is another in a series of improved GF releases. The women are attractive and the sex is believable, passionate, and sensual, with occasionally great oral. A bit too much build-up, but that's okay - better than none. It follows much the same path as the other recent "Texas" themed videos from GF, with some of the same cast. I particularly liked the second encounter (third scene) where the older, more experienced woman aggressively seduces the younger woman in the kitchen, then the bedroom. Dom scenes are usually very hot in my book, and this is no exception. Hope GF keeps on putting out these new series, as the "Women Seeking Women" series seems to have gotten stale.

Ned Flanders Left Hand
Deauxma is on the cover. If you find Deauxma appealing, you will probably enjoy this film. As for me, I don't find her attractive. I find her too old and hard looking. Her breasts are also way too large. I don't know about you, but cartoonish-looking breasts do nothing to arouse me. I will never watch her in a future scene. If you think my review of Deauxma is too harsh, you have no idea what I truly wanted to say.

I don't blame her for getting her own film. Girlfriends Films made that decision on their own. If Girlfriends Films chooses to give another actress her own film, I hope it's someone like Elexis or Brianna. Both of these women are thin, have natural breasts, have sweet faces and are young. Call me crazy, but I actually find those traits appealing.

Of all the GF Films, I enjoyed this one the most. It’s not perfect, but I am a fan of Deauxma and her big tits. As for Brianna, her lack of tits is a turn-off. Give me a real woman with curves every time!

I can't wait for RQ 2

While I must admire Ned for his honesty in expressing his disdain for the sexy, albeit mature Deauxma (how do you spell that?), I must rate her (along with Nicole) as the hottest of GF Films actors. And that is in spite of her breasts. I would be curious to know just how DC Deauxma really is. She projects total lesbian lust. She is awesome. I think whether to like her or not is a matter of taste from one viewer to another. But, she hits the objective top of the charts for what I consider the most critical element in this type of film: "lust."

Strap-on expert
Have to agree with Ned Flanders' description of Ms. Deauxma's breasts and overall appearance. Don't get me wrong, I do love large breasts, but she needs a re-do on them. Truly look like sagging balloons under that chest. But it is nice to see someone not faking an orgasm. She's got it down pat with her "gushers."

A note on Brianna: She is one of the better strap-on actresses around. Have seen her in the "Strap It On" series, I can say she holds nothing back. She fucks better than many guys do in some of the hetero DVD's I've seen, believe it or not! Would like to see a lot more of her in the future with that strap-on.

It would be nice if she had breast implants too. I do like small perky ones, but hers are smaller than small. I guess you can't have everything, and if she is happy with herself, more power to her. Her strap-on technique overshadows her small top size anyway. I'm surprised a video producer has not talked her into getting them done yet.

Girlfriends Films continues to produce some of the absolute finest in lesbian erotica, and this title certainly does not disappoint. We have here all of the intense eroticism that Girlfriends Films has become famous for, combined with the authenticity of the “on the road” production (you have to love that purple hot rod). In fact, RQ has a somewhat similar feel to it as "Texas Video Store Seductions," only the locales are situated in California rather than Texas.

What truly made this film distinguishable from that one, though, was the starring (as opposed to supporting) role of Deauxma. Like all of the other GF galaxy of stars she is beautiful to behold, but in this effort she is positively breathtaking. Her voice, movements, and overall presence positively radiate with total sensuality and sexuality. Hopefully, GF will continue to use her in their future productions.

Anon in 'Bama
Girlfriends Films has some good ideas, but their ability to put them all together in a video remains klutzy at best. That is certainly the case with this video. Good ideas, terribly executed. Danno did a pretty good job describing each scene (see above review), but I would strongly disagree with his/her ratings of each scene.

Scene 1) Brianna and Deauxma - a great start, as Deauxma picks up pretty blonde hitchhiker Brianna. They drive a brief while before stopping at a motel. Next we see both women together on a bed, fully clothed. Brianna reads from the Bible? Then Deauxma asks her whether she's a student at Redding or Shasta College as if that means something? More inane dialogue follows. Deauxma begins tentatively touching Brianna, and then sticks her hand down the front of the girl's jeans, concentrating on rubbing the girl's crotch for a while.

