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Young Lesbian Love (Viv Thomas) ____________________________________
Young Lesbian Love (Viv Thomas)
I.D. v0110 & dvd_0810, Adult
2002, 127 min.
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Viv Thomas


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5-Star Film! 

Ella, Jo, Dixie, Mia, Katie, Vivien, Jamie, Virginie, Zita & Monika.

A Lezlove World Exclusive!! IN STOCK AND NOW SHIPPING!!

Young Lesbian Love is a journey of discovery for a group of innocent girls exploring the sexual urges they hold within. Witness these beautiful girls as they softly embrace each other, fulfilling desires and urges that they can no longer contain. These ten stunning babes portray the true sensual meaning of Young Lesbian Love.

Scene listing:

[1:07] Slumber Party - Jo & Jamie & Virginie

[17:33] Bathroom Bliss - Katie & Vivien

[35:55] Bedside Babes - Zita & Monika

[1:02:45] Hot Sweaty Session - Dixie & Vivien

[1:23:16] Game, Sweat & Snatch - Jo & Ella

[1:45:51] Wet Pussy - Mia & Katie

[2:07:29] END CREDITS

Please note: we cannot ship this title to countries where PAL is the standard video format. Please order PAL editions directly from Viv Thomas' online DVD store instead. If you are not sure what the standard is in your country, please refer to our help section.

DVD Features

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Just a few quick notes on this title, this is the movie where Viv Thomas basically turned the corner for all of us. After about a year of e-mails back and forth, and the VT crew reading all of the customer reviews, etc. – this is the result. These scenes were shot just a few months before they embarked on Pink Velvet, these were the “test scenes” to see if they could capture things at a slower and more natural pace. There is a lot of variety here in both the settings and pairings.

No storyline really, they pretty much just get right down to business, but it is fine in the context of this movie, it is not a feature-film, rather it is a series of long vignettes. The music issue is also better dealt with here (although still not perfect) it is used in the background and does not completely cover up the natural sounds. This is VT’s first true XXX movie utilizing his new, softer style. Highly recommended.

Fan in the UK
I ordered this title from Viv Thomas' online store as soon as it was available. Honestly, once this title is available in North America, fans of lesbian erotic videos are going to want to watch this one again and again. Thomas has really hit his stride with this one and makes his earlier efforts seem bad. (They were not really bad, but after seeing this one...) It seems as though Thomas looked at his earlier videos and resolved to improve on them... and he's done so in a big way. Too bad those in the NTSC world have to wait for its North American release -- I'm definitely going to watch this one often. Kudos Thomas!!

This was the first film I watched after seeing Pink Velvet... and boy did it tell. The 'Velvet Effect' has well and truly kicked in and viewing lesbian films from now on will never be the same again. The eye being cast from this particular lesbian erotica fan is a lot more critical for having seen Pink Velvet.

Young Lesbian Love looks bad in comparison to P.V. - but then anything would. In truth, the girls aren't as into each other as in most of the Viv Thomas films and none of the couples seem to kiss each other with real desire. That said, there are some great pairings and as usual, the girls are beautiful.

Watching P.V has changed the way I will look at lesbian films forever, and it really is only downhill from here. :-( Nevertheless, Young Lesbian Love has more than enough to satisfy!

Diamond Dallas Page
BANG! Yo it's me, It's DDP. The three time, three time, three time former WCW World champion. The film was only good for Jo and that was it. I usually don't watch pornos because I'm busy with a brand spanking new film career but I watched this with my very good friend Scott Hall and we both like it. That made me feel the BANG!!!

DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE there's my autograph.

Joey Starr
This was the first Viv Thomas DVD I got (after reading recommendations for "Teenage Seduction" on this site), and boy was I impressed (needless to say I have gotten many more since!).

The gorgeous girls are all natural and seem genuinely into each other, the pace/rhythm is slower and much more realistic than in other porn productions, the settings are far superior than in your run of the mill gonzo and the direction is first rate.

It must be noted that Young Lesbian Love is actually a compilation of scenes from Young Lesbian Lust 1 and Young Lesbian Lust 2 plus one single scene from Bubblegum Babes 4. But Young Lesbian love contains all the girl/girl scenes of the Young Lesbian Lust volumes and is much better value for money. The remaining scenes in Young Lesbian Lust 1&2 are all solo masturbation scenes which although very hot, all feature toy usage.

If you don't like toys, Young Lesbian Love is the one to get (the only scene originating from Bubblegum Babes 4 has some penetration with thin candles). Definitely 5 Star material!

