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Women Seeking Women 030 ____________________________________
Women Seeking Women 030
I.D. dvd_3830, Adult
2007, 176 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Carli & Nevaeh, Kelly & Lena, Tabitha & Nicole, Jayma & Candace.

Restless hearts searching for the one perfect woman!

Simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video

Beautiful woman-woman sex which is sure to excite you!

DVD Features
chapter index, trailers [all g/g].

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Reviewing titles from GFF is getting more and more like reviewing Viv Thomas titles, as in they’ve taken on their own relative sense of a “good” or “bad” scene. What I frown on here isn’t so much a distaste for a scene in general, it’s my disappointment that something just okay or decent wasn’t great.

So, with that out of the way, my favorite scenes in this volume are the first, with Carli/Neveah, and last, with Candace/Jayma. I’m not going to go into specifics about my issues with the Lena/Kelly (Kline) scene. If you need to know, just do a search on the site with my name and hers, and I’m sure you’ll find them. Lena does her best, in her defense. I was also very disappointed with the Nicole/Tabitha scene (I love Nicole’s work, normally), because Tabitha has no idea how to kiss. Very frustrating to watch this trait pop up again. They should have paired her with Kelly! Also I’m no fan of the strap-on.

The setup for the Carli/Neveah scene was, admittedly, on the weak side, though I did like the quick shot of Carli mischievously locking the door. I’ll admit that my primary attraction to this scene is the sight of these two girls feverishly making out with each other - a great sight to behold. Jayma has come a long way from her previous, more shy turn in WSW 25. Though she might be a bit too over-the-top at times in the enthusiasm department, I applaud the hunger and sense of desire she brings to the scene.

1) Buildup/Seduction: Some of the setups are better than others, but I appreciate the thought and effort put into all of them.

2) Kissing: First and last scenes dominate in the quality department here.

3) Attractiveness of Women: A great-looking and great mix of girls and women of differing ages. This is one of the things I love most about GFF.


Blaugh! One of the worst GF releases. Maybe the worst, to me. Seems like cutting room floor material released until new stuff is ready.

Carli and Nevaeh. They kiss and fondle forever. While I don't mind that, the payoff wasn't worth it.

Kelly and Lena. Lena is still her great self, and both women have big orgasms. But Kelly wasn't going to eat Lena for anything. She might have sniffed it once.

Tabitha and Nicole. Both into it, but way too much strap-on action. My opinion only. I'm watching a lesbian film; why would I want to see a rubber penis? Why would two lesbians WANT a rubber penis?

Jayma and Candance. Possibly the worst GF scene I have ever seen. One of the girls would stop doing what she was doing every time the girl receiving would get close to coming. Also, if she was using her fingers and the girl receiving said, “use your mouth,” she would stop using her fingers and use her mouth. Then, she would say, “use your fingers,” so she stopped with her mouth and started using her fingers. The receiving girl was actually showing her what to do and she still would botch it up. She just didn't seem to know what she was doing. Then the receiving girl would go into the most phony orgasms I have ever seen in a GF film.

I thought it was pretty good. I'm a major Carli fan, and she and Neveah look similar enough to pass as sisters. I bought it just for these two beauties, and I'm not disappointed. Awesome kissing with lots of tongue that just goes on and on.

My only complaint is that Carli seemed to forget to move her hair out of the way when they're really going at the deep kissing. Also, they do a lot of panty-covered trib, but when they finally get fully naked, they never do a full-on trib trib till they come. It feels like they should have gone for another 15 min, but decided to cut it short.

I liked the last scene, too. I thought the directions they were giving each other were kinda cute in an aggressive sorta way. The two of them kissed a lot, and aggressively kept sliding their thighs between each other's legs.

Not one of GFF's more stellar releases, but it's still not bad either. I'm a fan of Carly Banks myself, so her scene was a strong selling point for me. Her scene with Nevaeh is as strong as all their other scenes with GFF have been, so you can't go wrong. The second scene, however, is very good and a nice surprise. Kelly Klein is beginning to grow on me as a performer, and her scene with Lene is excellent. They also look very alike, so there's a bit of a clone-sex thing going on. The third scene will appeal to those who like 40ish women getting it on; however, the scene seems rushed at the end. And the final scene is a good by-the-numbers finish for this release.

To me, this video is worth it for the Carli Banks/Nevaeh scene alone. I don't understand how anyone could think this isn't a great scene. The kissing is absolutely awesome and the tribbing is out of this world. The scissor tribbing, done when both girls still have their panties and dresses on (breasts exposed) is sweet, but the missionary tribbing - done once when both girls have their panties on, and once after Nevaeh's have been removed - is mind-blowing. Carli screws Nevaeh like there's no tomorrow. They get down and dirty with it. Beautiful.

No real comment on the other scenes, although the last one has some good moments.

Having seen practically all the Women Seeking Women series, I have approached each new release with some apprehension. Usually there are one or two scenes I don't like with the other two really good.

