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Forbidden Fruits (Viv Thomas) ____________________________________
Forbidden Fruits (Viv Thomas)
I.D. v0127 & dvd_2105, Adult
2004, 139 min.
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Viv Thomas

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Jo, Vera, Peaches, Gina B & Nikki Montana.

A Lezlove World Exclusive!!

Stunning beauty in stunning surroundings, Forbidden Fruits sees Vera, Jo, Peaches, Gina B and Nikki M in hardcore lesbian action. These flawless babes use their fingers, tongues, dildos and strap-ons to probe one anothers tight pussies and arses. They hold nothing back as they delve into the Forbidden.

Please note: we cannot ship this title to countries where PAL is the standard video format. Please order PAL editions directly from Viv Thomas' online DVD store instead. If you are not sure what the standard is in your country, please refer to our help section.

Please note: this title is now part of a 5-pack, available here - Viv Thomas 5-pack: The Lustful Pack

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, bonus scenes [solo & kissing]. NTSC.

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Fan In The UK
Not exactly a standout release from such a consistently good production house. Still, there are scenes that make this release worth owning: Jo's scenes are particularly good in this one. Maybe a great one to own for the Jo fans out there.

You know, this wasn't bad. I'll admit I ordered this with a bit of trepidation since it's the first VT title on this site not to garner an instant 5-star rating since Jo's Sexy College Diaries (2002!). But those fears were put to rest, as I knew this movie contained that one crucial element that sealed the deal. And its name is Vera.

You can count on three things in life: Death, taxes, and Vera putting on a good show. The girl never disappoints. She can take any uninterested bore of a partner, and somehow manage to turn the scene that should have been a disaster into something special. In other words, she can turn shit into gold. She teams up with Peaches and Nikki Montana in this one, and thankfully not Jo. I was rolling my eyes when they had a brief kissing scene and I thought, "Oh no. Not ANOTHER Vera/Jo team-up! How many scenes have they done together now? Four?"

But not to worry, that scene was only about a minute. It's especially annoying when I think about all the hot starlets out there I'd love to see paired up with Vera, and instead she keeps doing scene after scene with bloody Jo! What a waste! Anyway, here's the scene breakdowns:

Scene One: Nikki Montana carries Gina Bore

I wasn't really going to bother watching the Vera-less scenes. Jo, Peaches, and Gina B are all cut from the same mould; that being the slow, delicate, and ultimately sleep-inducing style of lovemaking, which may be fun when you’re actually doing it, but it sure is dull to watch. But this new girl Nikki, who I haven't seen anywhere else, was a pleasant surprise. She looks like a blonde Jamie, and seems to be cut from the Vera mould, that being exciting, passionate, and having the ability to carry a scene with a cardboard cut-out if necessary. Anybody who can carry a scene with Gina Bore gets the thumbs up in my book. Before the toy came out, I rather enjoyed this one. I wonder why we haven't seen more of Nikki in Viv's work, yet he keeps hiring Gina Bore?


Scene 2: Vera carries Peaches

You don't even have to watch this one to know it's gonna be hot. As expected, Vera ravishes Peaches like a starving dog on a lamp chop. Peaches, while being very easy on the eye, hasn't quite reached her peak yet in my view, but hey, she's only 19 here. I'll give her time. Once she starts showing a bit more passion and intensity in her scenes, I think she'll be big star in the near future. At the moment, she needs to be teamed up with more experienced hands like Vera to carry her through. Which is exactly what Vera does. One amusing bit is when Peaches stands up next to Vera to change positions. You'll know why when you see it. Would have given this scene a higher score without the toy, and if the girls paid a bit more attention to each other's backsides.


Scene 3: Jo vs. Gina Bore, in a contest to see who can stay awake the longest. Not me. These two can cure insomnia. I'm getting sleepy just thinking about this scene.


Scene 4: Vera and Nikki Montana

Ah, this is more like it. The two best performers in the movie team up and set off the expected fireworks. Nikki again surprises me and dominates Vera. It's not often you see another girl steal the scene from Vera. Only other example I can think of is Eve in Six Days Vol. 2, so we know Nikki is something special. The analingus was quite nice in this scene. In fact, no complaints except for yet another toy turning up halfway through. Jeez, Viv's on a bit of toy-kick in this one. Hope it doesn't become a habit. There’s nothing a toy can do that fingers can't.


Scene 5: Jo and Peaches

Not as bad scene 3, but not stellar either. It's about as good as you can expect out of these two at the moment. Like I said before, you can't pair up two slow/tender lovemaking girls and expect fireworks. You won't even get a spark. They need to be paired up with the Veras and the Nikkis in order to generate any heat, at least until they learn the craft of passion. Peaches is getting there, but Jo's been around a while now and hasn't changed a bit. She still needs to be carried by the likes of Vera and Lisa.


Overall, I recommend this movie. Certainly no five star, but I don't place much stock in that rating. Jo's Secret Video is a five star for some reason, and I rank this better than that. This is worth grabbing if you’re a Vera fan like myself. I think you can get practically anything with Vera in it, and be confident she won't let you down. She's never delivered a bad performance, and don't think she ever will. Vera and Nikki saved this movie. Viv, please stop hiring Gina Bore and hire Nikki instead. I like her style.

Score: 3/5

The Pres
I think the best scene in this movie is between Gina B. and Nikki. I love lesbian kissing, but what really turns me on is lesbian analingus. The analingus scene where Nikki is making love to Gina B's bottom is really, really hot!

Lil' Devil
I have never been disappointed in a VT production yet, and this is no exception. The only complaint I have is the toy use. Body parts are so much more erotic than plastic gadgets. They feel great, but aren't any fun to watch.

It's pretty standard Viv fare: beautiful girls, costumes, and locations, very little setup, lots of generous kissing and close-ups. The analingus was a nice surprise. Gina B I could do without, but Jo never bores me and I really hope to see more of Peaches in the future. She is so scrumptious I could eat her like... well... a peach!

Grade: B+

Recommended? Naturally.

Let Me Drive
A fairly plain, ordinary movie without a lot to commend it to the word "special" or "five-star." But, in fairness, even VT has an off day, and I would categorize this as one of those. Not very fresh. Oh, the girls are hot, but the sex is very subdued and formulaic. No real lust or passion, and it is many of the same faces doing the same scenes.

Viv needs to get a bit more edgy for my taste. But if you enjoy beautiful women (and, I'll admit, Jo and Vera are two of the hottest in the biz) having "friendly" sex, this is your flick. But if you like full-on, head-buried, lustful passion, and/or a bit of edge or kink, you should probably look elsewhere.

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