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Women Seeking Women 042 ____________________________________
Women Seeking Women 042
I.D. dvd_4892, Adult
2008, 153 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Elexis & Jana Cova, Bobbi Starr & Lone Star Angel, Andie Valentino & Daisy Lane, Sasha Hollander & Savannah Jane.

Over 2 hours of hot sensual lesbian sex!

Restless hearts searching for that one perfect woman!

2008 AVN Winner: Best All-Girl Series

Simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video

Beautiful woman-woman sex which is sure to excite you!

DVD Features
chapter index.

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Humble Opinion
This edition of WSW has two good scenes and one terrific one.

One of the good scenes is between Lone Star Angel and Bobbi Starr. They are a perfect match for each other, both are young and pretty, and they are energetic and a little nasty in their sexual style. Lone Star propels the action in this scene, coming on to her mother's new lover. Lone Star has this wonderful low voice with a slight Texas drawl, which, when she is saying things like, "I'm really gonna make you cum", or "Give it to me. Cmon, give it to me", adds a layer of excitement to the moment. Bobbi Starr, who has a beautiful, innocent face, gives as passionate as she gets, making Lone Star moan in a low growl that is also arousing to hear. It is a hot scene that culminates in Lone Star putting on her strap-on, which she typically does in her scenes. While I can often do without strap-ons in a scene, I have to admit that Lonestar is the best that I have ever seen use the strap-on. (Lone Star's strap-on scene with Bibette in Lesbian Triangles 9 is especially passionate.)

The scene between Jana Cova and Elexis Monroe is the other good scene. Jana feels a little more "distant" in this scene, compared with her scene in WSW 38 with Samantha Ryan. Jana does make Elexis cum a couple of times, but the action primarily is watching Elexis make Jana cum over and over again. Early on in the scene, after Elexis has made Jana cum hard (and, I think, bit herself on the lip in the process), Elexis says something like, "You're not done cumming yet, are you? You want to cum again, don't you?" Watching Elexis make the beautiful Jana Cova cum hard repeatedly, is what makes this such a good scene.

The terrific scene is the one between Daisy Lane and Andie Valentino. These are two very pretty, sweet young girls who have the feel of real girlfriends out to pleasure each other. The dynamic that makes this such a special scene is Daisy's dominant style combined with Andie's sweet surrender.

There is a moment, midway through the scene, after each girl has made the other cum and Daisy is starting to take control of the momentum between the two, where Andie pulls away from Daisy and starts to go down on Daisy's pussy. Daisy objects and says that she wants Andie to move her butt up to Daisy.
Andie says something like, "Oh, you mean a 69?"
Daisy says, "I don't care if you lay on top of me, I just want to be able to touch you." Andie hesitates, not quite trusting Daisy, but she does what Daisy asks.
Sure enough, after a minute or so, Daisy slips her fingers inside of Andie, and Andie is squealing, and is soon thrusting herself into Daisy's fingers once more, unable to resist Daisy's attentions. An excellent scene.

Wow... the last scene with Andie Valentino and Daisy Lane is just white hot. Daisy teases Andie to death and she loves every minute of it (as do we). Andie is a perfect example of why I love women who are slightly ticklish. Very good chemistry between the two, although Andie does seem to hold back a little when the kissing starts to really heat up. No toys. Despite the kissing thing, still a five-star scene for me.

The next best scene is the first scene with Elexis and Jana. This one has Jana coming like a freight train several times, and they're spectacular. This scene is more about high energy rather than intimacy... it's all about getting that O. You can always count on Elexis for a good scene. No toys. Four 1/2 star scene for me.

The next best scene is the third scene with Lone Star and Bobbi. This scene could have been really really good cuz Lone Star seemed to be really attracted to Bobbi. Unfortunately, I just don't think Bobbi felt the same way. Still, some good moments here and there. Strap-on. If you don't like either performer then you probably won't like this scene too much. A three star scene for me cuz I like Lone Star.

The second scene with Sasha and Savannah I thought was just mediocre. It has a mainstream porn feel. Shaky acting. Strap-on. Two stars for me.

