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SapphicErotica.com, Best of, Volume 1 ____________________________________
SapphicErotica.com, Best of, Volume 1
I.D. s0531 & dvd_2761, Adult
2004, 100 min.
Directed by Bailey


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5-Star Film! 

Rene & Linda, Kellie & Johanna, Peaches & Luka.

A Lezlove World Exclusive!! Scenes from the all-girl membership site SapphicErotica.com!!

Hi! This is Bailey from SapphicErotica.com. This is my first DVD release. I've selected for it (with LLV’s help) some of the best scenes that I filmed recently in Europe. I think the technical quality of these scenes is the best I've done so far. I also think the girls are all very pretty, and that they make passionate love to each other in all of the scenes.

In each DVD, I'm also going to include a bonus scene from my older material. LLV.com and I will pick the best pairings and focus on passion, the key to what has made SE.com what it is today.

Scene Listing:

Kellie and Johanna
Johanna (blonde) has also been on my site before. She had never been with a girl before the first time and was a little timid in her previous appearance. Since then, she has blossomed into a real girl-lover and literally devours Kellie in this scene. Kellie reciprocates in equal measure. Kellie likes being stimulated anally and Johanna did this for her in a natural, loving way.

Rene and Linda
There are lots of scenes of Rene (blonde) on my site. I think this is by far the best one. She and Linda are close friends and have really good chemistry. They start out playing "mercy" and behave like they do in real life (I love the way Rene squeals). They did one of the best 69's I've shot so far, and they get very heavily into analingus.

Peaches and Luka
I'm sure everybody knows Peaches. I couldn't resist shooting her again. She came with her blonde friend Luka. Peaches begged me to let them use the pocket rocket (she loves them). They use it sparingly, and I don't think it detracts from the scene. I was able to get directly above them when they did their tribbing, and I think it's the best one I've shot so far. You can see a short sample from this scene on the tour of my site. As in the other scenes, the girls do analingus and anal play. I know some fans don't like this, but I think it's a matter of how it's done. I think they did it in a natural way.

Bonus Scene: Advril and Lux
I had shot Advril before with Brittney. She introduced me to her friend "Lux" (by the way, afterwards I soon gave up on letting models choose their own stage names). They told me they had never had sex before but had always wanted to. They had the best chemistry I've ever seen (I wish it could always be this good). This scene has had a cult following ever since I put it on my site on March 2003. I still get requests for more Advril and Lux. They both quit doing shoots not long after I shot this. Advril told her parents what she was doing, and they pressured her to stop. Lux quit because Advril did. They do a good trib at the end, but the best things about the scene are the kissing and the oral. I think the part where Advril sits on Lux's face is amazing.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, digitally mastered, full bonus scene.

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As expected the movie is impressive. I can say its impressive even without seeing the movie in full but from the preview. The contrast of the girls, one blonde and one brunette with them kissing each other/making out is simply a brilliant piece of work.

I trust that we will see many, many more works coming from Bailey and Co., mate you again are simply brilliant, Brilliant.

After having seen many of Sapphic Erotica's videos as a member of the website, all I have to say is that it's about time Bailey released some of these gems on DVD. These scenes are just a taste of some of the excellent footage Bailey has produced.

The standout scene for me was the one featuring Rene and Linda. These two are not only extremely cute, they are having fun with each other. Great scene! I hope these two are paired together again for an even longer scene, because they have great chemistry. Can't wait to get this one; I'm already looking forward to the second release.

Kellie has to be my favorite SE girl after Angelique - the eyes, the smile, the dimples, she's heartbreakingly cute, especially when wearing jammies. Kellie and Johanna is just about the best scene Bailey's done. The girls are obviously excited and hot for each other, and you can actually hear Kellie's breath catching in her throat several times, she is so overcome with desire.

Maybe Bailey should consider doing collections for individual girls, I'd vote for Kellie, Angelique, Nina, Marsha, and Jackie, for my top five. And I think Kyla and Shyla deserve their very own DVD.

I fully agree that these videos are outstanding. Being a long-time subscriber to SapphicErotica.com. Actual passion and enthusiasm from the models! As downloads, the vignettes are perfect length, and thus perfect for a compilation video, I feel.

