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Summer in Saint Tropez, A ____________________________________
Summer in Saint Tropez, A
I.D. 9097 & dvd_0059, Unrated
1984, 60 min.
New Star Video
Directed by David Hamilton
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Another extremely rare David Hamilton film (Bilitis). Summary: David Hamilton creates a new standard in erotic film photography with a lyrical tribute to the grace and beauty of very young women. Hamilton conceives a quiet world in the South of France, where a group of beauties abide together in a remote country house. Their hours are passed unselfconsciously with one another - theirs is an idyllic life of innocence and the intimacy of shared moments is lovingly captured by Hamilton's soft frames. A haunting music score paces to gentle rhythms of the days these fawns spend together, far from the constraints of society. Hamilton has been called a "master of erotic photography" for books such as "Dreams of a Young Girl", "Sisters", and his "Private Collection". In A Summer In Saint Tropez extending himself into a new art form, David Hamilton creates a modern classic for mature viewers.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, digitally remastered, chapter index, director filmography.

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EXTREMELY soft, only a few small kisses, this film is all about atmosphere. If you are looking for ultra-soft lesbian erotica look at Bilitis, otherwise I recommend this tape only for true Hamilton fans.

To an appreciator of European abstract filmography, this movie is a work of genius and a celebration of beauty and femininity. In other words, it went straight over my head.

Critic: Being created by a man whose primary experience is still photography, a lot of this movie views like a montage of still images and scenes. Having no dialog, this movie tells a whole story with visuals. While this is clever and original, it also means the plot--assuming there was one--is easily missed.
Rating: B

Lover: The interactions between the girls of Saint Tropez were very sweet and tender. They clearly shared an intimate bond on an emotional level. This was a kind of relationship shared by young women in the time period, but it wasn't really sexual.
Rating: B-

Voyeur: David Hamilton made his career photographing beautiful young women, so he clearly has an eye for loveliness. The nudity is liberal, but there's little more than a peck and a caress in the lesbian department.
Rating: B+

Anon in 'Bama
David Hamilton's got this thing for really pretty, really YOUNG girls. But he's also got a photographer's eye, and everything he shoots is very soft and sensual. You can't help but be captivated by his efforts.

Not much of a storyline to this video. A group of very pretty young girls are staying together in a summer house at St. Tropez. They walk around wearing few clothes, occasionally touching eachother gently. It's pretty tame, but surprisingly erotic just the same!

My favorite scene has a couple of girls alone together in a room. One is napping while the other is brushing her hair. Suddenly, the girl with the brush goes over to the bed and begins gently stroking the sleeping girl, who awakens at her touch. She slowly runs her hand down the other girl's smooth body, gently caressing her friend's beautiful butt. It was innocent, and at the same time very sexy! What can I say? I loved it!

Exquisitely delicate. More of Hamilton's art for your viewing pleasure. He certainly knows how to pick the most beautiful, bewitching young girls. Then he sets them in an impossibly lovely location in St. Tropez, adds an air of implied eroticism (sometimes rather directly too) between the girls, and coordinates the whole menagerie into a unified concept with the use of brilliant photography.

There is no dialogue here to distract us from the dreamlike quality of this film. Just imagery and symbolism to convey his idea. That idea is that there is a duality in the relationship between young girls. First there is a pure innocence; true friendship and camaraderie which is the cornerstone of it all. Secondly though, there is an ever-present sexual tension between girls this age that is beautiful to behold, and bittersweet in actual experience.

The mood is more playful than erotic in terms of lesbianism, but there are a few scenes to watch out for where it's more than implied. I won't spoil it with details, but you should know that there is no real sex between them, just soft caresses and a few light kisses. I was not disappointed with this fact. There is a time for explicit sexuality, and a time for the imagination to fill in the blanks, so to speak. If you can appreciate pure female beauty in the flower of youth and just a touch of lesbian suggestion, this video will not disappoint. If you're only looking for direct sexuality, skip it.

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