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Girls on Film (Abby Winters) ____________________________________
Girls on Film (Abby Winters)
I.D. a0204 & dvd_1121, Adult
2002, 60 min.
Directed by Abby Winters

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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Annabel & Jamie.

Annabel (18) and Jamie (19) have been pals for ages, but it took Jamie to come to us for a solo shoot to get their friendship taken that step further. We were lucky enough be present when they consummated their relationship. And as you can see from the sample caps and clip, these two are right into each other. They totally ignored us, and just Went For It! This scene runs for sixty minutes, and has extremely clear audio and picture quality. No toys, and live sound throughout.

Please note: this title ships in a plain sleeve.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, digital end-to-end transfer, broadcast-standard encoding, chapter index.

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Well, it was inevitable. It was only a matter of time until someone did it 100% right. This film has to be the absolute closest anyone has ever come to depicting real girl-sex. The girls are adorable and the sex is just amazing.

Watch this through for one-hour straight (you will not use your FF> button here because you won’t want to miss anything!) and you will be physically exhausted.

This movie is going to cause some serious problems for people. I think it will send all movie directors scrambling back to their drawing boards (I have shown screener copies of this scene to two of our other directors and they were not happy! One actually said, "oh no!"). And it will make a lot of customers go back to their existing video collections and really, seriously question the old scenes that you used to think were hot. This video re-defines what I have always said rises above all else in a lesbian sex scene – the chemistry between the girls. Chemistry washes over every single other aspect. I think this scene will become the benchmark to which all future g/g scenes will be measured against, basically, the question from now on will be simply: "is the sex as good as in Abby’s GOF?"

From the moment the girls first wrap their arms around each other and the first kiss happens, you will know that you are about to witness rare magic. If you only purchase ONE movie from us, make this the one.

I really wasn't going to review this video. So many people had already jumped in with immediate comments, the vast majority praising it, I hardly felt it was necessary. But others have asked that I DO chime in with my specific views, and I thought that maybe I could provide some additional insight into just what exactly makes this video so special.

Let's start with the bad: The only bad thing I can think of about this video is how it will affect judgment towards other videos. It will forever jade your judgment as to what a good scene is. It will very effectively raise the bar on what you used to deem acceptable, above average, and great. You will find yourself scrutinizing characteristics of other scenes - things you never noticed before. Because this video got it right, it shone a spotlight on how so many others got it wrong. The biggest trait I noticed here was pure enjoyment. In order for me to like a scene now, I have to really believe that the girls are enjoying themselves as much as these two seem to have.

You've got two young girls going through the motions of a sex scene in all of its natural splendor without missing a beat, without hamming for the camera (well, at least not the one we're looking through), without seeming staged and/or planned, and without losing, over time, the character of the way the video originally started. I found it hard to accept that someone was actually standing in the same room with these girls as this was happening. They seemed so enthralled with themselves and each other. Enthusiasm? Check. Cute girls? Check. Great kissing? Check. Praying for a sequel? You'd better believe it.

1) Buildup/Seduction: About the only thing more you could really ask for here is more story. However, there's more than enough of a realistic framework to build your own, and the physical foreplay is more than sufficient.
Score: 9

2) Kissing: The way it's meant to be.
Score: 10

3) Attractiveness of Women: Cuteness to the Nth degree. Warnings to the tattoo haters.
Score: 10


As far as I am concerned, now, there is Abby Winters and then there is God. This is the best girl/girl video that I have ever seen, and it is good to such a degree that the rest of the pack does not deserve to be compared to it!

I am completely dazzled by it! I kept saying, "Don't stop! Don't stop!" I cannot criticize this video in any way. Abby grabbed me by my hand and led me into a new dimension! Five Stars, ten out of ten, whatever. All I can say, is that if you don't get this video, you are a fool, and you will never know what I have just learned about eroticism at it's highest level!

