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River Rock Women's Prison (2-Disc Set) ____________________________________
River Rock Women's Prison (2-Disc Set)
I.D. dvd_3928, Adult
2010, 119 min.
Triangle Films
Directed by Kathryn Annelle

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Claire Adams, Adrianna Nicole, Jada Fire, Justine Joli, Dia Zerva, Ariel X, Marie Luv, Melissa Monet & Syd Blakovich.

Life in Lockdown

Struggling For Identity Where There Is None

The gates close behind you, you're stripped of your identity and reality strikes. Who are you?

Meet Zerva and Joli, two new arrivals at River Rock Women's Prison. Joli, a first offender, naive and afraid Zerva, a lifetime convict on yet another stint. Two women from worlds apart who, as they walk through the gates of this coal mine turned women's prison, share the common need to find their place in their new world. Joli longs for comfort and assurance, which she finds under the protection of lifer Madam. Zerva craves control of the yard, a coveted position which she must fight for relentlessly. Her early encounters with crew leader Blak and Officer Nicole teach her this won't come easy. From Sgt. Fire who makes her living demanding respect and exercising control over the prisoners to inmates like Suga and X who find happiness in their mutual companionship, it's just another day at River Rock. When Blak discovers an abandoned mining shaft and freedom is within their grasp, the inmates must face who they really are and where happiness really lies.

A series of events lead Zerva into the hands of Warden Adams, who teaches her an unforgettable lesson in respect, discipline and freedom. A lesson in the only freedom she'll ever know, the ultimate freedom... surrender.

DVD Features
chapter index, behind-the-scenes footage, cast interviews, photo galleries & trailers [all g/g].

This instant classic from Triangle Films is blessed with an interesting script, good acting by the pornstars involved, wonderful video and audio quality, and incredible sex.

The film follows the integration of two new inmates, Justine Joli and Dia Zerva, into the prison population at RRWP, a privately-run facility located in an abandoned coal mine. At about the same time as they arrive at the prison, the discovery of an abandoned mine shaft results in an escape plot being hatched, which Dia joins but Justine, who is awaiting the outcome of her appeal, does not. The movieís plotlines move on from there.

The warden, played by Claire Adams, is wonderfully sadistic; the guards, Jada Fire and Adrianna Nicole, are nasty and violent; and the remainder of the inmates, Ariel X, Syd Blakovich, Ariel X, and the wonderfully gifted Melissa Monet as yard queen Madam, are well-played.

Last but certainly not least, the sex scenes are amazing. From the hot coupling of Melissa and Justine to the S/M encounter of Claire and Dia, the sex here is the most intense and the best shot sex ever produced in a lesbian porn film. All five scenes would be highlight scenes in any other film you could think of. For me, the Jada Fire/Syd scene is an almost otherworldly experience.

This is great stuff. Donít miss it.

Anon in 'Bama
On the positive side, the sex scenes in this one are anything but tame and vanilla. Triangle Films clearly spent a small fortune on realistic sets showing what appears to be an authentic womenís correctional facility, and the prison uniforms also look authentic, as does the casting, perhaps overly so!

On the negative side, I really hated the fast-paced gonzo editing style. Itís confusing, spastic, and way too artsy-fartsy, so much so that it detracts from any overall eroticism so easily depicted in women-in-prison films! Also, speaking for myself, when it comes to erotic WIP films, campy always trumps realistic! But this one tries too hard to be realistic, and sadly, real womenís prisons are depressing, dreary places, and the women arenít all that hot!

1) Claire Adams & Adrianna Nicole - Claire is the warden and Adrianna is her top guard. Claire invites the other woman into her office and tells her: "Iíve been watching you. I see the way you look at those inmates." In other words, the warden has decided that if one of her guards like girls then that means they can now have sex together. Really, really lame!

Despite the awful writing for this scene, Claire is very dominant, and I liked the way she was in complete control from start-to-finish, and especially when she takes Adrianna doggy-style with her strap-on! But these two were both doms! This scene would have been infinitely hotter if either one of them was instead doing a pretty, submissive female inmate she had her eye on, rather than an everyday hook-up between two already-lesbian women. I also didnít care much for the electric vibrator used in this scene. Vibrators and dildos are boring.

Set-up: D, casting: B, sex: C+

2) Melissa Monet & Justine Joli - Melissa is a tough female inmate who sets her sights on pretty newcomer Justine. First we listen to her talking about Justine, then we see the girl walking up and kissing her. The music soundtrack drowns out a lot of the dialogue, but with all of the rapid edits itís all too confusing to follow in any case. Eventually we watch as Melissa walks into Justineís cell and tells her: "If itís not me, itís going to be one of them," and then she begins kissing the pretty redhead.

