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Lesbian Seductions - Older/Younger 15 ____________________________________
Lesbian Seductions - Older/Younger 15
I.D. dvd_4285, Adult
2007, 185 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Bree & Nicole, Ashley & Crystal, Brianna & Stephanie Swift, Heather & Susan.

3 hours of women passionately seducing each other and reaching intense orgasms!

Their only sin is unconventional love.

The revealing twisted road from desire to pursuit and surrender.

Simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video

DVD Features
chapter index.

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Anon in 'Bama
I've always thought that Bree Olson was a little hottie (that's her on the DVD box cover with Nicole), but, for some reason, whenever she appears in a Girlfriends Films production she's largely wasted with a poor, un-erotic script. And that was certainly the case here.

1) Bree and Nicole - This scene opens with Bree sleeping in bed. She awakens and goes into the bathroom to urinate. Somebody there at Girlfriends Films no doubt thought that would be erotic. I disagree. Then she goes into Nicole's room to tell the older woman about her dream of being married to lesbians. Oh, I almost forgot. Nicole is a lesbian. This silly-assed bit of scripting of course leads to Nicole offering to show Bree what lesbianism is all about, which she proceeds to do. The sex that follows is largely I-do-you-then-you-do-me, but I did like it when the older woman took the pretty blonde from behind with a strap-on. Grade: C+

2) Brianna and Stephanie Swift - OK, at least they TRIED to come up with a seductive storyline here. Stephanie is the cook for a wealthy household in which Brianna is a spoiled, bratty daughter. Stephanie hasn't been paid, and so she clicks a picture of Brianna in her mother's jewelry box so that she can blackmail the spoiled girl into having sex with her. The problem is, Stephanie isn't near dominant enough to pull it off, and the sex that follows is nothing special. Grade: C

3) Ashley and Crystal - I actually liked this scene! Crystal is an older college professor, and she invites pretty blonde Ashley over to her house to discuss the girl's non-attendance in her class. At one point, she tells the girl she's going to teach her a lesson, and pushes Ashley into her bedroom so that she can enjoy the younger girl's sexy body. Neither woman is particularly comfortable in her respective sub/dom role, and, as a result, it all comes across as more than a little CLUTZY, but I STILL thought the setup here was a HOT one! Crystal remains in control for the entire scene. Ashley's got a nice ass! Grade: A-

4) Heather and Susan - This one starts out with pretty blonde Heather calling her friend Courtney trying to find a place to stay after an upcoming party. Courtney suggests she stay with her older red-headed friend Susan, and promises to introduce the two at the party.

The next thing we see is Susan and Heather in the older woman's bedroom. I liked the older/younger chemistry here, but didn't care much for the way Heather played the more aggressive, dominant role. I just thought it was backwards, and the ensuing seduction was fakey. But the scene itself was nicely done, especially when Susan kissed the pretty blonde's gorgeous rear end. Grade: B-

Overall, not a great effort by Girlfriends Films, but not entirely terrible, either. I would love to have seen that third scene with Michelle Lay cast as the professor and Bree Olson as her student! But alas, it was not to be. Overall grade: B-

This is a very good movie. Great older/younger lesbian sex. My favorite scenes were the one with Nicole and other girl - very hot mother/daughter scene - and the scene with Stephanie Swift was also very hot.

Phil O'Gynist
This is volume 15 of the Lesbian Seductions: Older/Younger series from GFF. By now, it must be hard for the producers to keep it fresh - the limited story lines have all been tried, many of the models are in who knows how many of the earlier volumes, and there has to be a limit to the interest in the genre. Well - surprise! This is one of the very best in the series, and continues GFF's recent good form in general.

The first scene features Bree and Nicole. Nicole is one of my favorite three of the "older" performers in this series. She has a natural body, is good-looking, and seems at ease with the limited range of "how do I get into this cutie's pants" setups. Bree is not one of the usual "younger" crowd, and is distinctly unusual in being relatively busty compared to the others. The plot, such as it is, is that Bree is getting married to a guy, has had enjoyable lesbian sex with a friend, and is now having lesbian-oriented erotic dreams. She spills the beans to Nicole with the inevitable but very enjoyable consequences. Lots of excellent kissing and oral, and a really quite good strap-on sequence.