If lesbian video history has taught us anything, it's that the sophomore effort usually signals the direction a company will ultimately take in the future. If this turns out to be the case for Abby Winters line of videos, it's THE company to watch in 2003. I didn't think it was possible but this may be better than the previous "Games Girls Play". Only Rena of Girlfriends Films rivals Abby in direction.

I love the way everything is done here. Two cameras shooting continuously so that the natural flow is not disturbed. No unwelcome toys and, most importantly, genuine passion and enthusiasm from Jamie and Annabel. These two are actually HUNGRY for each other!! It's incredible to watch.

I put this one on the short list for the best video of the year. Perhaps THE best. And that's putting it up against such gems as "Pleasing Kinsley", "Games Girls Play" and "Women Seeking Women 3".

The DVD is the way to go here. While it's pretty much a bare bones affair, I'm sure the image quality beats the videotape by a long mile. Since both are the same price, the choice is clear. The DVD menu only offers one chapter but key moments can be found using the chapter button on your remote (hidden chapter stops).

I don't want to spoil the action for you but I must comment on one incredible moment: it's when Jamie assumes a "spooning" position. It's the hottest and most erotic thing I've seen in a while. Bet you don't "get past" that moment the first time out.

Anon in 'Bama
OK, I like the girls, they're obviously having fun, and boy do they ever like to kiss!!! All good things, and all important in making a great girl-girl video! But... having said that, I didn't think of this as TNV's "Three Girlfriends" revisited, either. While Abby Winters does a LOT of things right, I still found a couple of areas where they could improve upon.

For one thing, why cast two pretty girls who both have gorgeous rear ends if they're then going to pretty much IGNORE each other's sexy tushies? Well, not totally ignore, perhaps. But during more than one instance when the taller girl would begin running her hands down the shorter girl's back in the direction of her nice behind the camera would suddenly tilt up so that we couldn't see her caressing that beautiful round butt! That annoyed me greatly!

And while I loved all the kissing of each other's lips, breasts, and certainly pussies, couldn't they JUST ONCE have shown one of the girls smooching the other's gorgeous rump? I mean, if you're going to cast two pretty girls with incredibly sexy derrieres WHY not INCLUDE them in the video? (And no, I'm not talking analingus --- just paying some attention to those hot round behinds!) Granted, not everybody may feel this way, but it's a PET PEEVE of mine when they so obviously leave that out! Other than that, good video. Thumbs up.

Abby's done it again! There's so much to like here. I really like the sounds of the kissing and the breathing. Very sexy. These girls look like they are having so much fun. In some ways this seems more like play than sex, which makes the sex that much more fun and pleasurable to watch.

There's something actually very wholesome about Abby's films: pretty, natural, young girls having fun with one another. They just seem like normal, healthy, girls who are having a blast. Highly recommended.

This is an excellent movie. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did because the girls are too young and not quite curvy enough for my taste. However, they made up for it with their obviously genuine passion and affection for one another.

The sex here is very natural, energetic without being frenzied. There is a great deal of kissing throughout. Not only mouths but necks, shoulders, and stomachs are kissed, licked, and nibbled and there’s even some actual hugging, something you almost never see in an adult video. There isn’t a great deal of oral but what there is of it is done very well and with a lot of obvious pleasure by both giver and receiver. There is quite a bit of trib and a lot of fingering.

Technically “Girls on Film” is nearly faultless, I don’t remember ever getting irritated by poor camera work and editing, something that occurs at least a bit with just about every video I see. I hardly noticed it, which is a sign of quality. I’m of the opinion that in porn at least, the camera work and editing should never call attention to itself, thus distracting from the action. The sound was also excellent, very natural. One complaint that I and others had had about Abby’s previous effort was the cold and artificial lighting. The lighting in this movie is a vast improvement. It is natural daylight that really brings out the flesh tones and creates a nice warm atmosphere. I saw this movie on VHS and the image quality was fine. If DVD is an improvement it will just go from very good to excellent.

My only criticism of “Girls on Film” would be that it could have used a bit more variety. I’d liked to have seen the girls in different clothes or in different rooms or some such thing. All the sex takes place on the bed after a very short segment with them fully clothed on the balcony.