Regarding Deauxma, I think she's a very attractive older woman. But she's NOT a good DOMINANT older woman! She's not comfortable in the role of a seductress. This opening scene was a bust because Deauxma clearly wasn't into it. Some of the kissing was nice, but SHE'S NOT DOMINANT and it clearly shows!

Scene 2) Brianna and Deauxma (again) - it's another night in another motel room, but this time Brianna is more receptive to what Deauxma supposedly wants. Brianna is very well cast as the pretty, younger, more submissive girl. Had Deauxma been more dominant, this scene might have been yowzers. Instead they end up having I-do-you-then-you-do-me sex. And when Deauxma finally gets around to unpacking her strap-on dildo, she gives it to the submissive, younger Brianna?

This scene would have been SO MUCH HOTTER had the dominant OLDER woman taken her submissive younger girlfriend from behind with the strap-on instead of vice-versa. This is a classic example of how Girlfriends Films lacks erotic imagination. Submissive, younger Brianna should NOT have been wearing the strap-on! She didn't look at all into it.

Scene 3) Deauxma and Chelsea - after stopping at the house of one of her friends, Deauxma leaves Brianna alone in the kitchen while she has I-do-you-then-you-do-me sex with her older friend Chelsea. Both women are attractive, but there's nothing notable about this scene.

Scene 4) Brianna and Mallory - young dominant blonde Mallory finds Brianna alone in the kitchen. This COULD have been a REALLY HOT scene, as Mallory, unlike Deauxma, knows how to take charge of pretty, submissive Brianna. But again, poor direction and poor writing largely ruin this scene.

First, Mallory keeps saying stupid-ass things like "So, what do you think they're doing in there?" (constantly referring to Deauxma & Chelsea) and "Do you like the taste of pussy?" Brianna doesn't respond, and why should she? The questions are stupid and NOT the least bit erotic!

Then Mallory pulls Brianna into the bedroom and partially removes her shirt. I kept waiting for her to take off ALL of Brianna's clothes, but it's almost like she wasn't particularly interested in Brianna's pretty body. Another wasted opportunity in what COULD HAVE BEEN a really hot sub/dom scene! Mallory should have taken Brianna from behind with a strap-on, but the folks at Girlfriends Films obviously preferred the standard I-do-you-then-you-do-me sex scene instead.

Scene 5) Finally, an instructional lesbian scene with Deauxma introducing Brianna to another pretty young blonde girl (whose name escapes me). I think instructional lesbian scenes are LAME. Perhaps it could have worked had Deauxma been more dominant with the two younger girls, but by now I had the realization that Girlfriends Films had botched this video beyond repair so why change things now?

I'd grade Road Queen a solid "D" for "nice try." Had scenes two and four clicked, I could easily have accepted the other three being sub-par, but when you can't succeed with such excellent potential you've got serious problems with writing and direction. Such is the case right now with Girlfriends Films.

This was my first exposure to a Girlfriends Film, and I have fallen in love with them. The seductive scenes are A+, and we need to see more of the acts in the beginning of the scenes before the girl gives in. I can finally lay off the fast forward button.

Hello everyone, this is the real Deauxma, and I would like say thank you to all of the nice remarks said above. Sorry I could not please everyone, but people have their own opinions and I do respect that. You may not like the big boobs or maybe my age, sorry to say that’s me.

Also for the remark about the multiple takes on the squirt scene. Sorry you are wrong, that is actually one scene with no retakes, but shot with two cameras.

I would also like to thank Girlfriends Films for using me in their videos, and hope to do more work with them in the near future. Also, thank Lezlove for promoting the film through the remarks of their fans. Take care!

Hugs and Kisses...... Deauxma

P.S. I agree, that is a bad cover picture, and it does make me look older and harsh. Will have to make a note of that for the future.

