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Lesbian Seductions - Older/Younger 45 ____________________________________
Lesbian Seductions - Older/Younger 45
I.D. dvd_7115, Adult
2013, 189 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Nicole Moore & Prinzzess, Dyanna Lauren & Keira Kelly, Natalia Starr & Zoey Holloway, Chrissy Nova & Demi Dantric.

Their only sin is unconventional love

The revealing twisted road from desire to pursuit and surrender.

DVD Features
chapter index, trailers [g/g & hetero].

The only scene I can fully get behind here is the Chrissy/Demi scene. The buildup/story is great, with Chrissy laying out her fantasy of being with an older woman to Demi. I hope to see more from each of these for Girlfriends Films.

I enjoyed this very much and thought it amongst the top flight of Girlfriends Films. This saga of older/younger has loneliness as its central theme.

The first scene has lonely teen Chrissy Nova feeling not understood by her parents, so she seeks solace in a neighbour, Demi Dantric. At first Demi tries to get Chrissy to talk to her parents about her feelings for girls, but she is too afraid. As such, these too fall in love one wonderful afternoon. The lovemaking here is really beautiful and sensitive, and I doubt the scene could have been done any better. Have not seen these two before but they clearly deserve more roles.

Scene two has lonely Prinzess working on a farm with gruff Nicole Moore, who has been having an on-and-off affair with a woman in town. However, after a fight she realises how wonderful Prinzess is. I normally dislike strap-ons but Nicole gets out her trademark and wins the heart of Prinzess. Again, beautifully done.

Scene three has Kiera Kelly coming in to be talked to by her guardian, Dyanna Lauren, due to a complaint from a neighbor about Kiera hugging her daughter too affectionately. Gradually things change, and Dyanna realises how lonely Kiera is. Again, I loved this scene, with Kiera Kelly giving another superb performance.

Finally we have lonely Zoe Holloway renting a room to a university student, Natalia Starr, as Zoey’s children have moved out and her husband died recently. The awkwardness of both at the start, until they find they need love and friendship, is marvelous. I always liked Zoe but this was a real revelation to me as to her acting skill. Natalia Starr matched perfectly, making this a truly great scene.

Very highly recommended and one that any collector of good lesbian erotica should have. The cast is perfect, the filming classic and the whole feel of the movie beyond compare. Has to be in the ten top films of the year.

Humble Opinion
For me, there are three magnificent older/younger scenes in this movie. The best is between Girlfriends’ veterans Nicole Moore and Prinzzess.

Nicole runs a small ranch, with a few horses and a couple of goats. Prinzzess lives with Nicole. It is not clear what relationship Prinzzess is to Nicole, but she is more than just "hired-help".

At supper, the conversation turns ugly when Prinzzess mentions a rumor that Nicole is having an affair with a woman in town. Nicole angrily denies this, Prinzzess barks back, "Then explain that harness I found in your room, with the rubber cock attached to it! What do you do with that? FUCK THE HORSES?!!" Nicole explodes and orders Prinzzess to her room. Later that night, when Prinzzess timidly comes to Nicole’s bedroom to apologize, things become sexual. (Much later in the scene, Prinzzess will ask Nicole to "show me how you use that harness", and Nicole will fuck Prinzzess with what is, frankly, one of the biggest and thickest dildos that I have ever seen in an adult movie.)

The highlights of this scene are multiple. One of the marvels is the unhurried and yet, at the same time, frenzied feel of the scene, a credit to the acting skill of the two performers.

An example of the "unhurried" is: it takes a glorious 17 to 20 minutes for Nicole to bring Prinzzess to her FIRST orgasm. Lying alongside of, and at times entwined in Prinzzess, the two kiss endlessly and gloriously, gasping and groaning whenever their lips are not locked together. All the while, Nicole’s fingers are exploring Prinzzess’s "nether region". First from on top of Prinzzess’s pajama bottoms, later inside her pajamas, but outside of the panties. And finally, fulfillingly, inside her panties touching and probing Prinzzess’s dripping pussy (Nicole, in awe, mentions several times how wet Prinzzess is).

