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Lesbian Brazil 05: Sweet Infidelity ____________________________________
Lesbian Brazil 05: Sweet Infidelity
I.D. b0255 & dvd_1305, Adult
2002, 1 hr.
Directed by Danny Cross

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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Barbara, Karen & Latifa.

A Lezlove.com Exclusive! Barbara and Latifa are two lovers that are taking advantage of their honeymoon vacation together on a romantic tropical island. However, all of this will change when Karen appears, a sensual brunette who receives Barbara's special attention. We can see the fury in the eyes of Latifa´s jealousy. Barbara controls her girlfriend's jealousy and still finds time to have an affair with her too.

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Please note: this title is now part of a 4-pack, available here - Brazilian Latina 4-Pack

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, digitally remastered, chapter index & trailers.

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Watching “Brazilian Amateur #5: Sweet Infidelity” is like watching a stripped down lesbian version of one of those telenovelas that are beamed in from South America, only with explicit sex thrown in. You can’t understand the dialogue, but you can follow its implications, and the action, of course, is universal. Its soap opera narrative - about a lesbian love triangle - is so matter-of-factly developed over the course of the picture that it strikes an infinitely more convincing note of authenticity than the inane fantasies of most mainstream girl/girl films.

It’s this air of reality, not its “amateur” marketing strategy that properly separates this film from the mainstream. Less like girl-girl sex and more like lesbian love, “Sweet Infidelity” aims to intrigue as well as excite. Though the story is a simple one, it’s a hell of lot more compelling than a bunch of girls performing for the “International Fetish Corporation” [referring to the Decadent Divas series]. One measure of its success is an ending that excites a measure of actual suspense: will she or won’t she get away with it?

The film weaves its tale in and around two sex scenes, the first with lovers Barbara and Latifa, the second with the unfaithful Barbara and a temptress named Karen. Neither smokes, and the lack of variety in the sex is irrepressibly noticeable in the absence of any kind of penetration, yet there’s something subtly right about each one. The movements of the lovers are practiced; the movements of the illicit pair are more awkward. Thanks to fortunate casting, both are exciting despite their flaws: Barbara, the pivotal girl in the triangle, is also the most sexually accomplished.

In terms of the sex, “Sweet Infidelity” complements mainstream films very well. In terms of narrative and viewer involvement, it’s way ahead of most of its glitzier competition.

BA has done it again, though not quite as impressively as some of their other efforts. This is a fine production, with an actual plot that can be followed pretty easily, even if you don’t speak Portuguese.

The girls are lovely, young and bronzed, and the scenes are set at a resort, where two lovers, Barbara and Latifa are frolicking. The buildup is very slow, with some sweet kissing as they stroll near a volleyball game, and then some light oil massaging at the pool. This is where the third girl, Karen, a knockout with long silky black hair, shows up, and comes on to Barbara. When Barbara shows interest, Latifa gets miffed and leaves, and the scene where Barbara comes in to soothe her and make love to her is really cute that way.

Later, Barbara and Karen do end up making love, and oh MY do they set the place afire! One thing I love about this production is the emphasis on “from-behind” oral, and for the fan of doggy-style eating, it is in abundance. Karen’s ass worship of Barbara is steamy and energetic, and shot beautifully, as is the butt-licking Latifa and Barb exchange earlier on the bed. It’s some of the best I’ve ever seen.

For those who don’t like toys, you’ll be delighted—there isn’t a toy in the entire video—just mouths, tongues, and some pretty good trib too. There is no cameraman intrusion or stupid music, and that’s a plus, just the delicious sounds of two girls enjoying each other’s bodies with genuine fervor.

As amateur productions go, this one is a gem, and a solid 9.0

This is the first Brazilian Amateur video that I have seen. I liked their attempt at a storyline. The lovers triangle with a lesbian twist. Very exotic! The girls are all very attractive, specially Barbara. She has legs to die for. There is a lot of kissing and flirting thru out the movie. I liked that concept. It was a real turn on.

However I found the sex scenes , two in total, good but not great. Barbara and Latiffa (the girlfriends) go at it first. While it is arousing to see two lovely, tanned women go at it they did not seem to have a true passion for each other. Later Barbara succumbs to the advances of Karen. This scene has more passion but still not what I would rate 5 stars. All in all a nice tape to watch but I would give it 3 to 4 stars.

I thought this was a good but not great volume of this series. Once again the dreaded “lack of chemistry” is the main flaw. Not that there wasn’t any, just that there could of been more. The main culprit was the girl on the cover in the purple bikini. Not only is she quite plain looking but she was consistently unexpressive. I don’t know how they got her to smile for the cover photo because I don’t think she ever smiled a bit during the entire video. Miss Stone Face. The other two women were both more attractive and a little more expressive.