The formula for this movie is really simple; two attractive girls who are really into each other on a bed, videotaped and edited by people who can work the equipment and stay out of the way. Five out of five stars.

Gina g
I hate to disagree with all the praise this DVD/vid is getting. But I am here to review and not just follow the crowd. First the good: The girls are cute and very natural, no fake boobs and they are un-pierced. I’m so sick of women who use their pussies as pin cushions. The sound and picture quality is excellent. Now for my criticism: I felt that the girls were rather passionless. They were giggling and laughing thru out the movie. I love to laugh but when I watch a lez vid I want raw animal sounds and lots of dirty talk!! This really gets me wet.

I think that that's part of the problem in so many amateur productions. I expect the passion of a Nina Hartley (my Faves) or Tiffany Mynx and too often we get giggling 19 year olds. There is lots of kissing as others have said but its too often closed mouth and not HOT!! There are some good 69 scenes and a brief trib. Look it was an ok vid, but I judge all amateur vids by the ultimate amateur vid "WILD THINGS" by California Wildcats. All amateur porn Spielberg wanna-be's should study that vid to see what a hot wet steamy tape needs to look like. I give G.O.F. a semi moist pussy and a clit almost up. XXXXX Gina g.

Ms. Cranky
It is not an overstatement to say that this is the BEST lesbian video that I have ever seen.

The chemistry is there (and then some) but more importantly, these girls are MAKING LOVE, not just having sex. Passion, genuine affection, tenderness - what a difference it makes!

And THANK YOU Abby for not spoiling it with toys, trashy outfits, or hopping from place to place ("doing it" in the shower, on the table, in the car, etc...). You don't need any of that when you've got this.

This DVD is exactly what I want to see, the way I want to see it (other than being there in person of course [g]). More please - and soon!!!

This is a great video... definitely 5-Star material. Once the women settle down, the sex is *hot* - I'd guess that the girls are lovers off-camera too.

I can't say it's the *best* out there, though. By way of comparison, "The Appointment", "Three Girlfriends", and even "Here Cums The Bride" all have SOME kind of emotional/psychological buildup - something to remind me that I'm watching real women with personalities and not just performers doing a sex show. (I don't know, maybe I'm some kind of weirdo to want a story line with my porn. ;)) Still, there is some great sex to be seen here.

Having just recently discovered this website and the line of movies it covers, I'm pretty much a Newbie. I started with Deep Kiss 14, then proceeded to The Appointment, and finally this flick. I was disappointed with Deep Kiss' distinct lack of passion and never-ending tongue-lashing. And having heard the praise for The Appointment, I was unpleasantly surprised to find subdued kissing and a seemingly one-sided passion. Well, I guess Third Time's The Charm because Girls On Film soundly trounces Deep Kiss and The Appointment, and every other LezVid I've ever seen.

We're talking the most passionate and hungry kissing I've seen anywhere, a true enthusiasm by both participants, and attractive, natural bodies (although I could do without the tattoos). And unlike most other Lez videos I've seen, the actual love-making is one long (50 minutes) uninterrupted session. There's none of the disconcerting start-and-stop nature of other movies, passion fizzling out as the flow is repeatedly broken. Just lots and lots of foreplay, sex, and kissing. And speaking of kissing, it's taken to new heights here. Regular kissing, open-mouthed kissing, deep passionate kissing, kissing while fingering, kissing while hugging. For kissing aficionados, it just can't get much better than this.

No, there's no story. Yes, there's a lot of giggling. But it's readily apparent that these two girls are really into each other, and comfortable with each other, and not the least bit reserved or shy when it comes to giving the other pleasure. For me at least, that's the ultimate trait for a successful LezVid.

My only complaints: I'd like to have seen more clothed foreplay - the gals undress within minutes of hitting the bed. A DVD extra like The Appointment's audition would've been welcome. And hey, I admit it, I'd prefer at least one woman with the kind of body The Apartment's Leila has. But those are nitpicks. This is pretty much LezVid perfection and AbbyWinters has at least one guaranteed return customer.

