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Sexpresso ____________________________________
I.D. dvd_5714, Adult
2014, 120 min.
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Andrej Lupin

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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Tracy Lindsay & Aiko Bell, Tracy Lindsay & Daniella Rose, Daniella Rose & Stacy Snake, Tracy Lindsay & Stacy Snake, Brandy Smile & Stacy Snake (bonus scene).

Sexpresso introduces a new era of erotic excellence for VivThomas.com as Tracy Lindsay boosts our first title from the new owners, MetArt Films.

Coming over for coffee gets a beautiful new twist as Aiko Bell floats up Tracy Lindsay's driveway. Tracy loves her coffee - but not as much as she loves spending time with desirable young women. Aiko realizes that it's not just friendship they'll be sharing after their demitasses are brimming with espresso.

Sexpresso finds Tracy enjoying erotic liaisons with Aiko Bell and Daniella Rose, before enticing Stacy Snake into her first thrilling lesbian encounter. Tracy Lindsay is an exquisite natural beauty and she expresses her perky sexuality in every pleasure-soaked moment.

Scene listing:

[0:26] Tracy Lindsay & Aiko Bell

[29:57] Tracy Lindsay & Daniella Rose

[57:42] Daniella Rose & Stacy Snake

[1:30:32] Tracy Lindsay & Stacy Snake

[2:00:06] END CREDITS

[2:00:53] Brandy Smile & Stacy Snake (bonus scene)


DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, Dolby digital sound, bonus scene [g/g], trailer [g/g]. NTSC

This is Metart’s first Viv Thomas title, and might I say I loved every second of this beautiful and elegant film. On the DVD you get a four scene movie, plus one scene extra that is so good it truly rivals the film.

The centerpiece of the movie is Tracy Lindsay, who really captured me in Intimacy #2. Here she is a glowingly beautiful young woman with a body that is just so gorgeous it is hard to believe. She has a penchant for young elegant women whom she seduces in her most elegant of apartments. Tracy also has a girlfriend, Daniella Rose, whom she has an open relationship with, seducing Aiko Bell in scene one then after seducing her girlfriend in scene two. Daniella brings shy, sweet young thing Stacy Snake to the apartment, where she first of all has sex with her, then leaves for Tracy to have her turn with her. Stacy is the ultimate sweet young thing, and smiles sweetly as she nods in acceptance as our heroine shows her what girl-girl sex is all about.

The sex here is just so superb, quite some of the best lesbian sex filmed. Then there is the espresso coffee machine which starts each scene. No one actually drinks all the coffee, but it really sets the scene. Added to this, Tracy’s apartment is really elegant, just the place to seduce sweet young elegant things who are all dressed superbly.

The models are just shimmering balls of feminine perfection, God are they beautiful. The music is just right and the direction and photography as good as you can get. The final scene really got me for it has Tracy, in a bathing suit, wandering out to sit in her courtyard and have a cup of coffee. What a walk, for she is just so beautiful.

The extra scene has Brandy Smile making breakfast for her girlfriend, miss super sweet elegant young thing Tracy Snake. Sound asleep when Brandy enters, she is awakened by being eaten out by Brandy. This is just so superbly done I felt jealous, for what a way to be woken up. Then Brandy sits on her face and gets her dose of morning glory before Tracy finger fucks Brandy. By now both have a healthy appetite so it is on to breakfast. Yes please.

Yes Viv, I am really sorry you retired. Happily your spirit lives on in such a superb movie.

Harry H
I have been a fan of Tracy for a while now, and she is great here! But I would give this movie 5 stars just for bringing Aiko Bell to my attention. What a lovely girl! I hope they work with her more.

Humble Opinion
Sexpresso was a highly erotic movie that had 4 great scenes, anchored by a remarkable performance by the hypnotic blond Tracy Lindsay. I have watched Tracy in a couple of Viv Thomas movies, and she was certainly attractive. But here, we see a woman for whom the term "siren" was created! Tracy Lindsay’s seductive brown eyes alone could lead mariners, ancient and modern, to crash their ships into the rocks.

The motif is coffee, of course, served by Tracy and leading inevitably to sexual trysts that leave this viewer breathless. Tracy owns a luxuriously modern, spacious house. She obviously has money, and appears to be a bit of a party animal, who particularly likes young innocent girls.

