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Dr. Jekyll & Mistress Hyde ____________________________________
Dr. Jekyll & Mistress Hyde
I.D. 9253 & dvd_0080, Unrated
2003, 89 min.
Seduction Cinema
Directed by Tony Marsiglia


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Misty Mundae, Julian Wells, Andrea Davis & Ruby LaRocca.

Dr. Jackie Stevenson (Julian Wells) is a controversial therapist who believes the female psyche consists of the 'pure' and the 'lustful,' and she has developed an experimental serum that will separate the two halves, thus freeing women from psychological and sexual inhibitions. Jackie tests the drug on a depressed young woman (Misty Mundae) who immediately becomes a maniacal love machine that ravishes Jackie in her office. Turned on by the encoutner, Jackie decides to experience the effects of the drug firsthand, and it transforms her from a plain and mousy doctor into a stunning and sensuous vixen who craves endless erotic satisfaction. Stalking the streets at night as her predatory alter ego, Jackie indulges all her deepest lesbian fantasies. A smouldering one-night-stand with a hooker leads to further steamy seductions, menacing menages-a-trois, and a wild encoutner with Jackie's own house maid (Ruby LaRocca) who fails to even recognize her. As Jackie becomes more and more addicted to the drug and the carnal pleasures it provides, she begins to lose all control...and who knows how far she will go to satisfy her 'other' insatiable self.

DVD Features
2 DISC SET -- BONUS SOUNDTRACK CD, chapter stops, interviews with Misty Mundae & Julian Wells, behind-the-scenes documentary, coupon for free 24x36 movie poster, trailers.

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Nothin says lovin, in a softcore girl/girl flick like ďDr. Jekyll & Mistress Hyde,Ē like a little kissing and breast play. And this is a movie that has precious little of either until itís more than half over.

A typical threesome midway through has Julian Wellsí Heidi (Dr. Jekyllís alter ego) and her prostitute lover Dawn (Misty Mundae) getting together with Dawnís friend Ingrid. Heidi briefly licks Ingridís nipple, then puts it between her teeth rather than her lips. Dawn runs her hand all over and around Ingridís chest, scrupulously avoiding touching the breasts themselves. Simulated oral sex has its place, and itís second behind all things real.

Not that there isnít a palpable sense of excitement in simulated sex done well. It isnít that weíre fooled by it, itís that it taps directly into the Ordinary Girl Syndrome. Director Tony Marsiglia does a good job of keeping his girls positioned in ways that arenít obviously off the mark. When Misty Mundae goes down on Julian Wells she may not be eating her out, but she does have her face right there in position to do so. How many ordinary girls do you know who would be willing to go even that far? Yet the Ordinary Girl charge is relatively weak.

Fortunately the action picks up in the last two scenes. In the first, Dawn and Heidi put a little tongue into their light kissing and both, Dawn especially, get a little more serious in terms of breast play. The second features a remarkably effective simulated trib segment highlighted by the sound of Dawn sucking one of Heidiís nipples; this last scene is the most passionate in the film. Itís too little, but never too late.

Played straight, ďDr. Jekyll & Mistress Hyde,Ē despite an absurd plot strung together with narrative non sequiturs, only has a few truly hilarious moments. The best occurs during the three-way scene: Heidi tosses a rope over a high wooden beam and ties Ingridís wrists together while Dawn pulls the rope taut and secures it - to the handle of a suitcase! Itís a moment almost as funny as when, during bonus interviews with Julian and Misty, the two stars earnestly compare Marsiglia and this film to David Lynch and ďMulholland Drive.Ē

Julian Wells stars as the good doctor, and delivers an outstanding performance. Misty Mundae plays two roles, and steals the show, especially as the innocent, sweet little working gal. The film sticks to Seduction Cinema's formula, with a balance of action, comedy and hot lesbian action. Julian's solo nude scene will have you advancing frame by frame. The ending has a delightful little twist that you will not see coming. Overall this is an excellent film, one worth investing in.

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