I must confess that I prefer The Appointment over Girls on Film. What I did not like about this film was the giggling, flashy tatoos, it took away from the eroticism. The girls are nice and natural but too skinny, at least Leila in The Appointment has a full body and one of the most beautiful pair of breasts. Other than that, this features one of the best kissing I ever witnessed. It's hungry and passionate. The trib is also super nice. Not 5 stars, but 4 stars.

Brava! REAL lesbianism! I agree with everything the Editor said in her review! It's time to throw-out all that fake lesbo crap we've had to watch for the last 20+ years! None of the mainstream U.S. “lesbian” film makers have a clue (Ed Powers, Randy West, Al Borda, et al)! Fortunately, thanks to LLV, we can look to Australia, Japan, England, Brazil and some U.S. amateur (homemade) companies to see real lesbian passion. Buy this video! Read the reviews at LLV and let's all buy only the GOOD ones from now on! Let's force the stupid mainstream U.S. makers to start making REAL lesbian erotica. Wouldn't you love to NEVER again see another movie with women with fake tits, fake eyelashes, laying in bed with high-heels on, sucking on a piece of plastic?!

This is tremendous! Fabulous! Congratulations to Abby Winters for achieving something nearly perfect! I just bought this film among several others from Lezlove, received today and this is undoubtedly the best of the group.

What I wanted most and this hit the mark with young, very natural amateur (appearance is everything) girls without fake blown-up breasts, tongue piercings, shoes & garters (1980's vintage), non-stop endless French kissing, lots, lots, lots of oral, 69 over & over, licking everywhere, no dildos/vibrators, and please, please, please unshaved natural hairy pussies!! This one is VERY close to perfect, and I loved it! I intend to buy others: Tuesday Afternoon, Girls Nite Out & Games Girls Play. l wish that Abby Winters would read these comments and send us more with special emphasis on all-natural girls completely enjoying each other.

This is superior to most videos but not to the extent that is expressed in the last comments, in my opinion.

Positives: Young girls obviously interested in each other and it showed; Lots and lots of kissing; great photography; terrific sounds, heavy breathing, wet sounds; natural tits; NO dildos/vibrators; NO body or tongue piercings; one girl not shaved - yeah (sigh).

Negatives: Only one girl not shaved; not anywhere near enough oral, nor close-ups; no rear-end fun as mentioned by another reviewer; very little passionate 69s; too much giggling and not enough hungry munching. Otherwise, this is moving in the right direction.

This is the one to beat, without a doubt. Wow! The best lesbian video I have ever seen. These two girls are so cute and sexy, it's incredible!

There is a small build-up that's very sweet, yet sexy, of the girls taking pictures of each other. They lift their shirts to expose tummies which is so erotic in itself.

The action starts slowly on the bed with giggling and picture taking. Then the kissing starts and it is REAL in its passion and hunger. These two look like genuine lovers for sure. They breathe a lot into each other's faces as they kiss and moan with pleasure.

Their bodies are slim, long and sexy as can be, and when they press together it is wonderful to watch. They hug a lot and kiss very often throughout the video. There is some pussy-to-pussy grinding and sixty-nining that's hot, mutual masturbation while kissing, lots of movement.

What I liked also was that there was no noise or music, just them alone, alone in the world to enjoy each other completely.

I hope they make more like this because this is what lesbian sex is all about! No toys, no stupid outfits, no lipstick, no pathetic music. Just pure NATURAL cute young girls in lust! Thanks Abby Winters!

la nueva yorquita
OK, this is a must have. Someone in the group commented that there was no big "O" on this disk, and yes, while true, didn't detract from my enjoying it. In fact, far better that the women don't try to fake us out with a wholly artificial "OH MY GOD THAT'S IT, YES!"... and there's no clitoral stimulation going on at all!

My complaints (very inconsequential): I didn't like the lighting much. Of course an orgasm would have been great. After playing my Brazil Amateur #5 time and again, a little ethnic diversity would have been a nice treat.

