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Women Loving Women: Sapphic Guide to Lovemaking ____________________________________
Women Loving Women: Sapphic Guide to Lovemaking
I.D. 9121 & dvd_0153, Unrated
1999, 60 min.
Pacific Media

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5-Star Film! 

The Man's Guide to Sapphic Love Making Techniques. (Introduction by Dr. Patti Britton - Ph.D., F.A.A.C.S.) History shows us that from the earliest days of ancient civilization to our present global cyberculture, there have always been women who loved women - romantically, erotically and sexually. The bond between women is mystical and highly refined. It is only natural that for some women, the softness, the passion, the sensual flow and the like-to-like embrace are attractions they are drawn to explore. Men can enhance their lovemaking skills by watching women sexually pleasuring other women. By observing a woman's natural knowledge about what a female partner needs and desires, a man can learn new and highly pleasing ways to kiss, caress, gently touch, actively seduce and penetrate a woman's body to the very core of her sexual being.

Join us as we explore the sweet, hot and ever opening realm of the female senses. Watch as our loving Sapphic couples demonstrate an extensive variety of techniques to sexually arouse a woman. Behold the gentle dance of attraction and the soaring expression of sexual pleasure as these Sapphic lovers abandon all to their passion. Each knows precisely what the other wants to reach the heights of her ecstasy and orgasm. Men, if you watch this program carefully and learn, your lover will thank you for many nights to come.

Dr. Patti Brotton, Ph.D., F.A.A.C.S. Dr. Patti Britton is a nationally recognized, board-certified clinical sexologist and sexuality educator. For more than two decades she has coached thousands of women, men and couples toward optimal sexual fulfillment. California-based, Dr. Britton is currently on the faculty of the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, hosts her own website (www.yoursexcoach.com) and develops sexual enhancement products.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, digitally re-mastered, chapter menuing.

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This is a very explicit tape (full oral closeups) and could easily make it into the "XXX Feature" category, the narrator introduces the scene and describes what the women are going to do to each other, then the scene continues without further interruption. Quite a few nice scenes on this one, I have already watched it a FEW times! I highly recommend this tape for someone looking for their first "hardcore" tape. P.S. you gotta' LOVE that cover! :)

Laced with passages from Sappho, this one is an incredible blend of feminine tenderness and raw passion. Trust me, you want this.

Critic: One of the best "better sex" videos available. Also one of the more explicit. The voiceovers are short and actually tell you what to expect out of each scene.
Rating: A-

Lover Watch this one with your lover, and the passion will be totally contagious. Though some of the scenes have a somewhat phony feel (trademark of hardcore), most were selected for their intensity and for their sense of genuine passion, and that really comes out in full.
Rating: A-

Voyeur This tape borrows from the hardcore genre, so the scenes are a lot more explicit than others in this category. The women are simply.. wow!! Nikki Dial in the first scene alone is worth watching this video again and again. In fact, I'm going to go watch it now.
Rating: A+

Actually, this is a pretty good little film. The first few clips are pretty steamy, with great kissing and passion (especially the first). The nonsense about being an educational video is really that, it's several girl/girl scenes laced together with some narration about Sappho, sex education, etc. Doesn't need it, but I guess the producers felt it would make it different from the other series.

However, I would recommend this as a purchase, 7 Jalepenos! A spicy number!

Review for the DVD version of this title.

If you're searching for a comp video with likely two of the best lez scenes in porn - ever - this one is definitely the video to get.

The first two scenes feature Nikki Dial and Diedre Holland, and having said that one needn't go on any further describing how good these scenes are. Dial's scene is from "Bon Voyage Nikki" and it is hot, featuring great kissing, awesome oral, and lots more, making this scene one hot experience. Holland's scene is from "Serpent's Dream" (w/ Alicia Rio) and I would say that is scene beats her scene from "Things Change" (w/ Nikki Dial no less). Holland is just all over Rio in a classic g/g encounter that ranks well above her other scenes. Other scenes include Jeanna Fine, Victoria Paris, Ashlynn Gere, Madison, Rebecca Lord, Dyanna Lauren and more.