I think Deauxma is AWESOME, but so are Elexis, Marlena, and Brianna. Deauxma is perfect in her roles for GF films; I hope to see her in another soon. Would be nice if Elexis could get her hands on her.

While I’m wishing, how about Brianna and Puma together? GF Films is the best out there now, so I am glad to see a couple out a month lately.

Hey, GF films: Xara Diaz would be great in your work. That face, body, Spanish accent, and they way she loves to please another woman is all GF Films.

Humble Opinion
With all the justifiably praiseworthy reviews being posted for the Girls in White series and the latest Women Seeking Women offerings, I think that Road Queen, Part One is in danger of being overlooked by viewers.

Deauxma is on the cover, and she is obviously the "Road Queen" referred to in the title. But viewers should know that this is as much young Brianna's movie as it is Deauxma's. Brianna is in just as many scenes as Deauxma, and both of them are believable and enjoyable in their roles.

I think Danno does an excellent job of reviewing this movie, and I agree completely with his ratings. I only want to add a couple of points.

I find Deauxma to be a very attractive 30-something woman. People, naturally I suppose, fixate on Deauxma's breasts, but I marvel at her firm, flat stomach and beautiful, shapely hips and legs. This woman obviously works at keeping herself fit, and God bless her for it. But, more importantly, the personality she projects is of a woman who is sexually experienced, and gentle and sweet with her lovers. It is a pleasure to watch her.

Brianna has often played the young, sexually curious, but timid girl in Girlfriends films. She does an excellent job of it here again, particularly in the first short scene with Deauxma, and later in the scene with the slightly older and more aggressive blond girl, Mallory.

But Brianna also does an excellent job playing the inexperienced girl who aggressively wants to experiment. Brianna did so brilliantly in Girlfriends films' Lesbian Seductions 4. And Brianna does so again in her second scene with Deauxma in Road Queen. What I particularly enjoyed about this scene was watching Deauxma hold herself back, even as Brianna was arousing her, so that the young girl would not feel intimidated and Brianna could freely explore what her imagination had only dreamed of before. I thought it was a beautiful scene that had more than one explosive moment.

One of the best things about this movie is the bitchin’ candy-colored chopped Merc’ coupe that Deauxma uses to tool around the countryside, pickin’ up chicks and gettin’ her licks.

Too bad the sex scenes aren’t as exciting and powerful as the car. They have the typical GF attention to kissing and foreplay, but they just aren’t as inspired as I’d have liked - most seemed a bit flat. Also, while I like Deauxma to a degree - she’s into the sex and has an attractive face - a little of her and her gigantic dirigible tits goes a long way. She’s in four of the five scenes, and that’s just too much Deauxma for me.

For those looking for a movie with a good plot and acting, look elsewhere. The acting is ok, but the dialogue (what I could hear of it despite poor sound quality) leaves something to be desired, and there was no discernable plot other than women driving around and stopping to have sex with each other. That’s all the plot I need.

I liked the scene with Deauxma and Chelsea; they are close in age and seemed to genuinely like each other. They kiss deep and long and take their time getting out of their clothes before they get down to the sensual nitty-gritty. This was the most erotic scene.

I also enjoyed the threesome with Brianna, Deauxma, and Lilliana. It suffers from the lack of intimacy common to threesomes, but there’s a nice, somewhat playful feel to it, and I like Lilliana’s offbeat good looks and sweet attitude.

This wasn’t a bad movie at all, just not one of GF’s best. If you really like Deauxma, you’ll really like this movie. If not, you’ll still most likely think this movie is GOOD, like I do.


Buy this DVD if you enjoy missionary trib. Two scenes with Brianna Love.

Seize Magazine
"Attention all young women in the Lone Star State. An all-points bulletin for the arrest and apprehension of lesbian predator Deauxma! No young woman is safe from this lust-filled dyke! She has been on the run the past six months, ravishing young women up and down the State of Texas. Please beware!”

