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Inescapable: an Erotic Lesbian Film ____________________________________
Inescapable: an Erotic Lesbian Film
I.D. 9264 & dvd_0053, Unrated
2004, 81 min.
Atta Girl Productions
Directed by Helen Lesnick

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Natalie Anderson, Athena Demos, Katie Alden, Tanna Marie Frederick.

Inescapable is a sizzling red-hot film that does not shy away from the explicit, bold, brazen use of full nudity and erotic sexuality as a narrative tool. With numerous envelope pushing sex scenes - most notably a hot and steamy shower scene - that will leave you needing a bath towel of your own!

Two best friends and ex-lovers, Beth and Susan, plan a reunion in Oregon. Their current lovers, Chloe and Jesse, feel alientated as their girlfriends plan to attend several work-related seminars. Forced together, an intense attraction between Chloe and Jesse ignites a fiery affair, pitting stability, commitment, and intimacy in their respective long-term relationships against the exhilaration and hypnotic passion of new love (or is it lust?) As feelings of guilt and remorse begin to surface, Chloe and Jesse deal with the ever increasing risk of getting caught.

DVD Features
chapter index.

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Where have the movies like this been the past 2-3 years? Finally, we get a lesbian-themed drama from the mainstream movie genre. Cut from the same cloth as say, Claire of the Moon or When Night is Falling, we have the story of two exes reuniting with their current lovers in tow. Its not long before these two current lovers are left alone to their own devices, and begin a torrid affair.

I was kind of hoping the two exes would start fooling around, too, but it became apparent soon that these two would be the sole focus of the movie. While not pornographic, the movie is sufficiently graphic and realistic enough to not leave me wanting to see more. The girls are a bit “butchy”, but nowhere near overly masculine and are still plenty exciting to watch. Here’s to hoping to see more of this kind of movie in the near future.

1) Buildup/Seduction: Nice buildup as we sense the discomfort in being left alone for the first time, and the unease with which they carry on an affair behind their girlfriends backs.
Score: 9

2) Kissing: Plenty of great passionate kissing in the love scenes here. This is one of the main reasons why I miss movies in this genre.
Score: 10

3) Attractiveness of Women: The women are very down to earth, everyday-looking kind of women.
Score: 7


Four smoking HOT scenes - the Kitchen, the Study, the Motel and the Shower. The chemistry between Athena Demos and Natalie Anderson is INTENSE. 5 Stars all the way, this is great stuff. I'm hoping for a sequel.

There are some very passionate and sexy scenes in this well made movie. The only problem I had with them is I just didn’t find Natalie Anderson very sexy (nibbling ear on cover). She’s just a bit too plain and masculine for my taste. I kept thinking “This is pretty good, it would be really fantastic if both women were as beautiful as Athena Demos (being nibbled).”

Despite my lack of lust for Natalie Anderson I still found the sex scenes pretty hot. All of them are between the aforementioned women and they were often acting like they just couldn’t get enough of each other, falling into each other’s arms and kissing as deeply as deep can be while they tore each other’s clothes off. The sex stops just short of hardcore with the oral being strongly implied.

Since this is erotica and not porn there is a lot of time devoted to the plot and while I must admit to fast forwarding to the “good parts” without watching the movie all the way through I did watch some of the non sex scenes and the acting and dialogue were decent and believable.

The camera work and editing are very good, this movie has a very competent and professional feel to it. There was music over most of the sex scenes but it was unusually good, kind of a sultry bluesy jazzy kind of thing with an excellent female singer. I’d actually listen to it if I had a CD.

I think people who find Natalie Anderson more attractive than I do will really like this well crafted and steamy look at two passionate lovers. I thought it was GOOD.


Polybi girl
This is a great example of a "lesbian" movie gone very, very bad. I saw this with a bunch of bi and lesbian buddies at a gay film festival recently and it was actually booed and hissed at before (literally) dozens of women began heckling the screen.