"Frenzied" is: Nicole and, especially, Prinzzess are disheveled throughout much of this scene. Prinzzess’s bra is half-on and half-off for much of the early part of the scene. Prinzzess’s pajama bottoms are half-off at one point, and stay that way until well past her orgasm. Nicole’s short, sheer blue robe is pulled up over her shoulders by a panting Prinzzess, and remains there for a long time.

The Dyanna Lauren/Keira Kelly scene has a silly set-up, not worth detailing at all. But what is worth celebrating and applauding is the sex between these two performers.

Dyanna Lauren is muscular, tanned, and voluptuous. Her gorgeous mane of sandy blond hair, coupled with that frame, makes her look like a lioness, protective but ferocious. Keira Kelly is thin, almost frail, with small breasts. Keira is pale skinned, with dancing green eyes that make her look like a combination of virgin and vixen. (Throughout the scene, Dyanna will comment on how beautiful Keira’s eyes are, "Let me see those pretty eyes!”)

The chemistry between these two performers is what makes this such an outstanding scene.

Keira is truly "putty" in Dyanna’s skilled hands, or rather MOUTH. It is Dyanna’s mouth and tongue that makes Keira so weak and cum so often. Dyanna sucks on and tugs at Keira’s breasts ("You have very pretty little nipples!"). Dyanna playfully nips at virtually any part of Keira’s pale flesh, just to watch Keira "jerk and gasp". But most of all, Dyanna LOVES burying her mouth into Keira’s lush and delicious pussy, licking and feeling Keira shiver beneath her.

Almost more times than we can count, Keira begins to shake, staring up at the ceiling, as Dyanna bathes and licks around and then inside of Keira’s pussy. Keira will eventually lose herself and buck to a huge orgasm, leaving herself spent and quivering.

But if it is the "Virgin Keira" that we see when Dyanna is in control, the "Vixen Keira" comes out when Dyanna relinquishes that control. Dyanna’s weakness is a wickedly fast and lush tongue, along with deep probing fingers. No matter how much stronger Dyanna is, she can’t push Keira away, or pull herself away, once Keira latches onto her.

The last sensational scene features Zoey Holloway and Natalia Starr. This is a wonderfully acted scene, especially by Natalia.

Zoey is a widow whose grown children have moved away. For company and extra income, Zoey wants to rent a room to a local college student. Natalia is an exchange student, newly arrived from Poland, who has no friends here. One evening Zoey knocks on Natalia’s bedroom door, and finds Natalia sitting up on the bed with books and notebooks strewn around her. Both Zoey and Natalia are dressed for bed, Zoey with a short black slip that comes down mid-thigh, and Natalia with a pajama top, pajama shorts, a bra and no panties (as we learn later).

Zoey is cautious but persistent in her attempt to get more intimate with Natalia, first with words, later with actions. Natalia, at first, is puzzled by what Zoey is alluding to. Gradually though, Natalia realizes what Zoey is seeking. Natalia is truly appreciative of all that Zoey has done and been for her, and she can identify with Zoey’s loneliness. Natalia does not want to rebuff Zoey harshly, but she is not interested.

So when the slightly flustered and frustrated Zoey finally announces, "Let me show you what I mean", and tries to give Natalia a kiss, Natalia gently holds her back. Natalia’s gentleness, though, is what inadvertently encourages Zoey. As Zoey expects, Natalia finally relents and lets Zoey sweetly kiss her "just once". That first sweet kiss, of course, leads to several. And the kisses start to become less sweet and more passionate.

Natalia is surprised by how much she is responding to Zoey’s passion and that soft touch that she has. When Zoey’s touches lead to pulling down on Natalia’s bra strap, Natalia knows that a tipping point has arrived. As Zoey stares at Natalia’s bare breast, Natalia can’t help but notice Zoey’s mesmerized look and allows Zoey to continue. As Zoey softly sucks on and caresses her breast and nipple, Natalia closes her eyes and slides her hand into and pushes Zoey’s head into her breast, starting to breath heavier.

Watching Natalia respond to each new moment of sensation is truly special. Later, when Natalia lays on her stomach to begin to explore Zoey, her fascination is earned and feels genuine.

A very excellent and wonderful edition of Lesbian Seductions.

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