The first "coffee encounter" is an early morning cup between Tracy Lindsay and a sweet young brunette, Aiko Bell. Aiko has evidently spent the night in Tracy’s guest house after a party. She arrives in the party dress that she wore the night before, a one piece which caresses tightly over her breasts and leaves her gorgeous arms and shoulders exposed. When Aiko enters Tracy’s kitchen, she sees Tracy, barely covered in an already practically "see-through" flimsy black robe. Underneath that robe, Tracy is wearing a black bra and panties.

After serving the espresso, Tracy quietly and deliberately slinks around the kitchen counter to where Aiko is standing, sipping her coffee. Tracy purrs, "You look very sexy, this morning." Aiko half-laughs, "You think so? I feel rather normal." Tracy moves closer, gently disagreeing, "You don’t look normal."

It is not lost on Aiko that Tracy is now practically on top of her. Tracy traces her finger along Aiko’s bare arm. As Aiko pulls away slightly, Tracy softly pouts, "Don’t be shy." Aiko responds, "I am very shy because you are so pretty!" Tracy smiles to herself and positions herself behind Aiko, leaning in whispering, "I want to make love to you." Aiko twists back, incredulous, "Are you kidding me?" Tracy simply stares. Aiko is still dubious, "Are you serious?" Tracy softly breathes out, "Yes, I am," and brings a soft kiss to Aiko. They keep softly kissing. Aiko tries to keep her eyes half open, watching to see if Tracy is "putting her on", but with Tracy’s eyes luxuriously shut, and her lips deliciously pressing into her, Aiko and her suspicions begin to melt away.

Slow, soft and luxurious would describe this scene, which feels like Aiko’s first time ever with a woman. Against the kitchen counter, Tracy will feast on her mouth and neck before stripping her of her party dress. Then after "sating herself" on Aiko’s soft flesh, Tracy will strip her of her panties and begin eating and rubbing her naked pussy, while Aiko leans back against the counter. Finally, a fiery Tracy will twirl Aiko around, making her bend over the counter. Tracy will take an ecstatic Aiko from behind, with fingers probing inside of her as her body presses down against the gasping Aiko.

Another early morning tryst, this time with lover, brown-haired Daniella Rose. Tracy has made a tall frothy concoction and is walking up to her bedroom. Daniella is laying there in bed, waiting for her lover after a night of glorious lovemaking. Tracy is wearing a sheer, see-through pink robe, naked underneath. Daniella is wearing a beige teddy. Tracy sits on the side of the bed and feeds Daniella spoonfuls of froth, before setting the drink aside to lick her lover’s lips. Licks become kisses, and sweet kisses turn into urgent mashing, as Tracy tumbles onto the bed alongside Daniella.

If in the previous scene I marveled at Tracy’s sexual hunger and skill, here I stared in awe at Tracy Lindsay as a receiver of love. Daniella quickly takes over Tracy, laying her down on the bed. Daniella then simply devours Tracy. Tracy’s lithe body is a genuine sight to behold. But it is Tracy’s soft, seductive, brown-eyed gaze, glazed in lust as she watches Daniella lose herself in her body, that is really awe-inspiring to behold.

A mid afternoon coffee affair. Tracy has invited her lover Daniella over and asked her to bring a girl who was at the party last week: sweet, young, almost virginal Staci Snake. As Tracy makes coffee in the kitchen, Daniella and Staci seat themselves on the large sectional couch in the living room. Tracy enters, places the coffee on the small table in front of the couch, and seats herself at the far end of the same couch. Daniella knows what this "get-together" is all about, but Staci has no clue. Tracy wastes no time getting to the point, self-assured as she is in her allure. "Have you ever had sex with a girl?" Daniella’s eyes gleam, looking over quickly to see how Staci will respond. Staci is clearly startled, but seems hardly shocked; Staci seems to know Tracy’s reputation. While not shocked, Staci is still shy, and meekly responds "No" to Tracy’s blunt question. Staci stares at Tracy as she presses on, "Would you like to try?" Staci answers stumblingly, "I don’t know!"

