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Women Seeking Women 051 ____________________________________
Women Seeking Women 051
I.D. dvd_5231, Adult
2009, 149 min.
Girlfriends Films

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5-Star Film! 

Heather Starlet & Kendra Banx, Georgia Jones & Prinzzess, Emy Reyes & Lone Star Angel, Dia Zerva & Prinzzess.

Over 2 hours of hot sensual lesbian sex!

Restless hearts searching for that one perfect woman!

2008-2009 AVN Winner: Best All-Girl Series

Simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video

Beautiful woman-woman sex which is sure to excite you!

Scene listing:

[0:19] Heather Starlet & Kendra Banx

[37:29] Georgia Jones & Prinzzess

[1:25:33] Emy Reyes & Lone Star Angel

[1:53:47] Dia Zerva & Prinzzess


DVD Features
chapter index, bonus footage [kissing], photo gallery & trailers [g/g].

Anon in ''Bama
Casting remains incredibly good over there at Girlfriends Films, despite the fact that they still have occasional problems equating long and overly complex storylines with erotic intros.

Here’s my synopsis/review for WSW-51:

1) Heather Starlet & Kendra Banx - These are the two beautiful blonde DVD covergirls. Their scene opens in the girls’ locker room with Heather resisting Kendra’s sexual advances, insisting that she’s not that way. Kendra says Heather is "a flirt."

Next we see both girls together at Kendra’s house, "listening" to their thoughts. Kendra thinks that Heather will finally give in to her this time because: 1) she’s just broken up with her boyfriend, 2) nobody’s home, 3) "she knows and respects that I’m the dominant one," and 4) "she knows I know that she’s not on her period." I thought this was weak and un-erotic writing.

In any case, Kendra is proven right as Heather is soon asking her to hold her. They tenderly kiss. Then they walk together into the bathroom and remove their clothes so that both can change into lingerie so that they can have sex. Why put on clothes to have sex? Why not remain nude?

Anyway, the encounter that follows is somewhat uneven. At one point Kendra positions Heather on her elbows and knees so that she can finger her from behind. Then Heather goes down on Kendra and fingers her. It’s all a bit awkward, but these two are real hotties!

Set-up: C+, casting: A, sex: C+

2) Georgia Jones & Prinzzess - Pretty blonde Prinzzess opens this scene carrying some groceries into her house, and then goes out back to the poolhouse where she meets up with Lena and dark-haired Georgia. The three girls talk for a bit, and then Prinzzess invites them to stay for dinner. It’s Chinese food.

All three then eat together while talking mostly about moving furniture. Lena leaves after the meal is over, but Prinzzess invites Georgia to stay the night with her in her room. The two share the same bed, but nothing happens.

The next day, Prinzzess is shown telephoning Georgia to invite her to dinner again. She says this time she’ll be making eggplant parmesan. Afterward, the two talk some more while sipping wine and eating cheese and crackers. Georgia says that someday she wants a Balinese wedding.

That night the two again share the same bed, only this time Prinzzess is flirtatious and wants to cuddle. Cuddling soon leads to caressing, which soon leads to Prinzzess kissing Georgia’s shoulders and neck, and eventually her hand slides down beneath the dark-haired girl’s bra. There’s also some very nice leg caressing! Prinzzess isn’t particularly strong in the aggressive role, but this was all pretty hot nonetheless.

Soon she’s straddling Georgia, and I especially loved it when she very tenderly kisses Georgia’s beautiful butt! They kiss each other’s breasts and go down on each other, both girls looking incredibly hot all the while!

Set-up: B-, casting: A+, sex: B-

3) Emy Reyes & Lone Star Angel - Emy is Lone Star’s pretty, dark-skinned Hispanic maid, only she’s decided to take a nap instead of doing any housework, which has pretty blonde Lone Star upset. Lone Star scolds the other girl to no effect, even threatening to report the girl’s inactivity to her parents. Then she leaves the bedroom while Emy resumes her napping.