The "Helpful Hints" interface on the DVD on such subjects as frottage, oral sex, seduction, etc. Are these useful? Well, in the DVD, they do make an interesting game. Click "Frottage" and the scene opens on Diedre Holland grinding on a lucky Alicia Rio. Click "Aggressive" and you get Ashlynn Gere taking a woman in a great outdoor scene. Click on "Oral" and you get Nikki Dial sucking a woman dry. You get the idea. Fun game!

Also, there is a setting that presents additional narrative comments, tips, and experiences by Juli Ashton and Veronica Hart. This feature was the most interesting from an educational stand-point, as well as being very entertaining.

Two additional scenes added were added in the DVD version: one featuring Juli Ashton, from "Every Woman Has A Fantasy III", getting a hot poolside fucking. Other features include animated menus, photo gallery, web site links, etc. Definitely a good buy.

Tribe 8
As an avid collector of lesbian porn I would HAVE to rate this as one of the BEST EVER. With top shelf video production VERY attractive actresses and excellent close up and sensuality qualities this video excels where many others fail. If I had to pick one video to be stranded on a deserted island (with electricity and a home entertainment center) with this one would easily be it. No matter how many times you’ve seen it you never get bored with it. IT'S THAT GOOD! 2 thumbs up and 5 gold stars.

First, let me say that I was intrigued from the title to see what this video was all about. A man's guide to lesbian lovemaking? A curious notion, to say the least. Secondly, I must say that out of all the videos I've reviewed for Lezlove, this is the only one that has not been superb.

What you have here are several edited lesbian scenes from various mainstream porn flicks, interspersed with some lovely quotes from the Greek philosopher Sappho, and some trite monologues from some lady Dr. trying to inform the presumably male audience about how women make love to each other.

In a word. Blah.

A couple of the scenes are actually very good, especially the first which has some really passionate kissing for a porn movie, and the shower scene with the blonde and redhead. The biggest problem here is ALL the scenes are overdubbed with background music. Might as well turn the sound off and pretend it's a silent movie.

The scenes are, for the most part, very stereotypical. Toys, little foreplay, lots of oral sex. All this does is reinforce all the negative elements we have tried to change about lesbian video making here at Lezlovevideo. I would hate to think that some poor, unknowledgeable individual would try this video first and think that this was all there was to it.

As to educating men on lesbian lovemaking? Ridiculous. There is very little sensuality/romance present here, and not much variety of technique. This is not how women make love to each other, unless they're in front of a camera and doing it for the money - even then, i've seen it done better. If you like your lesbian porn very mainstream, you'll love this video. If you're like me, and are looking for a new direction - skip it.

The James
This video distinguishes itself by showing scenes of tender, convincing lovemaking and not just sex between the girls. The actresses and directors did a great job here. It conveys the feeling of watching two women friends/lovers having at each other. There's none of that wham/bam commercial video stuff. And I don't remember a single dildo or vibrator anywhere, which is astounding. Definitely a get for fans of lesbian loving.

Master Yoda
The Narration certainly pumps up the erotic level many notches. There are some nice parts and some lame, very obvious fake parts. The massage scene was the sexiest. If only the kissing and rubbing went on longer. But the 2 girls look sexy together. I wish they made one with just the same 2 girls, same narration but more explicitness and longer kissing.

Once upon a time, pornography was dressed up in educational clothing for legal reasons. The result was naturist magazines full of female volleyball players, to which teenage boys were driven in prurient desperation. Nowadays, we have pornography dressed up in educational clothing so that people will imagine it is educational. I dunno if anyone has ever really believed that this disc has value for sex education, but it is a great disc - an indisputable five stars - that could have been even better. Maybe the pretensions to educational value may had some value, in that they encouraged the editors to choose decent scenes - though this raises the question of why, if VCA producers can recognize a good scene when they need to, why can they not do it the rest of the time (maybe because they don't usually give a toss?)

Anyway, let me document the major irritations, before proceeding with the praise: first, and foremost, THERE IS NO SOUNDTRACK. Instead, the scenes are overdubbed with bad music. We get a superb scene with Nikki Dial smiling and laughing and bubbling, away to her partner, but we do not get to hear her! Second, the occasional narrator - a supposed sex educator has no feeling whatsoever for poetry. This sounds like a weird criticism of a dirty movie, but this disc is that oddity, a dirty movie punctuated by serious poetry; specifically from Sappho, who deserves a great deal better than she gets here.

