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Lesbian Daydreams 01: Older Women, Younger Girls ____________________________________
Lesbian Daydreams 01: Older Women, Younger Girls
I.D. dvd_4816, Adult
2008, 121 min.
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Nica Noelle

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Ashley Jensen & Michelle Lay, Sinn Sage & Nica Noelle, Samantha Ryan & Kylie Ireland, Jessica Shaw & Keisha.

When two beautiful women come together under ordinary circumstances, extraordinary things can happen. Especially if one woman has an overactive imagination and an insatiable sex drive to match! Take a peek into the lesbian daydreams of the women-next-door, and watch them play out their hottest erotic fantasies with their true objects of desire: each other. Written and Directed by Nica Noelle.

Scene listing:

[1:31] Samantha Ryan & Kylie Ireland

[33:00] Ashley Jensen & Michelle Lay

[1:04:36] Sinn Sage & Nica Noelle

[1:36:00] Jessica Shaw & Keisha


DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, dual-languages: English & French, photo gallery.

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Anon in 'Bama
THIS is the video that GFF's "Lesbian Seductions: Older/Younger" series SHOULD BE but ISN'T! It's EXCELLENT (and I'm NOT just saying that because I got story-writing-credit for the scene involving Kylie and Samantha!). I genuinely LOVED this entire DVD! The CASTING is incredibly good throughout, and the storylines involve ACTUAL SEDUCTIONS that I truly loved watching! Here's my take on the four scenes therein:

1) Kylie Ireland & Samantha Ryan - These are the two beautiful DVD cover girls! Pretty blonde Samantha is a nervous young actress meeting with casting director Kylie. It's obvious from the very start that the older woman is immediately attracted to the gorgeous blonde's beautiful body! She tells the younger girl about a couple of film roles she's considering offering her, including that of a stripper and also as the victim of a female vampire! Samantha obligingly gives Kylie a brief lap-dance and then allows the casting director to put "the bite" on her lovely neck. She then suggests the pretty blonde come to her house that night for further auditioning. It's the classic "casting couch" scenario with a lesbian twist, and it's wonderfully done!

Once the two women are in Kylie's bedroom, the older woman takes complete charge of the pretty blonde, kissing her, removing her clothing, and later going down on her. Later still she orders Samantha onto her elbows and knees so that she can take the girl from behind with a strap-on! I LOVED this scene from start-to-finish! Grade: A

2) Ashley Jensen & Michelle Lay - Ashley's loud music awakens her attractive older neighbor, Michelle. The brunette angrily tells the girl to keep it down. But later that day she returns to apologize, and both women strike up a friendship. Michelle is clearly attracted to her pretty younger neighbor, and eventually tells her that she's really pretty. This soon leads to some making out, with Michelle going down on Ashley, followed by some fingering, and then Ashley goes down on Michelle. There's also some tribbing involved. I only wish that Michelle had been more dominant with the younger girl. But this was STILL a hot, above-average scene! Grade: B

3) Nica Noelle & Sinn Sage - Nica is a sketch artist, and Sinn is her beautiful nude model. The two get to talking about past affairs. Apparently Sinn has just recently broken up with her football player boyfriend. Nica is clearly interested in her pretty young model. She asks the girl to stand up and then uses the opportunity to gently caress Sinn's gorgeous body! The conversation between the two was EXCELLENT, highly seductive, and with a strong sub/dom element!

Eventually, Nica leads the now completely nude younger woman into her bedroom where they engage in some very passionate sex! There's lots of kissing and tribbing, and Nica pays a considerable amount of attention to Sinn's lovely butt! An awesome scene! Grade: A

4) Keisha & Jessica Shaw - Psychologist Keisha is questioning pretty young Jessica about her destructive behavior, which included a recent drunken strip-tease outside her dorm. Apparently, Jessica did it because her boyfriend was ignoring her, and she tells the older woman that she likes being a "bad girl." Keisha says she doesn't believe her, and shocks the younger girl by kissing her. There's an EXCELLENT sub/dom chemistry throughout this scene!

Keisha later orders Jessica into her bedroom where she proceeds to caress and fondle the younger girl's lovely body, including a good amount of attention to her sexy derriere! The older woman remains in control for this entire scene! It was very well done! Grade: A-

In all of these abovementioned scenes, the action is supposedly only in the minds and imaginations of Kylie, Michelle, Sinn, and Jessica, respectively, but that doesn't take a thing away from what is overall an EXCEPTIONALLY good, well-written and well-produced video! I was very pleased with this one! Overall grade: A-

Honestly? I don't get this whole Sweetheart Video hype in the first place, but I do not have to understand everything that's going on in this world. So let's skip this matter and go directly in medias res.

Well, actually there's not really much to say other than that I'm really glad I only rented this one (the first two SV movies taught me my lesson), because I would have kicked my ass for some time if I had purchased this DVD. Why's that? First of all the cast list, as uninspired as can be. Samantha Ryan? For me she’s the new Charlie Laine or Penny Flame, as annoying as those two that is. She seems to be in every g/g production these days, which really annoys the crap out of me.

Next thing is, I can't stand Nica Noelle as a performer, never have never will. And being no big fan of Sinn Sage either doesn't help a lot. Michelle Lay is more than OK, as is Kylie Ireland, but the latter is paired with aforementioned Samantha Ryan, so this scene's pretty much ruined too. The only decent scene on this DVD is Keisha's.