When Lone Star returns shortly thereafter, the sexy blonde is completely nude with a strap-on firmly secured around her waist! She quickly yanks off Emy’s t-shirt and panties and begins doing the other girl somewhat mechanically frontally. The very obvious sub/dom element in this scene was nice! My favorite part comes soon after, after they’ve moved into another room and Lone Star proceeds to do Emy doggy-style on a couch, occasionally slapping the dark-skinned girl’s sexy ass while riding her! Lone Star is becoming quite good in the more dominant role!

Set-up: B, casting: B+, sex: B+

4) Dia Zerva & Prinzzess - Prinzzess is trying to get into Thornhill University, and apparently Dia Zerva is some kind of admissions officer for that school. The two women get together at Dia’s luxurious house to discuss academic requirements and extra-curricular activities for at least four minutes while sipping wine.

Eventually the discussion turns to financial aid, at which point Dia offers Prinzzess a part-time job doing some modeling, and asks her to come upstairs so that she can take some photos of her. First she has Prinzzess try on a white gown, and then photographs the girl mostly nude. Then, the two sit down and Dia begins running her fingers up Prinzzess’s stocking-covered leg before starting to kiss her.

The sex that follows was pretty nice. At one point Dia ties Prinzzess’s hands behind her back with the stockings, and later she turns the girl over her knee for a sensual spanking! Prinzzess pulls off Dia’s panties with her teeth, and also kisses the older woman’s beautiful butt, although for some reason Dia doesn’t pay all that much attention to Prinzzess’s own gorgeous derriere! Still, I enjoyed this scene!

Set-up: B-, casting: A+, sex: B+

Although the set-ups remain overly complex and sketchy at best, this was an excellent effort by the folks at GFF! Overall grade: B+

Until they make “Prinzzess and her Girlfriends” (the very thought makes me break out in a cold sweat) or, perhaps even better, devote an entire movie to different scenes between Prinzzess and Penny Flame (with maybe a little Daisy Layne thrown in for good measure), a movie with two Prinzzess scenes is about as close as I am going to come to nirvana.

I frankly did not care that much for the Emy/Lone Star scene. Heather and Kendra were slightly better. I liked the part of the scene where the two girls are talking and you can "hear" their actual thoughts. It’s not actually something new (anyone remember Annie Hall?) but it’s not something you see every day and it was cute. The sex left a little to be desired, and it did not seem to me that the girls demonstrated the kind of real pleasure that I always watch for (as opposed to the faking that is sadly so prevalent).

For that reason I found it ironic that for once we actually got some bonus footage from a GFF film (as opposed to just the usual clips from other films), and it was of these two girls continuing to make love after the director said "cut". The voiceover states that this is a demonstration of the ability of the filmmakers at GFF to pair women who truly enjoy each other, apparently so much so that they continue to go at it even when the scene is finished. Since I didn’t buy into their passion for each other during the main scene, I wasn’t convinced by the bonus footage, which was just more of the same.

I liked the way Prinzzess’ scene with Georgia "started" (there is some footage beforehand, but the real scene begins when the two are in bed together for a second time). It was nice to see Prinzzess play the seductress this time, and she did a fine job. A nice touch was a couple of moments when Prinzzess reaches into Georgia’s panties and Georgia moves her hand away, and another one when Prinzzess pulls Georgia’s bra down and starts to play with her breast, and Georgia pulls the bra back up to cover the breast. Eventually Georgia succumbs to Prinzzess’ attentions (who wouldn’t?) and she allows Prinzzess to make love to her.

The scene proceeds in the slow, languorous fashion typical of GFF, and there are some lovely moments. The only drawback is that Prinzzess is the giver rather than the recipient for much of the scene, and while she is a lovely seducer and her usual amazing self when her lovemaking is finally returned, she was so much stronger than her partner that it was something of a mismatch.

The Prinzzess/Dia scene has a long and somewhat absurd buildup. I think Prinzzess has improved as an actress over the more recent scenes that I have witnessed, but she still hasn’t quite got the chops to master the role of the interested but reluctant woman whose resistance is gradually overcome. The sex itself is what I have come to expect from my new favorite actress, powerful and exciting, and featuring two lovely orgasms. For me, one missed opportunity was when Dia uses her stockings to tie Prinzzess’ arms behind her back. Instead of then making love to the bound Prinzzess, she insists that Prinzzess go down on her! Didn’t quite see the logic, I see it as infinitely sexier the other way around.