Daniella purrs "You will like it!" as she touches Staci’s bare thigh. Staci is startled and confused with both beauties apparently "coming-on" to her. But Daniella is the closer and more bold, her hand sliding up Staci’s thigh. Staci looks over, questioningly, seeking, at Tracy, but Tracy looks back impassively. When Daniella’s hand carressingly pushes Staci’s face back, Staci willingly lets Daniella kiss her. Throughout this seduction and sexual feast, Tracy will mostly stay in her seat, diddling with herself. Daniella will be the one playing with and crushingly making love to a groaning and hopelessly aroused Staci Snake.

After that sexual feast, Daniella announces that she has to leave. Tracy stands up and helps Daniella with her clothes. Staci Snake, meanwhile, lies naked and dazed on the couch, watching the two ladies above her. When Daniella is gone, Tracy sits where Daniella was sitting originally. Tracy asks Staci if she enjoyed herself, and Staci shyly giggles while staring intently at Tracy, waiting and wondering what is next. Tracy smiles seductively, and reaches over, and picks up Staci’s feet in her hands. Tracy softly massages and slides her fingers between Staci’s toes, quietly asking, "Would you like to try it with me?"

Staci is spent, giddy. But there is something about Tracy’s mesmerizing gaze that won’t let Staci go. Without another word spoken, Tracy moves over to Staci, bends down, and begins kissing her. Staci swoons immediately, wrapping her arms around Tracy’s neck, pulling her down. If Daniella was soft and slow with the newbie Staci, Tracy is insistent, forceful, her mouth almost crushing Staci. But then Tracy suddenly pulls back. Tracy wets two of her fingers and brings them down to Staci’s mouth. Staci obediently sucks on the fingers, and then watches as Tracy brings them back to her own mouth. Tracy then, slowly and deliberately, brings those fingers down between Staci’s closed thighs. Tracy bends down, and presses her lips again hard into Staci’s mouth, maki

This DVD is one beautiful example of highly erotic lovemaking between women.

As a huge g/g fan since 1986, I can honestly say that I’ve never viewed a scene more erotic or beautiful than what blonde Tracy Lindsay and dark haired Daniella Rose create in the second selection on the disc. The two women are very pretty with gorgeous, non-porn star bodies. By non-porn star I mean that they don’t have freakish 44-inch artificial tits. These women have beautiful curves in all of the places where a woman should have them, and everything looks natural. The French kissing that takes place between these two ladies creates too gorgeous of a picture for me to be able to adequately describe it with mere words. And I’m most grateful that these two lovelies engage in a lot of that tongue-to-tongue pleasure. Also there is no screaming or loud, fake moaning from either, but rather just soft, realistic sounds that signify their pleasure. And you can clearly hear the sound of kisses, licking, and sucking, which only adds to the scene’s eroticism.

Make no mistake, for g/g fans Sexpresso is an erotic feast. No sane g/g fan should be disappointed with this DVD.

If it's alright, I just wanted to amend my previous review of "Sexpresso", a DVD as erotic as any one of my 300 plus disc g/g collection.

When originally writing about "Sexpresso" the terrifically erotic, and simply beautiful scene between the wonderful Tracy Lindsay and the absolutely lovely, dark haired Daniella was my favorite scene of the disc. But as another reviewer wrote Daniella is the first woman in "Sexpresso" to seduce a very pretty, quite innocent looking, 18-ish young girl called Stacy Snake.

That is quite a nice scene, but it is when that love session ends, and Tracy Lindsay decides to have her own way with the still naked young girl, that has become my new go-to scene on the disc. The 2 young women are sitting near each other on a luxurious looking white cloth couch when Tracy begins softly touching the young girl. Young Stacy is very cute and has some absolutely gorgeously shaped thighs and a beautiful, sexy ass, that's a perfect match for them. And when Tracy Lindsay puts her hand between the young girl's thighs and starts fingering the girl's clit, while Tracy is also passionately kissing the girl, at the same time, it is one of the most beautifully erotic scenes that I've been lucky enough to witness in more than 30 years of enjoying g/g scenes.

The younger woman seems so lost in pleasure and the camera angle of seeing the girl's beautiful legs bent up at the knee, as Tracy pleasures her, while the viewer also sees how beautiful the girl's ass is at the end of her legs, is just erotic Nirvana the way the scene is shot, and the 2 young women seem to be so personally involved in it.

