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Bar Girls ____________________________________
Bar Girls
I.D. 9010 & dvd_0185, R-Rated
1995, 95 min.
Samuel Goldwyn Company
Directed by Marita Giovanni


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Nancy Allison Wolfe, Liza D'Agostino, Camila Griggs, Michael Harris, Justine Slater, Lisa Parker, Pam Raines, Paula Sorge, CeCe Tsou, Caitlin Stansbury & Patti Sheehan.

Finally re-released - NOW IN STOCK and shipping!! Imagine a bar full of beautiful women who are not on a quest for Mr. Right but for Ms. Right and you have Bar Girls! Written by Lauran Hoffman from her acclaimed stage play, translated to the screen by director Marita Giovanni, and featuring "sly, critically barbed humor and dead-on performances" (The New York Times), this '90s breakthrough film takes a savvy look at women loving women.

Stood up yet again at L.A.'s Girl Bar by her gorgeous-but-flaky steady girlfriend, TV cartoon writer Loretta (Nancy Allison Wolfe) fears - like anyone - that she may never find her soulmate. But then in walks Rachel (Liza D'Agostino), an aspiring actress who catches Loretta's eye. And like in all relationships, those inevitable saboteurs surface: jealousy, insecurity, obsessiveness, fear of commitment and, yes, "the other woman!"

DVD Features
Region 1 playable only (US and Canada), chapter index, widescreen format, stereo surround sound, optional subtitles (English, French, and Spanish), original theatrical trailer.

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Anon in 'Bama
There were some good scenes in this one! My favorite involved Lauren and J.C. Both women are competing with one another for Lauren's girlfriend Rachel, but when they encounter eachother at Lauren's apartment the sexual tension explodes! J.C. is the aggressor, and she just about rips off Lauren's top in what I thought was a real sizzler! Great writing and creativity! I love scenes like that!

There is a steamy scene between (nice boobs) Loretta and this cowgirl who had stayed the night after partying at a bar. They lock lips in a very passionate way that pretty much caught me by surprise. You can here the kissing too.. very rare in films today. Worth a look!


A really great movie: exactly as it says "a romantic comedy without men" This is not erotica, and there is only one scene that involves anything more than kissing. But the girls are very likeable (although not, in my view, particularly beautiful), and you forget that they are acting. The girls' falling in love is very realistic and erotic in its own way. I would have liked some more sex scenes, particularly between Loretta's straight professor friend and the blonde butch she ends up with, but overall highly recommended, and at a great price.

I got this vid in the same package as GIA. Both great movies.
Aside from Bar Girls being a great movie in its own right, it sure brought the sun back after watching GIA.
Fun to watch.

This is an independent, low-budget romantic comedy with a pretty predictable but still digestible dramatic plot; there's a love scene (woefully short, but beautifully done) and a trifle of a steamy sex scene in it, but the focus re: the sex is on the wrench it throws in the storyline. Oooh, plot! If you're looking for hardcore or even softcore, this ain't it.

The whole story centers on a couple of women, both professionals, who frequent the same lesbian bar. They start dating, and love happens - but not that easily. One has to figure out how to deal with her personal baggage and the other has to deal with her fear of commitment coupled with her seething jealousy. It's not too plot-complicated (as I said, it's pretty predictable), but it's not a let down either. I found it enjoyable viewing, a keeper.

There are a host of other very memorable characters, the best in my opinion being the bartender, the pool-playing, Southern-drawlin' biker at the bar, and the main character's cute, chatty, bi-curious best friend.

It has the feel of a well-made, low-budget independent film. With good writing to boot. There's plenty of laughs, small and hearty, to make this enjoyable even if you end up not liking the movie. The acting can be a tad rocky at times, but don't confuse that with the already rocky main character who's just a tad jaded, and the dramatics (sometimes a little overdone) central to the story. Otherwise, it is just what it looks like - a light little lesbian indie film that might leave you with a smile at the end. But if you want lots of sex - hard or soft - you'll be disappointed.

who said that?
The lead actress is neurotic and annoying (I hate her), but there's some steamy (albeit brief) scenes in this one. The girl on the middle of the cover is hot, and the attraction is believable. Worth a look.

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