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It's in the Water ____________________________________
It's in the Water
I.D. 9072 & dvd_0117, Unrated
1996, 100 min.
Wolfe Video
Directed by Kelli Herd
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Keri Jo Chapman, Teresa Garrett, Derrick Sanders, Timothy Vahle & John Addington.

In the small southern town of Azalea Springs, the country club still sets the rules. Here, being a member of "The League" is a must and only hair dressers and interior designers are supposed to be gay. A frenzy breaks out when a tipsy comment starts a rumor that the local drinking water turns you gay. This unexpected spark adds fuel to already smoldering fires as the religious and socially righteous begin to join forces. The combination becomes the catalyst for residents who must now face or deny their own realities in this outrageous comedy with a queer little twist.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, trailer & director commentary.

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It's a LONG wait until the eventual love scene, but it is quite nice and very tender. P.S. There is also an affair between two men in this movie.

Granted this movie isn't just about lesbians, and the running time of the lesbian footage isn't marathon-length, but what they do show is really fantastic.

1) Buildup/Seduction: This is great buildup defined. The first kiss and the eventual love scene are great partly because of what transpires beforehand.
Score: 10.

2) Kissing: The kissing is very passionate and believable.
Score: 9.

3) Attractiveness of Women: This is really great because the women are so hot and feminine and yet they are so passionate about each other, a definite plus!
Score: 9. OVERALL SCORE: 9.

By far the cheesiest movie I have ever wated money on (and that's saying alot)...BUT the VERY brief hookup scene was yummy and made the less than twenty dollar purchase worth a spot in the lesbo video entourage.

A very refreshing flick, the thought that a woman would leave her husband for a passionate relationship is great. The supporting characters were keeping the pace. The interesting suburban well-off family life is dramatically overly portrayed. The ever wanting kiss scene is enough to make you rewind for more. The nervous first time sex scenes are cute. A definite 4 thumbs.

who said that?
I really liked this one. True, the actual scene is very brief, and the movie as a whole is very cheesy, but the suspense waiting for these two girls to get it on is intense. And when they finally do, it's unbelievable. I must have hit rewind five times.

Not very explicit at all, and again, very brief, but the girls are unbelievably hot and just watching them kiss is hot, hot, hot! I highly recommend sitting through every part involving the two girls, otherwise you won't get all worked up in anticipation and you might feel gypped.

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