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Women Seeking Women 026 ____________________________________
Women Seeking Women 026
I.D. dvd_3826, Adult
2006, 210 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Carli & Samantha, Deauxma & Zander Lin, Angela Faith & Nicole, Michelle Lay & Rebecca.

Restless hearts searching for the one perfect woman!

DVD Features
chapter index, trailers [all g/g].

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I had to chime in here to add some balance to the first reviews that, quite frankly, astounded me. I don’t know what scene these people were watching, but the Carli/Samantha scene met and exceeded all of my expectations. To see both of these girls, both so gorgeous in their own right, put on such a slow burn of foreplay and buildup was awesome. I also enjoyed that they were each distinct both in character and physiques. Couple that with another dynamite scene with Michelle/Rebecca, and GFF has hit another one out of the park.

1) Buildup/Seduction: Even more so than usual, the setups here really shined through.

2) Kissing: I could watch Carli and Samantha make out all day.

3) Attractiveness of Women: Another great cross-section of the GFF regulars, with some lesser-known faces as well.


I admit I bought into the hype of Samantha Ryan and Carli Banks together in a lesbian scene, but sure was disappointed. As beautiful as they are, they just did not seem really aroused by each other and very hesitant to go down on one another. The kissing was nice, but that’s all it was for about a half hour or so, because I had to hit my forward button.

All in all, WSW 26 was about the same as the most recent GF Films You can take them or leave them. I would recommend a rental before you buy it, even though most GF Films are pretty reasonable.

Michelle was the only up side to this film, to me. She seems to enjoy women; maybe a Michelle Lay and Samantha Ryan scene for WSW 27. Who knows?

Anon in 'Bama
This one is a near miss. It's got some good moments, but none of the four scenes are particularly great. This is one of those videos where I really wish I could have been there while they were making it to make a few key suggestions. It could so easily have turned out a whole lot better.

1) Carli and Samantha - These are the two pretty girls on the DVD box cover. The scene opens with them lying on a bed together talking about sunglasses, shopping, family, Hawaii, movies, etc. But then the more dominant of the two mentions Ellen DeGeneres and asks the other, "What do you think about her being a lesbian?" This triggers some gentle caressing by the dominant girl while all conversation abruptly ceases.

The other girl looks uncomfortable at first, but increasingly accepts the more dominant girl's gentle caresses. The leg stroking was especially nice, as was the extended make-out session that followed. I also liked the way the more dominant girl remained in control of the situation, while both women were exceptionally attractive with really hot bodies. But, as Bud mentions above, their ensuing scene together never really takes off. C+

2) Angella and Nicole - This one opens with a blonde girl giving an East European girl a nude massage. A nice start. First criticism: she doesn't massage the girl's butt enough. Instead, she quickly flips her over onto her back and starts massaging her breasts and pussy, which leads to both women heading to the bedroom for a lesbian encounter. I just thought it seemed a little rushed.

The East European girl does a fairly good job of at least trying to act, but the other girl seems almost disinterested by comparison. On the positive side, both women showed considerable interest in each other's rear ends, but on the negative side, it all seemed kind of forced. Still, the ass-kissing moments were very nice. Later, they add a strap-on to the mix, but it was surprisingly weak. Some great ideas, but executed in only a so-so manner. B-

3) Deauxma and Zander Lin - These two did a scene together in Texas Lesbian Dancers (Vol. 1) that I actually liked. In this one, Deauxma is Zander Lin's marketing teacher. The younger girl needs some help, so Deauxma invites her back to her place. The idea of a teacher seducing a student is a good one, but there's really no seduction involved here. Neither woman takes control, and they both end up having I-do-you-then-you-do-me sex. C-

4) Michelle Lay and Rebecca - Tattooed blonde Rebecca is taking a shower. Afterward, she wanders into Michelle's bedroom, removes her towel, and plops down nude onto Michelle's bed. A great start. But then Michelle starts asking the pretty blonde about her boyfriend. WHY? Why bring up a boyfriend at all? Instead of an erotic seduction scene, we instead get one that's klutzy and forced. As for their scene together, Michelle Lay is her usual hot dominating self, but the chemistry between the two is never really there. Even when she flips the blonde girl over onto her stomach, Rebecca continually reaches back for some reason, interfering with what might have been some really nice attention paid to her pretty rear end. C+

