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There's Only One Vanessa Veracruz ____________________________________
There's Only One Vanessa Veracruz
I.D. dvd_6670, Adult
2015, 105 min.
Addicted 2 Girls
Directed by Mike Quasar

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Vanessa Veracruz with Yurizan Beltran, Daisy Haze, Kenna James and Mercedes Carrera.

DVD Features
chapter index, photo gallery.

I really liked two of the four scenes here- specifically the Kenna James and Daisy Haze scenes. Mike does a great job of focusing on some AMAZINGLY good kissing in this video, and neither of these scenes disappoint there. I also liked that the Daisy scene starts off with the girls in everyday street clothes- a clear departure from a stark mandate from A2G mgmt that all scenes start with girls in underwear or lingerie. The Kenna scene starts with the girls half naked, but at least they’re stiletto-free. These two are just a joy to view together as a pair- especially with Mike’s skill at framing and perspective. They are gorgeous together!

1)Buildup/Seduction: There’s no real buildup or context here as previously stated. The girls start out 90% naked from the first frame. There is some setting variety, but not all of them add to the sum total.

2) Kissing: Some really great moments are captured here...this is Mike Quasar at his best!

3) Attractiveness of Women: The girls here are all great-looking, along with Vanessa. I just wish they were presented differently. Some will have issues with the abundance of augmented breasts as well.


Yes indeed, and Vanessa here is simply superb, with Mike Quasar and her creating one of the most enjoyable erotic movies for many a long day. Scenes one and two must rank amongst the really hot scenes, with Kenna James setting the screen alight with Vanessa.

Scene two has Daisy Haze and she is just fabulous, as she and Vanessa expunge their passions out in bed. Scenes three and four are probably slightly below one and two, but in saying this, in any other film they would easily be the best scenes in the movie.

Vanessa and her cast of friends clearly have the hots for each other, for each scene is so natural. Vanessa clearly likes girls, and the other girls here have similar feelings. Beautifully shot by Mike Quasar, this in my opinion is a movie not to be missed. If you are a Vanessa Veracruz fan, as I am, this is essential viewing. While I loved “Latin Heat”, the previous Vanessa Veracruz film by Mike Quasar, this is a definite step up and must rank as one of Vanessa’s very best films.

In summary, not to be missed.

I think this is one of Mike Quasar’s best movies. Vanessa shines in each of the scenes and there is no shortage of hot kissing, fantastic cunnilingus, and tribbing in this movie.

I can’t say I have one favorite scene, as they are all really well shot and the chemistry is there, in each and every segment.

I highly recommend adding this title to your collection. It’s exceptional!

Giuliano (Giux Lover)
I have seen many movies of Vanessa, but this is the best, not only because she is present in all four scenes, but also for all the passion, sensuality and excitement that you can see in the scenes.

Vanessa & Daisy: a scene that starts outside and ends inside home, an excitement from the first to the last second with two girls who know what makes you happy with each other.

Vanessa & Kenna: slow start with a continuous, very hot buildup. Even if they have never worked before their chemistry is phenomenal. I can feel their pleasure that they heard while shooting the scene.

Vanessa & Mercedes: HOT HOT HOT. This is what happens when there are two Latin girls like them in the same scene. An escalation of sensuality, one of the best parts is surely the pussy licking, as only Vanessa can do.

Vanessa & Yurizan: These two girls have already done a lot of scenes together, but every time manage to overcome. They are the symbol of eroticism. Seems poetry in motion, their every movement sensual pleasuring.

In conclusion, this movie should be in the collection of anyone. It releases eroticism in every second of every scene thanks to Vanessa and her incredible talent in GirlGirl that make her the best in her field. No girl can be so exciting during a GirlGirl scene as Vanessa, that’s why she is the Queen of GirlGirl.

Definitely one of my favorite Vanessa Veracruz movies for many reasons!!!

