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Penthouse - Love Stories ____________________________________
Penthouse - Love Stories
I.D. dvd_0193, Unrated
1986, 59 min.
Directed by Edward Holzman
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Monique Gabrielle, Colleen Applegate, Shana Ross, Elizabeth Falloon, Vicki Vickers, Michelle Bauer, B. Peckinpaugh, Julia Parton, Pamela Campbell, Leesi Heasler & Brooke Morales.

Penthouse Love Stories captures beautiful women and gorgeous couples caught in the throes of Penthouse passion. A voluptuous redhead finds new toys in her attic that edge her closer to the heights of ecstasy. A young gas-station attendant meets a beautiful blonde customer he's more than happy to service. Two women explore all the variations of dominance and deviance.

Plus! Four more vignettes that stretch the boundaries of erotic imagination. In addition, Love Stories takes you to the beaches of California to meet a real-life sexual exhibitionist, and you'll have the chance to chat with Xaviera Hollander, the "Happy Hooker," who shares her bountiful sexual wisdom.

Scene listing:

1. Opening; Monique [solo]

2. Service Station [hetero]

3. Xaviera Hollander [interview]

4. AC/DC [g/g]

5. Stripping In The Streets [interview, solo]

6. Ecstasize [solo, hetero]

7. Xaviera Hollander [interview]

8. Snapshot [solo]

9. The Therapist [g/g]

10. Xaviera Hollander [interview]

11. Loveboat [several solos]

12. End Credits

DVD Features
Region 1 playable only (US and Canada), chapter index.

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NOTES: Much like "Girls of Penthouse, Vol. 1", this is a string of various vignettes from Penthouse's early years. I REALLY like the one called "The Therapist". In this scene, a nurse takes advantage of a patient under hypnosis. The girls are hot, and they don't rush through anything like they often do in today's videos. Highly recommended for fans of more erotic, tension-filled fantasy scenes.

Only two lesbian scenes, bummer on that.

AC/DC is the weaker of the two. The premise is good, that of a leather-bound punk rocker girl corrupting an innocent virgin, but it doesn't deliver. I'm not into Dominance & Submission myself, but I have the feeling that if I were, I'd find the scene even more frustrating as it's really just a lot of posing. In a word, Pointless.

However, "The Therapist" makes up for it. First, I love the idea of one woman seducing another under hypnosis. Second, the girls seem to be genuinely aroused and "into it", unlike many Penthouse vignettes. There's a lot of good kissing and some fine tit-licking. The only problem is that it's short, and one wishes it went on for much longer.

In the end, $19.95 is a bit much to spend for the sake of a single scene that lasts less than ten minutes, but it's still one that's worth seeing.

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