If Prinzzess could sharpen up her acting skills a bit and maybe throw in some humor or clever dialogue the way Penny Flame has mastered, she might very well be entitled to challenge the incandescent Flame for the title of (G)reatest (O)f (A)ll (T)ime. But there is one drawback. On the one hand I want GFF to give me more and more Prinzzess. On the other hand, with too much use she will begin to lose some of the vitality and freshness that makes her so enchanting. In your third or fourth movie you might have an orgasm only two minutes after your partner starts to go down on you (see WSW 49), but not in your thirtieth. Even the great Flame has recently shown signs that she is starting to wear out a little.

But for now, I will take as much Prinzzess as I can get. Precious few have ever done it as well, and while my collection of Prinzzess scenes continues to grow I still find my heart begin to race almost from the moment she first appears on the screen.

WSW51 represents a good start to the next 50 in the WSW series. There is semi-straddle and thigh grinding in the Reyes/Lone Star scene, and thigh grinding in the Dia/Prinzzess scene. But it is the first scene which stands out. The thigh grinding is awesome, exactly what one would expect two girls hot for each other would do after arriving home from college. The bonus scene is a two minute extension of the grinding. Amazing chemistry between the girls. For me this is the best ever GFF scene. 5 star plus.

Numbers 49 and 50 in this series were not good. Number 51 however is a dramatic turnaround for Girlfriend Films. As with some of their other recent releases, Girlfriend Films have been attempting a new style with new stars.

Here is where this approach clearly pays off. The first scene, the cover scene with Heather Starlet and Kendra Bank, is just magical. I first saw both these girls in Lesbian Seductions 25 and they are the way of the future.

Another new star, Prinzess, is in two scenes, one with the delightful Georgia Jones and the other with Dia Zerva. This later scene was clearly intended for their Field of Schemes series, but somehow got left out. Why is hard to say, for it is a superb older/younger scene.

The Georgia Jones scene is excellent and she has seldom looker cuter than in this.

The other scene that got me was the Lone Star/Emy Reyes scene. I normally hate strap-ons, but this was an exception. Emy is the lazy Mexican maid who needs something up her pussy to ignite her into action, and who better to administer it than strap-on queen Lone Star. By the end of the scene one had the feeling that Emy deliberately lays around the house waiting for Lone Star to get mad.

All in all I can see why this got five stars. Really superb.

PS I repeat my plea, more of Heather Starlet, for she simply gorgeous.

I enjoyed both scenes with Prinzzess.

Prinzzess slowly seduces Georgia Jones while they are in bed (Georgia needed a place to stay). Georgia Jones is very passive, but Prinzzess keeps going until Georgia finally reaches orgasm. I thought this was a really hot scene because Prinzzess seemed to enjoy taking her time. It is a very sensuous scene, with Georgia gradually reacting more and more to Prinzzess’s touch. Both girls are young and cute. I wasn’t sure what Georgia’s motivation was supposed to be when Prinzess began her seduction. Georgia didn’t say anything, and pretended to be trying to sleep. I guess you could see this as Georgia being very passive and wanting Prinzess to continue the seduction.

I generally don’t like older/younger scenes at all because I think a cute young girl with an older woman is creepy. However, I thought Prinzzess’ scene with Dia Zerva was really hot. Prinzzess’ motivation wasn’t that clear, but who cares. I guess, like Georgia, Prinzzess in this scene just wanted to be seduced. It helped that, physically, Dia Zerva is about the same height as Prinzzess. If Prinzzess had been paired with a taller, older looking woman, it would have seriously creeped me out.

DZ ties Prinzzess’ hands behind her back and has Prinzzess go down on her. That was hot. Later, DZ puts Prinzzess over her knee, fingering her and giving her a very sexy spanking. I thought that was really hot, especially because Prinzzess has such a beautiful ass.

