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Allyson Is Watching ____________________________________
Allyson Is Watching
I.D. 9002 & dvd_0147, Unrated
1996, 98 min.
Mystique Films
Directed by Robert Kubilos

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5-Star Film! 

Caroline Ambrose, James Horan, David Andriole, Christopher Weeks, Sean Thibodeau & J.H.

Another Lezlove.com EXCLUSIVE! Yes, this IS the unrated version! Obviously, not 100% lesbian - there are several m/f scenes to endure before you get to the "good stuff".

Allyson is a naive Midwest woman with dreams of becoming an actress. When she finds out she is accepted to an acting school in Los Angeles, she decides to follow her dream. When she arrives she rents an apartment from Mr. Merry, her mysterious landlord. He warns her about her neighbor; Bridget, who is a "bad girl." Allyson begins watching Bridget make love to various men through the keyhole in an adjoining room.

Allyson starts acting classes with Eric Constantine, a famous actor past his prime. Eric challenges Allyson's acting abilities and she improves under his training. Bridget constantly has men over at her apartment, and one night Allyson learns that Bridget is a prostitute.

Eric urges Allyson to develop her skills as an actress by experiencing more of what life has to offer. Allyson is given a scene in which she has to play a hooker. She asks Bridget for guidance and she invites Allyson to watch her at a nightclub. Allyson is aroused by the exhibition and makes love to Bridget. But when Bridget finds out that Allyson has been watching her, she is upset and wants nothing to do with her.

Shortly thereafter, Bridget disappears. Allyson realizes she may be the only real friend Bridget has, so she sets out to find her, but the menace of Mr. Merry is never far away.

DVD Features
Chapter index, Region #1 coded (USA/Canada only) *** the DVD is also the fully UNRATED version, same as the VHS ***

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Yes, this is THE unrated version, impossible to find but we have it! A fantastic love scene, this tape is a must have for the serious collector. The "R" rated version is only 86 min. vs. 98 min. for the unrated version.

I was lucky enough to get this movie from someone who taped it when it aired on the Playboy channel. This movie begs the question: why can't Playboy do this kind of work on a regular basis? This is, hands down, the BEST scene ever done by Eros/Playboy. It's long, it's passionate, in other words, it gets equal billing with the hetero scenes Playboy is better known for.

1) Buildup/Seduction: Great. Very smooth. Allyson is seduced by the more experienced Rachel. Her apprehensiveness gradually transforms into willingness, and finally into passionate hunger.
Score: 9.

2) Kissing: The scene starts the way it should, with a kiss. The kisses are probably some of the best I've ever scene, this is one of my all time faves.
Score: 10.

3) Attractiveness of Women: It's a Playboy movie, duh. The innocence of the younger girl is great to watch with the other.
Score: 10. OVERALL SCORE: 10.

As a whodunit, this video is sadly lacking. I thought the rule was not to have the most obvious character end up being the criminal.

Critic: The characters are shallow and not particularly likeable; the plot is extremely predictable (even without the absurdly descriptive cover notes) and full of inconsistencies (really, if you hear the sound of a struggle coming from the room next door, and then everything suddenly goes silent, would you assume that means that things are okay?). It's a feeble drama/suspense thriller strung together to hold up a collection of sex scenes. There's no crime in that, but let's not pretend it's anything else.

Rating: C

Lover: This is a love/hate movie for me. I was expecting a shallow skinflick with a gratuitous lesbian scene thrown in for glamour value. What I got was a shallow skinflick with a surprisingly good lesbian side story. It's no "Claire of the Moon", but it's better than one usually sees in this genre. Bridget and Allyson have a decent chemistry between them, and the interest does appear genuine, to a degree. When they make love, they seem to completely lose themselves in each other, and there's a strong feeling that this is more than just sex.

So what's the problem? Only that I knew this wouldn't last. Once the scene is over, the writer quickly finds an excuse to break them up, and before the sun even sets, Allyson is in bed with a man (funny, what would her boyfriend back at home think about all of this? She seemed to forget about him completely until the end of the film).

Rating: B-

Voyeur: It is a lot to sit through for one lesbian scene, but there's a reason why we appreciate that scene. It's the buildup that gets you, the way the tension develops between them from the moment they first meet. When Allyson spies on Bridget's sessions, it doesn't take a genius to notice that she reacts more strongly to Bridget herself than to the men she's with. And in return Bridget also keeps the flirtation going, even before the actual love scene. When Bridget seduces Allyson, it's done with a sensuality and heat you don't often see. Particularly exciting is the way that Allyson quickly becomes the aggressor in the lovemaking, and from the look on Bridget's face, Allyson must be a fast learner. All in all, it's a great scene. The rest of the tape is crap (fast-forward is our friend), but that scene is one to remember.

Rating: A-

I saw this on Playboy quite a while ago, and have ben trying to find a copy of it since. The best girl/girl scene I've ever seen. It shows a very believable tenderness and passion between the girls, and the seduction/buildup is second to none. I'm definitely saving my pennies to buy this one.

I wish the Director would have allowed the story to develop more the relationship between Allyson and Bridget than actually occurred prior to their bedroom romp. Was Allyson attracted to her neighbor because she was fascinated by the dominatrix aspect ? or was she latently bisexual - perhaps, or could it be Allyson was just bi-curious and was just experimenting? Or was this all just a part of Allyson wanting to develop as an actress and was just play acting.

We the viewer know none of this because it wasn't explored. Allyson meets Bridget, they spent a little time together and the next thing you know their at Bridget’s sex club hang out and then back to the apartment for some lezlove. For me it would have been better if there could have been a little "chase" element or perhaps a more gradual build up of sexual feelings between the women.

During most of the film, I was bored stiff. Until the scene with Allyson and Bridget have lesbian sex, which I must say was the greatest piece of lesbian sex I have ever scene. That got me hooked.

Les girls
Take THAT scene out and the film is a piece of junk. I liked the way the younger girl soon throws off her inhibitions with the older girl who unfortunately is siliconed but liked the use of the fingers by her.

This film has probably one of the best Lesbian scenes between two actresses. A nice build up leads to a very long and hot scene between the two. Instead of the usual so common, obviously not into each other scenarios these two lovelies really seem to be enjoying themselves. There is nothing worse than watching a scene between two females who are obviously just going through the motions with the barest of any excitement, but these ladies deliver big time! The actual film is not up to much but for any serious collector of Lesbian erotic films, this is a must have.

Guy Who Loves Bi-Girls
Great non-explicit sex scene. This is Playboy after all, so there isn't the graphic oral close-ups that you find in harder material. I LOVED this flick and agree with the other positive reviews.

One added note of interest: J.H., who plays Allyson, the VERY cute first-timer, was recently an afternoon soap actress. Hard to believe that someone with that on her resume ventured out to be filmed with her pretty face buried in-between another girl's thighs (and vice versa). Pure torture for guys hoping that SOMEWHERE in this world there is a girl this hot and bi to meet...

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