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Girls Kissing Girls 01: Young Lesbians In Love ____________________________________
Girls Kissing Girls 01: Young Lesbians In Love
I.D. dvd_4815, Adult
2008, 155 min.
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Nica Noelle
* $22.99 *

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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Samantha Ryan & Mia Presley, Elexis & Annabelle Lee, Sinn Sage & Trinity Post, Mz. Berlin & Elexis Monroe.

Lesbians love to kiss and this video pays homage to the lost art of osculation. In this hot, romantic video, young girls take their time exploring the lips, tongues and mouths of their sexy young lovers. Top lesbian star Elexis Monroe, adorable young Annabelle Lee and stunning redhead Mz. Berlin let their passions for each other run wild, while Trinity Post shows submissive Sinn Sage how to enjoy the art of lesbian tongue-play. Written and Directed by Nica Noelle.

Scene listing:

[2:06] Elexis & Annabelle Lee

[41:28] Samantha Ryan & Mia Presley

[1:22:53] Sinn Sage & Trinity Post

[1:56:13] Mz. Berlin & Elexis Monroe

[2:37:15] END CREDITS

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, dual-languages: English & French, photo gallery.

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I haven't reviewed here in a long time but, after watching this video, I just had to. It's so encouraging to finally have an American director (Nica Noelle) dedicating a g/g video to "kissing" fetish. I have been hoping for this for a long time and I was very happy with the results.

There are four scenes in this video and they are all hot. All of them start out with a small setup leading into the kissing... slow at first, then building as the scene progresses. The kissing gets pretty hungry at times and the actresses are quite into it.

Even though this video is primarily based on kissing, there is also some great sex throughout each scene... ex. fingering, oral, and some trib as well. I actually found that the girls reacted even more enthusiastically to the sex, as a result of the heavy kissing.

For the most part, the camerawork is quite good and the lighting is excellent. I get very annoyed at poorly lit scenes, so this was great to see.

As mentioned, every scene was very good, but #2 really stood out, IMO.

A great video overall and I truly hope to see another volume really soon. Thanks again Nica... keep them coming.

If you like to see passionate kissing before, during and after lesbian sex, this video is for you. The kissing is intense, lengthy and frequent throughout with plenty of eye contact - and even some tongue sucking. And the sex, WOW. So much passion with frequent, real and intense orgasms!

I usually have a favorite scene but it's hard to choose one - they are all stellar, especially the first scene with Elexis & Annabelle Lee.

I don’t normally pay much attention to the storyline or setups but these setups were believable and they were even hot.

This really should be awarded five stars - it certainly delivers.

This is clearly a simply superb film. It has four really good scenes, beautiful direction, a top notch screenplay, and a cast that is just about perfect.

Scene one concerns Elexis who has a crush on her flatmate Annabelle Lee, who does not know and who has just come home from a disastrous date with another girl. Once Elexis makes her feelings known, there is a truly super lovemaking scene which, with the chemistry between Annabelle and Elexis, makes this quite unforgettable. Elexis as usual is just superb, and Annabelle Lee, well, she’s great.

However if you thought that scene was superb, wait till you get to scene two with Samantha Ryan and Mia Presley. It is just magical. Samantha is waiting at home for her brother's fiance so that they can go out to get to know each other. Answering the door, she finds the fiance, Mia, turns out to be her former girlfriend/lover from college. She is attempting to be straight and has decided to get married.

After some awkward and embarrassing moments, the old attraction between the two surfaces anew and it is off to the bedroom. What follows is a truly superb scene of lesbian sex, made so good by the magnetism between Samantha and Mia.

My only complaint (curiosity) was how did they explain to the brother that his fiance was a lesbian and in love with his sister?

Scene three has Sinn Sage, newly released from prison at a rehabilitation center, accosted by a somewhat butch Trinity Post, and not minding it. Both are terrific, and being a fan of Sinn and her glorious bottom I could hardly not like it.

The final scene sees the return of Elexis, this time in conflict with her girlfriend Ms Berlin over flirting with another girl at a party. After initially leaving, Mz Berlin returns to make up with Elexis. Against the quality of the two performers and the chemistry generated, this makes a class scene.

In line with a previous reviewer, I must ask why this did not receive five stars for this is a true classic of the lesbian erotica genre. I think it can be safely said that there will be very few girl-girl films released in 2008 which match or even come close to this in quality.

It has a stellar cast who are not only physically attractive, but are also good actresses capable of creating the characters they play and thus creating the chemistry that makes all four scenes so good. Nica Noelle with her script and direction have, with the cast, come together to make one of the best girl-girl films it has been my good fortune to see.

Congratulations Sweetheart Video.

But On The Other Hand
This is a very good film. If you like kissing and believable lesbian sex then you will like this one. The second scene between Samantha Ryan and Mia Presly is one of the best I have viewed, not rushed and very erotic. A must view or have.

This release is such a joy to behold. Plausible, unhurried scene setups lead seamlessly to sensuous, unhurried kissing. Nica mined each pairing for deep kissing loaded with sexual connection. The touching and eye contact is top draw. None of the scenes are weak and the variety of models will appeal to different tastes. The absence of trailers for other Sweetheart movies is my only criticism. The settings are well lit and camerawork is inconspicuous. Individual shots are well-chosen and editing appears slight.