Well, this was a real surprise, with all the scenes very good and one, the second scene, really excellent. Even scene number three, with middle-aged women, I enjoyed, which I usually do not. I am definitely not a MILF fan.

What has improved over recent issues is that Girlfriends Films has finally escaped from a dimly lit bedroom with candles to good, modern houses and contemporary modern sets.

This continues Girlfriends Films’ climb back to being one of the best girl-girl filmmakers. The last three Women Seeking Women volumes have been improvements on a bad patch that they fell into.

All told, while not quite 5 star, it is certainly not far off. Really worth a look.

Brigata Ultra
Not stellar, but still a very good outing from GF. WSW30 has new faces (great looking, I may add), great sex, and more than great settings. As someone has already mentioned, GF wasn't using a dimly lit bedroom in this one, but a beautiful place instead. I'm a man, for f***'s sake, I'm not supposed to say such things, but to hell with that, I liked it a lot, and I really got a nice feeling about the surroundings. And that's great, when all comes together and fits so perfectly well.

The scenes are definitely above-average, some even more so than others. My personal favorite has to be the Nicole scene, because I really like her and her partner - Tabitha is great-looking lady. I usually loathe toy use, but some modest strap-on action, especially in GF productions, I might get used to, and this one's actually quite hot. The first scene is also very good, because of the two lovely girls and, again, the nice surroundings.

All in all, a very good outing from GF, and I'm really glad having purchased it.

Another conclusion: it seems that GF have turned things around, because some of their recent productions really suck, but I hope they'll be back on top again. And... new faces, new fun. I hope they won't do too much with contract girls, because that kinda ruins it for me, always seeing the same old models. That won't apply for every woman (e.g. Deauxma, Nicole, Keisha).

The first scene, with Carli Banks, is the highlight of this video. Mainstream lesbian video lovers probably won't like it because the pacing is slower and there is extended clothed tribbing. However, I would imagine that's why we buy these types of independent videos. I can only think of two things that would have made this scene better:

1. More "naked" tribbing

2. Play up the taboo angle of them being soon-to-be stepsisters. Maybe have them call each other "sis," or something to that effect.

Anon in 'Bama
The casting for this one was excellent! But that was about as good as it gets. None of the four scenes were particularly good, at least not in my opinion. Here's my re-cap:

1) Carli and Nevaeh - Two beautiful blondes have so-so sex together. Nevaeh is alone in her room. Carli enters, closing the door behind her, and then LOCKS it! Not a bad setup idea for a good seduction scene, but it's all downhill from there. I think the two are supposed to be stepsisters, and apparently they've already done this kind of thing before. I liked it when Carli began caressing Nevaeh's leg, but instead of taking charge of her, the two end up having mutual I-do-you-then-you-do-me sex with some pussy-sucking, tribbing, and fingering. Grade: C+

2) Kelly and Lena - Pretty brunettes Kelly and Lena are supposed to be studying together. Lena is concerned about global warming. No real seduction ensues, as, again, both girls are already lesbian. Kelly initiates the action, but never really takes charge. At one point, she turns Lena over onto her stomach and caresses her gorgeous behind, but that was about as good as it got. Grade: B-

3) Nicole and Tabitha - Tabitha is a younger blonde visiting slightly-older Nicole in her beautiful home. What is Tabitha studying? Lesbian Sexuality. Of course, this guarantees an "instructional lesbianism" encounter between the two, which I hate. On the positive side, Nicole kind of takes charge as the scene progresses, and I loved it when she donned a strap-on and took the pretty younger blonde from behind! Grade: B

4) Candace and Jayma – Dark-haired Jayma comes home, where Candace is waiting in the kitchen. Both women say they've had a rough day and are tired. Candace goes into the bathroom to take a shower, and Jayma follows to watch her. I like it when one woman wants to watch another bathe, but that's as good as the seductive element gets. Jayma rubs some oil onto Candace's body afterward, but it's mostly mechanical and uninteresting after that. They take turns fingering and going down on each other. Grade: C+

Excellent casting, but not much else. With a little more effort at showing one woman actually pursuing another, this video could have been really hot. As is, I'd rate it a slightly disappointing B- overall.

Another pretty good outing from GFF, but, as usual, you have to consider all the unconnected scenes separately, so:

Carli and Nevaeh - Very beautiful, awesome bodies, gorgeous hair, the kissing and the trib were top-notch (which is the strong point in almost all GFF releases). Let's face it, you can get hardcore sex anywhere. You watch GFF for something different, and I really like it - especially the clothed trib.

Kelly Kline and Lena - Kelly catches a lot of flack on this site because of her "pecking" style of kisses, among some other things, but I always gave her the benefit of the doubt because of her natural "girl next door" good looks and her tight body, plus an impish smile that could light up a room. Well, glory be, someone must have given Kelly some kissing lessons - some of her kisses were much longer and deeper than before - and when she started aggressively tribbing Lena with her tight jeans only half on and Lena filling her hands with that cute, round, denim-clad butt… priceless. Kelly might still catch some flack because she didn't do much muff-diving, but Lena sure gave her a prime-time licking in a 69 position. Kelly, keep up that kissing practice, and if you need a male to practice on, give me a call (lol).