My only complaint is that you miss some build-up, back story, that sort of thing. Oftentimes, it's just straight to the sex. Bailey's (and his friends and supplier's) work would be stunningly perfect if it included some creative build-up (a la Abby Winters and especially Viv Thomas). The sex is right up there though.

I'm glad I finally got this one! The whole vid is great, but the best is by far the bonus scene. Advril and Lux are clearly into each other. They're not there to pick up a check, they really want each other.

Let's hope Vol. 2 contains the raw passion and heat of that bonus scene! Bailey, please release Vol. 2 now we can't wait. On a side note, it would be great if sites like welivtogether.com, etc., did the same thing and released these type vids.

I’ve waited impatiently for this release, and what a disappointment. I also have “French Kiss” and “Erin and Corrina”, and both of those disappointed me too. The girls are cute, but the problem with these was there were no orgasms. So I’ve waited for “The Best of Sapphic Erotica Vol 1”, I thought this guy was going to answer my prayers. BZZZZZT! The girls are cute, and I think could have been very passionate with each other, but that camera kept getting between them for close-ups equal to a microscope.

There was way too much camera involvement, the girls had to move for the camera shot. Come on! And the noise recorded seemed to be a lot more than what the girls could have produced, it’s like there’s three guys behind the camera breathing heavy for effect, AND it is way to scripted. Why can’t someone just get two girls together, and let them have at it until they’re both cumming all over the place? I don’t need all that close-up work, I know what a pussy looks like. I want to see the passion, which this one lacked completely, between two women that are blowing each others minds. Everyone advertises it, but I never see it. This one is a big disappointment.

Kudos all around for this great dvd! I too was a subscriber to Sapphic E. and consider it to be the best bang for your buck web site. So good to see that the various girl/girl scenes are coming out on dvd. If Bailey is reading this, I concur with the other reviewer in hopes that Kyla and Shyla will have their own dvd out soon. I will definitely buy that!!

Yeah, I tried "Sapphic Erotica" for one month awhile back. Call me jaded, but after experiencing the lesbian heat and passion that one finds in some of the Japanese lesbo-erotica, "Sapphic Erotica" just didn't do it for me. "Pretty-good" just isn't good enough anymore.

Granted, most all American lesbian websites if graded on a scale of one-to-ten would receive a "zero" but on the same scale I would have to give "Sapphic Erotica about a "three" or "four". But with that said, they seem to be going down, and fast. In the months since I cancelled my subscription to the site, I have continued to check out the 10-20 second samples that are available on the various mpg sites that are out there. "Sapphic Erotica" is now not only doing "threesomes", but also "foursomes" and (the shame!) FIVESOMES! What's going on here?!

I see women sucking on dildos (I mean who gets pleasure from THAT, the women or the dildos?!! And women trying to perform analingus from behind in that silly "from the side" thing that just doesn't work. And "passion"? I don't think so. What I'm seeing is women that have been TOLD to look passionate, and it shows! I'm still waiting to see some really good lezlove erotica come out of the U.S. I swear, if I have to see one more women performing cunnilingus and pushing her hair out of the way so that the camera can get a better view, I think I'll just die!

This is worth waiting for, particularly the first two scenes. Several of us have been lobbying for Sapphic Erotica to be offered by Lezlove, and this demonstrates the reason why. I want the next video with four separate scenes to be listed for purchase very soon. And, if some of us can put in our preferences, please allow the next to include girls with full pubic hair for those of us who have noticed that Sapphic Erotica has those available, but just select the very best on DVD and we will enjoy.

This DVD has three scenes. All three are great, but the girls are going at it at a faster than usual pace.

Don't get me wrong, this DVD is terrific, but it would have been better if the girls slowed down a bit. It's like the girls haven't seen each other for months, and when they do get together, they just go it at to satisfy their cravings. Slooooooow down!!!!

Would I buy volume #2 when it comes out? You bet!

anon from NJ
This is a very good DVD. The first three scenes feature great looking girls, wonderful oral, a good amount of anal (but not too much or raunchy), very aroused women, nice long deep kisses, some trib, a very limited use of a pocket rocket (used very well I must add), and some very nice realistic orgasms.

