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Girls Desired (Abby Winters) ____________________________________
Girls Desired (Abby Winters)
I.D. dvd_5226, Adult
2008, 125 min.
Directed by Abby Winters

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Keilyn & Larissa, Larissa & Cleo.

Cleo, Keilyn and Larissa are the ultimate Australian hotties who love sex. Raunchy red head Larissa and kinky Keilyn have never met. Witness the moment they lay eyes on each other for the very first time, and see their initial surprise quickly fade as their carnal instincts awaken. They start passionately kissing and exploring every curve of each other's bodies, exploding with orgasm after orgasm, and they don't even know each other's name!

Larissa and Cleo start their liaison at the local cafe. The attraction is electric and they decide to continue their rendezvous at home when things really heat up. Larissa and Cleo lick, suck and fuck with energy and enthusiasm like you've never seen. The sex is so hot, they even introduce some kinky ice cube play to cool things off, but it actually just heats it up even MORE!

Please note: this title is now part of a 4-pack, available here - Girl-Girl Hardcore Collection #1

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, behind-the-scenes footage, cast interviews, photo gallery & trailers [g/g & solo]. Shot in HD.

'But On Other Hand'
I am not one to really dig Abby Winters videos. The girls are a little too soft for my liking. Every now and again though the company puts out a good scene. Here the scene and pairing between Larrisa and Cleo is outstanding. It seems to start with the one girl taking off her panties and handing them to the other girl in the café, where she sniffs and embraces the panties. The two leave the café and the storyline and build-up continue. The lovemaking in the bedroom is very good, slow and not hurried. Very romantic and erotic. Nice job Abby Winters!

I am a real fan of Abby Winters and have seen and own all of her girl-girl DVDs. As such, I would classify this as the best girl-girl DVD Abby Winters has produced. It is simply magical, featuring two superb scenes starring Larissa, a slim, bubbly, delightful girl who literally brims with happiness.

The first scene has her with Keilyn, and this is truly great sex in a lounge room. Keilyn is slim and gorgeous, and the two burst forth with the joy of lovemaking. Captured by superior camerawork, this truly is a scene to treasure.

If you thought scene one was great, well, scene two is just so good words cannot capture the joy, lust, and pleasure of it. Larissa and Cleo are on a date having a glass of wine and dessert in a small intimate restaurant. Both clearly have the hots for each other, and when Cleo slips off her panties and gives them to Larissa sexual desire of an immeasurable volume erupts.

In my view the handing over of her panties by Cleo to Larissa is my favorite moment in all the girl-girl movies I have ever seen. The look in both girls’ eyes is something that just has to be seen.

Well, after a number of stops for kisses and fondles in alleyways, the two girls finally make it home for the sex scene of all sex scenes. Hot hardly describes the passion and lovemaking, as both girls tear into each other as orgasm after orgasm erupts.

In the post-shooting scene one can see that this was a truly indescribable event for both. Watch it and it will be that way for you.

This is the ultimate Abby Winters movie on girls making love. Please, more Larissa as she is truly wonderful.

Abbywinters videos have become a bit routine in the last year or two. The girls are allotted a minimum number of orgasms and they take turns at making each other orgasm to reach their minimum quota.

This isn’t to say the models aren’t incredibly hot (Larissa in particular), it’s just that they never seem to reach critical mass before the movie ends. The last twenty or so minutes of Keilyn and Larissa’s scene started to reach a good rhythm, and the girls briefly forgot about taking turns in making each other orgasm before they slipped back into the post shoot interview, which was extremely disappointing as I had hoped for a Larissa-fest with Larissa being on the receiving end of a marathon tonguing/fingering and tribbing session until she was a sweating, dripping mess (in the hottest possible way of course).

The starting premise with Larissa and Cleo was good, but you never get the feeling that they were ‘going the grope’ as it were when it moved outside, instead trying an FTV-style ‘we might be caught at any minute’ photoshoot op, which probably should have been included as a bonus scene instead. Larissa manages to get out of this scene lightly as Cleo does most of the orgasming throughout the scene.

Overall, the movie was good, but what I was expecting was at least one hot and sweaty love fest, and was disappointed when it seemed that Larissa didn’t even break a sweat in either scene. This is where I think perhaps Abbywinters needs to go back to the drawing board and scrap the round-robin approach to some of the lovemaking in their shoots, and get back to the basic concept that lovemaking does involve breaking a sweat and that the models may need to exert themselves. This movie is definitely worth purchasing, but don’t expect anything above three or four stars.

Velvet Lover
I was really disappointed by this title. The photos and write-up promised so much, but the film just fails to deliver. On the positive side, the camerawork and lighting are good, and the girls are pretty and have great bodies.

For me, where this film falls down is in the interaction between the girls. It’s sexy and erotic, but lacks the really hot sex of the best Abby Winters flicks. Perhaps the least good element is the kissing, which is of the lip-smacking kind (I like proper French kissing). There is also a total absence of 69 (another must for me). I can only give this one 6/10, in my opinion it’s not one of the AW must-see films.

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