Now the many plus points. This disc is among other things, a showcase for some of the most beautiful women who have ever worked pro in porn, in some of their best scenes (meaning, scenes that do not suffer from all the faults of mainstream porn). First as mentioned, is Nikki Dial, a wonder of the world if ever there was one. Nikki was the - all natural - original of which the Vivid girls are often comic book surgically created copies: a beautifully proportioned body, a great smile, beautiful - natural - breasts which managed to get away with being a couple of sizes too large, a perfect complexion, and - importantly - an obvious and enthusiastic appetite for other girls. All these virtues are on perfect display: she and the other girl are even (unheard of) dressed well, at least before they rip the clothes off each other. The lack of a soundtrack is thump the bed frustrating.

Second, Deidre Holland, another sort of perfect. Alas we do not get Nikki and Deidre together, but I suppose one cannot have everything. Other featured girls include Ashlyn Gere and Victoria Paris, before her last, disastrous, visit to the surgeon (am I the only one who thinks that Vicki, attractive though she is, sometimes looks like Peter North? - most disturbing). Anyway, the scenes are uniformly very superior, with Nikki's the best.

Finally, we also - at least on my copy - get tacked onto the end, as a bonus, a couple of scenes with toys (the main program is completely without). One of these features a young Juli Aston showing off her spectacular bod, but alas this nice solo segues into a disappointing duet with Felicia. One question: I would have said that this is indisputably an XXX disc, so why is it classified under R/NR here?

MartyM (pussynvy)
The first time I watched this video, I wasn’t impressed. Then after re-reading the reviews of others I eventually figured out that this movie has a “director’s commentary’ much like other mainstream DVD’s. That made all of the difference in the world. The sexual play-by-play that Veronica Hart and Julie Ashton give is fantastic. Watching gorgeous women making love – and hearing equally beautiful women describe their own enjoyment made this movie very special.

The opening scenes have some great kissing, and there’s plenty of scrumptious pussy eating throughout. The hairstyles – and pubic styles -- are large and fluffy. But there’s something nice about seeing one girl’s nose buried sweetly within her partner’s curly tufts. And there are some really gorgeous women in this video, such as Nikki Dial, Deidre Holland and Victoria Paris. There are also some really young views of Dyanna Lauren and Jeanna Fine who were just dolls. The lighting and close-ups are superb. Visually, there’s much to love about this film!

The aural experience, however, is a mixed bag. The music and Dr. Patti Britton’s voice-over completely drown out the girls’ real sounds of love making, which made viewing the scenes seem somewhat detached. But the intimacy of the interludes was restored – and then some – by Veronica and Julie’s commentary. They explain what they love and what works for them. Their advice is varied and honest. And hearing them wax enthusiastically about other women making love to each other brought parts of me quickly to attention.

Having a director’s commentary in a girl/girl film given by two women is a stroke of genius. I thought that the movie, though, would’ve been so much better had they been giving the advice to women (to fulfill their own bisexual desires) – rather than to men! I hope others become inclined to add this feature. (Abby Winters, how about it?) I think it works great!

This is an excellently photographed and edited video, with actresses who have a lot of experience doing lesbian scenes in porn. So, "Women Loving Women” should rank among the classics of all-girl porn, right?

Unfortunately, wrong. The overall problem with WLW is its set-up: a supposedly serious documentary aimed at men about lesbian love, which consists of a female medical doctor describing certain techniques of lesbian lovemaking, and then showing brief (often too brief!) scenes showing these techniques.

Unfortunately with the exception of the second scene, there is no real chemistry between the actresses in most of them. They all simply go through the motions of I-do-you, then you-do-me, which seems to be standard fare in most mediocre lesbian porn. Also, since there is no dialogue in any of the sex scenes, the viewer has to endure some pretty cheesy soap opera type of music in the background, which further detracts from the effectiveness of the sex scenes.

Maybe the makers of WLW thought that using a bland clinical approach to making it might be a bit of a turn-on, but for me this technique is almost every bit of a turn-off as the mock documentary approach used in Babes Illustrated #13. However, I will give WLW some credit - there are absolutely no men present anywhere, unlike the testosterone-polluted BI #13.

Some closing advice, then, from a lesbian porn fan to all lesbian porno film makers: dispense with the gimmicks in storytelling and just show us well-shot scenes of real, beautiful women having real, beautiful sex. That would be the biggest turn on of all!

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