Scene two has the more usual "younger" performer in the shape of Brianna, who lets herself be coerced into sex with the not really very much older Stephanie. I enjoyed the way that Stephanie seduced Brianna, who then went on to play a pretty active role in the sex.

The third scene was my second favorite of the movie, with Ashley as a student heading for failure and Crystal as her teacher out to show her a thing or two - but nothing academic. Crystal was hot and maintained a slightly dom flavor to the sex throughout most of the scene, including some very good trib. It's a great shame that she shares a negative attribute with many of GFFís "olders," namely, a less-than-endearing boob job.

However, GFF saved the best for last in this one. It features Heather and Susan. Heather has always been a reliable hottie for GFF, and she has never looked better or acted more strongly than here. Susan is right up there with Nicole in my top three of GFF's "older" actors. Not as physically attractive as Nicole, she has a natural body, a nice personality (yes, that does matter), and a delightful quiet and easy manner as she plays her seductress role. This was a great pairing, and I really enjoyed the slow buildup to the sex - it is well into the movie before they both are naked.

A word to those of a sensitive disposition: Heather is very much maternal in this one, with engorged, blue-veined breasts that she and Susan take great delight in milking. This was something I had not seen before. It was not directly erotic, but it was very much in keeping with the intimacy between the two so, in all, was a plus for me.

Seriously, GFF was a leader in this genre in the earliest volumes of this series, but I guess the response to that and the earliest WSW films have gone to their heads. Itís one thing to reenact the same scene, but using the same actresses too is gouging. It used to be you looked forward to a new release, but now itís Susan and Courtney, Brianna and Autum, Deauxma and anyone over and over. I like that they brought in Keisha and Kylie Ireland for new blood, but they went nowhere with that.

People used to say Stephen King could publish his laundry list and people would buy it. With its crossover stars and series, GFF is doing the same. Early volumes of LS:OY, WSW, and even Lesbian Triangles were new and different. While some may not like the age or attractiveness, at least it seemed believable. Anyway, thatís my rant - disappointed. Perhaps an all-mature video from GFF with some newer actresses? Or maybe any video with new actresses? HELP, GFF, DONT LEAVE ME WITH VIVID AND FILMCO!

Humble Opinion
Girlfriends Films keeps churning out DVDs at such a fast rate (maybe too fast, frankly), that I want to comment on this film before it is forgotten.

The scene between Nicole Moore and Bree Olson is everything it should be - the two are amazing together.

The new pair, Crystal (the older blond) and Ashley (the younger one), are excellent performers. Ashley, in particular, is able to let herself go in front of the camera and have explosive and long-lasting orgasms that are a wonder to behold.

Heather Silk and Susan's scene is a sensual delight. Heather (my pick for the most beautiful and seductive woman working in lesbian erotica now) has recently had a baby - and so now, added to her other obvious charms, she is lactating and sharing her milk with her partners.

But the scene I most want to highlight is the one between Stephanie Swift and Brianna Love. The pair are perfect for each other. The setup is perfect also for Stephanie. Stephanie is playing the cook to Brianna's rich mother, and she is blackmailing Brianna into having sex with her. This makes Stephanie's sex talk throughout the scene both believable and highly arousing - and with her low, soft voice, no one is better at talking nasty than Stephanie Swift.

At one point, while Stephanie is having Brianna rub herself against her leg, Stephanie looks at Brianna, "Poor little rich girl. Wanted to go out tonight and look for dick, and instead she's gonna have to settle for some pussy." This causes Brianna to lose it and she falls on Stephanie and kisses her passionately.

If you have been a fan of Stephanie Swift at all through the years, you owe it to yourself to check out this scene - it is one of the best I have ever watched.