The first scene between Annabelle and Elexis is particularly outstanding. It is profoundly beautiful. The scene features intense and sustained oral and multiple climaxes. Both girls look naturally stunning and the interaction between them throughout improves the sex immeasurably. In all this is a devastatingly superb release that leaves other producers far behind in clouds of dust.

I guess I will be in agreement with everyone else and say that the scene featuring Samantha Ryan and Mia Presley is the best scene I've seen in a very, very long time. This is a scene which moves from the gingerly kisses of forgotten lovers, to the raw and passionate encounter of two women who just know they are right for each other. And they can fuck like no one else! It's a very overwhelming scene and blows the doors off all the other scenes on this release. That said, this one scene is reason enough to get this DVD.

Today you touched my heart. Thank you for this epic release.

Ummmm. I agree with Clion.

The cover scene with Samantha and Mia blows the other scenes away... by a lot. That was the problem. After watching it, I found the other pairings lukewarm. The casting seems off to me. These two girls are so good looking they make the others seem like plain-janes. Generally not a good idea. However, this is undoubtedly why they made the cover.

That said, it was one of the best scenes I have seen in a very, very long time as well. The tension before they kiss is just off the scale. And they kiss and kiss and kiss. Wow. Absolutely delicious. I have no complaints about the kissing in this scene whatsoever. The rest of the action in this scene is great as well.

Grade: A+ for that scene. The rest gets a C

Recommended? Surprisingly... yes. The Samantha-Mia scene is that good.

Elexis & Annabelle: Two women who really like to kiss and who do it well. And they do it very well in this scene. Deep, tongue-massaging French kisses. The sex just happens to be a delicious bonus as Elexis and Annabelle devour one another’s pussies, driving one another to screeching and mind-blowing orgasms. Rating: A+

Samantha Ryan & Mia Presley: I’d read a lot of good things about this pairing so I had to see it for myself. And Holy Hell, everyone was right on the money. This is by far some of the best kissing I’ve ever viewed! I knew that both of these women were excellent kissers, but when their lips touched one another’s, an instant spark occurred and these women kiss each other with the passion and intensity of two lovers who not only want but need one another. And the lovemaking! They lick, suck and trib one another into an orgasmic frenzy. Rating: A++

Sinn Sage & Trinity Post: Sinn Sage is so incredibly sexy! Just had to get that off my chest. Trinity does a pretty good job playing Alpha Female as she grabs Sinn by the neck and shoves her tongue inside her mouth. Sinn fights momentarily but is soon kissing Trinity with equal passion and enthusiasm, roaming her hands all over her body! These two were NOT making love, they were definitely fucking and they did it well, pounding their pussies aggressively against one another! Rating: A+

Elexis & Mz. Berlin: I’d never seen or heard of Mz. Berlin before this video, but she pairs nicely with Elexis, and the kissing, as in all the previous scenes, is excellent. The lovemaking starts off sensual but gets kind of rough as the scene progresses. Rating: A+

This is now my new favorite Sweetheart Video release. This is definitely a 5 Star Film and Nica’s greatest work to date! It will be hard for her to top this one. I highly recommend this DVD to own!

Yes, this one is a collector’s item for the second scene, with Mia Presley and Samantha Ryan. The subtlety at the beginning is exquisite. The sex is hot and realistic, even with Mia keeping her jeans on half of the time.

The first scene is made by Annabelle’s superb sexual expressions, much like all her other scenes with anybody.

The other two scenes are just run of the mill. Mz. Berlin’s stretched-out, ugly tits should be banned from any further showing. They could ruin anybody’s libido, male or female.

You know a scene is getting intense when the girls stop fussing with their hair. Couple that with some fierce eye contact, and you have a keeper.

Normally, girls are constantly fussing with their hair to keep it from falling between them and the camera. A single strand touches their cheek, and the hand goes up to brush it away, interrupting the movement of the scene. Mia Presley loses it in her scene with Samantha Ryan. Her hair is all over the place: in her face, in her eyes, plastered to her cheeks. Their eye contact melts the screen. When Samantha slips her hand into Mia’s jeans and fingers her to a tectonic climax, they never break eye contact as each finds passion in the passion of the other.

The frosting on the cake is the tribadism between Sinn Sage and Trinity Post. It is as intense as it is long.

The whole DVD is a keeper.

I agree one hundred percent with LesRule. Only scene two with Ryan and Presley is a keeper. Scene one is remarkable because of the hot youngster Annabelle Lee. Yes, she is always good. Scene three has its moments. The main drawbacks are some close-ups. It makes very clear that not all girls look ‘down under’ like Brea Bennett or Jo or Sophie Moon or Alexandra Ivy. Scene four is in fact ruined by the bad casting. It is definitely not possible to make butter from shit!

Samantha and Mia have one of the HOTTEST deep kissing scenes I have ever seen! Seeing these two gorgeous girls smooch with intensity is orgasmic! I love it!

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