BUT, the kissing is very nice. In contrast to the tattoo haters out there, I find body art to be very erotic. Their giggling was natural to me and the two of them are so sexy and really absorbed in one another. But ultimately, I decide whether to recommend something to you or not on a single personal criteria -- whether it gets me off or not. And suffice to say that this passed fantastically. Yes, a perfect introduction to the potential of what Abby Winters has to offer lesbian pornography. Dear Abby: you go!

Abby Winters is beginning to start a new standard of excellence, and this video really takes off with it. Until I watched this video, "Pleasing Kinsey" was my favorite with only a couple of really close runner-ups. Now we have a tie.

Let me tell why I love her productions so much. First, and foremost its the girls. These two are exactly the type that I want to see more of. Young, irresistibly cute, slim but still sexy, very girlish, natural bodies, relaxed, fantastic camera presence overall. Tattoos? Who cares?

Next, their performance is superlative. No faking, forced positions, dumb lines or other blunders to take us out of the scene. The action is perfect. They interact like they really enjoy it, and don't mind us watching. The quality of the kissing is usually the clearest sign of whether the girls like each other or not, and this is something to behold here. It was so good, I had a hard time getting past the kissing to watch the rest of the video. When I did, I was very satisfied and did not hit the FF> button even one time, which is exceedingly rare for me. Other key moments: The trib. Absolutely delicious.

Just perfect. That's what this video is. Many people throw that word around a lot here, but you will see me use it sparingly, reserved for those videos which truly excel in many categories.

Production: Outstanding. Given the restrictions of the set, no complaints. Cinematography: Clear, except for a few places. Cameraman visibility. Cameraman? Where? Audio: Just like we like it. Clear, with no background interference. If you want music with your porn, see an adult music video.

If you care about making lesbian videos better, please help support Abby, and this style of production. It can only help to further the concept of the "ideal" lesbian video. Congratulations, Abby. This is one of the best videos I will likely ever see. Keep it up. I can not thank you enough for your dedication to your work. We can sit back and reap the rewards, but you, and your team deserve the credit.

Recommended? Let me put it this way. If you don't buy this video, you need psychiatric help, or you don't belong here. Worth twice the price of some of the more expensive videos here. And, no I was not paid to write this review, nor am I sucking up to anyone. This is my honest opinion.

MartyM (pussynvy)
Imagine being a fly on the wall and buzzing, by chance, into the room of two exceptionally young Australian girls making refreshing love in the afternoon. They appear not to have a care in the world; no school or work. They are laughing and having a good time. The passion they feel for one another is real. They are but two young women delightfully reveling in the commonality of their sex.

That’s what Abby Winter’s Girls on Film is all about. The girls don’t interact with the camera (as they might in another video). Of course not. They don’t even know it’s there. All that matters is pleasing their partner – and themselves. This movie is very romantic. The girls spend a lot of time kissing – and finger fucking each other – simultaneously. And Abby does a great job of capturing the deliciously squishy sounds of their fingers working themselves energetically within their lovingly moist centers.

The pussy eating and sixty-nines are also outstanding. And there’s a nice trib scene towards the end where the girls appear to enjoy the feelings of their bodies and limbs intertwining -- as much as they delight in the sensation of their genitals rubbing intimately together.

The girls, being so young, make love to each other so passionately and knowingly, that it makes one wonder if this type of lovemaking isn’t taught to women as part of their (Australian) high school education. For those of you who prefer to watch young girls making love in a romantic fantasy vignette, this feature from Abby Winters is superb.

This review is long overdue. I've been meaning to review this for close to a month now, but somehow never got around to it. Now I will...

Girls on Film is 5-Star without question! These two cuties have got to be lovers in real life. How could two girls be so into each other and NOT be lovers? If they weren't before, they are now!

The video and audio are tops. The settings are nice. The setup is unique and fun. They're posing for the camera (not the movie camera) snapping pictures of each other, giggling and having fun, flashing the camera, sneaking in kisses, need I go on? There was absolutely no acknowledgment of the camera whatsoever. It was kind of like a day in the life of Annabel and Jamie.