This was a "live-radio" dispatch from a Texas Ranger on patrol in San Antonio. Ranger Sharon Kane. Ranger Kane is in hot pursuit of the suspect. Let's all hope and pray Ranger Kane can meet and corner Deauxma, perhaps in a seedy motel on the outskirts of San Antonio, for talks and terms of surrender. Ten-four and out.

We have a serious situation here; crazed lesbian Deauxma sexually assaulting all the young women in the Lone Star State! If you ask me, these women have won the Lotto, hooking up with goddess Deauxma! And this filmed "docu-DVD" is the proof of it! Our film opens with Deauxma on the run in her low-rider, looking for some jailbait. Her low-rider would make ANY "Agachado" proud! Her first victim - I mean-her first "friend" - is Brianna hitch-hiking in this world of serial killers. Seems a little risky, but Deauxma says, "jump in."

Brianna is a very pretty young blonde, and older Deauxma is very hot with her dark tan. It's "on the road again," but Willie Nelson is busted again for pot, so Deauxma checks into the Lezo Motel. Deauxma is like a lion about to pounce on a jackal as she sizes up her young bit of fluff. There on the bed, their first kiss is slow and sweet, like a step-mom seducing her stepdaughter. It's really nice to see the slow surrender of Brianna to this older lesbian goddess. Soon, Brianna is returning kiss for kiss... who can blame the girl? Brianna gets worked up big-time, but chickens out at the last minute. They say "good night," both having a lot of thoughts and emotions going on.

They hit the road at the crack of dawn, down the Central Valley, and, by God, if there’s not another Lezo Motel! This time it's Brianna who makes the first move. She has had some time to think, and she knows she wants this busty queen NOW! There is plenty of lusty French-kissing as Brianna is the top; she worships Deauxma's lush breasts and nipples with the hunger of a starving child! Her saliva is smeared all over the twin beauties. Good girl!

Brianna is the one who orals first, and she is now the lioness feasting on her prey! Then mommy orals baby as Brianna is almost crying because, "it's just soooo good!" Finally, it's Brianna who straps-on and gives it to Mommy as a crazed she-stud! Like a piston she works her strap-on! Deauxma ERUPTS a full pint in the most amazing cum you'll ever see! It takes a full five minutes for her quivering body to calm down and return to Earth from orbit in lesbian heaven! Just AMAZING!

SCENE #3: It's on the road in the Nevada Foothills, and Deauxma makes another pit stop to visit an old flame, Chelsea. Brianna in the kitchen is clearing the "odd girl out" in this affair. Chelsea takes her woman to the bedroom for some serious lesbian lust as Brianna is left to pout over her bowl of cereal! I love this twist! Chelsea is a pretty blonde, mid-30's, and she wastes no time in bedding Deauxma! They have some pretty hot sex, mixing oral and trib with plenty of kissing. A good scene, not five stars.

Meanwhile, Brianna is confronted with Chelsea’s dyke daughter, Mallory. I like it when "dyke-dom" runs in the family! Brianna resists, but Mallory is going to give this fluff some serious lessons in "Soft Butch 101!" And she does! There is great sexual tension going on, and wonderful music in the background - kinda like the music in a Hitchcock film! Mallory shows Brianna how to be a good little femme!

SCENE #5: On the road, pit stop for gas and another victim - I mean "friend" - climbs into the low rider. Well, damn if these Lezo Motels are growing into one of America's biggest motel chains! Maybe Paris Hilton might pop-up in one of the rooms. I've heard she likes to party a little. Deauxma, can you perhaps give her something to party over? Now it's the three women in the tiny motel room, and "truth or dare" breaks out. Be nice if Madonna was present also, as I think she'd enjoy it a lot more with these three women than her husband's friends.

The kissing starts, and Deauxma, the "ringmaster," ushers the girls to the bedroom! I like the corrupting by Deauxma on these two young women. Lilliana is a little shy, but it doesn't take much for her to join the lez party! Two young women with an older busty queen is my kind of three-way! Deauxma sits on Brianna's face as Lilliana orals Brianna -HEAVEN! This is one of the greatest three-ways ever, in my book.