After being disappointed with the first two outings (and then with that interracial flick from SV) and after writing this I really wonder why I even touched "Daydreams". But once again I was reading all about how this movie is so great, from fans and the director/producer alike (which is never a good sign by the way) and how this movie (and/or the whole company) might open a new chapter within the g/g genre. But to me this movie is just plain boring, because the storylines are, well, "childish" at best (not the best of terms to be used here, but it is like it is) and not even remotely erotic or sexy. The sex itself is standard and the camera work could use some major improvement. But maybe it's some kind of "style" I don't get. I don't know.

All I know is that this will be my last SV movie to watch, because my time is way too precious to spend time on such crap like "Lesbian Daydreams".

This is very clearly a very good film - beautifully filmed, superbly cast, and in the main possessing a good script. I thought scenes one to three just really great, with scene four slightly less so.

Each of the four scenes is about an older and younger woman meeting, and one having a sexual fantasy about the other. Scene one is about a casting agent interviewing a gorgeous young model (and who could not have naughty thoughts about Samantha Ryan). The other fantasies include a night nurse about her noisy young neighbor, a model about the artist drawing her, and a therapist about her young college student patient.

I guess the scene I enjoyed most was scene two with Michelle Lay as the night nurse trying to sleep during the day but kept awake by the sexy young thing that's moved in next door. At first Michelle is angry when she bangs on the door and complains. However, after seeing how cute the neighbor is, well you guessed it, Michelle has naughty thoughts. And what thoughts, with the young thing being a sexual tiger making Michelle think of mercy as she roars towards her third orgasm. Yes, it is a scene beyond compare.

The next scene, the one with Sinn Sage, is also pretty good, particularly as Sinn looks absolutely gorgeous.

Oh yes, scene one about the casting agent and her fantasy of luring the beautiful young model home for four orgasms, is to say the least mind bending. Samantha is licked, fingered and finally strap-oned to orgasm after orgasm while in-between bringing the agent to her own climax.

Scene four, the one about the therapist, was to me a bit confused. However, all in all this is a simply terrific film and one not to be missed.

Humble Opinion
This is my favorite Sweetheart video, so far. The casting is near perfect, and the picture quality and camerawork is excellent. Three of the scenes are especially good.

Usually in scenes with Michelle Lay, Michelle dominates the tempo (not to mention the other girl) of the scene. But here, it is Ashley Jensen who keeps making Michelle cum throughout the scene. As Peter mentions, Ashley is a tigress, with a cute face and a lithe body. I was particularly struck by the set and the photography of this scene. The two ladies occupy a large taupe brown couch which offsets beautifully both of their toned tanned bodies. My favorite moment probably is when Michelle is sitting on top of Ashley's face, and Nica shows us a closeup of Ashley licking Michelle. Ashley's chin is glistening from Michelle's pussy juice.

Kylie Ireland orders around a compliant Samantha Ryan in their scene together, roles that both ladies are very good at. Kylie is especially good here, verbalizing what she is going to do to Samantha and what she wants Samantha to do for her. And Samantha Ryan is always amazing to watch when she is cumming, which she does several times in this scene.

But the stand-out scene for me is the one between Nica Noelle and Sinn Sage. I believe that this is the first time that they have done a scene together. Judging by this performance, Nica and Sinn ought to do a series!

The setup (a female artist and her nude model) is a simple one that I don't recall ever seeing before. Seeing the pale skin of the nude Sinn Sage draped across a bright red couch, at the start of this scene, was simply breathtaking. Again the set design and photography show the model in a perfect way. And when Nica kneels at Sinn's feet, and begins to kiss and gently lick Sinn's pussy, to Sinn's weak protests, I was sold on this scene.

The scene has a soft, intimate feel to it in the beginning, as Nica takes Sinn to her bed and continues making love to her pussy. Then the scene takes on a more passionate flavor, as the two trib for a good five minutes or more. It really goes on and on. I can't recall ever seeing a trib scene that was more passionate and real than the one between these two ladies. This was truly a memorable scene.

This could have been a fantastic video except for the sloppy camerawork. Unfortunately, the overuse of prolonged OB-GYN shots distracted from the film's eroticism. Such close-ups are a characteristic of the god-awful American genre - puritanical porn which thinks that our repressed little souls will be turned on by interminable close-ups of a woman's vagina.

Sex involves the entire body, and long shots are always more erotic than tight close-ups. The only exception is a close-up of the sweet tension on a woman's face as she approaches and passes through orgasm. Crotch shots should be brief and limited to underscoring a woman's sexual excitement.

The most frustrating example of poor camerawork was the scene with Sinn and Nica. Sinn was on her hands and knees while Nica was vigorously fingering her. Damned if the camera didn't stay on Sinn's ass when she climaxed. It was a tear-your-hair-out moment.

I have to totally agree with Anon. This is an excellent effort by Nica Noelle and her Sweetheart Video company. All the scenes were well written and the lovemaking was very realistic and unrushed. My favorite pairing would have to be the first scene between Kylie Ireland and Samantha Ryan. Kylie does an excellent job playing the dominant casting director, and kudos also to Samantha as the nervous talent searching for a role. If Nica can continue producing videos of this caliber, she will without doubt be one of the top producers of lesbian erotica. She learned very well under her alter ego (Sydni Ellis) with Girlfriends Films and could very well be a formidable opponent in the near future.

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