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Lesbian Brazil 03: Lesbians in Love ____________________________________
Lesbian Brazil 03: Lesbians in Love
I.D. b0253 & dvd_1303, Adult
2002, 1 hr.
Directed by Danny Cross

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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Bruna & Josie.

A Lezlove.com Exclusive! Josie and Bruna are girlfriends and they live in different cities. They havenít seen each other for a long time. They went to a restaurant together, and a guy next to them got very surprised while the girls were caressing and kissing each other. After that, they return to Brunaís apartment, and then, they start to caress each other and to make love, satisfying all their repressed desires. Great scenes and beautiful views provide a special and sensual touch in this movie.

Please note: this title is now part of a 4-pack, available here - Brazilian Latina 4-Pack

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, digitally remastered, chapter index & trailers.

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I work for the production company. I was helping Mr. Cross, I can guarantee, these girls are very, very, very, hot. They were kissing each other behind the cameras! That girl is not working with us any more... :-((( - But she has a beautiful body.... one of the best.... This movie really must be seen....


la nueva yorqueŮa
ok amigas, get this tape! this is not just a long sex scene, there is a nice sexual build up that takes place over several different shoots.

the two women in it are attractive, and bring forth such passionate heat together... and i totally believe Milton above when he spoke of them kissing like mad off-camera. omigod, they are incredibly hot for each other.

the premise behind the film was two lovers reunite after a spell apart and what ensues afterwards and it is very well done. they go spend some time together out going from short vignettes from a restaurant, a billiards room and finally their bedroom. and through each short scene, their lust for one another gets more and more uncontrollable.

if there was one thing that i didn't get into was at the outdoor restaurant scene where they showed some guy leering at the couple while they were engaging in some hot caresses and kisses. but that didn't happen in the poolroom or bedroom scene. in fact, other than a couple of quick glances at the camera, i had totally forgotten that they were being taped!

by the time they get to the pool hall scene, they can hardly wait to get somewhere private and start to make love on a table, but they don't go all the way, and so it is a nice tease scene to prepare you for the incredible last scene.

this scene had all the elements that i love in g/g porn: lots of kissing, some trib, good oral and intense orgasms. also it is only rushed by the fact that the two had to wait so long to finally be able to tear off each others clothes. so, you feel the urgency.

there was not a lot of dialog and of course it was all Portuguese. i could follow it for the most part, but even if one doesn't understand it's incidental. the real point that comes across is that these two are in love and it is captured on tape very, very well. believe me, you will enjoy! (^_^)

First of all, this is a good video -- I would recommend a buy on it. However, I have mixed feelings about it. It's a great idea, with a little story and build-up over three scenes. The short-haired blonde is incredible -- bottle her passion, put her in more videos! And she's an incredible kisser!

But I disagree with the other reviewers on the other blonde girl, with the longer hair. I don't really think she was into it as much as the other girl. She didn't kiss the same, she wasn't nearly as passionate -- I watch for the little things like expression, eye contact, kissing technique. She was grinning a bit, her expression betrayed her lack of real connection -- and her physical movements weren't mirroring those of the short-haired girl. The one girl was a blazing fire, the other was good overall, but she just wasn't a match for her girlfriend.

This happens so much in these girl/girl films it's incredible. Rarely are two girls matched who have equal passion and inspiration. "Wild Things" was an exception, you could tell both were equally "into it". Take the short-haired girl and match her with another "passion-flamer" and that would produce a volcano!

(BTW, the long-haired girl has got an interesting little fetish aspect to her -- there is lots of blonde hair on her thighs -- not below the knee at all -- and it's very obvious in the video -- I liked that, very unusual and interesting, kind of sexy.)

I would rate this video a 4, deducting the one point due to the inequality of the passion and kissing effort.

"Brazilian Amateur 3" was a disappointment, at least for those of us who enjoyed Brazilian Amateur 1 so much. The girls are beautiful, especially the long-haired blond girl who has a killer body and tan lines to die for. The trouble is that they don't seem to click together or find their rhythm. I have to agree with M that it is mostly the long-haired blond girl who is to blame. She appears to be just going through the motions most of the time. She should be shown a few minutes of Melissa and Jacqueline in BA 1 to see how it's done and how two young, horny beauties can uninhibitedly satisfy each other's most lustful and sinful sexual desires.

