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Embrace the Darkness ____________________________________
Embrace the Darkness
I.D. 9226 & dvd_0163, Unrated
1998, 103 min.
Mystique Films
Directed by Kelley Cauthen
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Kevin Spirtas, Madison Clark, Angelia High, Brad Bartram & Colleen McDermott.

In a dark tale of passion and pain, a pair of hungry vampires descend upon L.A. with secrets and desires unlike those of any mortal. Galan (Kevin Spirtas, Days of Our Lives) and Miranda are seeking converts for their blood-drinking cult when unexpectedly, Galan falls in love with a beautiful mortal, Jennifer. Jealous of her new rival, Miranda befriends Jennifer and seduces her into rapturous sex. But Jennifer longs only for Galan, who uses his evil powers to give her eternal life. Will Galan's undying love for Jennifer leave them to wander the earth as lovers forever or will Miranda get in the way of their plan for eternal love?

DVD Features
chapter index.

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NOTES: There are two noteworthy scenes here. The first isnít as exciting as the second. A female vampire brings home a girl for her male lover. Itís supposed to be a 3-way, but the male loses interest. Itís a really short scene. The second one is better because it has some nice buildup. The same female vampire dances with another girl in a nightclub. Again, itís supposed to be for another manís benefit, but itís still hot. Then thereís a pretty decent scene, including some nice kissing, outside the nightclub along a chain link fence.

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