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Lesbian Brazil 06: Kissing in Europe ____________________________________
Lesbian Brazil 06: Kissing in Europe
I.D. b0256 & dvd_1306, Adult
2002, 109 min.
Directed by Danny Cross

* $49.99 *

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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Karen & Barbara, Diana & Latifa.

A Lezlove.com Exclusive! Karen and Barbara Cristina travel headed for Austria where they will participate in the famous Rainbow Parade in Vienna. On the way, they pass through France, Germany, and the beautiful cities of Paris and Vahalla. But not even the beauty of the historical world can lessen the hot tension between the two lovers, who kiss one another passionately throughout the entire trip.

Bonus Scene: Two women, a bed, and various wet desires to come true!! A deliciously-long scene of French kissing and heavy petting. They don't go all the way, but it is very exciting to watch!

Please note: this title is now part of a 4-pack, available here - Brazilian Latina 4-Pack

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, digitally remastered, chapter index & trailers.

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I needed jumper cables to get my heart started and a cold shower to wake up. This is the all time best kissing video I've ever seen. So far, I've watched it three times and can't get through it. It's that good. The outdoor scenes are too good to be true!

WOW!!! This should come with a health warning. Some of the hottest kissing you could ever wish to see between beautiful girls who are truly into each other.

Karen and Barbara travel around the wonderful sights of Europe, but the only sight worth seeing is these two passionately making out at every turn! Phenomenal deep kissing between two girls who can't get enough of each other. If you get through this footage at the first attempt without taking a breather, you must be superhuman.

Both girls are stunningly attractive and watching them make out with such passion in some of Europe's most beautiful spots is a true delight.

And as if that wasn't enough...there's MORE! Much, much more!!! We are then treated to the gorgeous pairing of Diana and Latifa making out on a bed for almost an HOUR! If you actually make it to this point of the video still conscious, then you deserve a medal. What follows is French kissing that is out of this world. These two beauties devour each other's faces for what seems like an eternity. When watching this, you ask yourself what you've done to deserve such a wondrous sight in front of your very own eyes.

It really surprises me that kissing-only videos are so neglected. OK, there are a few around, but it's an area of lesbian production that I feel could do with more attention. The girls in this video didn't need to go any further than passionately kissing because it was so brilliantly done and the passion on show was enough as it was!

I can only hope that we see more of this. If it's another Brazilian Amateur production, then great, but others should take note of the success of this video and capitalize on it. It's a simple formula. Beautiful girls in beautiful locations, passionately making out.

Rating? This re-defines what 5-Star really means. Go buy this...NOW!!!!!

This is a lot of fun to watch and I enjoyed it, but not as much as #'s 1, 2, 3 or 5 ..... which had explicit sex & no dildos. I hope that the next versions will have lots of kissing as in this film plus oodles of close up oral EVERYWHERE for 2 hrs or more and NO SHAVING!!! That is worth dreaming about.

Smooch, smooch, smooch go these gals as they wend their way across Europe. Iíve never seen a movie that featured so much public kissing. Get a room already. The kissing is very good, slow, sensuous, and deep and the girls seem like real lovers. They canít go more than two minutes without jamming their tongues into each otherís mouthís.

The second segment (last three vidcaps) is also very good. The two girls make out deeply for a very long time. Thereís a lot of lip and tongue sucking along with some breast sucking and pussy fingering. One thing I didnít like about it was the girls werenít very animated, theyíd just lie in the same positions for a long periods of time. They also didnít pay much attention to areas other than the mouth such as the neck, ears, face, etc. This scene actually got to be a bit tedious after a while, but thatís ok. As good as it may be I can only watch porn for short periods of time, often the better it is the shorter the time, if you get my drift.

The camera work, sound, and editing are all very good. This video is pretty much two movies in one, the two segments have nothing to do with each other and feature different girls. While this is a somewhat one dimensional movie since it features almost no sexual activity other than kissing, if you like kissing youíll like this movie. Four out of five stars.