Again, some great potential here, but where's the direction? I really wish Girlfriends Films would hire somebody with some erotic imagination to write and direct their scenes for them. This one could have been SO MUCH BETTER with a little more imagination and creativity! Overall grade: C+

It seems to me that the reviewers for this latest GFF title protest too much. Yeah, the scene featuring Samantha Ryan and Carli Banks may have been over-hyped, but the scene does come very close to delivering on that hype. Their scene is the sort of scene I like: patient, slow, and very, very hot. If you're a fan of kissing, this scene may have more than you can handle.

As for the sex, Carli and Samantha are clothed for a good portion of the scene before they bare their stunning bodies to each other. Then, it's “let the donut-bumping begin!” Carli wraps her legs around Samantha and lets her still panty-covered pussy rub on Samantha's naked pussy. Then, as if letting us know that she doesn't want anything between their sexes, Samantha pulls off Carli's panties and pulls her hard into her loins. Awesome! They eat each other with care and enthusiasm. And the comforting spooning they do afterwards is a treat as well.

All the other scenes are equally strong. Michelle Lay goes great guns in her scene, just like all her others. She is a most enthusiastic performer and this scene is no exception. Both Michelle and Rebecca take turns dominating each other with a ton of energy. This is maybe one of the best scenes GFF has ever done. With this release, GFF is back on track. The next release "Unnatural Daughters" is hotly awaited.

It's been quite a while since Girlfriends Films has released a truly memorable disc. This one, though, is not too bad. The Nicole and Angella Faith scene would have to be the standout. This scene has a nice buildup, and the two seem genuinely passionate despite the dreaded strap-on.

Carli and Samantha are both young and attractive, but their scene feels like it was filmed under the influence of Valium. The Michelle Lay and Rebecca coupling is quite good, but for me it verges on the “putting on a porn show” type of routine. Deauxma and Zander Lin - er, no thanks.

Anyway, definitely worth a look.

I agree with Clion’s review. This offering from Girlfriends got a lot more negative reviews than it deserved.

While I understand the disappointment with the first scene not being as "hot" as many would have liked, the other three episodes more than make-up for it in intensity, even though the women may not be as physically attractive.

Also for those who care, there are two very intense 69 scenes; a position often ignored in this series.

While this may not be a 5 Star, in my opinion it's a solid 4. Don't hesitate to rent or purchase.

I want to come to Zander Lin's defense here. Sure, she's not as stick-like as other girls. Sure, she's got shorter hair. But she also, in my opinion, truly makes great love with women!

When I watch a lesbian flick, I want girls that get aroused by each other and girls that know how to arouse each other. During real lovemaking, how many times would you just knead your lover's body part for a few minutes while she purrs and writhes on the bed dramatically? I mean, if I wanted to look at only "hot," model-like girls for their bodies, there are plenty of alternatives: any Playboy film would probably have "hotter" girls and better cinematography to achieve that "hot" effect.

But I'm looking for shoddy cinematography, genuine girls, and true lesbian lovemaking! So, I thank Zander Lin for her genuine efforts in this film (and Deauxma for responding so well to her). At least to me, her emotions were apparent and noticeably more satisfying than many of the other scenes in recent Girlfriends Films productions.

And don't get me wrong, I would definitely have enjoyed the movie better if Zander Lin had longer hair (other than that, I think she's reasonably feminine; she's not intensely butch at all). But I would much rather lose the hair than lose the passion.

The first scene was the best I have seen. I agree with Phathead that I am not sure how someone could have not said it was extremely erotic. Both girls are outstanding kissers, very sensual, and obviously into each other as the chemistry and desire were palpable.

I’m not as familiar with Carli and Samantha (vidcaps 1 - 5) as others seem to be, but I thought this was a very good scene. Both girls are very pretty and have sweet personalities and seemed to really like each other. There was a lot of good kissing and other foreplay. They take their time and kiss all over each other: legs, hands, faces, tummies, and so on. There’s also some good oral. I especially liked it when they sat face to face and made out together. A very sweet and tender scene.