Both girls are adorable. However, as Phathead pointed out, there are tattoos, but they didn't bother me a bit. Plus, for those of you who don't like shaven pussies and/or you're sick of seeing them all the time, both of these girls have hair down there, which can be a nice change.

Then, of course, the sex is heart pounding. The kissing was insane. These girls were constantly kissing each other. It took me 45min just to get past it because I kept rewinding. The buildup was excellent, the kissing excellent, the trib was scorching. I would have preferred a little more oral, but since everything else was so phenomenal, I can easily look past that. I would just love to see these two girls together again!

Kudos to Abby Winters. She definitely knows what she's doing. After being so impressed by this production, I will definitely look into getting other girl-girl movies from Abby. Keep up the good work. 5-Stars and beyond!

Rub your eyes a bit with your fingers, now squint them until they are almost shut, but not quite. Now look around the room at how everything looks slightly blurry. That is the quality you will see when watching this video. Did they literally use a film camera? I've never seen such graininess on a DVD either. The quality of digital video cams is so good, and they are so cheap, there is no excuse for a video to be made this blurry and fuzzy. Before you disagree with me, get yourself a copy of one of the 'Deep Kiss' DVD's and tell me it's not 10X clearer and sharper than 'Girls on Film'.

Putting aside the technical faults (which is nearly impossible) the girls are cute and just my type, except for the tattoos. When they started their lovemaking, I was slightly encouraged when Annabel started to lay down on her front to lick Jamie. I think I counted a total of one lick, then the scene was ruined with totally non-erotic '69'. This is probably the most awkward position to shoot girls licking each other. Everybody is upside down and no one can concentrate on what they are doing. Why why why can't the girls just be shot servicing one another in turn? It's more erotic, and easier to get a clear shot of what is happening.

Fingering - As I said, I can't really fault the girls in the enthusiasm category, however the fingering just took up too much of the movie. The squishy sounds of the fingering was nice but after awhile, you just get the impression that they are stalling. It might have even been ok if I could see any detail, but again we go back to the blurriness factor.

Crotch rubbing - It may be fun for them, but it doesn't really do much for me. There was a good scene towards then end with Jamie licking Annabel. Again, very good licking and sucking sounds and nice enthusiasm but it was really too little, too late for this movie.

Lezlove, you introduced me to 'Deep Kiss' and I thought we were on the same page as far as les video's, but after reading your Editor reviews I'm astounded there were no points taken away on this one for technical quality, or lack thereof. And I did use my FF button.

I thought this video would be way better than it was, after all the positive reviews. No orgasms, girls giggling a lot -- I didn't see one ounce of real passion between them and, as some mentioned before -- blurry quality and bad angles on the sex there was. Looked pretty rote to me. I turned it off half-way through, what a waste!

First the bad. The lighting could be better. Much of it is natural lighting and whenever the sun went behind a cloud the room grew dark for a few moments. The picture quality is a bit grainy. At one point, the second camera intrudes into the frame. Still, none of this is overly distracting. Now that that's out of the way, the rest is simply great. Two good looking young women having a lot of fun in bed. They giggle a lot and there are no apparent orgasms, but it is natural sex. But any faults in the performance can simply be chalked up to diversity and personal taste. Not every movie should be exactly the same -- that's the main problem with mainstream porn. I like this one because it is not the same as all the others. I do like The Appointment better (this one has no real buildup before the bedroom), but Girls on Film is five stars all the way!

Three Words: BUY THIS NOW!!!!!!!

One note for Abby Winters: MORE! MORE! MORE! - young girls completely enjoying each other up close and with wet, natural sounds without dildos/vibrators/contraptions and MORE natural pubic hair. Just make the movies longer and more of what makes this film best of the best.

When I read Gina G's reviews, it seems that we share a lot of similar tastes. I agree with her review here 100%. (and, yup Wild Things is the shiznit!)

