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Lovers Caught on Tape, Lesbian ____________________________________
Lovers Caught on Tape, Lesbian
I.D. 9148 & dvd_0134, Unrated
2000, 56 min.
Vidbidness, Inc.
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On this amazing tape, you'll see:

Two Tulsa, Oklahoma, liquor store employees bring new meaning to the word "liquor"

During an office Christmas party, these Charlotte, North Carolina, two co-workers sneak away to unwrap each others "gifts"

In Seattle, Washington, two office workers soon find themselves wetter than a "secretarial pool"

It's after hours in this Joplin, Missouri, grocery store, as two employees decide to go "clipping for coupons"

A husband and wife's nanny-cam catches their child's "au pair" fooling around with her own pair

DVD Features

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Yes, this is real hidden-camera footage of girls messing around, it's quite explicit but shot from a distance.

They finally did it. A tape with JUST scenes of women getting it on with each other in places they shouldn't. I loved the first two tapes from this company, and I'm so happy they took this to the next level. There are four girl/girl scenes along with a few single girl masturbation scenes. The first scene has two young looking girls in a liquor store. The second has two office girls sneaking out to the parcel shipment area of a business. The third looks like some kind of office, and the fourth is at the cash register of a market! There's lots of kissing and the girls are very enthusiastic for each other as you can imagine. The only drawbacks, like their previous videos, are the relatively poor video resolution and the lack of audio on the action.

1) Buildup/Seduction: I love this! Extra points for the "spur of the moment" locations. The fact that these girls can't contain their hunger for one another until later is quite a turn on.
Score: 9

2) Kissing: In each of the scenes there is a nice amount of kissing, it's just a shame we couldn't see it better.
Score: 8

3) Attractiveness of Women: These are every day women, but I'm telling you, I found ALL of them to be attractive. With a video like this, I was expecting some "butchy" looking girls for sure, but no.

tetsuwan atom
Well, I don't know about this tape and whether it delivers what it promises. If anyone has seen the the laundrymat scene from one of the earlier tapes you might recognize those two women. Their names are Lyssa and Re'al and they are professionals in the industry. They wouldn't confirm or deny that their scene was a set up.

Porn Star
Are you kidding? I just finished watching it, and couldn't help notice the obviously primative attempt to create a bogus video. Every scene was clearly scripted and phony. I've been with many lesbians, and they don't have mechanical "pornstar" sex like the girls portrayed in the video.
In one scene, I could see one of the girls briefly look directly at the camera - not to mention the convenient view the cameras have, including zoom! (I realize some scenes were enhanced to appear closer, but others were manually zoomed)
The grocery store scene was most likely rented and shot at 3:00AM. The "cigar" girl scene appeared to be shot at the other end of the same store.
Anybody who thought this video was made of real footage is in need of counselling.
I am thoroughly dissapointed.

E. Q.
Lesbian Lovers Caught on Tape is a gem! These are real women in real situations, and what they do is fascinating. When I ordered some videos recently from you this tape was my last priority, but after seeing it I consider it the best buy. I just hope we can get more of this type.

This is just to follow up on other reviews: To be honest, I think this collection is worth the money. Yeah, I agree that there was always a sense that these scenes were probably faked (the previous critic failed to add that there's a woman who looks like she appears in two of the vignettes), but it was very entertaining nonetheless. I guess you just need that little suspension of disbelief (kind of like you do watching any other movie!). If you can convince yourself that these are genuine, then the scenes are very hot. If you read some of my other reviews, you know that I appreciate lesbian movies that have a different angle, and this was definitely a different, creative theme. I'm actually surprised there haven't been more videos like this one...faked or real "hidden camera" lesbian scenes. The voyeur fetish has been here a long time.

I also think some if not all of this is faked. It is obvious by the distinctive graphics and lettering on the wall of the grocery store that it is the same in two scenes on this tape and in at least one hetero scene on one of the other tapes in this series. That's an awful lot of illicit sex going on for one little grocery store. I wouldn't by my produce there, who knows what's on those cucumbers.