The scene with Angela and Nicole is quite raunchy for a Women Seeking Women release, focusing more on crotches and less on foreplay than the typical WSW scene. There is some deep kissing and a little breast sucking, but the most time, by far, is devoted to fingering, oral, trib, and strap-on use, along with a bit of analingus. It’s all done with energy and enthusiasm by these two middle-aged women. Not really my taste, but if you like it hot and heavy you’ll probably like this scene.

Zander Lin and Deauxma (vidcap 6) start out kissing tenderly on a couch and move to a bed. The action builds slowly as they get progressively hotter for each other. They take a while before getting out of their clothes and engage in a good bit of foreplay before getting down to some deep oral. The 69 is especially well done. I don’t really like either actress all that much, so the fact that I still thought this scene was pretty hot says something.

I do like Michelle Lay quite a bit, and blonde Rebecca (vidcaps 7 and 8), who I’ve seen only once before, is really something. There’s something about her I find very appealing; I really like her face. And her body. And her enthusiasm and desire for other women. She’s very much ultra-sexpot Michelle’s equal, and their scene together is just smoking.

I’ve read quotes from Michelle where she talks about how she likes to “f--- girls,” and this scene is all about that. Not love-making; “F---ing.” Very energetic, very passionate, very hot. Lots of deep tongue kissing, trib, fingering, oral, and so on. Not that there isn’t any tenderness; there’s a good deal of very nice slow kissing and other foreplay, especially at the beginning and end of this very lusty scene.

This is a VERY GOOD movie and very much worth seeing, especially the first and last scenes.


The main reason why I got this DVD was for the way the cover was designed, featuring Carli and Samantha, which is scene one. Having said that, throughout this edition of WSW all the scenes contain great kissing. The best kissing takes place in scene three (Deauxma and Zander Lin), scene one (between Carli and Samantha), and scene four (between Michelle Lay and Rebecca).

The massage sequence was a nice and different introduction in scene two, and the double-ended strap-on a visual first for me. There is some damn fine trib action in scene four, which is damn hot and awesome to watch. The experience both of these girls have with pleasuring other girls really shows on screen.

This is also reflected in scene three. The scene was slow, sensual, and the buildup was awesome. The slow kissing enabled me to visually enjoy the scene much more, as both girls worked their sensual lips and tongues. This is how all girl on girl movies should be filmed.

I was also in love with scene one because Carli was in it and Samantha did very well indeed. I was very glad I watched and reviewed it. Be sure to check out my other reviews for WSW 19, WSW 21, and WSW 30.

I liked the scene with Carli and Samantha. It was fairly long, with the first half being a lot of kissing. While the sex was not as vigorous or frantic as some like, Carli had a couple of nice orgasms. I like how Carli reacts when she is in the throes of passion.

Her scene with Nevaeh in WSW 30 was better. Maybe it was the additional camera experience, maybe she just clicked with Nevaeh more. Anyway, Carli is one of my favorite actresses in g/g films right now! She seems a bit reserved at times, but once she gets warmed up and starts heading to climax, it’s beautiful to watch.

Carli & Samantha
That was the best sex I've never had. Making out for a half hour before sex? That's like a dream come true! Samantha's orgasm while Carli rocked in her lap...sigh. I can't leave out the spooning. Whoever wrote that scene is a woman after my own heart.

I know I've got good headphones, but is it just me or was Carli's stomach growling throughout the scene? Maybe it was just the mic.

Stevie London
The first scene in this film is incredible. For me there is nothing better than watching two beautiful girls kiss and make out with full body contact, building towards mutual orgasms. There is plenty of passion in this screen(!), it's just not the type of crying-out fake passion that we see in so many bad mainstream videos. For me, there seemed to be great chemistry between these two girls, which was aided by plenty of making out before the girls were naked. Everyone has their own opinion, but for me this is certainly one of the hottest scenes I have seen in twenty years as a collector of girl-girl vids. If you like the two girls on the cover and think you may enjoy seeing them together then check it out - you may just be doing yourself a favour. I'm sure glad I did.

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