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Claire of the Moon ____________________________________
Claire of the Moon
I.D. 9032 & dvd_0114, Unrated
1992, 102 min.
Fox Lorber
Directed by Nicole Conn


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5-Star Film! 

Trisha Todd, Karen Trumbo & Faith McDevitt.

Re-released and now shipping! Blonde, brash and beautiful, Claire Jabrowski attracts men easily, and takes her own heterosexuality for granted. But at a writer's conference, she shares a cabin with Dr. Noel Benedict, a lesbian who questions Claire's promiscuous lifestyle. Challenged and disturbed by Noel, Claire can't accept her ideas, but finds, to her great surprise, that she feels an attraction to her.

As the two debate back and forth, Noel also falls under Claire's charms, but she is wary, having recently suffered a disasterous breakup. As each faces her fears, an intricate - and sensual - "dance" takes place between them, as they move apart, then come closer and closer...

Set in the lush Pacific Northwest, Claire of the Moon tells a timeless story of a woman's struggle as she awakens to new possibilities for love and intimacy.

Includes bonus picture gallery.

DVD Features
Newly released 2-disc set! Region 1 only (U.S. & Canada), chapter index, Moments: The Making of Claire of the Moon, commentary by writer/director Nicole Conn & executive producer Pamela S. Kuri, photo gallery, behind-the-scenes footage & trailers.

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This movie should be a staple of every lesbian fan. The actresses' performances are among the best you'll see. The slow build up of erotic tension, the final release, and eventual love scene define the perfect structure of what I'd like to see more of in a lesbian film.

1) Buildup/Seduction: There's plenty of flirting, story telling, and daydreams here. The tension feels very real.
Score: 10.

2) Kissing: Because this is being portrayed by very good acting, the kissing is very realistic.
Score: 10.

3) Attractiveness of Women: The women aren't supermodels, but they are attractive and feminine enough to still be a pleasure to watch.
Score: 7. OVERALL SCORE: 9.

Considered by many to be a classic in the genre, and rightly so, this was one of the first real love stories between two women.  This movie has truly earned its place in the canon of lesbian cinema.

Critic A very enjoyable movie.  Clever, witty dialogue, and excellent acting overall.  My one gripe would be that the straight characters tended to come off as overly contrived and stereotypical.
Rating: B+

Lover This was a movie made by lesbians for lesbians, and it does not disappoint.  The gradual and sometimes bumpy process of falling in love is captured in this funny, sexy, and touching story.
Rating: A

Voyeur The two lead actresses were very attractive, and the eroticism level was very high in this movie. From a steamy slowdance to the final passionate encounter, this movie is a definite must see.
Rating: A-

El Seven
Really good movie in general. The romantic tension just keeps building and building throughout the film and I was all prepared to be let down when I first saw it. Then when the two leads finally give into one another, it is definitely one of the hottest lesbian love scenes ever in a mainstream film. Check it out.

This is one heck of a good movie. If you had grown up lesbian, in my day, the only things you would have been able to find were a few books, usually with unhappy, or very sad endings. Very depressing. No good, positive endings. I have wanted to own this movie since the first time I saw it. My video library is very small, but this one is a MUST.

As a mere male I absolutely loved this movie. I enjoyed the tension building the two very attractive stars, and their kissing. I could not understand or agree with the mostly derogatory reviews it received. I found it very tastefully erotic.

I made the mistake of purchasing 'Moments' which was about the making of 'Claire of the Moon'. It was just a self indulgent ego trip by the director Nicole Conn. In fact, I felt conned buying it! I'll forgive her though because I also bought her 'Cynara' which was wonderful. Far, far better than the overrated 'Desire', I advise anyone who loves beautiful women making love to buy it.

Anon in 'Bama
This is an actual movie, complete with a plot and dialogue --- lots and lots of dialogue --- and the only really prolonged sex scene is at the very end. Still, it works! I enjoyed it!

The two women are both very attractive and very well cast. I especially liked the blonde (Trisha Todd?) who played Claire. She's not a lesbian, but rather a party girl of sorts, and having to share a room with the slightly more "butch-looking" Dr. Benedict (Karen Trumbo?) starts a rather long sexual-tension-build-up between the two. This is where the excellent casting comes in, as the two women seem meant for each other! I especially liked the flirting that occurs as the two begin noting their mutual attraction.

Although their hot passionate encounter happens only at the end of the film, the sensuality is evident throughout. Yes, I'd have liked more sex scenes, but even without them I enjoyed this one a lot!

I can't really give this one much of a vote. Sure, the scenes with Trisha Todd and Karen Trumbo are a treat to watch, and the final scene was too short. But getting through all that dialogue... someone should tell the screen writer that people *really* don't talk like that. And the acting was, well, bad. Really bad. You're better off with Lost and Delirious.

Get the DVD! The audio commentary gave nice overview/behind the scenes info by the director and producer. There is also a behind scenes documentary. It includes the two leads in rehearsal and doing a full lip-to-lip kiss. Very sexy. We also see a bit more of the last love scene. The film itself needs no explaining, a masterpiece of 5 star caliber.

Not only does the movie portray the slow build up of a lesbian relationship, but it also tells a story of the intellectual side of being a lesbian. Karen Trumbo and Trisha Todd did a magnificent job of allowing sexual tension to climax at the end. The dancing scene was one of my favorites.

One heck of a movie. Claire questions her whole life and finally finds love in Noel's arms. A fantastic love story.

I absolutely enjoyed this movie. It uncharacteristically speaks of the attraction that tends to happen between two people, whether they know it or not. Although the movie is fictional, the characters imparted the truth in lesbian relationships. I think that Trumbo played the absolute best role portraying the "tormented lesbian", as I know most all of us lesbians have been. Kudos to Nicole Conn.

who said that?
The tension is so good that it becomes frustrating - you can only be but so patient. Stop yapping and let's get it on! Finally, they get it on. You're so worked up that you want to explode. Definitely hot, but can you directors just let the damn camera roll for a few more minutes???

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