If you thought Katie looked good before, just wait until you see her in this. She features in two scenes with the second - set in and around a pool - bearing all of the Thomas hallmarks – hot, beautiful girls in gorgeous locations. Freeze the shot as she looks into the camera while being eaten from behind and tell me there isn't a better looking supermodel anywhere on the planet. For my money she is the nearest thing to perfection in adult film. Young, flawless, beautiful and doubtless still with her best years ahead of her. Sigh...

Yes there is more of a "posed" feel to each of the scenes, though anything in a post-Pink Velvet world will feel like that. Put PV to the side if you can and you'll appreciate this DVD for what it is - pitched at the very top end of the vignette-based releases and better than 99.9% of the dross currently available.

One of the screencaps on this page does not feature in my PAL DVD so I don't know if the US release features any extra/substituted scenes to the UK version. Each of the scenes has their merits and each contributes to this DVD's well-deserved five stars. Zero toys too (with the exception of a candle used for no more than a few seconds in one of Jo's scenes). Throw in Viv's usual staggering array of gorgeous euro-girls and you can't go wrong.

I can fully agree with all the positive reviews above: it is really worth its price. Hopefully, next videos of Viv will feature also some girls with pubic hair: I am definitely in for a mix!

Chalk up another superb achievement for the amazing Viv Thomas. If you’ve seen his other videos, and read the reviews, I think it's safe to say that just about everything that can be said, has. Still, I'll try and put the feelings into words, because you simply have to see it to believe it.

This latest effort emphasizes the slow, tender, sensual beginnings of Sapphic love, and the only negative I can find about the entire thing is that there is little or no buildup to the scenes. The first scene has the only real "storyline" and it is a sexy game of spin the bottle at a slumber party with three girls, who have to strip with each turn, and then, when they are naked, receive the luscious kiss and embrace of both friends. The girls are so beautiful that is truly phenomenal, one doe-eyed brunette in particular will mesmerize you, and when she smiles I don't know how anyone could possibly resist her.

That opening threesome is very hot, and the blonde angel (Jo) who has graced the screen in previous Viv Thomas films gets not only the tongues of her girlfriends, but a candle as well. I really enjoyed that much more than seeing a dildo come into play -- it seemed to suggest spontaneity, and resourcefulness on the part of three girls using what was available.

The shower scene is next, and starts with a well endowed blonde showering, when that impossibly gorgeous brunette comes in to pee. After getting off the toilet, she joins her friend in the shower, and all heaven breaks loose.

The other scenes are just as beautiful, and I loved the pantied trib in one, a heated, passionate scene that truly reflected the hunger these girls had for each other.

The tennis match is also a wondrous scene. It starts off at the court -- with cars passing by in the background! -- and ends up in the steam room, which did not get near as hot as these two honeys did when they dove into each other's pussies.

The final pool scene was excellent as well, starting with a sensual oil rubdown and ending with one girl's face glued between the other's wide open butt, pleasuring her beyond imagination.

The kissing in every scene is sweet, slow, and oh-so-delicious, and can truly be counted as one the high commendations for this video, along with the outstanding cinematography. The scenes are shot at incredibly artistic and exciting angles. You are never found "stuck" in one viewing mode, as Viv makes sure you get a different look at these magical girls, and their very real passion for each other, from the most creative of viewpoints.

All in all, I wanted to give this a 9.5 because I was comparing it to other V.T. films, and wanting more storyline to go with it. That's just not fair. Stood up against the rest of the lesbian video world, this brilliant video is an easy 10.

Another great release from Viv Thomas. This one has all anyone could ask for: Hot women, hot sex, and Jo. This one should keep fans happy until Pink Velvet 2 and 3 are released, as well as the much anticipated 'Searching For Silvia Saint".

These girls are all hotties deluxe. Does it deliver what the title promises, Young Lesbian Love? They are young of course. All but one appears to enjoy lesbianism and in at least one scene they appear to be making actual "love" to one another, a very high standard indeed to achieve.

The tennis/sauna scene is the real deal. Hot, wet, sweaty sex with a dose of passion in a fantasy setting. On the other end, in the shower scene - one was hesitant to touch the other intimately.

Six Good theatrical sex performances done with flair by beautiful women. Too many hair flips to make a good shot for the camera. Too many cut away shots give it up as scripted. Natural sounds of passion either didn't happen enough or were covered by music. A good effort, worth the time and money. Not 5 Stars though.