The Truth
I will probably incur the wrath of the lezlove gods by saying that this video was a huge disappointment. Sorry Jen, don't hate me.

The Girls: They’re cute, but that’s it. The blonde girl definetly could have shaved a little before the shoot. I most def don't like my girls going au natural. They were giggly and friendly with each other which is nice, in a way, but I would rather have passion and lust!

The Sex: I didn't witness one orgasm. Basically two girls fooling around without the intent to get each other off.

My Two Cents: I had the classic buyers remorse after getting this one. I thought it would be good with all the good reviews but NO! I guess if you like amateur productions this might be your bag baby but if not this ain’t whatcha want.

The very best of the lot this year, in my opinion, includes this video. Abby Winters is getting much closer and this is a perfect example. Actually, Girls in Love could actually have exceeded this film, but didn't by somewhat of a long shot.

The thing best going for Girls in Love was that both girls were natural (no fake titties, naturally hairy pussies and no camera/director commentary nor pandering to the camera, but unfortunately a pierced tongue). However, Girls on Film features two terrific young girls too (Jamie in both films) focusing on a variety of different oral positions with pretty good close ups and even an on-the-shoulders butt up high with mouth/tongue exploration between spread legs (yes!!!), but no side-by-side 69 nor loooong doggy-style kissing/sucking and not enough REALLY close oral wet sounding sucking. However, all considered, this was terrific and these are merely strong suggestions of what would make an even better lesbian viewing experience.

I bought this film weeks ago and still enjoy it immensely. The girls do giggle a lot and fool around, but that is in keeping with two very young girls being together and enjoying each other. They are cute, intimate, erotic and fun. They kiss, kiss, kiss, and they smack, suck and lick wet pussy. All of it in focus with all the wonderful natural sounds, and WITHOUT vibrators, dildos or sit-on contraptions.

It is not fake nor pretentious with loud phony groaning, moaning and screaming. I loved watching up-close two girls tongue, suck and mouth wet cunt with all the natural sounds and thoroughly enjoying sex with each other. I've ordered Girls in Love and Girls Night Out/Tuesday Afternoon and only hope that these are nearly as good. I want more from Abby Winters and others too that feature very young, very natural, hungry, fun loving girls genuinely interested in other girls. And, then have the good sense to let them go after each other intimately without plastic gizmos and without over-directing.

A fantastic film this, featuring two really beautiful, young girls in the throws of love. There is very little to be negative here, apart from maybe slightly too much giggling. But that is only a minor carp. The oral is great, with lots of licking and clit nibbling. Lots of long, wet kissing is a favourite of mine, and I love it!

Maybe there could have been some slightly more anal contact, some butt rubbing or licking and kissing, but again, that’s a minor carp. A lovely film that really highlights just how far ahead Abby Winters is when it comes to showing girls exploring themselves and their sexuality. The DVD has hardly left my player since it arrived this week.

Brought it, loved it, HOT HOT HOT. Two thumbs up. AWESOME!!!!!!!!

The girls seem so genuinely into each other, both get really flushed with passion and never let up. Good un-dubbed audio, not spoiled by lousy porno music. Starts a bit boring with the girls taking pictures of each other, but progresses quickly and builds to a climax. Good unobtrusive camera work, the girls seem to forget they're on film. Worth having in a collection, even if I wish it went on for longer than an hour.

Chi Girl
I really enjoyed this video, definitely 5 Star. It had some of the best kissing I've seen in any girl/girl video. I did not like the buildup. The cameras just did not do it for me. But once the kissing got underway, everything got much better.

Wow! What can I say about this video/DVD that has not already been stated? As a long time viewer/consumer of lesbian porn/erotica, I believe that Abby Winters represents the most outstanding example of how to present true lovemaking in its purest form.

At last a film that demonstrates REAL young women genuinely enjoying each other as opposed to the cosmetically enhanced porno queens who inhabit most XXX studio productions. Finally, a break from the perfunctory I-lick-you, you-lick-me paradigm with an annoying abundance of toy/appliance usage. This is the way a lesbian movie should be. Just two naturally beautiful women (no threesomes or group orgies necessary) kissing each other with a passion so intense that it makes you explode with joy.