And thank goodness that "Sexpresso" is one production whose creators knew not to obscure the beautiful sounds of love making with unnecessary music. Offhand, I just can't honestly name another particular g/g scene that I think is more erotic than that one. I simply can't imagine even the most picky kind of girl/girl fan, ever failing to really be turned on strongly by "Sexpresso"!

I really hope that LLV's moderator allows my posting of a THIRD set of comments concerning Sexpresso, because it's a MASTERPIECE of woman with woman erotica, that just doesn't seem to be getting the tremendous amount of attention, and JUSTIFIED PRAISE, that it DEFINITELY DESERVES.

My DVD/Blu-ray g/g collection is pretty large, but if our house caught fire, and I could only grab one DVD, before escaping from the blaze, that DVD would be Sexpresso.

I've seen that some folks on our LLV site are pretty big fans of Tracy Lindsay, but any of them who still haven't viewed Sexpresso, have MISSED a genuine girl/girl HEAVEN. Because the other 8 Tracy Lindsay g/g DVDS that are part of my collection, don't EVEN COME CLOSE to the EROTIC Girl/Girl HEAT that Sexpresso contains.

Peter's accurate comment that Sexpresso is beautiful and elegant, still UNDERSTATES how good this g/g epic is!

This morning I watched the scene between Tracy Lindsay and beautiful, dark haired, Daniella Rose. The kissing that these 2 very pretty women do is certainly on the 10 WOW level! If European or American makers of g/g erotica have ever shot scenes of kissing between 2 attractive women which ARE ANY BETTER than Tracy and Daniella's GORGEOUS MAKING OUT, I SURE HAVEN'T been lucky enough to run into such scenes!

And Tracy & Daniella's scene is immediately followed by Daniella making love with Stacy Snake, a young lady who is pretty, with light brown hair, and really has the look of an innocent 18 year old. And young Miss Snake has an absolutely beautiful, perfectly shaped body, which includes amazingly well shaped thighs, a gorgeously sexy ass, and breasts that are obviously natural, with no surgical augmentation.

In fact, all of the ladies in Sexpresso appear to only have the bodies that nature and exercise have given them, thank goodness.

Anyhow, as Daniella, and the lovely Miss Snake are doing some beautiful kissing, and fondling of each other's pussies, breasts, and asses, Tracy Lindsay is sitting across the room, caressing her own pussy while she watches Daniella and Miss Snake making love on the large and plush couch, that the ladies are on.

Daniella's VERY EROTIC scene with Miss Snake concludes with Miss Rose saying that she has to go, and Tracy Lindsay helping Daniella prepare to leave, by zipping up her dress. So Daniella gets up and goes, leaving a still mostly dressed Tracy Lindsay, and a naked young girl, suddenly ALONE TOGETHER. So Miss Lindsay sits down on the long couch containing Tracy Snake, and what transpires between them is MORE EROTIC HEAVEN.

I have a brother-in-law, Carl, who used to enjoy watching porn videos with his wife. But Carl now says that he always hated the g/g scenes in the mostly 1980s to early 90s vintage videos that they watched. But I really think that the truly AMAZING scenes contained in Sexpresso would totally change my brother-in-law's attitude, and show him what a huge turn-on that g/g erotica can be. For example, when Tracy Lindsay is in deep kissing with Miss Snake, while caressing the young girl's clit, at the same time, if that BEAUTIFUL SIGHT doesn't make a straight man's dick hard, that man has a physical or psychological problem. I get hard JUST THINKING ABOUT that scene, and I'm 67 years old!

Anyhow folks, as is obvious by now, I think it's a BIG MISTAKE, for any man or woman who enjoys g/g erotica, to MISS the beautiful g/g kissing, caressing, and licking that was so well photographed by Sexpresso's creators. And what also makes Sexpresso so GREAT is that each young lady in it, GENUINELY seems to FULLY ENJOY woman with woman lovemaking.

BTW, I'm a non-believer, but if it turns out I was wrong to think that way, and I'm subjected to God's judgment, I'll have to tell the OLD BOY that I'd never ask to be forgiven for enjoying a g/g DVD like Sexpresso, because it's JUST TOO DAMNED BEAUTIFUL!

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