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Hot Silk (Viv Thomas) ____________________________________
Hot Silk (Viv Thomas)
I.D. dvd_5824, Adult
2010, 130 min.
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Viv Thomas
DVD Coming Soon
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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Jenny M, Sonia Red, Zoe, Lucie, Nikita, Blue Angel, Antonya & Natalia Forrest.

Coming Soon! A Lezlove World Exclusive!!

Picture a beautiful young girl, she's naked, she has perfect natural breasts and a tight body, she opens her legs and the sweet scent of her sex intoxicates your mind. You use your hands to gently part her swollen labia, and there it is, the sign that she is aroused and wanting, delicately oozing from her pulsating vagina - it's Hot Silk!

Hot Silk features seven incredible models in five outstanding lesbian scenes. It has the deepest kissing, the most adoring breast worshipping, the wettest and most amazing pussy eating, vaginas dripping with natural girl-cum, truly genuine orgasms and lesbian sex so erotic it will literally cause 'hot silk' to seep from your vagina, and if you don't have one of those there will be a pre-cum wet-spot on your jockeys so big it will look like a tub of moisturiser has burst in your pants. Do not miss it!

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, others to be determined. NTSC

Buy it, just wonderful. The cast, the script and the cinematography are just perfect. A must-have.

Lz Lover
Wow! This DVD is amazing. Five hot segments and the girls have natural breasts, no fake ones.

The final segment, Nikita and Blue Angel together, is incredibly hot as they enjoy each other. Letís hope to see more of Blue Angel in a full film. (Lisa and Blue Angel)

What makes this video stand out is it contains some of the hottest breast sucking in Viv Thomas video. In this one they take time to play with each otherís breasts, and suck on them beautifully. In the fourth segment, the girls play with each otherís breasts and one of them gets them sucked very sensually.

Breast sucking has come a long way in Viv Thomas films. Theyíre a womanís most beautiful assets. They need to devote an entire video to the art of breast sucking, where they suck breasts longer than kissing or oral sex.

The biggest revelation is Asian babe Natalia Forrest, who has a knockout body and finds herself in the hands of two Czech girls. They shower her and take turns enjoying her in the bed. This scene is pure heaven. Her segment can make a film by itself. It ends too quickly. More of Natalia Forest please! Refreshing to see an Asian babe.

Each segment is approximately 20 to 25 minutes long, they could and should have stretched them to 40 minutes easily. Looking forward to Hot Silk 2.

I love Viv Thomas and his girl/girl movies so I was really looking forward to this. Unfortunately, while I thought it enjoyable it is no more than that. Of the five scenes I thought the best was the threesome with Natalia Forrest, who is seduced by two Czech girls. Really good.

The other scene I liked was the last with my favorite, Blue Angel, who seduces her girlfriend while camping. Blue Angel is really great.

As for the other scenes, they were just average.

Worth watching, but not the masterwork that five stars denotes. Three stars, no more.

Sam H.
Yeah, the scene where a girl is "seduced" by two Czech girls is fun! Two girls are fooling around in a house, one of them is not supposed to be there. A girl shows up at the door, sheís soaking wet because itís raining. The guest only speaks English, and the other two girls donít. The two girls are worried that their guest will tell her uncle about the girl who is not supposed to be there, for some reason. (They might be having an affair). So, the two girls decide that they need to fuck their guest and give her "like 10 orgasms" to keep her quiet.

The scene is fun because as they bath in the shower and take her back to the bedroom, they are talking all about her nice body and how they are going to fuck her (by eating her pussy), and she presumably doesnít know whatís going on. The suspense mounts as you wonder just how she is going react when itís time for the two crazy Czech girls to take her. Well, just as they are ready to kiss her, she is smiling. Sheís not sure why they are going to fuck her, but she is apparently more than happy to lie there and enjoy it. The scene probably wouldnít have worked at all if the guest was the least bit hesitant.

I sort of liked the camping scene, just because it was with Blue Angel and another young cutie. Blue Angel didnít really work that hard to "seduce" her friend since her friend had just had a sexual experience with the two girlsí other friend. Actually, it would have been fun to have the scene with all three girls camping, and the two girls who just had sex with each other decide itís time that their other friend find out how much fun sheís been missing. Oh, well, a missed opportunity.

Still, a fairly good release. The scene with Zoe & Lucy was nice.

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