After seeing this movie, it has totally opened me up to a new world of lesbian erotica. The Abby Winters movies along with Deep Kiss and the Girlfriends Films productions are the finest I have seen, though I rate Abby as #1. Since seeing the Abby Winters movies "Girls on Film" and "Girls In Love", I can never go back to the likes of Vivid and Wicked again. They are inferior and fake by comparison.

The L Girl
A 5-Star Film - ABSOLUTELY! No lesbian lover should be without this gem. This is the type of film you want to get both on VHS and DVD!

This is an absolutely fabulous, intensely erotic film by Abby Winters. Personally, I would much rather see a scene with 2 giggly, pony-tailed natural girls who are genuinely hot for each other, rather than enduring the usual buxom-inflated, pornographic professionals who care more about posing for the camera and collecting a paycheck than they do about the partner they are paired with.

This is a must for every erotic collection. 5 Star all the way!

I read the reviews and got the movie thinking it would be great. This was up there with the worst videos I have EVER seen! The lighting was awful the absolute best of the sex on this DVD was not even remotely arousing to me. I watched this a couple times and couldn't help but fast-forward through the entire movie. These girls might be making genuine love to one another but I couldn't see one thing in the movie that got me excited. In fact, I threw this DVD in the trash since I knew I wouldn't ever want to see it again. That's a lot of money to throw in the trash. I'm not looking to pee on anyone's parade here but I totally fail to see what makes this 5-star. My tastes are for passion, well-lit close-ups of luscious-looking oral sex, analingus, and deep, wet kissing. These things all depend on the women involved. They have to be intelligent, empathetic, passionate, and filthy-minded. The expression of intense concentration and wicked delight as a woman works her tongue deeply into her lover’s sex is the most erotic thing I can imagine. If this sounds like you, go get every movie Felicia ever made and rent a defibrillator.

I also agree with the above review. Borring!! Cute, natural girls yes! No loud music to get in the way with the sounds of the girls, Yes! However the girls had no technique and really never stuck with it long enough to give the other real pleasure. Oh and the most annoying, they giggled and laughed the whole frigging time. Laughter once in awhile is just fine, but throughout the entire movie?? What a way to break up the mood. It was like one girl would do something, and then look up and start laughing and then the other girl would start giggling. Oh brother! I bought this video due to all the glowing reviews however I must be missing something because to me it was just "average" at its very best.

Anne Sophie
This is one my favorite kissing films. My girlfriends adore Abby Winters. She is recommended by other Lesbian websites because she is a woman who makes Lesbian films. I recommend Abby Winters to all Lesbian women. French Kiss!

malevoyeur and femalevoyeur
I have seen the longest and most lustful, deepest kisses performed by two women in a lesbian video. This is erotic to view, but the body contact is questionable. It seems that the women appear nervous about getting between each other’s legs to hump and grind.

TRIBADISM is the best sex to view in a lesbian video. Watching the women get more physical with each other shows more body and hip action. Seeing who has the longest stamina, because some women appear to give up early when it comes to woman-to-woman action.

I have seen women in hetero videos lock her legs around the man and really go the distance, fucking him for an extended period, but when it comes to two women, the hardcore sexuality is not there. I feel that we are being robbed from the sexual content between two lesbian lovers.

I must have watched another film than everybody else! Yes the girls (not women) are cute. Yes they seem to really like each other and what they are doing. Yes the kissing is wonderful (this seems to be the focus of these young ladies). Yes they are young and full of life. But they giggled like teens at a slumber party constantly. But the lighting was poor to say the least. But I happen to agree with Anon in Bama that if they had nice butts, and since they love (and I mean LOOOVE!) to kiss, why not kiss each others’ rears?

Girls on Film was a real cute young-girls-in-love film, but it is not the penultimate film that most thought.

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