What is lacking is that the girls really seem to be enjoying sex together, but there is very little evidence of great chemistry. You will see what I mean when you watch it. The first three scenes still deserve at least a 9 out of 10.

But scene four is better than great!!!!! These girls rush into the bedroom fully clothed acting like they have been very horny for each other all day and can't wait to devour each other. And devour they do, with much abandon and great chemistry!!! What a scene!!!!! 10 out of 10+++!!! Put this DVD on your must buy list!!!!!

Let Me drive
A very good movie, particularly the last (bonus) scene. Beautiful women engaging in passionate lovemaking. They all seem to be really into the sex, not just acting. The last scene, very hot, great oral, with scratches on the back and oral sex so hard one girl has to pull away. Now that is awesome.

This is an excellent effort from Sapphic Erotica, and while not perfect it fully deserves 5 stars. I would agree that the bonus/fourth scene is by far the best; the two girls are clearly hot for each other. There is a wonderful part when the blond girl sits on the brunette’s face, and gets eaten out with a passion rarely seen in other videos. This scene alone made the purchase worthwhile.

On the down side, I would have liked some kind of a story or build up, or even some conversation between the girls. I also thought the moans of pleasure in the first three scenes were a bit fake.

The plusses for me were the youth and beauty of the girls, who all have trimmed or shaven pussies (sorry, pubic hair just isn't my thing), the great kissing and the camerawork, which I didn't find intrusive at all.

two crows
An excellent movie, it has all the right moves. I could see that the ladies were enjoying themselves. I liked the last scene the most because the ladies talked to each other as they made love. Good job Bailey.

Very, very good compared to most, but here are my thoughts for number two: spend time for a build-up or mini-plot instead of going immediately to the sex. More kissing. Natural sound without any background music. Natural pubic hair just as they should be - not as "slick" adolescents. No piercings or tongue bars. NO DILDOS or VIBRATORS. Slow, passionate lovemaking with heavy breathing and natural excitement, not pretension. Then, bring on #2, 3, 4, etc.

For better or worse, this movie reminded me very much of a Viv Thomas affair. For better because of the good production quality and the beautiful young women kissing each other deeply. For worse because it, like many VT movies, is basically overly-directed, well-made mainstream porn.

Despite the passionate kissing I rarely had the feeling the women were really into each other. Little seemed spontaneous, there wasn’t much sexy stuff such as neck kissing, finger sucking, ear licking, etc. It seemed as if they were going down a checklist: 1. Make out. 2. Suck each other’s tits. 3. Eat each other. 4. Analingus. 5. Get paid. 6. Go home.

This movie is worth seeing for the beautiful faces kissing each other and some other good moments, but it’s just too stilted to be the sort of movie I’ll watch over and over again. I thought it was GOOD.


Video Quality – Excellent

Talent - Excellent and Gorgeous

Production - ARE WE EVER GOING TO GET THE REAL AUDIO!! I hate how the audio never matches the scene.

At least we aren't getting the same shot over and over, but come on guys. That’s what they make boom mics for. USE them, and then USE the real audio!! I'd still give it a good rating. Better than most.

I've finally checked this one out, and am happy to report it was very good. This is high-class lesbian erotica, as are many films at this site, and is really what the site is all about. I'd be interested in a volume 2.

Perhaps in the future they will make a few little improvements? The sounds had room for a little improvement. Perhaps some hotter kissing to accompany the passionate follow-throughs. Overall, a very good DVD. Thank you.

This title has unique content - it has gloveless anal fingering and analingus, so I give this title 5-Stars, and definitely recommend this to buy, and I hope to see volume two and future volumes!

Anne Sophie
This is another film recommended to me by my girlfriends at the Reallesbianporn website. They also recommend Abby Winters’ films too. I agree with Cristal; the kissing is fantastic and the analingus is very cute! But there is no buildup or real conversation between the girls. The sex is very real, but it would be better with a little more seduction.

Creators and producers for Lesbian films should think more about their female audience (customers). There is a good 30% to 40% of Lesbian women who are watching and buying all-girl adult films. They would like to see more passionate buildup; that means plenty of kissing, caressing, and lustful dialogue. Viv Thomas is the best in making passionate buildup in his films.

