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Lord of the G-Strings ____________________________________
Lord of the G-Strings
I.D. 9251 & dvd_0078, Unrated
2003, 99 min.
Seduction Cinema
Directed by Terry M. West
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Misty Mundae, Darian Caine, AJ Khan, Anoushka, Barbara Joyce, Paige Richards, Allanah Rhodes & Ruby LaRocca.

aka The Femaleship of the String. In the mythical realm of Diddle Earth, diminutive yet delectable Throbbit Dildo Saggins (Misty Mundae) is sent by Smirnoff the Wizard to destroy the legendary G-String - most powerful weapon in the land. The G-String was forged by the ancient villainess Horspank (Paige Richards), and those who possess the slinky and sexy under-garment experience supreme invincibility...and untold sensual pleasures. Dildo is accompanied on her dangerous mission by fellow Throbbits Hornee (Darian Caine) and Spam (AJ Khan) - both small of stature but big of erotic appetite. Together this courageous and curvaceous threesome trek far and wide throughout the territory of Diddle Earth, evading the Dorc forces of the evil wizard Sourasse and finding safety only in one another's arms. Along the treacherous path, Dildo and company also meet up with a fearless fighter - the dethroned Queen Araporn (Barbara Joyce) - who joins their quest to Party-Pooper Volcano, the only place where the G-String can be destroyed. Amidst rampaging desires and female fantasies made flesh, Dildo must be wary of Ballem, a hideous creature who desires the G-String and will stop at nothing in his mad quest to have it.

J.R.R. Bacchus presents a Terry M. West film, Lord of the G-Strings: Femaleship of the String - an epic erotic adventure pitting good against evil, small against big, beautiful against ugly and hot against 100% smokin'!

DVD Features
chapter stops, behind-the-scenes documentary & outtakes, music video, coupon for free 24x36 movie poster, trailers.

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This is a fairly lengthy release from Seduction, but two of the eight scenes are hetero scenes, unfortunately. I was especially disappointed to see Misty with another man for some reason. She seems so into girls, it was hard for me to imagine her with a guy until now.

Anyway, as you can probably guess from the title, this an over the top parody of the popular movie done in typical SC fashion. There’s a very nice scene with Misty and Ruby in a pub. There’s also a nice 4-way where the girls pair off right after. Misty is paired with an older-looking girl, and that was great to see. I also enjoyed the very last scene. Misty and another girl come out of character and leave the set of the “movie” shoot, only to be confronted by an assistant who tells them the director has decided the movie needs more sex. A 3-way ensues. I’ve never seen this assistant before in any SC movies, and while attractive, she’s just plain enough looking for me to believe she actually is an assistant for SC. The scene is shot very tenderly and is quite nice.

1) Buildup/Seduction: Various settings and a unique flavor to each scene here.
Score: 6

2) Kissing: Any of the scenes with Misty have some nice kissing moments.
Score: 8

3) Attractiveness of Women: The usual suspects from SC, as well as some new faces abound here.
Score: 8


Anon in 'Bama
I have learned that there are two types of Seduction Cinema videos: 1) the really sexy ones (e.g. "The Erotic Witch Project") and 2) the ones where they're mostly trying to be funny (e.g. "Gladiator Eroticus"). The really sexy ones can be incredibly enjoyable to watch, while the “attempting-to-be-funny-ones” are all too often nothing more than a burden on your VCR's fast-search button.

Sadly, I rate "Lord of the G-Strings" as one of the trying-to-be-funny efforts. Yes, there are the beautiful actresses found in all Seduction Cinema videos, but they are mostly wasted in hastily thrown-together girl-girl scenes surrounding otherwise lame attempts at a Lord of the Rings parody. The girl-girl content is weak and unimaginative. It's much better in other Seduction Cinema releases.

And don't think that if you're a huge Tolkien fan you'll appreciate this one more because I love Tolkien but thought this video was a waste of time and money. A big dud worth a C- at best!

I viewed this film on cable, and may not have seen the unedited film. I can only hope that is the case, as the "sex" scenes did not show anything that might resemble other than repetitious petting and the insinuation of coupling. No close-ups of the genitalia, no real climaxing (other than pained expressions close up), and pretty entry-level editing.

Jokes were drawn out and what passed for a plot was put on hold while the repetitive scenes were taken to their salacious ends. I would sit through an uncut version, if there is one, to give this a possible thumbs-halfway-up.

Again, a defense of Seduction Cinema: these movies are not to be taken SERIOUSLY. These are spoofs and are meant to be fun and funny. Personally, I like low-budget, fun movies, and some of the dialogue in this movie was hilarious. Just the names of some of the characters alone was enough to make you bust out laughing.

I've seen a hundred B "lesbian" movies with not half as much girl-girl content and not near as much comedy, so for a SC movie you sit down with your friends or lover, grab a big bag of popcorn, and have a good time. I think the problem with life in general is far too many people take far too many things way to seriously, and, once again, I will say that you can really have fun with these movies if you take them in the right context.

I loved this one, it is one of my favorites. And the scene with Misty M. and the barmaid was HOT. Some incredible kissing all over this movie as well.

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