This is easily one of the best movies Iíve seen in a long time. It has everything I like in a lesbian video. Beautiful women (of course!) pleasant surroundings and most rare of all, a friendly, fun, affectionate feel to the relationship between the women. The subtitle to this movie, ďLesbians in LoveĒ, is perfect, because these women really do seem like lovers. They are constantly touching and caressing one another, stroking arms, legs, faces and hair. They kiss affectionately and frequently hug each other. (How often do you see two women hugging in an adult video? Almost never, thatís how often.) They just canít keep their hands off each other.

This movie has a wonderfully voyeuristic feel to it, it is as if you are following two lovers as they go about their day. They are seen in a hotel room, the car, a cafe, a private pool room, and finally the bedroom.

Foreplay is this movieís strong point. They sex doesnít get serious until the bedroom scene, which takes up perhaps the last quarter of the movie. Before they get into the bedroom however we are treated to the sight of them kissing each others mouths, necks, ears, and shoulders, sucking breasts, and licking stomachs, feet, legs, and thighs. Throughout all this they talk and laugh together.

Some reviewers have said that the girl with the long hair wasnít as involved as the other girl, and itís true that she isnít as aggressive as her friend, but to me it seemed perfectly natural, as if one lover had a more assertive personality or just happened to be hornier that particular day. Just like in real life with real people. The girl with long hair also was clearly enjoying the attention her girlfriend was paying to her.

When they do get to the bedroom they engage in some trib while still wearing their pretty little panties, some anilingus, and the usual array of activities. When it comes to anilingus there is a fine line between erotic and gross for me, and it stays on the erotic side of the line in this movie. Watching the girl with the short hair eat her lovers fine plump ass was a huge turn on. Really good. The rest of the bedroom scene was pretty routine, good but not great. But hard-core sex isnít what this movie is about, see Vol #1 of this series if thatís what youíre looking for.

Camera work, editing, sound and image quality are all very good, and all of the scenes have a nice warm look to them.

Itís interesting to note how much of this movieís success is due to what it doesnít have. No inane interview, jabbering camera man, heavy handed camera work or editing, toys, cheesy synth music, phony shrieking, and so on. Itís just two beautiful women in nice locations that lust for and like each other. They make it seem so easy. Five out of five stars.

Anon in 'Bama
I'm in full agreement with Lotus that it's not necessary for both women in a video to exert equal amounts of passion. I thought the longer-haired girl in this one actually added to the overall sensuality by playing a more passive role, allowing her more dominant girlfriend to take control.

But while I liked this video for the most part, there were a couple of serious irritants regarding the production quality that bothered me greatly. One involved the cameraman shutting off his automatic iris. He did this so that the bright sunlight wouldn't darken the rest of the video, but as a result a lot of it looks incredibly washed out, at least all of the video with windows in the background. It would have been better if they'd have avoided those settings altogether. Another, equally serious glitch, was that the audio didn't match up properly with the video! I didn't notice this at first, but then one of the girls started spanking her partner's pretty rear and it was obvious. Very sloppy production technique, if you ask me.

Some things are worth waiting for. In this case, don't wait, just use your fast forward button to get through the puzzlingly long intro. Ok, the girls are separated and are going to see each other again; we don't need the repetitious, unnecessary shots of one girl at the bus stop, then bus traveling scenes, and more bus scenes, and zzzzzzzzzz

And THEN, the girls are reunited, and WOW, the fireworks start! The viewer is teased mercilessly at this point, because the girls fondle, kiss and rub near to the point of all out nude sex, but then the scene changes: apartment to cafe, cafe to pool room... the buildup is excruciating. Finally, the clothes come off, but not before some VERY unusual and highly exciting pantied trib. I loved watching that - the girls rub and hump with their little white cotton panties on, and it's beautiful. It is clear from the outset who is the aggressor here: the shorter haired, blonder girl is absolutely RAVENOUS for her girlfriend. She seemingly can't enough of every and any part of her. She actually makes this video happen, because the longer haired girl, as hot as she is, almost ruins it with giggly glances at the camera. Meanwhile, Blondie is swallowing and sucking her lover's feet, legs, ass, pussy, and devouring her mouth with some sizzling kisses.

