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Seduction of Misty Mundae, The ____________________________________
Seduction of Misty Mundae, The
I.D. dvd_0025, Unrated
2005, 84 min.
Seduction Cinema
Directed by Michael Raso
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Seduction Cinema star Misty Mundae has been hailed as one of the most provocative and talented actresses of contemporary erotic cinema. In The Seduction of Misty Mundae, the young, girl-next-door beauty delivers a powerful and realistic performance brimming with innocent sensitivity, eager anticipation and a hot, uninhibited eroticism rarely seen in motion pictures today.

Shy 18-year-old Misty (Misty Mundae) is staying with her aunt Inga (Julian Wells) for a week in the country. NaÔve and innocent, yet on the verge of sexual discovery, Misty wants to learn all she can from her seductive aunt about the desires that have begun to stir within her. Misty loses her virginity to the teenage boy next door, and it whets her appetite for further sensual adventures. So when she discovers that Inga prefers the company of beautiful young women, it unleashes Misty's deepest yearnings to see and experience each and every pleasure that lies at her fingertips. How far will Misty go...and with whom?

DVD Features
chapter stops, bonus sountrack CD, director and editor commentary, director interview, behind-the-scenes footage, 1965 peep show loop, trailers.

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Finally, Seduction Cinema creates something a bit more down to earth. Donít get me wrong, I sometimes enjoyed their campy parodies, and the sex was sometimes hot, but the overlying story never made the sex better. Thankfully, we have a different case here.

Misty plays a young girl who visits her ďauntĒ (Julian Wells), and, to follow the most tried and true B-movie premise, experiences her sexual awakening. This includes attempts at heterosexual sex, of course. These attempts, however, are interrupted by fantasies of a female lover. Her aunt helps her along, by exposing her to her own lesbian romp with another young girl.

Normally Iíd opt not to spoil the ending, but in this case, itís what made me want to see the movie when I saw the trailer. Misty makes love to her aunt, who we find out is just a friend of her mother, anyway. The scene is well done - soft, sensual, in front of a fireplace. Sensing Mistyís pent up desire and passion is part of the enjoyment as well. Julian does a good job playing the somewhat older, but more experienced female lover.

For me, this is what R/NR movie titles should all be like - what it lacks in explicitness, it ultimately makes up for in story and anticipation. I hope the folks at Seduction Cinema have a few more in the can like this one.

1) Buildup/Seduction: Pretty decent story, actually. Even little things like seeing Julian lighting candles before having sex with the other girl were great touches.
Score: 9

2) Kissing: There is a very healthy amount of kissing here, but Iíve been spoiled by Viv Thomas and Japanese titles by now, of course. This score is more a reflection of quality than quantity.
Score: 8

3) Attractiveness of Women: I loved the pairings here overall. Extra points for the slight age differences, too.
Score: 9


This is a classic from Seduction Cinema, an independent producer beginning to take itself seriously. The story line and cinematography are reminiscent of Joe Sarno films. An erotic seduction tale that is well-acted and plausible.

The film features veteran Seduction Cinema stars Misty Mundae and Julian Wells, who are both likely satisfied with the increased investment in quality production from Seduction Cinema.

This is a new worthwhile film that pays homage to classic 1970's softcore flicks. Furthermore, Misty Mundae has mastered the art of reserved excellence in her performance of the naive waif seduced by an older woman. Two thumbs up.

Evil Ernie
I saw this DVD last weekend for the first time. I agree with the previous reviewers in terms of how good it is. If Seduction Cinema would put as much effort into all of their productions as they did with this one, I would be buying them up as soon as they came out.

Acting: great

Women: very good (I am normally not a Misty Mundae fan, but she really fit this role well)

Story: very good (very much a nod to Joe Sarno)

Sex Scenes: great

The only little complaint I had about this movie is that it is lacking something - one more lesbian sex scene!


There should have been a transition sex scene between Misty and another girl before the climax scene with her pseudo-aunt. I just felt her going from watching some women "do it" together straight to her semi-relative seemed too soon. But this is a minor flaw, in my opinion.

I must agree with several of the comments and observations made by previous reviewers. If Seduction Cinema made more films like this, I too would buy them immediately. Ms. Monday and Ms. Wells were well suited (no pun intended) for this film, and the "seduction element," which is a must for me, was prevalent and satisfying. I ESPECIALLY liked the substantial dialogue about their bisexuality. I like to see extensive dialogue. Thumbs up. 9.999/10.

This movie has a fault common to soft-core movies; it tries too hard to be sensitive and erotic. There are too many shots of women gazing into each otherís eyes as pensive piano music plays, and not enough, if any, of them making out with abandon.

Not that there is a lack of kissing or other sexual activity, thereís quite a bit. The problem is that much of it is done in that half-hearted soft-core way, in which they brush their half-opened mouths together and sometimes just touch the tips of their tongues together. The same is true of breast sucking, itís all too slow and teasing; thereís no really deep and passionate sucking. I just got the impression that the women werenít all that into it; everything was a bit stilted.

With all its character development, it seems that the one thing a movie like this should be really good at is kissing and foreplay; when two women whose desire for each other has been building throughout the movie finally fall into bed together, Iíd like to see them all over each other, seething with desire and passion, kissing deeply as they tightly embrace and caress each otherís bodies. Instead, itís just two actresses posing on a bed on a movie set pretending to be hot for each other.

There are four lesbian scenes involving six actresses: three twosomes and one threesome, and none of them were really great, though three of the four were decent. The one I didnít like was between Julian Wells and her lover, who was portrayed by a very pretty actress who didnít seem at all into the scene.

Itís not that this is a bad movie, it does have its moments, it just could have been so much better. For what it is, itís GOOD.


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