The sex involves the woman on the cover with the sunglasses having sex with the other two stars on separate occasions, there are no threesomes. The best of it was the flirting and touching and kissing that occurred before they got down to the nitty gritty. There was quite a bit of very good deep kissing throughout this movie. The hardcore sex was ok, some nice trib, some ok oral including 69, and a lot of analingus. There was no toy use at all. There wasn’t enough attention paid to areas such as the stomach, shoulders, back, fingers etc. It was all pretty much by the numbers, though done with some passion and enthusiasm.

The video was all shot with a handheld camera and was basically well done except that the cameraman often moved around too much looking for the best angle. I wanted to tell him to make a decision and stick with it for two minutes. The audio was good, there was no music at all, just the sound of the girls and some birds shrieking loudly in the background.

The location was very pleasant, seeming to be a resort or campground and the sex was by the pool, on a bed and on a couch, all very nice.

All in all this movie had some very nice moments along with some very routine ones. To make the inevitable comparisons with the other movies in this series, all of which I’ve seen up to this one, I’d say it comes closest to #3, but is not quite as good since those two girls seemed to be really into each other and that movie just had a happier, more affectionate feel to it. This one has more raw sex in it though. Four out of five stars.

This is what I like most: girls enjoying each other with just their mouths everywhere without dildos, vibrators or contraptions of any sort, and this film has just that ingredient. I really enjoyed both 01 and 02 because of this concentration and I look forward to other Brazilian Amateur adventures with girls as natural as possible and NO gizmos, plastic tubes, prickly combs, etc.

The girls are really so hot that they melt before your eyes! Even when they are not engaged in lovemaking, they are a sight to behold. I did not fast-forward at all. I also liked the lesbian love triangle twists. This one of my favorite Brazil/Latino videos. The lovemaking is excellent. But I would have preferred the last scene to last at least another 30 minutes!

Girl to Girl
First off, the girls in this film are stunning! If I had to say anything bad about this film, it is that it's too short!!! Other than that, this is one of the "most watched" films I have ever owned! The girls are amazing and when they get down to the "business" at hand, the film really cooks! It must be really hot in Brazil as these girls are dripping sweat instantly!

Of the 2 scenes in this film I think the first is well worth the price of the tape! These girls eat each other up. I am not a big fan of toys, and thankfully, none make an appearance in this film!! THANK YOU!!! I HIGHLY recommend this tape to anyone who loves the combination of stunning exotic women and great sex. I think that this is about as good as it gets!

Good stuff! I have this VHS, and it impresses. The first of the two scenes is rather tame, but very believable as an amateur scene. It would seem these two would be hooking it up regardless of the camera or any paycheck. In their room, on the bed, they do some nice foreplay and some 69 (top-bottom & side-2-side). Barbara (the one with the sunglasses on the cover) has a smokin' body and Latifa has a great look as well.

And then there is the.... SECOND SCENE! Barbara and Karen get together for a little 'Sapphic affair' and this is where the sparks fly! On a leather couch these two eat each other vigorously, lock up in what I would say is in my "top 5" 69s, then finish each other off with some great (but brief) tribadism. All this while their bodies get slick with sweat and the cameraman gets some fantastic angles. This scene earns the 5-Star for this movie in my opinion. Recommended!

All of the films in this series are worth viewing/buying, in my estimation, but this one exceeds all of the earlier ones. The girls are interested in each other and show it. The oral is even better in this film and some magnificent close-ups of tongue & wet sucking everywhere... pussy and butt... damn that’s good!!

A bit of pubic hair but not nearly enough.... And, what is a REAL turn-on is that the sex seems so terrific that the sweat, actual pooling of perspiration, is evident on the girl who is in both episodes. Probably due to no air conditioning but it is really effective nonetheless. I hope that Thursday Night, Abby Winters, Viv Thomas, et al incorporate some of this in their new releases.

Brazilian women are the most beautiful in the world. Slick, smooth brown bodies that sparkle with perspiration with the most beautiful butts in the universe. And boy, there's always a lot of analingus in Brazilian films - as there is in this one.

Unfortunately, Latifa is the one who brings this feature down a notch. I've seen her in many Brazilian all-girl features but she never seems to be into it all that much. Maybe that's just her nature? Anyhoo, the Barbara/Karen scene is phenomenal and the reason why this movie gets a 5-Star.

Where are other Brazilian Amateur videos? I own and have enjoyed every one of these and have my finger ready to order more if they will only be offered. Hurry up!

Orlando/seattle wa
I have already have vols. 1 & 2 and I thought they were both really good ! I purchased vol. 5 and I feel it was worth the money because it pretty good too. I liked the story line which is a rare thing for me to say for these types of videos but the way they filmed it, it just came out right and I liked it when she made that grin at the camera at the end when she was making out with that girl... that was cool. This was 5 Star material all the way!

Another quality release from Lezlove, also speedy and efficient service. Very professional.

I liked this a lot. Simple, but highly erotically charged porn. Basic story line of a lesbian fling by the main character. Gorgeous natural looking women, and hot sex. Literally! And as some of the viewers have mentioned great scenes of sweaty sex.

Brazilian Sweet Infidelity is a highly recommended DVD, check it out.

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