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Girl Sessions, The (Abby Winters) ____________________________________
Girl Sessions, The (Abby Winters)
I.D. dvd_4685, Adult
2008, 83 min.
Directed by Abby Winters

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Anneke & Chloe B, Anneke & Violet.

2008 AVN nominee for Best Girl Girl series, abbywinters.com delivers its most unique and explosive installment yet. The breathtakingly voluptuous Anneke stars in both featured scenes, first in a multi orgasm showdown with the big breasted Chloe B, followed by a naughty love making session with the super horny Violet. Don't miss Chloe B's signature and oh-so-rare FOUR earth shattering orgasms, Violet's kinky arse licking and Anneke's thirst for action throughout the entire time!

Bonus backstage footage to see what the girls themselves thought of it all...

Please note: this title is now part of a 4-pack, available here - Girl-Girl Hardcore Collection #2

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, shot in HD, chapter index, cast interviews, trailers [g/g & solo].

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Abby Winters appears to have reached a stage where they can do no wrong. This is another magical movie with two scenes that are so good it is difficult to think of anything bad to say.

Scene one has two Abby Winters regulars, Anneka and Chloe B, two really beautiful large-breasted girls who clearly are into each other. In the extras it seems they have been urging Abby Winters to pair them up for a scene for a while as they really have the hots for each other. So making this scene, so to speak, this is their dream come true.

After seeing this scene you will have the hots as well, as these two really bring each other to orgasm after orgasm. At one stage I feared for the bed which was shaking and banging the wall, as a trembling Chloe B was brought to an overwhelming orgasm by Anneka eating her out from behind.

If you thought Anneka would be a physical wreck after scene one, well, not so as with another regular, Violet. More orgasmatic magic is made.

What makes Abby Winters so good is the girls really dig each other. When you see the extras this is made very plain by the girls who are talking to Marigold, another regular who has bedded the three in this film in other movies.

Finally, if you like big breasts this is really for you. Chloe B's are just amazing.

As you can see I really liked this. A truly top top top girl-girl movie. All I can say why no five stars, as this is a classic.

I can't believe this isnít a 5 Star Film. Peterís review pretty much says it all. Amazing, gorgeous, English women with the most amazing bodies and spectacular breasts. The only negative thing that I can think of is that the scenes should have been longer.

lynn 01
I really loved the scene of Anneke and Chloe B. Both blonde girls would be so amazing in bed for sure. What an amazing scene. Grade A-

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