This movie is still not bad though if only because it is unique. Also not all the sex is "porn star sex," in a couple of scenes there seems to be some real passion, even if the premise is fake.

This is all "faked" although it's hard to tell that at first. I really liked this video. It had me going for a time about how authentic it all was but...see...that's the beauty of this tape. Is it real or faked? Maybe it was real...nah...wait...nah. It's fake...I don't know...maybe it is really happening...

I got this DVD after years upon years of waiting for this kind of material. I think most people who have any interest in lesbianism whatsoever would be extremely interested in having some serious caught-on-tape footage of hot lesbians. Who WOULDN'T want to see two great-looking women surreptitiously making love to each other?

This video, however, is NOT the one to buy for that. It has some really cool scenes in it, and although not explicit, they do appear to be caught on tape and the pleasure seems real. It is quite obviously a staged set of scenes, though, because anyone who has ever worked in a grocery store knows that they are NEVER completely empty. Usually there is a night crew doing overnight stocking. Good buy, but not as real as they make it out to be.

Seize Magazine
The idea of this tape is wildly exciting: women in the office/workplace having sex! We have all seen a couple women at work we've suspected as lovers or that we have imagined and prayed WERE lovers! The idea that they finally surrender to desire AT THE OFFICE, after hours, is a beautiful thing indeed! I know in my life of working there have been several female co-workers I feel were lovers, but kept it hidden at work. It was not always so easy; more than once I'd glance at one the them and she'd be "eye flirting" with the other woman, not knowing I had caught their "eye sex!"

The first scene is hot, in the ole "likker store" in Oklahoma. I was stationed in the Army at Fort Sill, Oklahoma in 1968, and can tell you I sure wish I had bought my bottle of Night Train at THAT liquor store! I feel this tape is real; this scene has two hot babes showing us all why "Oklahoma is OK," and to this day I have great fondness for "Okie from Muskogee!"

The second scene is the "biggie." Two very, very, very hot women in the back-storage area at work. What I really LOVED about this scene was the one babe who stayed the dominant the whole scene on her pretty, busty femme! I see this taking place at the company Christmas party. The two women have been flirting like crazy the past few months and something has got to give! They can no longer deny their lust for each other; the dom has been relentless in her flirting with this femme.

They finally sneak outta the party to the storage area, and their lesbian feelings explode before our very amazed eyes! The dom's hands are mauling the lush, firm breasts of the femme, and she loves it! Great French kissing. If only the lighting would've been a bit brighter, but still a classic real scene caught on camera!

There is a scene in an office on the carpet that is also very hot! The last scene is in a checkout super market counter, and it's big - real lesbian sex going on at Safeway! Two very eager, pretty young women showing us all why we love lesbians so much! There is some intense pussy eating at the end. A wonderful "real" film. Question: why hasn't this series been up to #13 or #14 by now?

A Dee Fan
To tell the truth, I didn't watch it in real time. I scanned through. Even knowing it has staged scenes, it just didn't do it for me. I mean, come on, of all the places - right on the counter under the bright lights of a store? Everyone knows there are security cameras around, especially the employees themselves. I'd rather watch the poorest quality video of amateurs trying to perform for the camera than be regarded as a rube by producers that think we'll buy anything. So glad I mooched this one!

Anon in 'Bama
I remember watching this video several months back and was NOT very impressed. I thought all of these so-called security camera videos looked staged, as every scene was pretty much the exact same thing, with one girl going down on another in the same positions each time.

There was one lesbian scene in ANOTHER tape in this series (Lovers Caught on Tape) that was more erotic than all of the scenes on this video combined. It had two girls alone in a laundry room, and they kept furtively looking toward the entrance as if worrying about getting caught. That added a realistic and somewhat kinky touch that the scenes on this one completely lacked.

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