I do love Sapphic Erotica; I will recommend it for the analingus scenes. I wish there was analingus between Advril and Lux. They were adorable! My girlfriends think Rene and Linda did the best kissing! French Kiss!

This film is visually stunning to behold. The women are very beautiful and the blonde/brunette contrast worked very well in all four of the scenes.

Great kissing and excellent oral technique by all of the participants involved. The women seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves in the way they were caressing and pleasuring each other.

Definitely worthy of the five star rating, and a must have for one's lesbian erotica collection.

Ahhhhh, ‘twas a fantastic piece of work back in 2004, but, alas, just a flash in the pan. Never to be seen again? I fear, just an advertising stunt, making us wish for more. Cruel, Bailey.... cruel.

I haven't purchased this DVD, but have seen all the scenes on the site. By most standards, it represents pretty decent fare. But, as has been previously observed, Bailey seems more and more to think that giggling Eastern European foursomes do the trick, and they most certainly do not. In modern jargon, Sapphicerotica.com has jumped the shark.

I'm holding out for a compilation of the love scenes of Cindy (the very cute Russian waif from 2004). Until then, I'll won't be buying these DVDs.

Anne Sophie
I have been watching this film again lately and hoping that Bailey will make another Sapphic Erotica DVD available! I would also like to say that Johanna and Kellie had the most beautiful orgasms together. Don't forget about all the Lesbian women who bought this DVD and my girlfriends who love this film too! French Kiss!

Julia loves Stephanie
I loved it when all the girls were licking each other in the arse. I enjoy doing this myself. There should be more lesbian DVDs with girls licking in the arse. Why are so many lesbian DVDs made for a male audience only? They should think of their female audience also! We enjoy passionate kissing, seduction, and good licking in the arse!

a man
This film is absolutely amazing! I would just like to point out that it’s not just girls who want a buildup. I personally love to see girls working up to really passionate lovemaking I love to see it, really! I’m fed up with all the trashy porn out there. So, really, there ain’t no “guy” porn out there, its just porn that directors think guys want.

Mr. Neil
This video is what convinced me that it was worth my while to join Sapphic Erotica. Absolutely the best lesbian love scenes to be found ANYWHERE. My two favorite SA models, Peaches and Rene, are featured on this video, and they don't disappoint.

This is one of the most erotic DVDs I have seen. It was recommended by other lesbian women. I would like to see another DVD by the same director but none are available. I loved the part with Advril and Lux; great passion! But it was missing analingus!

“SapphicErotica.com, Best of, Volume 1” was one of the best lesbian flicks that I have watched. The kissing, anal licking, and the oral sex were great. I would almost compare these scenes to Viv Thomas' scenes; also the ladies were nice to look at.

Very good movie. I am a Sapphic Erotica subscriber. I would like Laila and Pixie pussy rubbing to be included. Very nice shot. I particularly like pussy rubbing.

This one is definitely for lesbians! The girls are evidently bi-curious or lesbian in their private lives. There are more and more adult video actresses who consider themselves as bisexual. Many of them make only all-girl videos. One of the very first actresses to do only all-girl videos was Janine Lindmueller.

I love Peaches and have seen her already in many Viv Thomas videos. Peaches is definitely horny kissing Luka, but my favorite Peaches kiss is with Eve in Art of Kissing.

I think more videos are being made in consideration for bi-curious girls and lesbians (like me!). Girlfriends Films and Triangle films are evidence of this trend in all-girl videos.

This is a 5 star DVD. I loved the contrast between blonde and brunette. Great oral with ass-licking too. No faking here, the girls were really into each other. I am an amateur photographer who is thinking about making lesbian erotic films for women. The market for lesbians is there and growing bigger each day. I would love to work with models like the ones in this DVD.

I just got this DVD last week, and, I have to say, it is mostly excellent. The girls are all gorgeous, and they are extremely passionate. It's great to see Peaches (one of my favourite lesbians), and the two girls in the bonus scene are gorgeous (though I wish we could have seen a little more of Lux. But, from what I hear, we never will, which is a shame, considering it is probably the second best scene.

