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Be My Slave Reloaded ____________________________________
Be My Slave Reloaded
I.D. dvd_8254, Adult
2017, TBD
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Director

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5-Star Film! 


Begins shipping approx. 3/21. These beautiful ladies are about to discover the pleasures of dominance and submission as they indulge in their sexual fantasies. Witness these lesbian couples submit to their partner's every desire and command. Be her slave, and experience new levels of sex and passion.


Anon in Bama
This video has a distinctive sub/domme twist, which is why I was so anxious to purchase & watch it. On the negative side, my copy kept freezing-up during the third & fourth scenes, which was annoying (although I suppose it could be that my DVD player is getting old). Also, I did not realize that this one was directed by Alis Locanta (not one of my favorite writers/directors) - that name appears nowhere on the entire DVD boxcover.

1) Leila Smith & Eveline Delai - This one opens with an angry, slightly older red-haired woman stopping a younger woman and checking her purse, where she discovers a pair of ladies undies. She stuffs them into the mouth of the girl, pulls down her dress, and proceeds to grope her pussy. She then fingers her and strips off her clothing. I liked the definite sub/domme feel here, with the older woman clearly the one in charge!

She then leaves, but quickly returns, wearing a strap-on around her hips. Next thing we see, she is taking the younger girl doggy-style, from behind. That was NICE! I especially liked the way the woman remained fully-clothed while the younger girl was nude. Later, she removes her own clothing and the two engage in some everyday lezzie-sex.

set-up: C+, casting: B+, sex: B+

2) Penelope Cum & Arian - These are the two hot DVD cover-girls. This one opens with a younger girl (Arian) in the shadows, wearing a leash & chain. Her mistress (Penelope) pulls down the panties of the girl and caresses her, before then sticking a glass dildo up her pussy from behind. There is no audio here - just music.

Next we watch a flashback, with Penelope shown enslaving Arian, locking a slave collar around her neck, and putting manacles around her wrists. Then she takes the girl into her room and undresses her on the couch. They kiss some, and then she sits on the face of the beautiful younger girl. The sub/domme element is quite good. At the very end, we watch as they shower together.

set-up: B, casting: A-, sex: B-

3) Lexi Lowe & Dorothy Black - We watch a manacled, gagged, dark-haired girl being fondled by her blonde mistress, who slaps her ass, and then pulls-down her panties. She has a blue glass dildo that she then inserts up the behind of her pretty slave.

Next, we see that both women have switched places, and that now it is the blonde girl in cuffs. The dark-haired woman makes the blonde girl service her while she stands before her. There really is not much of a sub/domme feel between these two - they are simply going through the motions. She forces the blonde to perform instant analingus on her, along with an extensive amount of fingering her from behind.

set-up: D, casting: B+, sex: C

4) Alexa Tomas & Zoe Doll - A slightly older woman, mostly nude, is shown holding a pretty younger woman from behind, kissing & caressing her. The girl pulls up her dress, with the older woman groping her vagina. Later, she ties the girl down onto a bed, face-up, manacling her hands to the bedpost, before then going down on her along with excessive fingering.

After she un-manacles the girl, it is the submissive girl then putting on a strap-on - which I found to be completely ASS-BACKWARDS! We watch as the submissive girl uses the strap-on to take the domme-girl, frontally & sideways. The sub-girl should NEVER be the one wearing the strap-on - sadly, nobody ever explained this to director Alis Locanta.

set-up: C-, casting: B+, sex: C

The sub/domme feel in the first two scenes was great, but not-so-great in the latter two scenes! The casting was decent, but the lack of erotic back-stories took away from what should have been a MUCH hotter video. My grade for this one: B-

This I thought a genius of a movie about women who are unable to give and receive love freely but either dominate through bondage or be in bondage to accept their version of love. Attempting to reduce this to a bondage movie is in my view ignoring the emotional condition of the women shown in this movie. The entire cast give superb performances but none more so than Leila Smith who usually plays warm outgoing women. In this she is definitely not that.

What I found fascinating about this movie is the reversal of roles that occur with the dominated becoming the dominator. Seemingly normal love is impossible for these women a fact which makes this a most arresting movie.

Not unnaturally this has toys and strap ons but they are well used and were essential to this movie. Whether you find the scenes in this hot depends on how you view this movie. I kept on thinking of a unit I did at University on Sexual Deviance and thought this film would have gone well with this for that is what this is about: sexual deviance.

Alis Locanto does a mighty job with this movie and I thought it quite one of his best. The photography and script is perfect and the cast all seem to relish playing characters they normally never get the chance of playing.

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