J Fitz
I like to get a dose of older/younger from time to time and the Lesbian Seductions line is the highest quality older/younger series going. Number fifteen was very good overall, with three strong scenes and one average scene. I would like to voice a continuing complaint about Girlfriends Films use of only the performersí first names in their productions. I find it very annoying that if I see a new performer I like, it is difficult to locate her other work because only her first name is given. What is the point of that?

Bree Olsen and Nicole Moore- Iím not a great fan of Nicole but am a huge fan of Bree Olsen so I was interested to see how this scene played out. It is very good. Nicole gives a good performance but Bree is the star of the show. The premise of the scene is as close to incest as you are going to see without it being explicitly stated, so that might creep some people out. The lighting was a little dark but good enough to see the lengthy oral action, which is what I enjoy the most. The chemistry between Bree and Nicole is nice. Nicoleís shrieking seemed a little overdone but watching Bree go down on her was fun. Bree eats her out with gusto and Nicole pays Bree back nicely. They break out a strap-on at the end, which does nothing for me, but others will like it.

Stephanie Swift and Brianna Love- Here are two excellent g/g performers in a very interesting scene of sexual blackmail. I thought both women did a credible job with the acting. I hope Brianna is nothing like her spoiled rich girl character in real life, though. Again, the chemistry is very good and the action steamy. More nice oral action in this scene with good camera angles, nice job on that. One small issue with this scene and the first was the sound. At times it seemed out of sync with the action and there were some sloppy sound edits. Not a major issue but I did notice it.

Ashley and Crystal- The set up for this scene was, quite frankly, pretty stupid. Ashley comes to Professor Crystalís house for some tutoring, I guess, and suddenly Crystal drags Ashley to the bedroom and starts spanking her ass. Crystal was having a hard time getting her lines out and Ashley seemed to be trying not to laugh. Once that silliness was finished, the action developed nicely. Ashley is a very cute blond and Crystal is a sexy older lady, with a great body but overdone implants. I would like to see older ladies with natural bodies, even if their breasts sag a bit. Like many GFF scenes there is quite a bit of full body contact and grinding. I normally tire of that type of action quickly but in this scene the women kiss throughout most of it, which keeps the intimacy level, and my interest, high. My enjoyment of GFF scenes would increase quite a bit if that were consistently done in their movies. This scene was another winner.

Heather and Susan- Heather is always a pleasure to watch, but this scene is a slow moving marathon, clocking in at over an hour. I can only think of one hour-long scene that I didnít think was too long (Micah Moore and Lena Nicole in WSW 34). In almost all cases an hour is simply too long for me. This scene takes forever to get going and while some of the action is nice, the payoff just wasnít enough. I know there are people who like the long, slow paced buildups but Iím not one of them. I did find the lactation to be kinky and sexy though.

Lesbian Seductions 15 is a strong addition to the LS line. GFF does a lot of things right in this one. My suggestions for improvement for this series would be to keep the level of kissing up, as mentioned above in the Crystal/Ashley scene, and try to find natural older performers.

Out of nearly all of the MILF type of lesbian films Iíve seen so far, this was the one that actually seemed to show what I would deem as "older women". There is a lot of dialogue and scene leading up to the sex, and each couple does a lot of sucking, kissing, licking, and strapon. I really liked the scene with Bree Olson, except that it seemed to imply a mother/daughter relationship, which isnít a turn on to me, and basically turned me off. The scene with Ashley Steel was very hot though, and that was what I would have liked to see more of! A sexy couple, real teasing and curiosity. While parts of this DVD were definitely good, I found myself turned off by a lot of the implied domination of the older woman. Yes, I know itís called "Lesbians Seductions" but I think it may have been a little too dominant for my liking, and it made it hard for me to watch at some points. Not sure Iíll try this series again.

Very short but very nice missionary between Bree and Nicole. Nice kissing before and after. For a short while those two were in love.

Nicole Moore is way too sexy. I want her and the Susan/Heather were they a real couple? They were hot. 2 of the best scenes ever even 4 years later still hot!

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