I was very disappointed with this one. There was only one scene where I saw any real passion and good kissing between the girls (scene from the sample clip). The rest of it was pretty much lame and not very convincing. Maybe some of Viv's other movies are better, but I honestly can't recommend this one.

This is a series of unconnected, relaxed (six or seven scenes over 130 minutes), 'soft' but hard-core scenes with a bunch of very attractive Hungarian girls who include Jo and Katie, and for the most part ranges from nice to extremely nice.

Katie in particular - whom we do not see enough of in Pink Velvet - is jaw-droppingly pretty in her two scenes (though one of those scenes - in the shower - is, alas, in every other respect by some way the weakest; though the other scene is very nice). I agree with other reviewers that some of the kissing is a bit pecky, but only some, and beside the kissing there is lots of nice caressing, neck-nuzzling - which I really like - and general taking it slow.

The usual Viv flaw of a boppy Casiotone on the soundtrack is the only really disfiguring feature, but this is often only on one channel, so you can switch it out at least to an extent.

What more is there to say, except to ask why Viv doesn't produce more stuff? This is a compilation of previously released material, and the follow up for Pink Velvet is apparently scheduled only for next year. Get Pink Velvet first, but I doubt you'll be very disappointed to find this in your next order.

MartyM (pussynvy)
I don’t know how Viv does it, but he somehow manages to find actresses who are very young, extremely cute – and happily, very much into being with one another. This movie doesn’t have the storyline of ‘Pink Velvet,’ and it isn’t as explicit. But the up front kissing is superb. And so too are the pussy eating and the sixty-nines, although it takes a while to get to them.

One of my favorite vignettes was the shower scene with Katie and Vivien. Katie is a gorgeous brunette, and Vivien is a busty blonde. The women exchange passionate looks throughout and the build-up is slow. But we’re eventually rewarded with some great oral sex, and some nice close-up views of each girl’s luscious pussy.

A later segment with two women on a bed also starts off slow. The girls wear lacey panties which they don’t lose ‘til further on in the scene. The women appear to be a little older – but not as experienced – which really captured for me the feeling of two girls discovering themselves for the very first time.

The tennis scene with Jo was also fun. I liked especially how Jo and her partner were so willing to kiss, lift and feel each other under their skirts, and then eat each other – in plain view outdoors – which really communicated the depth of their passion.

The finale where two girls kiss and make love by the side of a pool was also very colorful. There are some great close-ups of the girls’ tongues playing about - both while eating each other from the front, or while reaching with their faces from underneath (or from above) in a sixty-nine. The girls smile sweetly at the camera several times – making us feel like voyeurs – before sharing a refreshing swim to end this absolutely marvelous film.

I might also mention that the lighting in a few of the scene was rather dark, and not quite up to Mr. Thomas’ normally high standards. But the visual imagery of ravishing young babes making love was still unbeatable, and well worth it!

I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend. And I’m always on the lookout for movies that I can share with her when we want to get intimate. But I want them to be more loving and visual than the girl/girl flicks that my boyfriend picks up for himself. Young Lesbian Love from Viv Thomas really hit the mark for both of us.

The kissing in each scene starts off slow, but then gets more passionate. The girls also undress each other unhurriedly, and then lick teasingly around each other’s necks and breasts – before finally arriving with their faces to eat other’s luscious centers.

Our favorite segment was the shower scene with Katie and Vivien. Both women have heavenly bodies. The kissing was great. And the girls really appear to luxuriate in their own nakedness.

What really made this film enjoyable for me and my girlfriend was the gorgeousness of the actresses. Few things in this world are more enthralling than watching two really beautiful women kissing and making love. This movie, for me, was like curling up next to the fireplace and reading a good book. I couldn’t put it down!

I hope other women make the effort to see this excellent Viv Thomas film. I’m sure they will love it as much as we did! Peace out!

French guy
OK the girls are extremely good looking as you would expect from Eurochicks, well filmed but with this annoying music in the background that makes me feel that I'm watching a Hustler video. Frankly there is as much passion in the scenes as on Steven Seagal face when he's breaking a baddie arm. Only the tennis court scene exudes some heat between the two performers and I stress on "performers". Redeeming thing is that there are no toys but not worth multiple viewings IMO.

The video opens very strongly with a sensational threesome featuring the insatiable Jo and her gorgeous sexy girlfriends Jamie and Virgine, two stunning brunettes. The spin the bottle game is a nice, playful touch and the girls are speaking in an eastern European language, presumably Hungarian, which adds spice and makes the whole scene much more exciting. The sex is fantastic, especially the luxurious, slow, wet pussy eating. This scene also has the best French kissing and breast play.