Yes, the desire and arousal these two have for each other is obvious and real, but it's the shorter haired sweetie that ignites it all.

In one segment, she turns her darker skinned lover over on her tummy and plunges that hungry mouth between the other girl's ass cheeks (and what a voluptuous ass she has!) and you will witness possibly the finest eating-from-behind anywhere. She goes after her girlfriends pussy and ass as if it were her last meal. There are times when she is going down on the other girl and SHE is more turned on than her!

The sex here is undeniably wonderful, and the girls are gorgeous. There IS some off-camera instruction going on two or three times, with a voice from some female in Portuguese, and unfortunately is seems to happen when the blonde girl is cumming or about to (and she cums at least a dozen times in this video).

The naked trib at the end is very hot, and the tape ends without fanfare.

Overall, the panty trib, oral, and lustful energy with which these girls make love overshadow the camera-glancing, director intrusion, and early waste of film of the bus ride. It had the potential for perfection, if they could clean all that up. I'd love to see these two again, with a more polished production. Still, it's a solid 9.0.

An excellent video in my opinion, it incorporates all of the ingredients that make a great amateur production. Nice buildup/story, great looking babes, nice settings and very energetic and passionate physical interaction between the girls.

I especially enjoyed the erotic attention that each girl paid to their partners lower extremities - you can't go wrong with some nice toe sucking and feet licking after all.

If youíre a Trib fan like me (why can't all lezlove scenes have it ?) then you'll enjoy watching these two go at in a highly energetic session in bed first with panties and then later a naked hump fest that really rocked the bed. The kissing between the girls was also great, very passionate.

What I did not particularly like was the opening scene at the bus stop which was a little to long and pointless as well as the pool hall scene. If I want to see two girls in heals having sex on a public pool table I can always rent the latest Vivid Video production (which I won't), the time taken up by those two segments could have been rolled up into a longer bedroom scene. However those are minor criticisms. Overall a great video to have and one that you'll surely come back to time and again.

I did enjoy this video, but like one of the reviewers said, it is awfully one-sided. Maybe they could have taken advantage of that fact and made it a kind-of "fem/dom lesbo top and bottom" film.

I enjoyed this film a lot. It isn't nearly as good as #1, #2 nor # 5, though. But, thatís because I love oral, oral, oral. Good fun though.

Yeah!!! Trib fans rejoice! Some very hot stuff in this video. Only a few complaints.

Pros: Unbelievably hot, frequent, deeeeep kisses between these two. Couldnít ask for more, and I'm very picky about this. Clear audio. You could hear every delicious sound (even if it was off just a little). Good camera work. Must've fired that loser from part one. And of course, the trib. Whew! They really go at each other. Very satisfying. Other amateur productions could learn something here. Explicit detail. Would have needed a microscope to do any better.

Cons: For me, they were not the greatest looking girls I've seen in amateur videos. Maybe I'm jaded from watching too many TNV productions, but they were a little disappointing. Certainly not ugly. VERY nice bodies, but their faces looked a little rough. Of course, that's only my opinion. Plenty of people liked them just fine. I guess that's really my only complaint.

All in all, a very good video from a company to watch for in the future. I would agree that it's worth 5 Stars, if only for the amazing action, and genuine passion. Lesbians in love? I have no doubt. Highly recommended for everyone, especially amateur fans, kissing fans and trib lovers.

This video is a scorcher, the passion is super hot, as is the case with all of the Brazilian Amateur videos I have seen. A great series, you just can't go wrong with this series.

I saw this video a while back and I found it pretty good. MFX usually puts out good videos. This is one of the few that has some build up and seduction. There is some great kissing but it could easily have been much better. Josie, the blonde girl, is more into it than the other girl. I have seen Josie in other MFX videos and she is always on fire. She will do just about anything and she is always enthusiastic, no matter what. The sex is quite good in this video and there is a considerable amount of passion. Many companies can learn a lot from these Brazilians.

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