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Erotic Vampire in Paris, An ____________________________________
Erotic Vampire in Paris, An
I.D. 9236 & dvd_0180, Unrated
2002, 80 min.
Seduction Cinema
Directed by Donald Farmer
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Misty Mundae, Mia Copia & Fanny Terjeki.

When a young, virginal Caroline (Misty Mundae) learns of her mother’s death in Paris, she travels to the City of Lights for the funeral. Sad and alone, Caroline wanders the exotic city in search of answers, finality, and peace of mind. When she is befriended by a mysterious and voluptuous woman named Isabelle (Tina Krause), little does she realize that this delicious Parisian beauty is a modern-day vampire looking for vulnerable victims. Caroline's innocent girlish charms and sensual young body arouse this predatory creature of the night, and the two of them begin a torrid affair that pushes the boundaries of female lust and eroticism to new heights. As their lesbian relationship intensifies, Isabelle is able to conceal her vampire identity and unquenchable thirst for blood. But soon her true animal nature can no longer be hidden, and Caroline must face the horrifying reality of her fanged lover. Will they remain eternal bedmates, or will predator devour prey?

DVD Features
behind-the-scenes footage, trailers & interviews with Misty Mundae and the director.

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Anon in 'Bama
There's a great scene right at the start of this video, before Misty Mundae's arrival, when Tina Kraus meets a beautiful photographer played by Mia Copa. She lures her back to her lair and seduces her (before putting the bite on her!) It was hot! Very nice!

Misty then shows up and gets mugged, losing her purse and all her money. Tina picks her up with the intention of turning her into a midnight snack, but falls for her instead. More hot girl/girl action ensues!

But then the Seduction Cinema powers-that-be decide they've got to add some guys to the cast and this video begins to go downhill. Bill Hellfire is a stalker who follows the girls home one night and gets killed for doing so. But unfortunately for the viewer, he's not the last guy in this video. Next is Misty's mugger's turn. I fast-searched through both of these scenes, but they went on for a long time nonetheless.

Still, the female casting in this one was good, and the Paris locales were for real. Obviously Seduction Cinema spent some money producing this video. I only wish they'd kept it all-girl.

I love just about any lesbian vampire film. And this one is a concept... female vampire seduced female victims, love scene and a long bite. Misty's so cool as usual. Too bad that there's 2 guys in the film. Why??? They just wasted screen time. Overall, this one is good enough to keep. BUY IT.

This video, without a doubt, has got to be one of the most erotic lesbian videos ever! (And I'm not saying that because I really like Misty Mundae.) The story is, pretty simple, one where a woman is seduced by a lesbian vampire and they use their erotic couplings to entice their victims. (In this case, an unwitting man). The chemistry between Misty Mundae and Mia Copia is absolutely amazing. Their scenes together are intensely sensual - close enough to be perfect. The love scenes are beautifully filmed and stunningly paced. This is one excellent video and worth 5 stars.

The Philogynist
Okay, but not up to par on a few noticeable fronts. The director had some trouble deftly combining a legitimate storytelling movie with an erotic one, thereby somewhat faltering on each attempt. The leads were sexy and complimented each other well, at least, but their sexual chemistry needed to be further cultivated. And having two sex scenes that partially involved guys (albeit one briefly) is downright blasphemous in my book. I thought the males would just be there strictly for plot purposes? This is an okay feature, but I was hoping for more enticing and romantic lesbian erotica and for a less stale and lackluster vampire story.

Misty Mundae travels to Paris and meets a lesbian vampire. What could be better in erotic horror??? This film has it all, the build up and intrigue to their encounter is great.

For all Misty fan's, the scene where she crawls across the floor to eat as Mia watches, will leave you breathless. I will warn there is one scene that I felt they could have left out involving the Frenchman, but other than that, this film is a winner.

I was a bit confused about who’s who in this movie. I know who Misty Mundae is (cover) and I know Tina Krause is the co-star but I didn’t know which was her pseudonym, Mia Copia or Fanny Terjeki. I’m pretty sure she’s Mia Copia and Fanny Terjeki has a smallish part as a photographer. Anyway, the really important thing is that Tina Krause is in it, no matter what she’s calling herself. She is one beautiful woman, what an incredibly voluptuous body she has. Though she’s made quite a few of these “B” movies, some with lesbian themes, this is supposed to be the first time she’s actually done any lesbian scenes, but you wouldn’t know it from watching.

Though this is a not quite hard-core movie (lacking only explicit oral) it is hotter and more erotic than many XXX films. The rather extensive lovemaking between Tina/Mia and Misty is quite convincing and there is some stuff you don’t often see, such as Tina gently licking food off of Misty’s face or Tina/Mia cradling Misty in her arms while they’re both naked. My only complaint is that while the lovemaking is quite good it could have been even hotter, really uninhibited with lots of really deep kissing and such. Instead it was sensuous but a bit restrained and it was hard to tell if the women were really into it or just doing a good job of faking.

Unlike many Seduction Cinema efforts this movie has very good camera work and inexpensive but good production values. It also doesn’t resort to cheap humor or have bad editing that interrupts the sex scenes.

I really enjoyed this movie and if the sex scenes were just a bit hotter I’d give this movie my highest rating, still it gets a VERY GOOD.


As a rare breed of "male lesbian" (though not so annoying as the one on The L-Word series), I have to respond to the all of the negative comments about guy roles in Seduction films.

I love Seduction films because, to me, they are a perfect blend of lesbian erotica and spoof comedy. And with a few rare exceptions, most of the guy roles are for comedic value and not much else. Allow me to add that the reason I consider myself a "male lesbian" is because watching guys and girls have sex has never been alluring to me with, again, a few rare exceptions. And most of my best friends are all lesbians.

That said, the movies created by Seduction never take themselves too seriously, and I think a lot of the guy roles have been hilarious (e.g. the drunk wizard in "Lord of the G-Strings). So take it a little easy on the guys in these movies and remember that these movies were never meant for strictly lesbian audiences, but taken for what they are, which are comedic erotic spoofs that just happen to have a lot of great lesbian content. They can be enjoyed with friends and a bag of popcorn.

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