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Late Bloomers ____________________________________
Late Bloomers
I.D. 9075 & dvd_0069, R-Rated
1997, 104 min.
Strand Releasing
Directed by Julia Dyer
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Connie Nelson & Dee Hennigan.

Who would've thought a little one-on-one could get a girl in so much trouble? When high school basketball coach Dinah Groshardt falls for school secretary Carly Lumpkin, the uproar reverberates from classroom to locker room, from the principal's office to the PTA. A film about true love, tolerance and naked basketball, Late Bloomers redefines family values. A movie for everyone who believes it's never too late to fall in love.

DVD Features
chapter index & trailers.

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If nothing else, Dee Hennigan (Carly) has the prettiest eyes and a very sweet smile, so how can you go wrong?

Critic: This is a fun, feel-good film with a great combination of humor and sensitivity. The writing is tight, and the storyline moves along well for the most part. The directing is creative and unorthodox, and the characters--even the ones you don't always like--are well put together and evolve over the course of the film. At times the film somewhat over-generalizes straight people as being narrow-minded and hypocritical, and the trends of the "general public" seem inconsistent and unnatural (one moment they're radically opposed, the next they're embracing it with open arms). Even so, the movie has a very enjoyable feel to it. There's an obvious message in the writing, but it's handled with the right blend of wit and emotion, and it never feels preachy or forced.

Rating: A-

Lover: I can't think of anything I didn't enjoy in this movie. Carly and Dinah make a great couple, like a pair of teenagers experiencing love for the first time. Their relationship is sweet, funny, compassionate, and sincere. The two characters feel very real as they respond to the hurricane of events going on around them and find shelter in each other's arms.

Rating: A

Voyeur: Well, I wasn't counting on much out of this one, but it was better than I'd expected. There's a good deal of kissing--nothing deep, but a good quantity of it. There's also more nudity than I'd expected, which is always a plus. The actresses are a bit mature, but still cute enough to make it pleasant. On the downside, the love scene between them takes place pretty much off-screen.

Rating: B

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