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Sisterhood, The ____________________________________
Sisterhood, The
I.D. dvd_0034, R-Rated
2004, 78 min.
Image Entertainment
Directed by David DeCoteau
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Barbara Crampton, Jennifer Holland, Michelle Borth, David Storm Newton, Kate Plec, Sara Michelle & Ben Av.

Pledge of Evil.

Prodded by her abnormal psychology professor (scream queen Barbara Crampton, Re-Animator), Christine infiltrates BATS, the most exclusive sorority on campus…and the most evil. These unholy sisters use witchcraft, torture and mind control to influence others and fulfill their darkest desires. It's up to Christine to battle super seductress Devin and her sexy sisters...if she isn't seduced by the darkness herself!

DVD Features
Region 1 playable only (US and Canada), chapter index, Dolby digital stereo sound, trailers.

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Anon in 'Bama
Beautiful, sexy women, and excellent overall production values, but AWFUL as a girl/girl film! The lesbian content in "The Sisterhood" was WEAK, and because THAT was my primary reason for purchasing this video, I would say I was seriously DISAPPOINTED!

I was hoping that this film might be something like D.E.B.S., except that instead of pretty secret agents, there would be pretty sorority girls, all centered around a lesbian storyline. WRONG. Instead we've got a story about a pretty blonde named Christine who goes to a college where there's a sorority (B.A.T.S.) made up of sexy young witches. So far, so good. But it became clear to me early on that the director of this one was more interested in scenes involving girls with GUYS than girls with other girls.

Yes, there are a couple of girl/girl moments, but the scenes themselves are poorly contrived with no serious effort at seductions or any kind of a fantasy element between the women. In the first "lesbian" scene Christine and Devon (the president of the BATS sorority) go into a room where they watch two of the sorority sisters making out. No set-up other than that. Disappointing.

Later there's another scene where Devon orders Christine to kiss Samantha, another member of the sorority. She ORDERS her! How lame is that? Later, after this forced scene begins Devon joins in herself for what I considered to be the hottest moment on this video as she and Samantha both kiss Christine's lovely body. But whoever wrote this scene had zero creativity and zero imagination.

Overall I found this film highly UN-EROTIC! There were WAY too many guys in the cast, and the lesbian content was LAME! I was extremely disappointed!

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