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Friend of the Family ____________________________________
Friend of the Family
I.D. 9061, Unrated
1995, 98 min.
First Run Features (FRF)
Directed by Edward Holzman


Shauna O'Brien, Griffin Drew, C.T. Miller, Lisa Boyle & Will Potter.

Elke, a free-spirited natural beauty backpacking across the United States, is invited to stay with the Stillman family in their luxurious home in Malibu. From all appearances, the Stillmans are a happy and successful family. But appearances are deceiving. Linda and Jeff no longer share a romantic marriage, and Josh and Montana, their twentysomething children, have their own emotional and sexual problems. Enter Elke, sexually-liberated and wise beyond her years. Elke becomes intimately involved with each of them and in unexpected and sensual ways, teaches each of them to reconnect with themselves and their own sexuality.

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I was hyped up to see this one, saw a few little video clips of it before on the 'Net. It's one of those soft-core, late-night HBO-type vids. The women are beautiful and the scenery is nice (a beautiful home overlooking the ocean in Malibu...). The main lesbian scene involves the two women in a bathtub, it is quite nice but VERY softcore. Later in the movie there is a nice little kiss between the "friend of the family" and the daughter, very sweet but super short. A harmless movie, easy on the eyes as they say.

I like this video a lot, probably because I like Griffin Drew. The scene with her and Shauna O'Brien in the bath tub is as good as this brand of "late night" viewing gets.

1) Buildup/Seduction: This is kind of vague, but it's not stupid, llogical, or too fast.
Score: 5.

2) Kissing: There are some really hot kisses between them.
Score: 8.

3) Attractiveness of Women: Both women are very beautiful.
Score: 10. OVERALL SCORE: 8.

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