Melissa fingers Justine through her pants, then both women lose their tops. It all starts off somewhat mutual. It gets a whole lot better when Melissa begins kissing and spanking Justineís gorgeous ass! It quickly becomes analingus, though, followed by both women servicing each other.

Set-up: B-, casting: A, sex: B-

3) Marie Luv & Ariel X - Ariel is planning to escape with Syd into a secret tunnel they discovered out in the yard. Black inmate Marie Luv tells Ariel that she wants to spend some time with her first. Basically, itís "good-bye sex." On the positive side, I always love watching a black girl dominating a pretty blonde, and Marie Luv does a fairly good job of it! But on the negative side, itís yet another dom/dom encounter, and a mostly 100% consensual one at that! Still, some of the ass-slapping and kissing were hot! This was a case of a weak intro followed by hot sex.

Set-up: C, casting: B+, sex: B+

4) Jada Fire & Syd Blakovich - Tough, black Sgt. Jada Fire finds butchy Syd cleaning up in one of the bathrooms, and proceeds to push her up against the wall, strip her, and completely ravish her! On the positive side, itís another excellent interracial encounter with a dominant black girl doing a white girl. But on the negative side, itís another dom-doing-a-dom!

Jada makes Syd suck on her strap-on, yelling abuse at her the entire time. Syd also has to suck on her toes. Later, she bends Syd over and does her doggy-style.

Set-up: B, casting: C-, sex: B

5) Claire Adams & Dia Zerva - Warden Claire Adams has blonde Dia stripped and trussed-up with ropes. She whips her and repeatedly spits into her face. Then she puts about a hundred clothespin-clips on the blonde womanís nipples, eyebrows, lips, and just about everywhere else. She also slaps Diaís shoulders and back a lot. On the positive side, I loved the way Claire later spanks Diaís beautiful butt while doing her doggy-style! On the negative side, itís yet another dom-with-a-dom encounter! Also, purely punishment-sex isnít particularly erotic!

Set-up: B-, casting: B, sex: B

The storyline and editing here were all way too distracting. Despite some excellent erotic imagery here and there, this one comes across as a pretentious, spastic hot-mess! Women in prison films should be fun! This one was more painful and depressing! Too much fancy editing, too many dom/dom encounters, and a confusing plot drag it way down. Overall grade: B-

So, arguably the most anticipated G/G porn release of the year has finally arrived- itís Triangleís first, true feature and everyoneís favorite niche lesbian genre, the Women-In-Prison film! The one question someone thinking about buying this has on their mind: does RRWP live up to the hype? In my opinion, it utterly and completely does. This is a lesbian-porn landmark.

When I say feature, I mean it. Engaging story that could stand alone even without the sex? Check. Flesh-and-blood characters you care about? Check. An emotional, meaningful undercurrent to each sex scene? Check. Fucking hot girl-on-girl sex? CHECK!

So yeah, not every scene is strictly "a submissive prisoner has sex with a dominant prison guard," but thatís predictable, itís boring. Claire Adams and Adrianna Nicoleís scene is a pure power-play between warden and guard. Justine plays submissive underling to Melissa Monetís boss-of-the-yard. Marie Luv and Ariel X have needy post-marriage sex. Each scene has a context and you know why these two women are having sex at this moment. I will probably watch each scene over and over again. The sex is that good.

Potential warning, however: there are a lot more toys here than you would see in a normal Triangle production. Strap-ons are used repeatedly as a device to establish a prison officialís dominance over a prisoner. A Magic Wand is used significantly in the Claire/Adrianna pairing (but thatís the only time it comes out). The sex can get pretty rough at times- a prisoner gags herself on a strap-on to produce some throat-lube, there is some spitting in the face, and one scene features an anal rape. In the movieís defense, the roughness always feels necessary and itís obvious each submissive is really enjoying her domination. This is especially true of the Claire Adams/Dia Zerva pairing- as the scene concludes, Dia and Claire are locked in a passionate embrace. They are sweaty, satisfied, and out-of-breath, just as they should be.

Okay, Iíll stop reviewing, just buy this thing already!

Rating: Essential

Sex was OK. Good to rent. The second disk advertisement.

Humble Opinion
I am not much of a fan of S&M-style sex, or what I call "punishment sex". I think that my tastes are probably shared by quite a few others here at Lezlove. So three of the five scenes here (Claire Adams/Adrianna Nicole, Jada Fire/Syd Blackovich, and Claire Adams/Dia Zerva) donít do much for me on an erotic level, though the ladies do an excellent job playing their roles.

What was particularly impressive, I thought, was that each of the women who are playing submissives in these three "punishment scenes" (Adrianna Nicole, Syd Blackovich, and Dia Zerva) are generally the dominators in their other scenes. Yet they were all completely believable playing the beaten-down submissives.