1. Vanessa is in every scene and looks amazing in every one of them. There are but a few Vanessa Veracruz movies like this!!

2. What I love also is the introduction by Vanessa with her background, and the introduction to each scene by Vanessa talking about the girls. She makes the movie so personal by doing this, and you feel like she’s talking to you.

3. Vanessa wrote, directed , and starred in the movie!!

4. Finally, all the scenes are hot, sexy, and different with a variety of different girls with different looks. So something for everybody!! And of course, Vanessa never looked hotter!!!

Absolutely love this movie!!!

Over the past four years, Vanessa Veracruz has become one of the most, if not the most exciting erotic performer to emerge in the adult industry. In this second showcase effort of Vanessa’s for Addicted2Girls (‘Latin Lust’ being the first), Vanessa and director Mike Quasar scale to even greater erotic heights than they did in that title. The cast of four in this movie in each of the scenes as Vanessa’s co-stars are all quite stunning and compliment the sexy, beautiful Ms. Veracruz flawlessly.

Prior to the scenes we have Vanessa giving a brief bio of herself, as she explains to the viewers how she wishes to remain a g/g star exclusively for her entire erotic performance artist career. Not only does she excel at her craft, but also she devotes 100% of her onscreen attention to g/g scenes. Something that the g/g connoisseur in particular should admire and appreciate. This approach to the scenes satisfies both the viewers who have no prior familiarity with Vanessa, and those who are already Vanessa admirers. All should walk away from this production appreciating her efforts even more.

Vanessa’s introduction also provides a sense of erotic buildup to the scenes, as she explains what she finds attractive in each of her co-stars. Each of the four scenes is quite enjoyable and provides an in-depth exploration into the erotic persona of Vanessa Veracruz.

Scene One: Vanessa & Daisy Marie
The scene begins outdoors in a backyard. Vanessa and Daisy experience some nice foreplay before moving the scene indoors. Great kissing, breastplay, and facesitting as Vanessa and Daisy take turns exploring and tasting each others’ sweet pussy juices. G/G viewers may remember Daisy from Club 59’s ‘Lesbian Workout’ in particular, where she was paired in a superb scene with Sunny Leone. Coupled with Vanessa here, she certainly does not disappoint.

Scene Two: Vanessa & Kenna James
Vanessa explains how Kenna James, as a newcomer to the adult industry, has been gaining a huge following. It would certainly not surprise me to see Kenna given strong consideration for Best New Starlet come AVN time. Anyway, the scene starts out with Vanessa and Kenna clad in lovely lingerie. They experience some great mutual analingus, as well as oral. Nice kissing like the first scene, as these two make a very well matched pair.

Scene Three: Vanessa & Mercedes Carrera
To me, this is the standout scene of the four. Mercedes has a beautiful, curvaceous figure, and paired with sexy Vanessa, this is a scene that should thoroughly satisfy viewers. What made this scene so special was the intense passion that the two experienced. It starts out on a staircase with the pair making out and ultimately progresses to the bedroom. Outstanding oral in particular transpires thereafter, with both women pleasuring each other to the max in a scene that leaves both breathless. Great chemistry between the two, and I hope that they shall be paired again in future productions.

Scene Four: Vanessa & Yurizan Beltran
The scene starts out with Vanessa and Yurizan both wearing sexy bikinis and making out in front of a waterfall. They subsequently move the action indoors on a couch. Some very nice kissing throughout. Loved it especially when Yurizan was feasting on Vanessa’s gorgeous breasts, and later when Vanessa was running her tongue up and down licking Yurizan’s lovely pussy.

All in all, a movie that is sure to satisfy even the most jaded of g/g movie buffs. A five star effort all the way around. Excellent direction by Mike Quasar and an outstanding showcase for the beautiful and talented Vanessa Veracruz, who to me is to g/g movies in the early 21st century what Felecia was in the late 20th, the preeminent g/g-only star.

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