Another excellent video from Brazilian Amateurs! This is the first "kissing video" that I purchased. And while at times it get frustrating, it is beautiful to watch women kiss as passionately as these do. One thing that I believed they missed is tying this video somehow to BA#5. It would have added more eroticism had this video shown that Karen stole Barbara from Latifa and ran off with her to Europe while Latifa stayed home and drowned her sorrows in the arms of another woman. (Just a thought).

I hope that Barbara is featured again in upcoming videos. I just cant get enough of her!

If I ever get my chance to shoot an amateur lesbian film, it would be very similar to this one. This film obviously had a pretty decent budget to be flying the girls and all the equipment around Europe's most beautiful locations.

The first half is fantastically shot, but the sound was just too shallow. Need to mic the girls up close to overcome the background noise from all the surrounding activity. Ex. It's near impossible to hear them kissing in the middle of a street party filled with people partying, and music playing. However, the novelty of the public kissing was very cool. I liked how one of the girls started kissing other girls in the street as well as her partner. Very voyeuristic concept, and well executed. Right on for what it was trying to accomplish.

The second half is to die for. If you love kissing, you HAVE to see this to believe it. Intimate makeout session on the bed for what seems like eternity. Some other limited foreplay as well, but the focus is definitely on the kissing. Expertly shot and recorded sound make the scene near perfect. The only thing I would have done differently is to have several pairs of girls for variety.

Recommended? If you love softcore or kissing and you don't get this video, you're crazy. A+

This is a 5-Star video depending on what you are looking for. If you are someone who doesn't like the presence of other people around, especially men, then the first segment might be a disappointment to you. The locations here are shot in public, including in the middle of the Rainbow Parade where they are virtually hundreds of people dancing and partying. If you are also someone who doesn't like background music of any kind the Rainbow Parade scenes will also be a disappointment to you. To others who also like to hear the sounds of the girls kissing, this will be a disappoint to you as well. In other words, if you are not a kissing fan, look somewhere else!

But the premise of the video was to fly these girls to some very beautiful European cities and film them kissing in these exotic locations. They did accomplish what they were striving for here, especially with the kissing. The kissing was very exciting. As Jenny pointed out, the one girl was kissing other girls on the street. I found that to be very sexy. The first segment here with Karen and Barbara was very well done.

The second segment consists of Diana & Latifa kissing and making out on the bed. With the exception of playing with each other's pussies, this scene never makes it to hardcore. In fact, the whole video never really makes it to hardcore. So if you are looking for hardcore, look somewhere else. But if I were you, I would give this release a chance. It is quite erotic, especially if you are a kissing fan. This video Kissing in Europe definitely delivers what it promises. Obviously, they spent a lot of money and effort making this and it shows. This is definitely a great piece of erotica. I like this video and I recommend it!

I recently purchased this video and being a fan of kissing videos, I would have to say you can definitely skip the first segments and go straight to the last unless you like seeing two women kissing in totally open public places for short periods of time totally distracted. A waste of tape and time, for the first segments, but the last segment totally makes up for the first few. Totally awesome deep French kissing in a natural bedroom environment and I mean lots of it, this scene alone makes the DVD or VHS worth the price of purchase, these two women put on a kissing extravaganza, no oral just awesome kissing, nipple sucking and finger play, a must have for all kissing fans, I only wish the other scenes had a better setting but the last one just blew me away, good stuff, good video. I highly recommend it.

This is perhaps my favourite all time video. Barbara, who is simply gorgeous, and Karen are very much into each other.

This video is just so well done taking in Paris, Germany and the Rainbow Parade in Austria. Obviously the budget on this would have been substantial but a similar effect could be produced on a shoestring. Unfortunately the production company MX seem happy making fairly tedious fetish product.

Barbara and Karen are filmed kissing openly throughout these areas. Karla and Leticia are also shown briefly but register no passion at all. There is a great scene in the Rainbow Parade where Karen meets and starts kissing a beautiful French girl.

I would love to see Abby Winters doing something similar with Sydney's gay Mardi Gras. Until that happens I'll be happy with this brilliant video!

There is nothing more sensual than two beautiful women kissing passionately in public places and this video doesn't disappoint. A smorgasbord of deep French kisses and you can tell that the girls are hot for each other. When Barbara starts kissing a perfect stranger it sends you over the top. A definite 5 stars. Hot, hot, hot!!!

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