My only complaints are that some of the scenes seemed a bit too “formulaic,” though not enough to detract, but enough to notice. The sound is pretty bad and seems extremely fake and overdubbed (except for the bonus scene), but all other negatives are just personal opinion.

I'd love to have seen more analingus, and I would like to see a wider variety of girls (who, frankly, all look similar). I know they have their own DVDs, but why can’t we have some teen Asian girls in the mix? Or maybe some redheads. Either way, though, this DVD wont disappoint; an easy 8/10 :)

I am a guy who enjoys softcore lesbian porn with lots of pretty girl-on-girl kissing scenes. After being bored and dissatisfied with hetero porn, I decided to try gay porn. Gay and lesbian porn is so much more arousing than hetero porn. Lol. I know that seems funny, but damn if it is isn't true.

Sapphic Erotica, Best of Volume 1 does not disappoint. This is not some lesbian porno that you typically come across. First, I seem to dislike foreign accents in women when I watch lesbians having sex; it's distracting in a bad way. Sapphic Erotica does not have this problem. I can hear the girls moan and have orgasms.

Second, they show feet and even lick feet. I am a foot fetishist of women's pedicured toes and such, so I was pleased.

Third, if you are a guy, whether hetero or bi, you will definitely love this softcore lesbian DVD. These girls kiss each other a lot. They even French kiss, guys, so that means they use tongues.

Clearly the best lesbian lovemaking anywhere. I hope Sapphic Erotica releases an exclusive DVD of special content not available on their website.

WOW! Sweet girls having fun! I have to admit though, if I had to pick the girl who shines brightest, I would choose Kellie. All in all a very nice first for Sapphic Erotica. Please give us a second soon!

I was a fan of the Sapphic Erotica website, so when I heard that there was a DVD collection of some of the scenes, I knew I had to see it! I looked high and low to find it, but just couldn’t find any adult DVD shop that had it…until LezLoveVideo! They truly do have the best selection. I was thrilled when I got my hands on this volume, which LLV shipped to me very promptly and discreetly.

The scenes are hot. The girls are cute, there isn’t much dialogue, but the passionate moans and playfulness of the couples highly make up for any lack of language. I really liked the scene with Peaches, hot! I liked the scene with Rene, and found nearly every couple to be a great pair. There is even an extra scene that features Lux and Advril, which is a hot little romp on a bed. There isn’t much toy use in this video, I would have loved some nice strapon scenes, but the tenderness and passionate sex was a nice touch from all of the other cookie cutter lesbian porn titles out there. Sapphic Erotica, please release more volumes of this series! :)

I loved this DVD, as with all the videos on the Sapphic Erotica site. I would love to know when volume 2 is coming. Everyone who is into girl-on-girl erotica should get this. It is very hard for me to pick a favorite scene so I rate them all very high.

Wow, what a pleasant surprise! I found this DVD on the bargain shelf in a DVD store and wasn’t expecting much. I recognized Peaches and Bambi, of course, but the other cast wasn’t familiar and I figured this might be some lukewarm Euro posing.

Boy was I wrong!!

This DVD is a gem, a real GEM, pure and simple. No older/younger pairings here, everyone on this DVD is young, pretty and well-groomed. No awkward chairs or bathroom settings, the action is placed squarely on beds with total nudity (no shoes). The action manages to be girly-fun and passionate at the same time, no small achievement.

Every scene is solid. I was happy to see Peaches and Bambi and they turn in a solid scene with some nice assplay. However the real treat for me was the Advril/Lux scene and the Rene/Linda scene. Both these scenes feature young, pretty women who manage to be quite passionate without losing a girly feel. Rene and Linda are especially adorable and look so poised and pretty and yet turn in a hot scene.

I guess this DVD is what you’d call a real "sleeper". It sure caught me by surprise! It’s too bad this didn’t lead to more from the same company. All the more reason to get this gem.

Big Wave Dave
Hands down this release (and the website too of course) has the best, most tasty, fantasy fulfilling scenes of gorgeous young women doing things to each other that can make a seal team six sniper leader weak in the knees. I have shown videos to a few buddies and two ex-girlfriends, and all of them were blown away at the quality and variety of the girls and scenes, and especially the camerawork. The sexiest stuff I’ve seen in forty years.

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