Those of us who love 69 will be tempted to quickly skip right to scene # 3, "Bedside Babes" with Zita & Monika, a beautiful pairing of a slender blonde and a curvaceous brunette. They lose themselves in a long steamy 69 session that will make us pause and wonder whether we are worthy of witnessing something so astoundingly beautiful.

Marvelously shot and edited with a good mix of close-ups, overview shots, side views, zoom-ins, etc., Viv Thomas is a perfectionist who is serious about capturing on film the absolute sweetest, hottest, most thrilling scenes possible of girl-girl sex. The rest of the scenes are superb as well, but the aforementioned two stand out.

Sappho's Butler
I have to agree with French Guy. There was something lacking overall with this film. Too many times the girls didn't seem to be really into it. In particular, the drop-dead gorgeous Katie (from Pink Velvet) seems to be just going through the motions. The exceptions are parts of the first scene (a three-way) and the tennis scene.

Don't get me wrong, the women are beautiful, and this is still better than many other films out there. But, having watched it once, I don't see myself rushing out to see it again.

Women - 5/5
Enthusiasm/Acting – 2.5/5
Direction - 4/5
Story - 3/5
Explicitness (does not count towards average) - 2.5/5
Reviewer’s Spin - 3.5/5

Average - 3.6/5

This was the hottest most sexy movie I have ever seen. I MUST SAY THAT I LOVE TO WACTH lesbians have sex and I like to film me and my girlfriend getting it on so I can learn from it. I love this movie!

Bi bi love
Skipped through way too much of this the first time, looking for PV caliber scenes. This is NOT PV, but it's still beautiful. The Slumber Party, the bedside scene, the tennis court, and I can't tell you how great the pool scene is. It might not be number one, but this is top ten & very pleasing on my list!

O.K., I just had to put my 2 cents in after viewing this incredible movie. I have always liked Viv's stuff, but I was a little disappointed after paying some serious bucks for "Mayfair". I loved the cinematography in this one, and all the girls are simply incredible, hard bodies, beautiful faces, I could go on and on... Keep in mind that I watched this video with my wife, who is bi, and she thoroughly enjoyed it as well.

The first scene with the 3 girls playing "spin the bottle" was average. I did like the candle thrown in there, but this was only a precursor to better things to come.

The second scene, the shower scene, was very erotic and was also nice, but not quite over-the-top yet.

Now the 3rd scene was my all-time favorite. We love nothing more than watching 2 girls in a steamy 69, and the buildup in this scene was incredible. Both girls had the most incredible bodies, and the fact they were wearing those lacy panties really made the scene smoke.

The tennis court/sauna scene was great as well, but we really enjoyed it once the gals moved into the steam room.

The other scenes were terrific as well, although the final pool scene seemed a little too staged (although the closeups really made it all worthwhile anyway) for our tastes, but it was still filmed very well. The only thing about the pool scene that bothered me was the lack of sound, just the music in the background; no moaning, sighs, etc.

The soundtrack isn't that bad. Who watches this stuff for the music anyway? Besides, the wife and I barely got past two scenes anyway, and most of the time made our own noises.

I have to say I was impressed and very happy with this movie. It made up for "Mayfair", which in my opinion was too soft and slow for our liking. The wife likes seeing a little more than girls "going through the motions" (not seeing tongue to sex),which is what "Mayfair" seemed to be more of. The kissing and "making out" in this movie was also well done, the girls actually seemed to be kissing and enjoying it rather than playing "flick the tongue" just for the sake of doing it. Definitely worthy of five star status!

Another winner from Viv Thomas. Young Lesbian Love is definitely portrayed here. My favorite scenes:

1) Bedside Babes- Zita/Monika: This was a very hot scene. The kissing was great, so was the oral. The chemistry was great here as well. Both girls seemed very comfortable with each other and I liked that a lot.

2) Game, Sweat and Snatch- Jo/Ella: The kissing and oral are phenomenal here as well. Jo and Ella look great together. I can't wait to see the two of them make love again in PV2.

3) Wet Pussy- Katie/Mia: I enjoyed these two girls as well, especially Katie. I'm in love with Katie. Physically, we all have our tastes as far as what we want our women to look like. Katie fits my bill perfectly. I enjoyed both of her scenes, but this one is my favorite of the two.

Overall, the video is really good. Katie, Jo and Ella are my clear favorite girls in this one. Hot kissing and high production values like you would expect from Viv. With three 5-star scenes and three slightly above average scenes make this a highly recommended video. 5-stars total.

