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The Plumber ____________________________________
The Plumber
I.D. dvd_8376, Adult
2017, TBD
Directed by Stills By Alan

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Elsa Jean, Lily Cade, Janice Griffith, Dana DeArmond

Ships approx. 5/16/17. Elsa Jean hires tomboy plumber Lily Cade, but the only pipe that needs fixing is the dripping wet pussy between her legs. Construction worker Dana DeArmond stealthily makes a cheating lesbian out of her colleagues vulnerable wife Janice Griffith. Lesbian Lily Cade returns to work hard on Elsa Jean's plumbing, soaking her bed with her squirt. Cheating wife Janice Griffith gets Dana DeArmond to come back for more home renovations that her pussy so desperately needs.

I can recommend this DVD because there are no toys and all 4 scenes show passionate lesbian sex! However, this still could have been a better porno!

It's basically 2 scenes divided into 2 parts. You get 2 scenes with Lily Cade & Elsa Jean and 2 with Dana DeArmond & Janice Griffith. The two stories have nothing to do with each other. In fact, Dana DeArmond plays a handyman and not a "plumber". Anyway, both scenes have a "butch/fem" theme to them.

I usually don't care about set-ups but I felt compelled to analyze this DVD further and try to get some ideas of how I might improve it!

One thing I thought was really stupid happens at the beginning of the second scene between Lily Cade & Elsa Jean! Lily is wearing big heavy work boots while she's in bed with Elsa! Why?? Is this to remind us that she's a plumber? Who gives a fuck? I like it better when two girls are totally naked anyway! At the end of their first scene they fuck in the kitchen, where the leak is. Lily has her boots on and her jeans are pulled down around her ankles. That's fine! Yet at the beginning of the second scene which is a continuation of the first, her jeans are off but her boots are still on! Lily would've had to of taken her boots off to get her jeans off! So why would she put her work boots back on only to fuck Elsa in bed? In spite of this annoyingly dumb move the sex was still hot, even though I'm sure most can appreciate that wearing work boots to bed would be uncomfortable and not erotic.

Also, I think it might have been better if somehow Elsa Jean & Janice Griffith did a sex scene and Lily Cade & Dana DeArmond did a sex scene! Maybe Dana could have been the plumber's helper/lesbian lover. Perhaps Janice and Elsa could have been lesbian roommates.

Whenever I see butch/fem scenes, sometimes in my mind I compare them to the classic lesbian sex scene between Nina Hartley & Alexis Greco in "Debbie Duz Dishes" back in 1986! Probably none of these 4 scenes will be remembered like that great one from 30 years ago but all in all for today at least, this is solid lesbian entertainment!

Anon in Bama
I wanted to purchase this DVD when it was first released if ONLY to see butchy-lez Lily Cade paired together with beautiful blonde femme Elsa Jean. The reason why I did NOT get it is because it is a Girlsway video directed by Stills-by-Alan, and that guy is capable of ruining ANY pairing, no matter how perfect it sounds. Anyway, I was recently able to watch that particular scene on a porn-video-site, and it turns out that I was correct expecting the worst.

Lily Cade & Elsa Jean - Elsa is a beautiful young blonde girl looking for company, as her parents are out of town, and I guess she is feeling either lonely or horny (or both). After unsuccessfully calling several boyfriends, none of whom are available, she telephones her dad and makes up a story about her sink being clogged and says she needs a plumber to come at once. Anyway, to make a long story short, that plumber is Lily Cade, and she tells the girl that nothing requires fixing.

Elsa is shown staring longingly at the unattractive butt crack of the butchy-plumber, which is every bit as stupid & un-erotic as it sounds. When Elsa then makes it clear that she wants to have sex with Lily, the butchy gal is fine with it, and off they go. Lily Cade has a bad habit of WAY OVERDOING the mechanical fingering, and director Stills-by-Alan does nothing to change that. The very natural sub/dom & butch/femme aspects of this encounter go nowhere. Lily performs analingus on Elsa and fingers her extensively. How is it even possibly to sabotage a sex-scene involving natural-lezzie-domme Lily Cade with beautiful young-submissive-femme-blonde Elsa Jean? Stills-by-Alan has found a way!

set-up: C-, casting: A, sex: C-

I was correct not to order this one. It is every bit as bad as I feared.

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