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Road Queen 06 ____________________________________
Road Queen 06
I.D. dvd_4976, Adult
2008, 169 min.
Girlfriends Films

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5-Star Film! 

Emy, Deauxma, Zander Lin, Magdalene, Elexis Monroe, Bobbi Starr & Ray Veness.

She's looking for a few good women!

DVD Features
chapter index, trailer [g/g].

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Every once in a while, Girlfriends Films shoots a scene that reminds you why they’re at the pinnacle of lesbian erotica. There is such a scene in this video. The scene with Bobbi Starr and Rayveness is a banner scene, indeed. The setup, which I won’t spoil, is amazingly hot. It’s a scene that forces you NOT to use your fast forward button. It takes its time, but doesn’t make you sorry it did so. The buildup starts slow and deliberate, but it DOES build to something that makes it worthwhile. All of the nuances - the dialogue, the little gestures, the sincerity - it all plays together perfectly. Did I mention that the kissing is great and that there’s an age contrast which only heightens the excitement? If your opinions have trailed mine pretty closely, take my advice and get this video!

Also worthy of mention is the Magdalene/Emy scene. Magdalene has been growing on me after a shaky start.

1) Buildup/Seduction: Wowzer, is that previously mentioned scene a scorcher!

2) Kissing: Done with desire and hunger

3) Attractiveness of Women: Attractive and diverse cast.


The first scene with RayVeness and Bobbi Starr is one of the best GFF has produced in recent years, plus Magdalene and Emily is also a very good scene. Unfortunately Zander Lin has two appearances, one with Deauxma, but not even that scene does anything for me because she’s still ugly as hell and depicts pretty much everything what I don't want to see in a porn movie.

Joylene Hairmouth
Emy was the reason I bought this DVD. She's a great find for Girlfriends. Cute, great little figure and a nice smile [which is underutilized here!]. Unfortunately I can't rave about her scene. She's paired with Magdalene in a fairly dour scene and any emotion appears feigned. Would love to see her with someone young and attractive, Justine Joli perhaps!

The first scene with Bobbi Starr and Ray Veness is good, if not great, and worth watching. The rest of the DVD suffers from Girlfriends’ grannie fetish - sagging flesh and surgically propped-up boobs.

Also, what's with all the melodrama in these movies?

RayVaness saved the day on this one. Bobbie needs to teach her lovers how to four-and-eight finger f*ck her. I wish Deauxma would dress sexy, and show off her beautiful open pussy more. They should retire Zanderlee to doing butch/chubby films with Magdalena. What happened to the original theme of Road Queen - Deauxma searching for sweet/young/HOT pussy?

Rayveness and Bobbi are outstanding!

Anon in 'Bama
I thought that this was one of the better videos in this particular series. Here’s my synopsis/review:

This video opens, as usual, with Deauxma driving around west Texas in that big purple car of hers. She and Elexis get out at a small store in a dry, dusty little town, where they proceed to purchase a couple of belt buckles. Zander Lin is the store’s cashier. She takes their money, and then when they ask her if there’s a motel in town where they can stay, she instead refers them to Magdalene’s Ranch on the outskirts of town...

Apparently, Magdalene’s ranch is some kind of a lesbian brothel. We next see Magdalene walking outside, hand-in-hand with pretty, younger Bobbi Starr. Magdalene tells her that RayVeness will be there soon, and that she must go get ready. The girl asks what should she wear, and Magdalene suggests the black nightie with the red roses on it. Bobbi wants to back out, but the older woman explains to her that they need the money.

Soon after we watch as Magdalene greets RayVeness, and the two go upstairs to where Bobbi awaits them on her bed wearing the aforementioned skimpy black nightie. RayVeness then pays Magdalene a wad of bills, and before leaving the room Magdalene tells her that there’s a strap-on available if she wants to use one.

1) Bobbi Starr & RayVeness - Okay, I think that the idea of a woman pimping a pretty girl to another woman is an incredibly good one, but RayVeness seemed way too timid and hesitant as the woman buying a pretty girl to play with! What we had here was two very submissive women awkwardly staring at each other as if neither knew what to do next!

Eventually they both get out of their clothing and engage in what is basically I-do-you-then-you-do-me sex. Finally, RayVeness gets around to putting on the strap-on and doing Bobbi doggy-style, which was really nice, but as much as I like RayVeness, she was probably the wrong choice to cast in the role of a dominant woman paying to enjoy the body of a pretty girl. Grade: B+

2) Magdalene & Zander Lin - Zander shows up at the ranch to talk with Magdalene, and to tell her about how she referred Deauxma and Elexis to the ranch, and now she’d like to be paid something for doing so. When Magdalene refuses to give her any money, Zander decides she’ll accept sex instead.

I liked the way Zander Lin is in control from start to finish, and especially when she turns Magdalene over onto her stomach so that she can grind her from behind. Zander’s excellent in the more dominant role, and Magdalene’s got a gorgeous body for her to play with! Grade: B-

3) Deauxma & Zander Lin - Afterward, Zander wants a ride back into town, but Magdalene won’t give her one, so she hitches a ride with Deauxma. Soon after, back at her place, the two talk about working in the oilfields and being a lesbian in a man’s world. Zander then begins fondling Deauxma’s breasts.

Again, Zander is mostly in charge of this scene, which is good as she excels in the more dominant role. I especially loved it when she dons a strap-on to take Deauxma doggy-style! Very nice! Grade: B+

4) Emy & Magdalene - Emy is Magdalene’s pretty young Hispanic cook. She asks if she can use Magdalene’s shower because her own shower has no hot water. Magdalene allows her to do so, but once the girl is actually in her shower the older woman takes her clothes. When Emy goes looking for them she finds Magdalene waiting for her in the master bedroom.

There, Magdalene begins gently stroking the nervous-but-submissive younger girl, and basically has her way with her. I really enjoyed the overall sub/dom aspect of this scene! Magdalene fingers and goes down on her, and also pays a considerable amount of attention to Emy’s pretty little butt! Grade: B+

Four overall good scenes, making this one of the better editions in this Road Queen series! Overall grade: B+

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