This whole film was like a lesbian paperback book by Midwood Books in the 1970's by writer Kimberly Kemp. Here's an idea for the folks at "Girlfriends:" cast Sharon Kane as a Texas Ranger in hot pursuit of "serial lesbian" Deauxma. Have Ranger Kane meet Deauxma in a Lezo Motel room to discuss a deal on terms of her surrender. What will happen between these two arch-enemies in that motel room?

Sappho's Butler
Another amazing movie from Girlfriends Films. I saw (and reviewed) Road Queen 2 before this one, but the movies are very similar, with many of the same strengths and flaws.

This film’s strengths are impressive. Nobody, absolutely nobody, shoots a better sex scene these days than Girlfriends Films. Even the Viv Thomas movies (which I love) seem formulaic compared to these films. What is great about them is the enthusiasm and spontaneity of the performers. Never for one second do I feel like the women are receiving direction from off screen. The sex is passionate, and the women seem genuinely interested in pleasuring their partners. The women will make love, collapse in each other’s arms, then start making love again, and it feels completely natural. This is so far from the “you do me, I do you” school of filmmaking that it’s in another universe.

I won’t go through another scene-by-scene breakdown - other reviewers have provided that. Certainly the film has a strong older/younger vibe, and if you like that (as I do) you’ll love this film. Brianna proves once again what a great performer she is. The story is not high art, but does its job of setting up the action. I particularly like the fact that the first scene was just a tease, setting up the next scene where Brianna and Deauxma go all the way. More filmmakers need to learn the value of anticipation in a porn film.

It’s hard at first to get used to some of the “older” performers in many of Girlfriends’ productions. Going from glamour porn with drop-dead gorgeous Eastern European women to looking at a more experienced woman like Deauxma is a shock at first, but her enthusiasm is infectious. It is the contrast of older/younger that gives these films a novelty value that cannot be denied. There’s one scene in this film between the two older ladies that doesn’t really do it for me, but the rest are solid gold.

The production values are okay, but not great. The camerawork is a bit shaky at times, but for the most part it’s well filmed. As usual for this company, there’s less of an emphasis on close-ups of the action, which I would normally consider a small negative, but that fits their style. Anal play is minimal.

One last thing: the scene with Brianna and Malory features some of the best trib I’ve ever seen. In fact, all the scenes have some pretty good trib (another GF trademark).

Women – 3.5/5
Enthusiasm/Acting - 5/5
Direction – 3.5/5
Story – 4/5
Explicitness (does not count towards average) – 3/5
Reviewer's Spin – 5/5

Average - 4.2/5

THIS is a GREAT movie. If, after all of these reviews, you are still undecided, let me push you over the fence and hopefully help you decide to go for it! This is a HOT movie, and you won't be disappointed. If they are not real orgasms all of the women have in this movie, this whole cast needs to be awarded an Oscar (or whatever it's called in adult video)! GOOD STUFF!

Hey, leave Brianna's breasts alone! She's beautiful as-is and she does the lesbian bit perfect. Maybe she's real?

There is only one really beautiful girl in this movie, that’s Brianna Love, the itty-bitty-titty starlet. The rest are nothing to write (home) about. Worst of all is Deauxma, a blown-up silicon monster of the worst kind. Nevertheless the movie has its moments - mainly because of Brianna. The smallest girl once again is the greatest.

mother-daughter lover
Don’t know what everybody else is looking for, but I found it in Deauxma’s hotel scene at the beginning. Satisfies every mother-daughter craving you’ll ever have. The skinny girl stands up beside the bed and bangs Deauxma (lying on her back) to within an inch of her life. Deauxma’s squirting orgasm makes this scene a ten. Typical of Girlfriends Films, the kind of scene everybody imagines but is afraid to talk about, because it looks like our hottest dream finally realized, although they’re not mother and daughter in the scene (though it certainly has that feel). Probably one of the truly horniest lesbian scenes ever filmed, because of this ending. If you ever wanted to know what it might be like to watch a girl bang her perverted mom in a hotel room, look no further.

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