But what I want to highlight here are the two scenes that are more passionate than punishment: the scene between Melissa Monet/Justine Joli and the scene between Marie Luv/Ariel X. I thought that both scenes were outstanding, acting-wise and eroticism-wise, and are ultimately what made me decide to make this DVD a permanent part of my collection.

In the Melissa/Justine scene, the dynamic is that Melissa is offering to protect Justine, by making Justine her bitch. It is not a particularly romantic offer, and Justine hesitantly agrees. But it very quickly becomes a passionate offer that Justine clearly doesnít want to refuse.

My favorite moment in the Melissa/Justine scene is probably early on when Melissa lays on her back and beckons Justine to sit on her face. Often in these kinds of scenes, it is the woman on top who appears to be the dominator. But here, it is Melissa, the woman underneath, who has complete control of Justine from the moment that Justine places her pussy onto Melissaís waiting lips.

Melissa does this, first, by wrapping her strong arms around Justineís beautiful thighs and never letting go, and second, by Melissa absolutely devouring Justineís pussy and never easing up until she is finally satiated. For a good five minutes we watch Justine crying out, reaching out and gripping her cotís headboard bars as she rocks from one orgasm to another, non-stop (there is no "rolling" in this scene, only "rocking"). Midway through those five minutes, we hear Justine weakly pleading, "Stop, please!" We then hear Melissaís growl, as Justineís pleas seem to make Melissa only burrow deeper and fiercer into Justineís pussy. Justine screams. After about five minutes, Melissa leans back a bit on the pillow, and Justine begins to weakly pull up from Melissa. Melissa growls loudly, and pulls Justine back down onto her mouth and begins devouring her again for another three or four minutes. And we hear Justine cry out in surprise and anguish.

This part of the scene is shot almost entirely from Justineís back, and occasionally from the side. We see Melissaís arms holding onto Justine and not letting her go. But most importantly, we see Justineís gorgeous back, her spine prominent as she bends forward because the sensations become too much for her and she has to grip onto the headboard in order to support herself. Justineís gorgeous, slim, tight back, with its porcelain white skin glistening with sweat, is a sight I wonít soon forget.

The Marie Luv/Ariel X scene has the dynamic of Marie worried that Ariel is going to try to escape and perhaps get caught or killed. Marie also has the worry that Ariel may succeed, and she will never see her again. So Marie seductively suggests to Ariel that they have unfinished business before she leaves, and they begin to make out on Arielís cot.

The early part of this scene also is extremely hot. Marie is between Arielís thighs, eating her pussy. Marieís passion is a hunger. She slurps noisily into Arielís pussy, bringing up Arielís juices mixed with her own saliva, and she just keeps licking and slurping while moaning with pleasure from the taste and Arielís groans. Arielís back keeps arching backward as she presses herself forward into Marieís mouth. Ariel keeps crying out "Suga!" (Marieís characterís name), as if Ariel canít believe what Suga is doing to her.

After Suga has made Ariel cum for some ten minutes or so, Ariel does the same for Suga. But then Suga starts up again, only this time she is whispering to Ariel, "Donít leave me, baby. Donít leave me," as she makes Ariel cum so hard that she canít believe it. By this time, the two are too exhausted to carry on any more, and Suga has gotten Ariel to promise that she wonít try to escape tomorrow, that she wonít leave her Suga.

From an erotic point of view, I think that these are two very powerful scenes. I would recommend anyone who loves lesbian sex scenes to certainly check out these two scenes.

strap on dom
Filmed in such dark light and with wasted dom/sub opportunities, this has to be Triangleís worst ever film. What a waste of money by them, and me. Iím a big fan of Triangle, love the Boundaries series, but itís gone in the trash and Iíll be wary of another Triangle film now.

Seize Magazine
CASTING. This is the major problem with this film. Claire Adams was miscast as the warden. Sharon Kane (see her paired opposite Jenna Jameson in Vividís "Jenna Confidential") should have been cast as the Warden. Syd is too "baby butch" to be the head dyke, Iíd have cast, say, Vanessa Blue in that part. Justine Joli? Never as the "new fish" babe. I wouldíve cast a real "new fish" babeÖ Devon Michaels in that part. Devon would have caused a lesbian riot in River Rock upon her arrival! I thought the casting of Melissa Monet, Jada Fire and Adrianna Nicole was great. Iíd like to have seen more of a "lesbian triangle" theme. Say, the warden (Sharon) competing against Jada (matron) for the prize of "new fish" Devon Michaels. The sexual dynamics/storyline should have been hotter. They spent some serious money in this production, but they promised far more than they delivered. Better casting, more sexual triangles wouldíve created much more lesbian heat. "Ooze" is my kind of Women In Prison film. On a scale of 1 to 100, Iíd rate this a 75.

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