Tabitha and Nicole - I've always been a Nicole fan because, even though she's a little older, she's got a great body, long blonde hair, and a real passion for kissing (yes, I have a girl-girl kissing fetish). Tabitha really seemed into it too - a great scene, until the strap-on came out. Ditch the toys!

Jayma and Candace – great, young looks, passionate kisses, good trib - another solid scene.

So, overall, another quality GFF release, if you're a fan of their style. Not a bad scene in the bunch; the only downside was the strap-on.

In my opinion, this is, without a doubt, a 5 Star DVD. I respect everybody’s opinion, but I couldn’t believe that it wasn’t rated a 5 Star. The second scene is great, and the fourth scene is amazing. It will probably take 10 years off my life.

Lez B. Friends
A pretty good effort from Girlfriends Films. Carli and Nevaeh are gorgeous to look at. Especially Carli: WOW! She is in control much of the scene, and gets Nevaeh to climax several times.

The next scene is Kelly Kline and Lena Ramone. I have stated this in the past, and I will again: Why does Kelly refuse to engage her partners in deep kissing or give oral? This scene was ruined because of this.

Next was the best scene in this DVD, Nicole and Tabitha. As usual, Nicole was fantastic. Newcomer Tabitha is also enjoyable to watch. The chemistry was great, and the girls really looked as if they were having a good time.

The last scene was an orgasmic delight. Jayma and Candance just kept bringing each other to orgasm. You might need a calculator to count them. I would love to see Candance and Nicole in a younger/older scene.

I got this for the Carli and Nevaeh scene (I have a thing for young girls). I sometimes FF through a scene until the girls get their clothes off, but that's a mistake for this scene. They do a lot of semi-naked tribbing, and I found it really hot. God, their butts are gorgeous! I think they had some orgasms during the trib. Carli took the lead most of the time, and it worked well. When girls feel obliged to take turns, it can kill the heat. So many scenes in mainstream porn show cute young girls faking orgasm, so when you have two cuties like these girls having nice, real climaxes, it's a godsend, if you ask me.

Humble Opinion
Continuing with my look back at Girlfriends titles, this edition of Women Seeking Women had two scenes that were very hot, in my opinion.

The first was the scene that a lot of folks here mention: Carli Banks and Nevaeh. While Carli did primarily (if not exclusively, girl/girl) she could run "hot and cold" as far as I was concerned. This is definitely one of Carli's "hot" scenes!

While the plot is a little silly, the emotional role playing is excellent. Nevaeh is unabashedly "head over heels" in love and awe of the more self-confident and sexy Carli, who is about to become her step-sister. To Nevaeh, she confusedly believes that this means that she will never be able to have any romantic relationship with Carli now, because it would be taboo. On Carli's part, she has noticed for some time that Nevaeh is "hot" for her, but the opportunity to do anything about it, had never presented itself. On the day of their parents wedding, Carli decides to make this tryst happen, especially when Nevaeh has closed herself off in her room, in despair.

With both dressed in their gowns, and Neveah lying dejected on her bed, Carli enters the bedroom and secretly locks it behind her. Carli asks Nevaeh, "what's wrong?" and Nevaeh is cutely evasive at first. But Nevaeh can't hold in her feelings any longer and blurts out what she is feeling. Carli smiles knowingly and sweetly and leans into Nevaeh and kisses her. Neveah is ecstatic over the kiss, but when Carli leans in again, Nevaeh panics and holds her back"What if they come in?" Carli's eyes gleam as she responds, "I've locked the door!" From then on, we watch two utterly gorgeous young ladies wrap their bodies around each other and continually pleasure each other! A superb scene.

The other terrific scene is between Jayma Reid and Candace Cox. Jayma and Candace are roommates. Tanned and statuesque Jayma is beautiful, effervescent, and popular. Candace, with her slim, pale-skinned body is quiet and withdrawn around Jayma. While Candace certainly has a sexy body (which is revealed fairly quickly) Candace nevertheless feels inadequate and intimidated by Jayma's good looks and sparkling personality.

They are both "in for the night", and Candace announces that she is going to take a shower and go to bed. Jayma's eyes twinkle. Later Jayma enters the bathroom as Candace is finishing her shower, and helps her to dry off. A little uncomfortable, Candace leaves the bathroom and lays down on her bed, with the towel wrapped around her. Jayma follows Candace there and proceeds to rub lotion on Candace's feet and then begin rubbing slowly up Candace's leg. Candace is stiff, almost petrified, but when the gorgeous Jayma crawls up to her face to kiss Candace, the lust for her gorgeous roommate, that Candace has been trying to bury for so long totally erupts. Jayma smiles to herself, and she hugs Candace and pleasantly endures Candace's initial frantic kisses. The frenzy never really ends, as these two girls appear to be unleashing a long held in passion for each other.

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