I really liked the use of light bondage (tying Prinzzess’s hands behind her back). While I think it would have been hot for DZ to give Prinzzess an orgasm while her hands were tied, this probably would not work. Prinzzess seems to be very sensitive right after an orgasm, so I can understand that the poor girl would not want to be bound at that moment. But maybe Prinzzess could be tied up during foreplay, and released before the final drive to orgasm?

On the cover of this volume of GFF’s Women Seeking Women series is a picture of two girls in cheerleader costumes side-by-side and smiling to the camera. The scene involving these two couldn’t be any further from what the cover portrays. Seriously, what the eff is with this setup? One of the blondes makes an aggressive advance on her fellow cheerleader friend with horror movie stock music thundering in the background and a barrage of cursing, then all of a sudden, the camera cuts to the two giggling and walking into a luxury mansion as if nothing happened. As the girls talk, the viewer can hear their respective thoughts- the seducing blonde claims her friend intentionally comes on to her during practice while her victim laments that her friend might be a bit of a bitch. All of this nonsense is supposed to set up an erotic scene, but all it succeeded in doing was making my skin crawl. Who the hell comes up with this stuff? And these kinds of setups aren’t an anomaly at GFF as of late- many of their recent videos are littered with disturbing, eerie setups and amateur filmmaker camera effects. This is a professional porn company, right?

Then, as if a flip is switched, the girls are laying on a bed exchanging sweet nothings and then leaving to the bathroom to undress each other and change into lingerie even though the one blonde made it clear that she was straight in the earlier botched seduction. They move to a bed in their undies and the sex begins without any indication that the one girl has changed her mind or is the least bit attracted to the other. If one can get past the atrocious setup, the sex is average G/G fare, but what is good about it is the five minutes of trib at the end when each girl grabs on to the other’s thigh and rides away with enthusiasm. They almost look like twins as they trib which is very erotic. But one thing I noticed during the trib part was a rather unattractive, big black tattoo on one of the girl’s lower back. Otherwise, this is a standard sex scene.

Scene three starts out with a similarly nasty tone with poor little Emy getting yelled at and pseudo-rape fucked by Lone Star Angel with a strap-on. Besides the fact that Lone Star doesn’t even bother to warm her partner up before just sticking her fake penis in her, the script they are supposed to play off of is just mean spirited and nasty- more needless swearing and blackmail sex. Where’s the joy? Isn’t lesbian sex supposed to be pleasurable, fun, joyful? This is exactly why I don’t watch much straight porn, and it’s disheartening to see GFF moving down this dark path.

Let’s get this straight. I’m not Anon in Bama. This isn’t an insult, but I am not as picky about a good setup as he is. Crappy setups wouldn’t matter if any of these scenes had either good sex (the sexing here is pretty mediocre stuff) or if so much time wasn’t spent on the setups before the sex starts. Some scenes here have setups that run for 10-15 minutes just screaming for attention to be called to them. Therefore, I have no choice but to include the quality of the setups in my review of the movie as a whole. Sorry Dan, this movie sucks.

* / *****
Rating: skip it

Joylene Hairmouth
I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh... You know you want it. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah... That’s it, that’s it... Oh god, oh god, oh god..

The Emy/Lone Star scene was my most anticipated. It’s about as bad as porn gets. Emy has learnt that moaning constantly is the heart of good porn.

Is anything on the DVD 5 stars? Oh no, oh no, oh no...

The Lone Star/Emy pairing is one of the most amazing pairings of G/G that Girlfriends Films has ever done without having my favorite things in it (analingus, foot worship). These girls have passion! They have aggression! Lone Star is the perfect dom and Emy is the perfect submissive. The trib is out of this world. Lone Star forcing oral on Emy is fantastic, even though Emy doesn’t seem that forced. Their bodies blend so well together. You get the feeling that they might even trade phone numbers or move in together once the scene is done. Intensity at its finest. Just surprised both women weren’t covered in sweat by the time it was done.

The rest of the scenes were just ‘meh’, which is a shock since Prinzzess brings out the best in her partners. Yet, they fell flat both times.

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