Hi yes - my favourite scenes in this movie are scenes #3 with Zita and Monika, and #5 with I forget who now but it starts on the tennis court - yes I thought these two scenes were yummy as - scene 2 looked uncomfortable on those cold, hard tiles and scene 1 - I think - wasn't very nice because they used candles - which wouldn't have felt very nice I reckon.

There is a big difference between kissing, and eating pussy and acting like you’re kissing and eating pussy. if there is anything I hate worse is to see nice looking ladies pretending. Like i said before it must not take much to satisfy your reviewers.

Beautiful movie - attractive girls making love with real passion!

Anne Sophie
This video was the very first Viv Thomas film I bought. Now I am addicted and can't wait till his next production comes out. My favorite scene is Jo on the tennis court. That made me wet. I loved all the kissing too. French Kiss!

It's amazing to see how far Viv has come. His later films make this one look like crap (even though it's still better than most lesbian erotica). The background music is pretty distracting and covers up most of the natural sounds. Fortunately for us, Viv and Co. have learned and improved over the years. The models are still equally exquisite as they are today. The scene between Jo and Ella is definitely the one that stands out, though.

P_rv_rt_d B_st_rd
According to the “Encyclopedia of Lesbian Movie Scenes” webpage, ‘Young Lesbian Love’ is “a compilation of scenes from a couple of Viv’s pre-Pink Velvet videos,” and attempts at “more authentic-looking and slower-paced X-rated scenes.” The small bit of paragraph then goes on to let the reader know that they should not expect something as good as ‘Pink Velvet’ itself, noting only scenes three and five as close competitors. Now, I’ve only seen screen captures of this critically-acclaimed trilogy, but after watching what ‘Young Lesbian Love’ has to offer, I think I’d beg to differ with the Webmaster.

The film starts off with a threesome between Jo, Virginie, and Jamie, as they play a game of ‘Spin the Bottle,’ the one to whom the bottle points having to discard a bit of clothing (or receive a kiss from one of the other girls); as soon as each of them is baring a pair of breasts and a pussy, they decide to stop the games and get down to business. I’m normally not a big fan of the three-way thing, but this is actually a pretty good one, and features the only toy usage in the entire film (candles).

The second scene is one of the best I’ve seen in a Viv Thomas production, featuring the incredibly buxom Vivien and her partner, Katie (or Eve, as most know her). The kissing and breast-sucking (Katie wrapping her lips around Vivien’s voluptuous mounds is an amazing sight) in general are my favorite moments.

Skipping over scenes three and six (which I thought were good as well), the fourth is one of the main reasons I decided to chance it with this bad boy. Screen caps from “ELMS” were enough to make me yearn to see it in moving action, and it is indeed one of my favorites. Once again, Vivien shows her stuff, but this time with fellow blonde Dixie.

Last, but (as usual) not least, Jo and Ella (both of ‘Pink Velvet’ fame) in scene número cinco. This is a rather good one, starting off with the two playing a round of tennis before congratulating each other on a good game with a hug and then kisses. Eventually, of course, their all-white clothes end up on the tennis court ground (their tops, anyway), and passionate lovemaking ensues. Afterwards, they head back to the sweat room, get rid of each other’s short little skirts, and… well, I’ll leave the rest up to you, Considering Buyer.

Overall, I believe this to be a very good selection of scenes from Viv and Company. Others may not think it as good as these ‘Pink Velvet’ films I’ve read so much about (which, apparently, are damn near the best of the best here), but I’d suggest at the very least going to www.clublez.com/movies and checking out the screen caps there before making a final decision (just click on ‘Viv Thomas Productions’ and you’ll find this film’s page).

Negatives: Music (although not bad at all) could’ve been left out; same goes for the bit of toy usage, as well. Also, scenes four and five seemed to end midway through without a satisfying conclusion.

Toys: Candles in the first scene.

Final Score: 5/5

*Permission to cite information/use website address provided by “ELMS” Webmaster.

Must own. Simply wonderful sex with real orgasms. "Bedside Babes" alone is worth the price. Better than Pink Velvet; yes, I said it.

shelicks I watch
I don’t know, but I thought this movie wasn’t good at all. Yes, the girls are drop-dead hot, but the sex was so-so. There was music. I hear everyone bitching about music, well, this movie has it and you can’t hear the girls. It is not at all 5 stars, in my opinion. I bought because of all positive reviews, but I am not impressed AT ALL.

Simply put, this is not a good offering. There are far better vids out there for this price.

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