Why, you ask? Because the acting was soooo bad, the plot so full of the 1-2-3 setups by now familiar to everyone who rents/buys pseudo lesbian amateur porn, the sex so uninspired, it was pitiful. A big theater full of lesbian and bi women ready to watch hot action and instead they walked out, laughed and made fun of this film.

P.S. -- this is not what lesbians do, the sex was so contrived that real lesbians walked out on this film. It says a lot that they'd pay that much money to go and then walked out.

To be fun porn you've either got to have good acting, plot and camerawork and women who are hot for each other -- or you should dispense with the former and just show the hot women. This movie does neither. Really sad. Hope this company’s next effort makes something that isn't so badly acted (even during the sex scenes) that it's painful to watch.

To the last reviewer: did we watch the same movie???? To you and your pals who booed and hissed and walked out, what was the REAL reason? A bad movie or a bad MESSAGE? This movie shows lesbians CHEATING on each other, just like the rest of us.

While I have to agree with Lotus about Natalie Anderson, I liked a lot of things about this movie. The exposition may have been a little clumsy, but it worked. It adds so much to the sex scenes to have them be between two women who seem like actual people rather than anonymous porn stars. Granted, my standards are rather low, but I still appreciated it.

The second great thing was the guilt and fear / thrill of getting caught! I would love to see a lot more of this in porn movies. What I would love to see would be a movie with the attention to plot and exposition like this one but with hardcore sex and a more kinky scenario, say like the Frances McDormand / Kate Becksinale relationship from Laurel Canyon. In short, I think elements of this movie should be incorporated into hardcore movies.

One thing that I always loved about these erotic lesbian themed movies is the realistic kissing, and this film definately has it. As two old friends get together, their respective girlfriends meet for the first time, and immediately seem to be attracted to each other. There is some nice build up to their first encounter alone in the house, which ends up in a very steamy love scene. There is no hardcore but these two women seem very comfortable with each other. The kissing is very deep and genuine.

There are several love scenes with nudity throughout the movie, which are quite passionate and there is lots of great kissing. There are, however, a couple of things that bothered me about this movie. Whenever a love scene began, so did the music which I found HIGHLY annoying. I will never understand what this damn infatuation is with music during a love or sex scene. WHY WHY WHY??? It often kills a scene. Why can't these people understand this?? I also found that the main actress was not very attractive, although she looked much better when she smiled than when she was serious. She somewhat reminds me of Melanie Griffith from "six feet under".

Other than the music and a couple of minor things, I found this movie quite decent, especially the kissing and genuine interest and passion between the two lovers. If only they could capture this in a hardcore film more often!

Anon in 'Bama
I enjoyed this one! The plot was actually interesting. Two lesbian couples share a weekend together, and two of the women (Anderson & Demos) engage in an illicit affair right under the noses of their lovers! The sex scenes were passionate and I especially loved the way Natalie Anderson was the more dominant partner while Athena Demos played a more passive role. It broke away from the standard I-do-you-then-you-do-me tiresome format followed in nearly every other movie.

I totally disagree with Polybi girl's assertion that somehow this movie was a disaster. She says that where she viewed it the other women present were "heckling the screen." If that's the case I'd like to know what their idea of a good film is.

I would also have to disagree with Lotus about Natalie Anderson's being too "dykey." Again, this is just my opinion, but I really enjoyed the age difference and the fact that she played the dominant role in this relationship. I sometimes prefer this distinction over having two equally beautiful teenage girls doing the exact same things to each other.

That's not to say this film was perfect. There were several false starts (scenes that began but were abruptly halted) and at other times I thought the dialogue was long-winded, but overall I give this video high marks for being imaginative, sensual, and highly erotic.

A real rarity, this: an erotic Lesbian drama. I wish there were more titles like this; I loved it. Usually with dramas like this you get 95% dialogue and one BIG love scene. Well, here there are more than enough hot girl/girl encounters, especially the kitchen and motel scenes. The kissing is genuinely passionate, and the two women at the centre of the love triangle ooze sexual chemistry. Maybe there will be a follow up; I'd love to see more of Athena for a start.

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