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Wild Side ____________________________________
Wild Side
I.D. 9115 & dvd_0132, Unrated
1995, 96 min.
Evergreen Ent
Directed by Donald Cammell

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5-Star Film! 

Anne Heche, Joan Chen & Christopher Walken.

[CC] UNRATED DIRECTOR'S CUT! A daring double-life leads a beautiful young woman down a silken path of sex, scandal and greed in this steamy, provocative thriller. Bank exec by day - high priced call-girl by night, Alex (Anne Heche, Milk Money) gets in deeper than she ever imagined when she meets charismatic millionaire Bruno Buckingham (Christopher Walken, Search and Destroy) and his stunning, enigmatic wife (Joan Chen, Golden Gate). Now, in a slow, exquisite seduction, Alex will be pulled into Buckingham's perverse world of fast-cash and kinky thrills - and into an ever telescoping money-laundering scheme that will bring her face-to-face with pure corruption - and the very depths of desire.

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A great cast including Anne Heche, Joan Chen & Christopher Walken (who is great in this movie, as usual!) A romance develops between Heche and Chen which leads to a few nice scenes. We again have the full, uncut version which shows all of each scene, not the edited, Amazon version. The first thing they cut, BTW, when they make an edited version is the lesbian content, never the violence, go figure. But this move is a lesbian wet dream disguised as a "regular" mainstream movie.

A classic that probably would have gone relatively undiscovered if not for the famous "outing" of Anne Heche as Ellen's lover.

Critic: A very clever and savvy movie, with characters you will either love or hate. Not the greatest heist movie of all time, but you'll still enjoy the ride.
Rating: A-

Lover: As soon as the two of them met, I fell in love.† There was such a chemistry between the two characters, the passion was inevitable.† The two women went great together, and when they made love.... Definitely one of the top love scenes in the genre, if not the best.
Rating: A+

Voyeur: I'll drink to that!† Joan Chen and Anne Heche are so stunning it's a crime, and putting them together.. the result is one of the longest, hottest, and most passionate lovescenes outside of hardcore (just make sure you have the director's cut).
Rating: A

FF Fanatic
Now someone please tell me, how is this not a "Five Star Film"?

This film features a gorgeous Anne Heche (whose beauty should make all straight men weep with regret over the tragic loss), an equally dazzling Joan Chen, whose pouty lips are just to die for. The most beautiful thing about this movie is the fantastic chemistry between the two: the mutual attraction, the infatuation, the sexual tension ... Everything is so believable, so real. (My conspiracy theory of the day: maybe it looked a little TOO real to Ellen, huh? =) You should definitely watch the whole scene leading up to the first kiss -- it's just so cute, so tastefully passionate as well. Their love scene is just the wetdream of every lezlovevideo shopper: beautiful, passionate, with a sense of warmth and familiarity between them that just makes it shine like a beacon in a sea of darkness of touch-me-here-no-not-there-oh-man-when-is-this-going-be-over. Also, while there is a very disturbing rape scene, there is a very happy lesbian ending where the two girls ride happily into the sunset in each other's arms.

As for plot and character development, well, there IS Christopher Walken. It very much depends on if you like Walken and his style of weirdness. It looks like it has a real plot at the beginning, but very quickly that just breaks down. My conclusion is that this is somewhat like a porno movie, except plot is not used to build toward sex, but a whole series of hilarious, weird, and to me thoroughly enjoyable "moments" (one where Walken tries to avenge Heche using the most outrageous method, another side-splittingly funny moment where Walken tries to show Heche how to seduce another woman). If you are like me and like those Walken-styled humor of outrageous situation combined with stone-faced seriousness (think of that story of the watch in Pulp Fiction), this is going to be a treat.

All in all, a funny, weird, and very creative movie. Of course, none of this would mean much if it just has two women going through the motions. Fortunately for the viewers, Anne Heche and Joan Chen are too busy setting the screen on fire to bother with that.

BOTTOM LINE: One of the great non-porno "celebrity" pairings--Joan Chen and Anne Heche looked fantastic together. Good chemistry, great love scene, one of my favorite parts of this scene is screen captured at right: Joan Chen hints at fingering or really does finger Anne Heche under the bedsheets. Well done!

Anon in 'Bama
I'm in full agreement with FF Fanatic and Moonshine that the love scene between Joan Chen and Anne Heche was NICE!!! I liked the build up, and it somehow added to the eroticism to know that Anne Heche really was into women at the time when they filmed that scene!

Both women have gorgeous bodies, and I especially enjoyed watching Joan Chen's hands as they traveled down Anne's back, caressing her sexy round butt! As love scenes go, this one was considerably more erotic than several XXX-videos I've seen, despite the lack of super-tight close-ups (which too many people seem to find essential in g/g videos, at least in my opinion.) The only thing I wish this film had was one more scene of Joan and Anne together!

Perhaps the greatest, most erotic love scene in an NR-rated video that you are ever going to find is right here between Miss Heche and the sexy Joan Chen. The build-up and lead-in between the two ladies is extremely sexy and erotic. To be honest with you I had to make two attempts to watch this scene because I didnít make it completely through the first time, it was that much of a turn-on.

Whether it was their first meeting at the office, their interactions at lunch in the restaurant or their dalliance in the office ladies room the build up and sexual tension was electrifying. The actual sex scene in the bedroom was a real throw back to the glory days of mainstream adult classics when the emphasis was on the artistic values of eroticism rather than on porn close-ups. This is a must see for any connoisseur of lesbian eroticism.

Ann Heche said "Call me crazy!" when she was commenting on her strange life, including her marriage to Ellen DeGeneres. Okay, she maybe crazy, but her scene with Joan Chen can only be called a classic.

There have been plenty of lesbian scenes in mainstream movies for a while now, but none have ever reached the levels of sexual tension created with this one. The buildup to the bedroom scene is slow and full of tension. When the bedroom scene occurs, it's like the viewer is experiencing the same sexual release of as the characters. The pacing of the scene is perfect, from the characters' slow, patient caresses, to Heche's thrilling-to-watch orgasm when Chen furiously finger-fucks (maybe fists?) her. And, when Heche returns the favour, she cradles Chen and masturbates her, while humping her leg. Yeah, so they're wrapped in a sheet for most of their scene, but that doesn't diminish the effect. A true classic!

Every time I saw this film on cable in the past year, I thought, "okay, what? I imagined that scene?" The bedroom scene that is... Because it's always cut. I was so relieved to find this site just to know I am not out of my mind! Because I saw the original version about four years ago and it was sensational and I have looked for this film uncut ever since. Even thought recently I'd bought it, only to find the bed scene was NOT in my version. So ... I am trying again through this site!

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