To sum up: the last scene with Andie and Daisy is worth the price of the DVD alone. It's in my top 3 favorite WSW scenes and I've literally seen them all. Fortunately you also get a great scene with Elexis and Jana for your money.

Anon in 'Bama
There's a lot to like about Women Seeking Women 42, but as is typical for Girlfriends Films, there's a lot to dislike as well, particularly if you're really into erotic set-ups, as I am. Here's my take on the four scenes in this video:

1) Elexis & Jana Cova - These are the two beautiful DVD cover girls. Pretty blonde Jana arrives at Elexis's place with a lot of luggage. Apparently she's renting a room as she has just taken a job working at a nearby bank. After showing Jana her room, Elexis retreats into her own room and masturbates while thinking about a nude Jana. Realistic, yes? Erotic? Not particularly.

Suddenly there's a knock on Elexis's bedroom door. It's Jana. She explains that she has friends who desperately need a place to stay. Elexis decides that Jana's friends can be put in Jana's room, while Jana herself can stay with Elexis in her room! Jana then says she likes Elexis's perfume, so Elexis puts some on her. Then she wipes it off with a wash-rag, removing Jana's shirt in the process. Then they begin kissing and the sex-scene is underway.

Elexis is kind of in control, even though she's never been particularly strong in the more dominant role. She goes down on Jana, and then matter-of-factly fingers her some. I timed it. There's about six-solid-minutes of fingering. WAY too much! There's a brief moment where Elexis lovingly kisses Jana's gorgeous ass, but overall I wasn't all that impressed with this scene. Grade: C+

2) Sasha Hollander & Savannah Jane - This was an interesting scene. Savannah (I think that's her) is a hearing-impaired biker chick, and Sasha (I think that's her) is her oriental-play-toy-submissive-girlfriend. Not a bad idea, but there were three serious flaws in this scene:

First flaw: In order to show that Savannah's really a biker, she rides up in the alley on her motorcycle, and then Elexis comes out of the house and begins asking her questions about her bike, like how long she's had it and where all she's gone, etc. This conversation lasts for over six-minutes, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the scene, and certainly isn't the slightest bit erotic.

Second flaw: After Elexis leaves, and Savannah takes Sasha into the house and then into the bedroom, she spits several times into Sasha's mouth! I repeat: She spits several times into the other girl's mouth! I did NOT enjoy watching that even ONCE, much less several times! She also slaps Sasha's face a couple of times. If they wanted to establish that Savannah was the dominant one, there are a number of more erotic ways they could have done that!

On the positive side, I LOVED it when she brought out some handcuffs and clicked them onto Sasha's wrists, and also when she removed the girl's blue jeans and at one point even kisses the submissive girl's legs and ass. There was a very nice and highly erotic sub/dom feel to this scene.

Third flaw: But when Savannah finally puts on a strap-on, and Sasha instinctively positions herself on her elbows and knees to be taken from behind, instead of doing her doggy-style Savannah instead pulls the girl up and forces her to suck on the dildo for a while. And then later, she only does her frontally. This could easily have been far-and-away the best scene on this DVD, but the abovementioned flaws changed that. Grade: B-

3) Bobbi Starr & Lone Star Angel - Bobbi opens this scene in a bedroom, removing her short shorts and then getting into bed for a nap.

Later, Lone Star enters the room. Apparently, this place belongs to Lone Star's mom, and Lone Star is looking for her. Once she finds Bobbi, she has other ideas. "I guess you found out mom's a lesbian," she tells the pretty redhead. And this triggers an INSTANT LESBIAN encounter. They begin kissing and then go down on each other. Eventually Lone Star puts on a strap-on and does Bobbi doggy-style. Other than that, the directing for this scene left a lot to be desired. But both girls were quite beautiful, with gorgeous, hot bodies, and that's what made this the best scene on this DVD, at least in my opinion. Grade: B-

4) Andie Valentino & Daisy Lane - A pretty blonde is trying on dresses while a very attractive brunette girl watches. Apparently the blonde is going to appear in a pageant.

