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Best by Private, The: Lesbian Games ____________________________________
Best by Private, The: Lesbian Games
I.D. p0091 & dvd_2037, Adult
2003, 154 min.

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Sandra Shine & Lora & May, Cassandra Wild & Monique Covet, Patricia Diamond & Betty Love, Sophie Evans & Mandy Bright & Jazmin & Mia Stone, Jenna Haze & Tanya Danielle & Sindee Coxx, Ursula Moore & Dorothy Lake, Jodie Moore & Claudia Claire & Bobbi Eden, Sugar Babe & Sophie Evans, Jodie Moore & Cleare, Sandra Shine & Jennyfer & Sandy, Monique Covet & Bettina, Sidonie & Erika Bella & Kathy Kash, Sheena Pearl & Kyra, Jesse V & Laurie Wallace.

(Volume #50) Private Girls love to explore all forms of sex and they don't miss a chance to find ways of getting pleasure when no men are available. Enjoy the hottest lesbian scenes with the horniest Private Stars.

Scene Listing:

Reality #13 - Sandra Shine & Lora & May

Amanda's Diary #4 - Cassandra Wild & Monique Covet

Sticky - Patricia Diamond & Betty Love

Faust, the Power of Sex - Sophie Evans & Mandy Bright & Jazmin & Mia Stone

Your Time Is Up - Jenna Haze & Tanya Danielle & Sindee Coxx

Cuntry Club - Ursula Moore & Dorothy Lake

Reality #12 - Jodie Moore & Claudia Claire & Bobbi Eden

Private Cafe - Sugar Babe & Sophie Evans

The Other Face of Pleasure - Jodie Moore & Cleare

Reality #9 - Sandra Shine & Jennyfer & Sandy

Tanya Hyde's London Calling - Monique Covet & Bettina

Virgin Treasures - Sidonie & Erika Bella & Kathy Kash

Tropical Heat - Sheena Pearl & Kyra

Moto XXX - Jesse V & Laurie Wallace

Please note: this DVD is now part of a 3-pack, available here - The Best by Private Lesbian Collection

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, DVD-ROM compatible, digital stereo sound, multiple language/subtitle selections, cast biographies, photo gallery & [all hetero] trailers.

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Nothing really special on this tape. I hate compilations, especially when the scenes are taken from straight movies. Most of those movies have one lesbian scene, but as usual those scenes have the obvious build up, licking, 69 and toys. A pity that Private only has straight movies, because the girls are very attractive .

There was only one scene that turned me on a little. It was the one with three girls on a couch. It good have been better if they did not only say OOOOhhhhh AAAhhhhh so much.

This is the sort of movie that always frustrates and irritates me a bit because it has so much going for it, but the people behind the scenes donít know how to make the most of what they have.

Everything but the action is top notch. The women are all gorgeous, the locations beautiful, and the technical quality is outstanding. Unfortunately most of the action is of the hardcore raunch variety that features gynecological close-ups and a lot of toy use.

I wanted to see this DVD because Laurie Wallace is in it but her scene is very mediocre. It takes place in a helicopter and the director seems so excited about having a real helicopter in his scene that he pays more attention to shooting it rather than the beautiful women having sex inside.

There are some good moments in some of the other scenes. While there isnít that much kissing some of what there is of it is very good, thereís also some extremely enthusiastic breast sucking and of course lots of oral and toy play. One nice thing about this DVD is that since itís a compilation many of the costumes, locations, and situations are quite different from one another. Three out of five stars.

Up front, I should say that I do not like Private. In my experience, the women in Private productions are almost invariably portrayed as Stepford sex toys, available to be reamed and ejaculated over by men who are as unattractive as the women are beautiful (and with whom, presumably, the target audience is able to identify). There is also a relentless emphasis on anal sex. Phallocratic does not say the half of it. However there are no men in this compilation, but there are still the beautiful women, including Sandy and Laurie Wallace (what is she doing in a Private production?), so I decided to risk at least a rental. Turns out that this is actually quite a nice disc, certainly better than, say, Hot Showers 2, though the scenes do tend to deteriorate as things go on.

The first scene (or at least the first seven minutes or so of it), for instance. A Viv Thomas-like outing that could have earned a five star rating all by itself: two very pretty girls in cotton jersey mini-dresses of the most unforgiving, but nicest sort, neck and touch each other up on a park bench (the dresses in question would be very unforgiving too of underwear - that is why they are so nice - but fortunately no forgiveness of underwear, or of anything else, is demanded), before getting together with a third, and they all enjoy themselves. Alas, what could/should have been a memorable scene - there is some very sexy play with some fruit - gradually deteriorates into athletics, gratuitous toys and anal penetration, but the first bit... yum. And for all that, the bad bits do not cancel out the good bits.

Other high points include Sophie Evans and Sugar Babe on a bed; Jodie Moore and Cleare by a pool. Other reviews are right that Laurie's scene is not so good.

As for the low points: sometimes the way a scene is spoiled is almost comical, such as the introduction - into an up to then decent scene in a gym - of a dildo filled with fake cum which the girls, in the absence of the real stuff, get to smear over their faces. As I said: phallocratic.

Conclusion: There are some good scenes, and there are some mediocre scenes, and there are more toys, more moans, and more crassness than I want, but, credit where credit is due, this is still a good compilation (esp. if you are looking for eye candy). And there are fourteen scenes in all (at about 10 minutes each, too short - presumably cut down from the originals). Picture quality and art direction is for the most part good to impeccable: exception is the editing sometimes; typical is the second scene, with Monique Covet and friend, which is cut so that you get the impression Monique is using a body double, but clearly this is not the case (the cutting also, body double or no, detracts from what could have been a nicer scene - though it is still not bad). Oh, for what might have been, with women and production like this, but still maybe worth a look.

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