At one point the blonde asks the brunette about her friend, Samantha. From what I gathered from their conversation, Samantha was once molested by the brunette's mother, and now wants to sleep in the same bed as the blonde. This is an excellent example of weak, un-erotic writing by the folks at GFF. Anyway, apparently Samantha has a boyfriend named Mikey (why the fascination with this Mikey guy? Who cares a goddamn thing about Mikey?). Samantha has also expressed interest in a threesome with the blonde and the brunette.

This last revelation intrigues both the blonde and the brunette, and so they begin kissing and undressing. There's a GREAT moment when the blonde girl lovingly caresses and kisses the brunetteís beautiful legs and butt. I also liked the way the blonde girl remained in control for the most part, and I really liked how she seemed genuinely interested in the other girl. On the negative side, WAY too much fingering. Again. Grade: B-

Overall, I'd give this DVD an "A-" for casting, a "B" for the overall sex scenes, and a "D-" for the awful writing/directing. Overall grade: B-

The Andie & Daisy scene is brilliant. It is so good to see two young attractive girls having fun having sex together. I've seen both girls separately before but they did not make the impact they make here. If anyone from Girlfriends is reading please try to put them in another, and another...

The other scenes are up to the usual Girlfriends standard but it's hard to beat the chemistry that Daisy and Andie have.

I guess I will only mention the two scenes that everyone cares about on this release.

The scene with Elexis and Jana Cova can only be called sexy with a healthy dose of cheeky fun. Jana is staying with Elexis, who cannot help but have erotic fantasies about her (I hear there are a lot of fantasies about Jana Cova going around). Elexis imagines Jana naked in her kitchen, posing her perfect body. Just then, Jana comes into Elexis' bedroom and asks if her friend can also stay with Elexis. I'm sure Jana is willing to make a deal for the sake of her friend. What unfolds is an incredibly sexy scene. Elexis is the lucky one as she gets to enjoy Jana's extraordinary body. As for Jana, her enthusiasm bursts forth and she lets Elexis have her way with her. A great scene.

Not to be outdone, the scene with Andie Valentino & Daisy Lane is also a treat. What else can one hope for? The scene features two bewitchingly beautiful women in a scene that is both sensual and filled with raw sexuality. This scene is a favourite of mine and I would love to see Andie Valentino & Daisy Lane in another scene. Their chemistry is that good.

Those Latin soaps on daytime TV usually have the hottest women. Obviously thereís not going to be any lesbian romances in them, so the scene between Rebeca and Bridgette worked really well for me to fulfill that fantasy. Itís not the best of scenes regarding the acting skills of the girls or the sex, but I didnít mind. The couple of times Iíve watched those Latin soaps there hasnít been any Oscar-grade acting either.

Also, Iíve always been a huge fan of Ann Marie Rios. I liked the scene between her and Elexis as well.

I can easily recommend this DVD.

Two very good, one rather good and an awful scene:

1)Jana Cova & Elexis Monroe
Jana, the "Germanic"-looking Czech girl, is always a visual pleasure, a gem. But rather than the pretty partners in WSW #38 (Samantha Ryan) and WSW #41 (Charlie Laine), this time she is paired with the rather plain-looking but yet quite attractive Elexis Monroe (whom for whatever reason appears in every second Girlfriends Films release lately). The scene has it all, intimacy and raw sex. I would give it four and a half stars.

2)Sasha Hollander & Savannah Jane
The first glance on the biker girl is enough: ugly, mainstream porn stuff. No star at all! Forget it!

3)Bobbi Starr & Lone Star Angel
The beautiful Bobbi is well-known for hard sex and so is the cute Lone Star. And they deliver! Great strap-on scene! Four stars.

4)Andie Valentino & Daisy Lain
Two beautiful girls, yes. And a fine story line. There seems to be the right chemistry between them - but for some reason the whole encounter was not all that convincing for me. Too much snigger, which in my opinion reveals a certain camera-fright and creates a gonzo atmosphere. Three and a half stars.

All in all one of the better releases from GFF - mainly due to Jana Cova, Bobbi Starr and Lone Star Angel.

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